hiding at the football game

so it was the begining of my senior year
my ex and i were staying after school to walk around until the homecoming game started. so we were walking around the campus just trying to be alone together to sort through some troubles we were having, and of course when we FINALLY got comfortable enough to tlk everyone started to show up so we decide to sneak into the school through the auditorium window to get some quiet. so we were sitting in the back row of seats in the huge echoing auditorium tlking, when i put my arm over her shoulder and pull her closer to me so i can rest my head on hers. she sighs slowly and tells me "ya kno, we're the only 2 ppl in the building and this is our senior year so.." so i laugh and slyly say "and your point?" so she says "sooo i wanna try something here" and the wheels in my head started turnin and i feel her hand running slowly up and down my leg as she looks up at me with an innocent look in her eyes so so i go in for a kiss as i rub her breast through her t shirt and slide my hand under her bra...
her breathing shook as i squeezed her cute lil nipple and i could see her eyes firmly shut while shes biting her lip. so she attempts to one up me and starts to un buckle my pants and i feel her very warm hand slide in under my silky boxers and she started stroking it ever so gently knoing that it would turn me on even more so take my hand from her bra and pull down her jogging pants just to her knees as she was still sitting next to me in the small seats and rub my fingers slowly but firmly on the outside of her already soaking laced thong and again i could feel her freeze from sheer exstacy

i could tell she was getting even more excited so she gets on her knees sitting sideways on the seat and pulls down my pants with a quick jerk and she imediatley starts to lick to head of my dick moaningly from enjoyment i tell her spread her legs a little bit and i rub her slit slowly letting my finger slide in to tease her and leave her wanting so much more and she started taking my dick deeper and deeper in her throat moaning bcus she was easy to get off she had already came twice so she told me to keep vibrating my finger lightly inside of her and just before i felt i was going to cum i told her to stop quickly and that i wanted to go all out so we both stood and walked to the end of the row and i bent her over the last seat and slowly rubbed the head of my dick on her swollen lil puss and slid in slowly and went just a bit deeper with each slow thrust untill i was pushing all the way everytime and i could feel her legs tremble at the height of each thrust so i started going just a lil harder and faster with each thrust and harder and faster and untill i heard her let out just a faint squeel and i could feel the room start spinning and i knew i was about to cum and apparently she could tell too so as i started to pull out she exclaimed "NO! I want it all babes" so reluctantly i thrusted as deep as i could and finished off inside of her and just laid my head on her back

about 10 minits later we were sitting back in those seats justs cuddling,still enjoying the silence we heard stomping through the hallway and the auditorium doors BURST open so we both duck in the seats and we can hear the theater teacher whisper to himself "god it was like i could hear something in here..." we both giggle and slowly make our way back to the window just in time to watch the band march onto the football field.

the end
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4 years ago
lol niccce
4 years ago
great story ,,i done it when i was in school ,my senior year.but i also done it to the art teacher.