teacher maes me a whore

this is a true story. i had already graduated. names changed obviously. if you like it let me know. weve met many times since (alot of those were hotter but im starting at the beginning. this story is more of an itroduction to the series than an actual story so it might kinve boring and quick

at the time i was 19 5 foot 5 and about 130 lbs

i dont remember how he got my number (its about 5 years now) but one day just after school got out for summer i got a text from my former teacher asking if id help him clean up his classroom. looking back i have no idea how i didnt know what was coming...

well i headed over and actually did help him clean for a bit but eventually we got off track and started drinking. after a few beers i still had no clue but he apparently was ready

mr. drew was in his 40s and was the school swimming coach, graying brown hair about 6 feet and in great shape..

while we were drinking he tried to grab my crotch! nothing subtle about it, he knew what was goimg on.i pushed him away up to this point i was very straight. a little sad that i rejected him but it didnt stop him from continuing

hes a brave man risking his job but i guess he knew who i was more than i did..

and while apologizing he pulled out his cock! id always stayed away from lockerrooms being on the small side so id only seen a few up close but his seemed huge! probably about 8 inches but to me it was giant.. and hard

"like it?" he said stroking it. feeling very uncomfortable (but very turned on) i froze. i tried to play it cool i wasnt gay? "im not really into that but you dont have to stop" and he didnt. he was embarrassed but i think he knew both liked it. he tried a few more times to touch me and make me touch him but i just couldnt.

here was my former teacher stroking his beautiful cock in his office and me just watching.. awkward for both of us but he was enjoying it i knew that because after a couple of slowwww minutes he was got ready to cum. he leaned over a trash can and he mustve felt degraded or something because last minute he turned and came all over legs!

i was in shock to say the least.. nothing in my life was ever as exciting or confusing. i was agin stunned silent but not mad?

"im sorry i just had to" he said still naked. he even washed it up for me! such a nice guy..

"its okay mr. drew it happens" it happens? that was my response... we both laughed it off and quickly went our separate ways. until i texted him a few weeks later...

a couple weeks had passed and id spent them jack off alot to porn and to thoughts.. thoughts of mr. drews cock..

i had been drinking alone for some reason and finally got the courage to break the silence. i needed to try that cock it was all i could think about!

so i texted him just little small talk at first until "i havent stopped thinking about that night" i sent "what about it?;)" he knew i wanted it the whole time and he was right. "about your cock.. i regret not doing anything" "well im free if you wanna meet up" should i? he already knew i wanted it now no turning back i figured (thank you alcohol) "yes! can you pick me up?" a couple more texts and about a half hour later i was walking to meet him (i couldnt get picked up and be seen at my house)

the ride was... awkward. just small talk and me wanting to pounce. we finally got to his house.
he gave me a beer and we went to the basement.

he didnt waste any time "so what was it you wanted to do tonight" and this time neither did i "i need to try sucking your cock, i dont want to kiss or anything i just... need to try it" "well you seem to have this thought out" i did.

he stood up "come get it" and i crawled... i wanted to be as slutty as possible and i felt like it worked. i crawled face to face with his crotch... and started fumbling with his belt.. than his zipper... finally pulling down his pants. he was wearing briefs, the outline of his already hard cock turned me on so much i rubbed it.. and than i licked it. i felt like a total slut, i thought i might cum before he even got naked!

i finally pulled his underwear down and his cock pops right up to my face! so sexy... here i was on my knees in front of my teachers naked cock.. FINALLY i grabbed it, it was so hard and so thick i stroked it but very quickly licked the head (i couldnt wait any longer!) it was amazing and in seconds i was all over it stroking it sucking it licking his big sweaty balls...i mightve loved his balls more than his cock... so heavy in my hand... with that i pulled my own pants down surprised do find my little 5 inch cock already hard!

"like that cock slut?" i snapped out of my trance and pulled his cock out of my mouth long enough to say "i love your big cock mr. drew" "i always knew you were a sissy. look that tiny thing in your pants.. now look at my cock" and with that me smacked my cheek with fat cock... and i was totally his.

i continued sucking his cock for as long as he would let me and he continued dirty talking me the whole time.. i loved it! eventually we went upstairs drank some beer and watched baseball he hadnt cum yet and had been almost half an hour

"i always thought it would be hot to get a blowjob while watching sports" i said "well you can give me one if youd like" i knew he had no interest in my cock but i couldnt get enough of his! i crawled to the couch and again pulled his pants down. his cock wasnt hard but still bigger than mine! i sucked his cock hard which turned me on so much... my sissy mouth making my teachers big cock hard i was so proud!

sadly after only a couple minutes his daughter came home. we put our cocks away and i had to act normal in front of his hot daughter.. she was taller than me and in great shape and here i am with a boner pretending i wasnt just sucking her dads big dick! well she definitely didnt turn me off any coming home in dance clothes but she did unknowingly cock block me.. so after a bit he offered to take me home. while putting on my shoes he rubbed his still hard cock across my ass. mmmmmmm we walked into the garage and i didnt let him take a step before a got on my knees and pulled his cock out "oh my god" he laughed "you are a whore! but not here" he slapped my face with cock and put it away.

it didnt stay away long.. about a block down the road i was giving him road head! i felt like i had sucked him everywhere and he loved all of it.. finally we pulled a parking lot by my house and he gave the cum bath i had been working for.. down my throat i thought i was gonna cum too it tasted so naughty..

with that i got out of the car "ill text you when i need it again" was all he said. that was the first night i spent with my married teacher
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10 months ago
Don't guess it was the last time! What a slut...great!
11 months ago
More please!
11 months ago
I can't wait to read more!!!!
11 months ago
very hot
11 months ago
love it.. so naughty and hot.. such a whore for him weren't you???