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Desire to dance.

This evening after my baby finished work at 12:30pm he came home and was back about 3pm. We walked the dogs in the back then went to get ready for dance lesson. We took a bath together and he washed my hair. As he massaged the shampoo into my scalp it made me tingle. I kneeled in the bath and let him caress my head. I got turned on and so used the soapy sponge to caress my breasts and in particular my nipples. They were standing ready for some sensual loving. As I stroked the sponge on my breasts my baby asked if I was getting excited?. I said yes with a deep sigh. He said perhaps I should put my hand down and touch my vagina. I looked at him and he was smiling soooooooo cute.
OMG. So I did. I kept one hand on my breasts and the other went down between my thighs. I started to get reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally turned on. He was stood at side of bath with no clothes on. His penis was there. And then he asked me if I could play with him while he continued massage my head. I said of course baby.
So I started to play with his penis. My hand sliding up and down the shaft of him. His head getting exposed by my wet hands. The soap was making him slippy and I was getting more wetter inside. I wanted to put him in my mouth there and then but couldnt because he said not yet honey.
Then when I was going crazy for him he stopped and rinsed the soap from my head and then got our towel and we got out.
I then knew I would have to wait until after the class.
We dried and dressed and went to the class but it had been cancelled cause of school holiday and we didnt know so we came back.
Now I was absolutely crazy to have him. But he asked me wait a moment.
So I sat him in the chair and kneeled on a pillow and pulled his pants down and took his penis into my mouth. I sucked him while he played a game.
Our friend logged on but I didnt tell him what we were doing in case was his son.
I sucked my honey like he had oral loved me so many times when watch films here and I have been playing games in the past.

As I type this I am being licked up and down slowly and softly by him. My vagina is having a real wonderful time.

My husband is an angel. And I love him more now than ever before.
Posted by bylhamclarabella 1 year ago
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1 year ago
After typing this I took him with hugs to bed. And have spent all night until an hour ago being kissed and him inside me.
My mouth and vagina are extremely satisfied.

However when I thank him on his page for loving me the website again throws a box up saying PLEASE NO BULLSHIT.
This isnt the first time. And it upsets me when happens.
There must be another website that I can express my love for him somewhere. Or do they only like cold things without love????

Nothing against anything from poet pete written in that comment ok. He writes great.

But why I seem have this no bullshit please problem???

i love my honey and that is that!!!!

I WONT EVER EVER EVER be available to date any other in this website so please bloody get use to it!!!!!
1 year ago
Andi as an angle who came from heaven to serve you
And only you, as you are his Archangel of long Love

Andi is only human ... so he is a darn lucky guy!
Clara is only human despite Goddess looks, not shy

Her readers are enchanted she shares her love here
Her hot lovely blogs of and lust are so well-come

Achrostichon: "AAACHH": * * * * * - Poet Peter