My Neighbours 1

I split with my missus a couple of years ago and rented a couple of places and then moved into my new semi detached house at the back end of last year. Quiet culd de sac, pretty suburban sort of road, lots of families. My next door neighbours i had said "Hi" to now and again, a mother and her daughter. Mother i would guess in her mid 50s and daughter probably late 20's. I didn't really pay too much attention as i don't with any neighbours really.

Then, a few weeks ago, one Sunday afternoon, a lovely sunny day, i was just in the back bedroom opening a few windows as the house was too warm and saw the mother, layed on her front, in a swwimsuit, dark blue, bare back so back just covered her ass really, and christ what an ass, my god, lovely n round, pretty plump but not huge, bl**dy perfect actually and the bikini hardly kept it in, bits of ass peeping out of the sides, what a site, gorgeous.
Goes without saying i had a massive hard on, throbbing in my shorts and i couldn't take my eyes off her as pervy as it seemed i didn't give a shit, she was sexy as hell.

Our gardens are next to each other, with high walls at the back and big fences on each side, so very private really, and just a small, 3 foot wooden fence and a gate seperating our 2 gardens.

As I watched, stroking my cock through my shorts she turned over and oh my god what a body, jesus!! Only time i had ever seen either of them was maybe when they set off to work and had big coats on, so i was so shocked to see such a body. Bit plump, not huge, but her tits, even laid down were huge, absolutely huge, and, like her arse was, her tits were popping out of the side of the swimsuit. Her nipples looked huge too, they looked like they were going to rip through her swimsuit.

Even her sunglasses were sexy as she laid there with her arms at her sides. She couldn't see me as she was facing away from my house so i was safe having a stroke and lowered my shorts so i could have a good wank. As i was, i heard her daughter, she was asking her mum if she wanted a drink. The mother didn't move and just shouted yes, and about a minute later her daughter brought her a drink of orange.

The daughter was wearing a vest kind of shirt and some baggy shorts. She was a bit plumper than her mum, but just as pretty, if not more so and i swear, the biggest pair of tits i think i have EVER seen. Wonderous they were. If i guessed her mum was an F cup, she must have been a bl**dy K or something. I nearly came just seeing her........... why the hell had i not noticed, in over 5 months, how fit my next door neighbours were?

The mother sat up a bit, but i could only see her back as she drank her juice and the daughter sat in a chair facing her mum and facing my direction somehwat but i was quite confident she couldn't see me. After a minute or so, the mother layed back down on her back and as they chatted a bit, the daughter lowered the straps of her top and lowered her top as low as she could without revealing all her chest, but enough, and started rubbing some oil on the top of her chest and neck and shoulders.... i came at that point, it was driving me wild.

But i was going nowhere, i could have watched them for weeks and they weren't even naked but god it was sexy. the daughter then tipped her head far back in the chair, to get some sun to her neck by the looks and as she did it just seemed to double the size of her boobs as she stretched back. I hadn't even wiped up my cum and i was rock hard again. I wanted more though, more than just looking. I have a half decent body, well built fella, broad shoulders, but of tub here n there but ok for my age (41), great rugby thighs, been told i have a good arse and a good thick cock, not porn star stuff but a good 7"+ and a great girth, plus, i'm pretty good looking, no Bradd Pitt but still get enough eye, lol.

I thought it's now or never, i've gotta do something. So, i quickly nipped in the shower to freshen up and then i would go into my garden and catch some rays. So, in just some long shorts, i took a towel outside with a beer in hand.
As i walked out of my patio doors at the back i pretended to be shocked they were there and just said "Oh, how are you both?" The mother didn't get up, but turned her head to me and tilted her sunglasses up and said "Hiya" in a really pleasant manner and her daughter was the same.

I sat in a chair in my garden and we chatted a bit, just chit chat really, nothing special, and after a while the mother got up, and my god what a woman, what a figure, great shape, good hips, awesome chest, i know i was staring, and asked me if i would like a drink. I said "yes, but i fancy a beer, shall i grab you 2 one as well?" and they agreed so i went into my
kitchen to get 3 beers and took them out. We ended up having about 4 beers each and a good natter, lots o laughs, little bits of flirting as the beers kicked in but nothing too heavy and i asked if they fancied some pizza, i had a couple i could quickly bob in the oven and they said "thank you, that would be great if youre sure youre ok"..... "of course, gimme 2 mins".

I took the pizzas outa the boxes, opened the oven and was putting them in the oven when i heard a voice say "nice ass!" when i turned around, it was the mother and she said "Sorry, i couldn't resist. Do you need a hand" but her huge boobs were just taking all my attention as she stood there, fit as fuck in her swimsuit, nipples threating to poke my eyes out & i stood there in just my shorts n flip flops, i could feel me getting a semi on and i said "well, not much to help with unless you fancy a bit of salad with the pizza?" to which she replied "yes, me and Jill love salad, that'd be great, what can i do?"

"well, you can help me prep it if you like" as i went to the fridge to get the salad i was right next to her and bent down to get the salad tray out of my fridge and as i did, she slapped my arse!!

As i stood up, i smiled at her and she had a little giggle, i could tell she was a bit tipsy. She said "sorry, but again i just couldn't resist"
I said "its fine, my turn now is it?" and within half a second she spun round, bent right over, looking back at me and said "Hmmmm, yes please!"

I gave her a little slap and she said "i'm sure you can slap harder than that" so i gave her a good slap on her gorgeous plump ass. Then, as quick as she bent over, she stood back up and just said "ok big boy, what about this salad then, let's sort it".......... "bollocks i thought, "is that it!!""

Then, i passed her some lettuce to chop and i started cutting some tomatoes and as i had my back to her she just came up behind me and put her arms around my front and squezzed me a bit, pressing her massive boobs into my back.... i was as hard as i have ever been in my life! she then started kissing my bare back as she stroked my chest. Then she lowered her hands down to my shorts and started stroking my hard cock in my shorts and as she did, she was moaning and saying "hmmmmmmm". Then she just quickly pulled my shorts right down in one big jerk of them. As she did she had gone to her knees and started kissing and nibbling my arse, god it was amazing. i leant over my worktop and stuck out my bum and parted my legs a bit. I wanted a reach around and she duly obliged. rubbing my shaven balls and stroking my cock. Then, with her other hand she parted my arse cheeks and started licking up and down my arse crack, then tonguing my ass hole, all the time she was moaning with pleasure..... i thought i was in heaven, this woman didn't mess about, she was rampant and so was i.

I then turned around and on seeing my cock she said "oh god yes, that's what i need" ...... lifted my cock up to my belly button and kept licking right from under my balls, all over my balls and slowly up my cock. More and more, she just licked from top to bottom and then looked up at me, right into my eyes as she slowly put my cock in her mouth.... inch by inch, god it was awesome, she was not just awesomely sexy to look at, but she had skills, believe me!
She almost took all my cock but gagged and kept on trying to take it all, and she was sucking and licking and nibbling my bell end. She gave head like no one else i had ever been with.

Still on her knees, she lifted the strap of her swimsuit over her head and lowered it to her belly button, revealing her awesome tits, god they were fantastic, big areola and the nipples must have been almsot an inch thick as well as long. She knelt up and squatted with her tits at my cock and put my cock between her tits and started tit fucking me, slowly at first, all the time looking into my eyes and smiling and moaning and with almost every long stroke she tongued my cock.

Next to me in the kitchen was some olive oil, not baby oil i know but what the hell........ as i picked it up showed it her she said "great idea". So, i started dribbling olive oil between her boobs and on my cock, and oh my god what a difference... i didn't think it could feel any better but it did, oh god it did. She was tit fucking madly now and licking her nipples and my cock, all covered in oil, it was awesome.

I then lifted her up to me and we kissed very passionately, great kisser. As we did i was caressing her breasts as she was wanking me off. I slowly moved her over to my kitchen table as we kissed and played and i kissed her shoulders and down her neck, chest and started licking her nipples, kissing them and nibbling them as she threw her head back moaning louder and louder now. I could taste all the olive oil as well as i reached down and lowered her swimsuit off her and then lifted one leg of hers onto my table so i could get at her pussy.

I started licking and kissing her legs as i started to rub her sopping pussy, and rubbing my thumb on her clit. Then i started to lick her groin, so near to her pussy but not touching it and she was going wild. Then i angled myself, sat on the floor, right beneath her and started long tongue strokes, up and down her pussy, then sticking my tongue as far as i could in her pussy, noisily sucking her juices as she was cumming, she tasted amazing. As i nibbled and bit her clit i had 3 fingers in her pussy and slowly at first, then speeding up, started to finger fuck her. With my other hand, still licking n nibbling her click, i started fingering her arse.

After a few minutes of what seemed like waves of cum i stood up and layed her on here back onto my table. I pulheelled her to me and put her heels
up on my shoulders and she said "give me a good fucking". I then started to slap her pussy with my cock, rubbing my cock up and down her lips and rubbing her clit with my cock "please fuck me, please" she said as i teased her. Then, very slowly, as i gribbed her legs tight i started entering her, and my god it was sweet, warm and tight. Inch by inch into her as she had another orgasm, loving and gripping my cock with her pussy, my girth stretching her as she groaned with pleasure she kep saying "oh god, yes, yes, thankyou".

long full strokes as she yelped when she took all my cock, speeding up, faster and faster. Her fabulous boobs swaying as i fucked her harder and harder. She was pulling at her hair and writhing her head around. harder, longer and faster strokes, i knew i wasn't going to last much longer and she knew as well...... she arched her back and came again, i could feel it big time and as i started to moan she gestured a finger to her mouth and said "I want to taste you".... i pulled out and she got on her knees as i wanked, only a few strokes and wow i have never cum so much, i almost drowned the poor woman, all over her face, her hair, her boobs and she swallowed plenty as well. My legs were like jelly as she sucked on my cock, licking up all the cum and sucking me dry. She then started using her fingers on her face and boobs, collected the spunk and licked as well it off her fingers all the time saying "hmmmmmm, love it"...... what a fuck, oh my god what a fuck........
We had timed it almost perfect for the pizza as well, lol

After we dressed we kissed and she said to me, in a soft voice, and smiling "my daughter Jill will love you"................. TO BE CONTINUED

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2 months ago
luved it.. great story.. more.. more..mmmmm
2 months ago
2 years ago
god what a story .....lucky you.....
3 years ago
that is so hot lucky guy
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Nice... it'll probably never happen to me.. lol