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I have always been fascinated with the male orgasm. I love the sensation of the approaching orgasm - the feeling as that first drop of semen begins to gush slowly from the head of my throbbing cock, watching it emerge as a small whit e drop, before growing rapidly into a thick cloudy white bead. I like to take in the contrast of its whiteness against the redness of my dick, as I savor the feeling of my sperm leaking from the head of my now hypersensitive cock-head.

For some reason, that first drop always tastes the best – as if you are tasting all the pent up excitement and sexual energy in a delicious, salty liquid essence. A good edging session builds up a huge load and improves the taste. I envy any lucky man or woman that has the pleasure of playing with two cocks in this manner…enjoying not just two sticky loads but two tastes too.

If I am with a willing friend I will encourage them to taste it – slowly and carefully – using their tongue to gently lap it up…too much friction from lips or tongue and I will inevitably be f***ed – in the grip or orgasm – to thrust every inch of dick over their lips before exploding in their mouth, pumping them full of semen while I fuck their face, hands gripping their head, grunting as each spurt blasts into the roof of their mouth.

If I am alone I will sometimes use my forefinger to touch the drop and rub my sperm slowly across the tip of my cock, feeling it’s soapy-like feel against my skin. Then I will put the finger into my mouth sucking on it and tasting my own cum. Occasionally this has led to me laying on my back to insure I can blast my load into my own face, or positioning myself almost upside down with my dick inches above my mouth for a self-facial…feeling each powerful spurt blasting against my skin, tasting my cum and feeling semen running down my chin onto my neck.

So far, I have only had the pleasure of tasting my own cum…and I love it. As a cum lover, I am quite sure that I will enjoy the taste of all cum – not just my own. I look forward to tasting more. I have always craved the experience of feeling a nice thick erect cock ejaculating powerfully into my mouth - my hands caressing their thighs and hips with my lips wrapped around their shaft, using my tongue to tease the underside of the head as each spurt of semen is pumped into my mouth…using firm suction to extract every last drop of cum as I move my head gently but relentlessly up and down in short strokes to provide maximum stimulation of the penis. My favorite blowjobs always involve watching the freshly released load leak from the suckers mouth down the shaft of the cock and into the pubic hair, just before watching as the mouth greedily and noisily sucks on the cum-soaked shaft until it is glistening with sperm.

Even better would be to work with another, double-teaming a cock, one on each side as we use our mouths, lips, and tongues to bring it to an explosive climax, showering us with semen before we fight greedily over each salty drop…tongue against tongue, lips sliding over the glistening cock, sucking and slurping noisily as we compete for every last drop of cum.

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2 months ago
i love gently stroking another mans cock and licking the head as precum drips from it. i love the feeling of a hard cock pulsating as it explodes in my mouth. i always swallow every tasty drop. i love sucking cock and eating cum.
1 year ago
I agree that precum is sweet! I love to get a drop on my finger , and when I lick it up , I almost always shoot a load! When I was a teen I had a lot of cum in my mouth from other guys, one in particular many times and I loved it! It has been many years since I have had any but my own and I miss it!