Ann and James

James was away on a business trip. He was due back tomorrow. Ann missed him terribly while he was gone. The weather was cold and rainy and rather than turn the heat on, Ann decided to go to bed and snuggle under the blankets; she always slept better in a cold room. She read for a while but she was tired and it was cozy in the big bed so she quickly fell asl**p.

James was exhausted but he had been able to finish his business a day early. He caught a late flight. It was almost midnight by the time he got home. He was very tired, but was looking forward to seeing Ann. It had stopped raining but was cold and windy and James was looking forward to warming himself in Ann’s embrace. The house was quiet when he unlocked the door, and he could see a soft light from the bedroom.

The lamp on the night stand was on, and James could see that Ann had fallen asl**p reading. He picked up the book from where it lay on the bed and put it on the night stand. He reached out and gently brushed his fingers over the curve of Ann’s cheek; God he had missed her and her sweet warm body. Ann sighed softly, smiled, and snuggled deeper into the covers. James chuckled quietly and went into the bathroom to undress and get ready for bed.

James stood naked and chilled beside the bed and lifted the covers. He knew Ann would be naked; she hated night clothes. He gazed for a moment at her lush nakedness, letting the cool air caress her back hoping it would rouse her. James slipped into bed and spooned up to Ann. She was so soft and warm. She stretched slightly and moaning softly in her sl**p, moved back to be closer to James, turning towards him slightly. James reached over and cupped Ann’s breast stroking the nipple with his thumb and nuzzled her neck, inhaling her perfume, licking and kissing, nibbling her neck and ears. He knew that this was guaranteed to make her hot and wet.

Ann moaned, half awake, her nipple hardening under James’ attentions. She stretched and pushed her hips tighter to his, rubbing his erection against her buttocks. James moaned and releasing her breast reached down and gently moved her top thigh up and off the lower thigh. James slipped his hand onto her sex, and could feel that her labia were swollen and damp. Ann was already wet and ready. He could feel her pressing against his hand, wanting him.

James knew Ann was not really awake but he did not care, he wanted her, and her body wanted him. That was all that mattered now. James moved down so he could reach better and slid his erection into Ann’s wetness. It was so hot and inviting. He could feel Ann’s sex clasp his manhood, as she gasped, fully awake now.

Ann gasped and her eyes opened when she felt the cock slide into her pussy. She had been dreaming that James had come home and was kissing her, but this was no dream, she sl**pily realized. James wasn’t due home until tomorrow. Who was this fucking her? Surely, it had to be James, but he would have woken her surely?

Ann felt a hand on her shoulder, holding her as the cock began to slide in and out of her wet pussy, using her shoulder for leverage. Ann was quickly aflame with need, and rocked in time with the thrusting cock. Part of her was sure that this was James, and part of her only cared that there was a hard cock fucking her. Ann moaned her pleasure almost against her will. It felt wonderful. This was wrong; she should at least know for sure who was fucking her, but it didn’t matter. She needed and wanted to be fucked, and there was something delicious in not knowing for sure who it was.

“James?” He could hear the question in her voice, the slightest tremor of fear. James realized Ann was not sure who was fucking her. The thought was highly erotic to him, and he clenched her shoulders hard with both hands. Ann could feel the man pushing her onto her face, urging her gently but relentlessly to roll onto her belly. A quick flash of panic struck her as she realized this was not a position she and James usually assumed. Ann struggled slightly but the pressure against her shoulders and hips increased. The hand moved from her shoulder to her neck pushing her down and over. There was nothing she could do, and with a frisson of erotic fear down her spine, she rolled on to her belly.

Ann felt a rough unshaven face bury itself in her neck as she felt the man’s weight on her back. He bit her, causing her to gasp and arch her back. James attacked her neck and ears with his mouth and teeth. Ann cried out and struggled to avoid his grasp and his teeth, but he could tell by her ragged breathing that she was highly aroused. “Legs together”, he growled in her ear. James could feel her shifting to comply with his demand. He pushed her shoulders down and levered himself up, as he began driving harder and deeper into her cunt. James’ weight pinned Ann to the bed. She tried to struggle, to wiggle away, but felt his hand clasp her neck from behind and press her face to the bed.

His voice had been deep and throaty with passion; she had not recognized it; it sounded sort of like James’, but harsh with need and desire. Ann tried to turn her head enough to see the face of the man riding her. She was pretty certain the voice was James’, but she was not 100% certain. The gruff voice whispered, “Hold still. I’m not going to hurt you. Relax and let this happen.”
“I know you want this. I can feel your pussy needs this. Relax and enjoy it. Your cunt feels so good.” He whispered as he buried his cock deep and hard in her. And it was true. She needed it and wanted it. Ann stopped struggling, falling limp, letting her body relax. Ann felt the weight shift from her shoulders as he supported himself on his arms on the bed. He fucked her steadily, allowing her body a chance to relax and accommodate him. “Good girl” the throaty whisper came at her ear.

James could feel Ann’s body relaxing accepting what was happening to it. He could feel her pussy begin to react to his fucking, could feel her orgasm begin to build. James began to fuck Ann as hard and fast as he could, he wanted her to cum. “Cum for me, cum now” he whispered to her. “Yes, please yes, I am cumming” she moaned and spasmed with her orgasm. James could feel Ann’s pussy clenching and unclenching on his cock. He couldn’t stand it any longer. He drove as deep and hard and fast as he could. As Ann came yet again James also reached his climax, thrusting and cumming deep in her pussy, grunting and groaning in ecstasy. James collapsed onto Ann’s back.

James kissed Ann’s neck again, and rolled off her back. He gathered her in his arms. “Miss me baby?” he said. Ann smiled, glad to be safely in James’ arms. “Desperately! Welcome home baby.”

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1 year ago
so nice,so fucking nice.
1 year ago
Romantic and erotic. A rare combination. Well done.
3 years ago
I love to read your original stories. Great Job.
3 years ago
Great story I'm impressed
3 years ago
Great to read a well written story!