Lucky Me

I went to the Florida Keys last weekend and went down to the nude beach. As I walked around I came upon a black guy laying on a towel.He looked up at me as I sat down just a few feet away from him and nodded at me. I nodded back and then started looking at his big cock. He didn't seem to mind that I was checking him out so I didn't worry if anyone else noticed me either. I figured his cock size on hard would be between nine or ten inches. It was around eight inches just layin there on soft. It was a very beautiful one to say the least and I was getting a hard on looking at, I pushed my cock down on the sand between my legs and crossed my legs so no one would notice. I wanted to get up and walk away but I couldn't with a hard on...I got so turned on that I shot my load into the sand without even touching myself. Finally I my cock went down and I covered my load with sand and started to get up to leave hoping no one noticed anything...I walked to the water and waded in. The black guy stood up and I thought he was fixing to leave, but instead he came into the water where I was and started talking to me. Just small talk at first and then he asked if I would like to come up to his hotel room and have a drink with him...I said yes and as we walked up toward his room my thoughts were: ( yes, I want to have a drink with you, but... what I really want is to drink your sperm!)
When we reached his room he took off his bathing trunks and made drinks. I watched every move he made and enjoyed seeing his big cock bounce around as he walked towards me with my drink! His balls also bounced around in his nut-sac which was hanging low. As he handed my drink to me he told me it was alright if I wanted to touch it. I took a sip from my drink and sat it down and then reached out and lifted his cock,which was starting to get hard. What I wanted first was suck on his balls. They tasted salty from the ocean water but as I sucked on them I started tasting him!When his cock was full hard I wanted to cock wipp myself with it,so I took it by its' base and beat myself in the face with! He said," let me do that" ,so he took hold of it and really gave me a good cock beating! He pulled my head back and hit me hard in the face with it. He told me to lean forward and as I did he held my head down and beat me all over the back of my head,neck and shoulders. It felt wonderful! I moved back and took hold of it and went down on him and begin sucking like crazy! He told me how good he was going to fuck me and that made me suck even more intense. I started begging him for his cum and told him I needed it! He started to tease me by pulling away and saying he wasn't gonna let me have yet. Finally he did give it to me and it was well worth the wait!
Later he fucked me and I must say that he was good! It took him over an hour to cum and when he did I thought he was going to push my head through the headboard. Need to cut this short. Later, Cal
90% (13/1)
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2 years ago
Good pickup! Sounds like you got what you wanted and needed!
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
Nice, give us more.