Moving friendship to next level

It was a very warm and plesant late spring day,I was on my way back from my daily walk and decide to drop in and see my neighbour Bob. I do not usualy like to interrupt my walk , but his wife was away in Peterborough visiting their daughter, so I thought I would see how he was doing.

Bob and I had been neighbours for a number of years but, it was not until we both retired a few years ago that our friendship stated to build, as there was more opportuniy to see each other. One day last winter, Bob was shoveling snow at the end of his driveway as I was walking by and we started to chat. Talked about all the snow and the winter we were having and we hoped it would all end sooner than later. Bob mentioned he knew I liked to golf and curl, along with walking everyday but what did I do with the rest of my time since I retired. Well I like to read and garden then out of the blue I said I probably spend to much time searching for porn on the computer. He smiled and went on to say he liked to read also,do some gardening and putter around in his workshop. Then added that he too spent to much time searching for porn on the computer. We both kind of giggled shyly about this, then moved on to another subject.

When we met and talked again after that day we became less inhibited about talking about porn and started comparing notes. Turned out that we both really liked surfing through xhamster and enjoyed many of the same things. Seeing naked men and women, fucking and sucking, masturbation by both women and men, lesbian and gay sex by young and old. One thing that surprised us was that we both are attracted to cocks soft or hard, being sucked or wanked off. Also we prefered cocks around our own age and wondered if it had something to do with getting old or were we really just bi-curious.

Bob has a large lot that is surrounded by heavy bush on three sides and the lane is a bit long. There was no answer to the door when I knocked . I knew he must be around because his truck was there. I decide to check the workshop behind the house. There is a large screened in porch attached to the back of the house as I came up to it I noticed Bob was sitting on a deck chair in the middle of the room. He was bare naked. He had not noticed me yet and I did not want to embarrass him. So I did the first thing that came to my mind. I took off my cloths, walked around to the screen door and asked Bob if I could join him.
At first he was a little startiled but recovered quickly and then smiled and invited me in got us both a glass of water and we sat down across from each other. Surprisingly we both accepted each other being naked with no embarrassment. Although, I did explain to him why I was naked . In his case he said he love to be naked outside and since his wife was away he was taking the oppoutunity. He said he had been on Xhamster in the morning an was very horny right now and being naked with another man was enhancing it.

I was getting very horny also, as I too enjoy being naked out doors, along with seeing him naked, he had a beautiful cock and I could not keep my eyes off it. It was cut,had a large red head and was about 3" long in its semihard state. I asked him if he would mind if I touched it, he just moved closer so I could reach . The velvet touch and increase hardening felt wonderful to me. Finally I was feeling another mans cock. He moaned as I bent my head towards him and my tongue licked the precum from his ozzing slit . My tongue continued to probe his slit then gently took the head in my mouth. The tast was awesome and very pleasent. My mouth contined down the shaft which was continueing to grow . My lips moved up and down the now 6" shaft a few times before I move down and genltly sucked each of his balls, he was moaning again and his hips began to move. Moving back to the shaft I took it all in my mouth right to the hilt and my tongue wandered over the shaft and head.His hips were uncontrolable now and I sensed he was about to cum. Suddenly my mouth was full of his hot sperm. At first I did not like the tast but gradually began to enjoy it and swallowed most. I looked up and smiled , he had the biggest smile on his face that I have ever seen and he thanked me.

I stood up and did not realize I was as hard as a rock Bob came to me and took my cock in his hand and wanked it a few times,then took it in his mouth. It felt wonderful, but because I was so horny and thrilled I came befor I could stop it.
However Bob and I had done it, we elevated our friendship to a new level and now we are Jerk and Suck buddies, with a lot more to cum.

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2 months ago
reread it, got just as hard as before
3 months ago
4 months ago
Fantastic story got my cock hard reading this keep up the work
7 months ago
Great tale, keep em cumming
9 months ago
hot story,wish it was me there,made me hard
11 months ago
yes this is a hot story, & you mature men & daddy types are very fun & its my preferred thing. the oldest iv been with tho was a 66 year old man it was a hot couple times when we got together. some of the funnest role playing there. also try SNOW BALLING i think they call its what me & my partner do when i shoot my load into his mouth & then we immediately make out & swap it back & forth.
1 year ago
Wish you lived nearby me bb
1 year ago
cant wait to read more, great and hot story!
1 year ago
I think as we get older we get more bi desires and braver and go for it. I know I have since I joined xhamster!!!!
1 year ago
great storey. wish i was your
1 year ago
Fantastic; I guess I have to get at it with my retired neighbour and see what results....or pops UP
1 year ago
love it more please
1 year ago
i love married men,wives never keep them satisfied .i know im one of them
1 year ago
I'm moving next door to you guys!
1 year ago
Great story. Hope there are more to come
1 year ago
enjoyed reading your story, got me really hard!
1 year ago
great story!!
got me hot!
1 year ago
After a few trysts with men I now look at all men differently...just under the surface is a huge desire to be fulfilled.
1 year ago
Here too.
1 year ago
Good story with a happy ending!!!
1 year ago
My kind of fantasy.