She Brings the Harness

"Strip and show me your ass, baby!" Rachel stood in the kitchen wearing black lingerie, stiletto heels and a long, black dildo hanging between her thighs. To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

We have been together for six years and have always had a good sex life. We've experimented some with toys and videos but nothing like this. Rachel had never even hinted to me this was something that interested her. I tried to process in my brain the words she had just said to me and the visual image in front of me. Rachel held two drinks and handed one to me. The Crown was cool and strong but I took a healthy gulp. A wicked smile crossed her lips before she brought the glass to them.

"I won't tell you again, Andy. Strip … Now." I sat the glass down and quickly removed my suit, letting it all fall to the floor. I was scared and turned on and really not sure what to expect but I was quickly standing naked before her.

My hairy asshole pointing at Rachel as I leaned on the bar, my elbows supporting my weight. I felt her fingers smearing a lubricant around my rim. I flinched as two fingers pushed the lube inside me. Rachel's hand slapped my asscheek as she laughed at my reaction. "Oh baby, I can see you are needing my cock inside you" Before I could say no, the head of the rubber cock pressed against my rim. She pushed forward and the cock opened my asshole to take more. I cried out as her cock pushed deeper inside me. Rachel moved between my legs as her cock began to stroke in and out of my lubed asshole.

The dildo was tightly secured in the leather harness she wore as she fucked me. The harness had her in complete control of the rubber cock. Her hands moved to my hips as she thrust deeper and deeper inside of me. I could feel my stiff cock throbbing and bouncing under the marble bar as I endured her assault. Rachel was long-stroking me with her cock, fucking my ass from tip to base.

"Oh baby, momma needs to cum … Now!" Rachel pulled her rubber cock from my asshole and I could feel the coolness of the air engulf my body as she stepped away from me. I turned around to see her unfastening the buckle on the harness. She let it slide down her thigh and I could see her full bush coated in sweat and her juices. Rachel put her hands on the top of my head and f***ed me to my knees. I could smell the scent of sex filling my nostrils as she pulled me to her pussy. My tongue licked up and down the length of her pussy lips. I could taste her sex and knew she was close to cumming just from fucking me with the cock in my asshole. Rachel held my head tightly to her pussy as I felt her hips riding my face. My tongue flicked across her engorged clit and I could hear her whimper. I flattened my tongue on her clit and could feel her body tense and shake. Rachel cried out as her orgasm ripped through her body. My tongue, lapping at her juices flowing from her pussy. And then she pushed me away as I fell backwards onto the floor.

My cock throbbed on my belly; precum oozing from the tip. I looked up at Rachel and she nodded approval before walking away from me. I quickly wrapped my right hand around my cock and quickly jerked. It only took a few strokes before cum shot onto my chest between my nipples. I stroked a few more times before I knew I was done cumming. My breath was ragged, my asshole was aching as I lay on the floor. Rachel walked back with two glasses in hand. Crown Royal over ice, at least a double-shot. She straddled me, a stiletto on each side of my ribs. and sat down on my semi-soft cock.

Rachel handed me a glass and I lifted my head enough to take a long drink. The fingers on her left hand played with my cum on my chest as she drank from her glass. Deep red lipstick left on her glass as she held it over me. Looking up at her, her still hard nipples showing through her cut-out bra. Her sex juices still draining from her body and mixing with mine in my pubes. My cock was hard and Rachel lifted her body. She reached between her legs and put my cock in her pussy. While holding her still half-full glass, she began a slow fuck of my cock. I've seen this look on her face before and knew she was close to cumming again as she fucked me. I struggled to drink from my glass as she slow-fucked me. Finally she lowered her sex onto me and moved her hips from side-to-side. Swallowing the last of her Crown, she moaned as her body shook. Her orgasm building and washing over her body with my cock buried deeply inside her.

She lifted herself off me before I could cum. Rachel sat her empty glass on the bar before walking away from me. The harness and cock dangled from her hand. I soon heard the shower water from the bathroom.
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1 year ago
She did him all the way as she wanted him done. A great sexy dominant woman forces sex on her man the way she wanted it to be.
2 years ago
very good. both stories. please write some more.
2 years ago

2 years ago
good stuff !
2 years ago
loved it