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It finally happened! I shared my wife's hot sexy feet with another guy! Okay this is a 100% true story that just happened a few weeks ago. We received an email from a young guy who stated he was 25 that also sent his photos. He was good looking, 6'0" tall, about 195 pounds. Blonde hair with blue eyes. Muscular and in athletic shape. We talked for about two weeks by email exchanging photos and ideas to make sure everything was a good match (which it was). He was really into tickling sexy feet, giving foot massages, and foot worship. He was straight, d**g free, had a career, etc. Best of all he had a very, very repressed foot fetish.

My wife had no idea about this guy. I kept it a secret and decided to surprise her on a date night out.

So the night came. I took my wife out to a nice dinner. She dressed very sexy for me. Nice black mini skirt, white top, sexy black high heels. I texted the guy (we will call him Alex). My wife and I arrived for the late show at a large movie theater. I purposefully picked out a not so popular movie so the crowd would be at a minimum. We found seats in the very back of the theater in a corner where the movie projector box stuck out so we had pretty good privacy. Alex texted and said he was coming in the theater (I texted Alex the theater number) 15 minutes after we arrived.

My wife was holding hands with me and sitting cross legged in the theater dangling her sexy heel off her foot exposing her perfect little size seven arch. Alex came up and sat directly in front of my wife. My wife still had no idea. There was only about 10 people in the whole theater.

The lights went dim and the movie previews started. I saw Alex glance back towards my wife a little. I finally whispered to her, "See that stud in front of you, he is here for your sexy feet." My wife looked surprised and said, "No, you're lying.. really?" I responded, "Really, slip your feet between the seats and find out." After about two minutes, my wife slowly and nervously took her left high heel off, and slipped it through the seats to Alex's left side. I saw him immediately look and saw his jaw drop a bit. After a few seconds, he slowly began (nervously and very slowly) tickling my wife's sexy sole and she started flexing her toes and soles back and forth and let out a silent giggle. He continued to tickle her foot for several minutes while my sexy wife giggled in my arm. I then told my wife, "Give him your other foot." My wife took off her other sexy high heel and slid her right foot between the same space giving him access to both of her feet. Alex responded by wrapping his left arm around both of my wife's feet, trapping them in place, and tickling both of her sexy feet with his fingers. Her feet were trapped and he tickled her sexy feet for about another 15 minutes going from slow strokes to faster strokes as my cock got harder and harder from watching. My wife was quietly laughing, arching her body a little, and giggled into my arm trying to be quiet while she was being helplessly tickled on her sexy feet and toes!

Alex then went down after about 30 minutes of tickling and began sucking on her sexy toes. My wife loves this and it really turns her on. She began breathing heavier and heavier as Alex sucked on each toe and then sucked on her toes four at a time. Then he began kissing and licking her sexy soles while still giving them light tickles.

I finally reached over and invited him to sit next to my wife. He came up and sat to the right of us and my wife immediately put her feet in his lap. We raised the arm restson the theater seats so we had a sofa style comfort going on while we played.

My wife leaned against me while Alex went to town on her feet licking and sucking her toes and arches like he was starving for them. My wife was getting turned on more and more and I could tell Alex was as well. After about 10 minutes my wife started moving her left foot around his cock through his jeans. I could see the huge bulge in his jeans as she worked her sole and toes around it. My wife began pulling at his jean button to take them off. I nodded to Alex and he helped her unbutton his jeans and my wife used her feet to pull out his throbbing hard cock. My wife took out lotion she had in her purse and started rubbing it all over her feet slowly and erotically for Alex. They still had not exchanged a single word yet. She then put her lotioned feet back on his hard throbbing cock and began to give him a footjob. He arched a little and breathed heavily while my wife watched in amazement while she ran her feet up and down this stranger's cock for a few minutes. My wife then turned on her tummy and exposed her soles to him while he fucked her feet between her arches. My hot wife then unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my already throbbing cock and began sucking my hard cock while Alex fucked her soles. We did this for about 20 minutes. My wife then turned around again and I lifted her skirt and began rubbing her clit under her black lace panties. As I rubbed her clit she began to circle her hips moving in sync with my rubbing while Alex fucked her arches. Alex began pumping more frantically and I could see he was going to cum soon. He closed his eyes hard and he exploded thick waves of hot cum so hard it landed on my wife's upper inner thighs, calves, and feet. He came so much in several large squirts that appeared to go over three feet in the air as he was cumming. My hot wife then worked her smooth soles around the head of his cock and then Alex massaged his hot cum into her feet and legs.

I told my wife to "clean him." My hot wife then went down on him with her tummy and began to suck his half hard cock which began to grow fully hard again. She put her warm cum soaked feet in my lap with her soles up while she sucked Alex's now hard cock. I began fucking her warm, soft, sexy, Latina soles slow at first and then faster and faster. She moved her feet around a bit and flexed her arches and toes as my hard cock fucked her wide, soft, pedicured arches. I did this for several minutes until I came all over her sexy soles in huge hot loads. I then massaged my hot loads of cum into her soft perfect soles while she sucked Alex and jerked off his throbbing cock. I could see how wet his cock was against my wife's sexy lips in the dark half light of the movie theater.

She brought Alex close to cumming, and quickly turned around again and leaned on me while she worked her hot soles around his cock and jerked him off until he exploded all over her hot feet (her third load of hot cum on her feet while in the theater) with his hot, young, thick cum. Alex again massaged this big load of cum into her hot feet and then spent a few more minutes slowly tickling her soles and toes as she giggled some more between soft moans. Alex then pulled up his jeans and shook my hand and said he was had to leave. He thanked both of us and left the theater. I spent the next 30 minutes massaging and slowly tickling my wife's sexy feet, feeling the softness and warmth of three hot loads and lotion already well massaged into her feet. I did this until the end of the movie while my wife moaned and played with her clit a little.

That night after we got home I thanked her by fucking her for hours, licking her hot toes and soles as I fucked her quivering pussy. She came within the first two minutes after my hard cock first plunged into her soaked pussy. She was so turned on! I came several more times inside of her that night while licking her sexy soles and tickling them as my big hard cock fucked her cum soaked pussy again and again. It was an awesome, unforgettable night! My wife says she is going to return the surprise. So I am really looking forward to that! I have no idea what she is planning...
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1 month ago
Fucking hot!!!
3 months ago
and nobody noticed?
8 months ago
not normally a feet person but that was hot!