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To my amore Andi.

When you are on this 2 weeks holiday next wednesday please be aware that:

Your penis is going to spend SO MUCH time in my mouth that my teeth and tongue will think your their new neighbour. Hehehehehehehe.

We will have the dance classes then I will bring you home for dirty dancing.

Im going to do lots of stripteases.

Im going to have you on chewsday your penis,
Whensday I want it,
Thirstday youll need water,
Fryday I will cook you,
Will be Sat urday on your penis and mouth lots,
Sinday will be too horny to go to church.

Monday I might let you rest!!

But then again you got 2 weeks to rest.

So I guess I wont have to let you rest then. Hehehehehehe.

Just thought I would warn you in advance hehehehehehe.

With all the steamy love inside me.
All my heart and soul.
I send this love note to you sweet baby.

I love you completely absolutely and utterly.
Kisses by the zillions.
Tua Bella. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Posted by bylhamclarabella 1 year ago
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1 year ago
What a weekly sexy schedule!
Who love Mondays, Andiway?
1 year ago
Hehehehehe howwwwwwww delicious. I luv u sooooooo much baby. Your just soooooooooooooooooooo wonderful.