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Im blessed. :-))))))))))))))))))))))))

God sent to me an angel in the form of a human. This human is my husband Andi. The love of my life for all my life. Even when he is nervous to do things for me he tries just to make me happy. With such gesture I overflow with love for him. And with his patience when he loves me orally I just absolutely lose my mind.

I have such pleasure I orgasm on a regular basis.

I dont mistake an orgasm for just sensations. It is really. I know the difference. And am extremely fortunate to have these wonderful waves of pleasure pass all over me.

However sometimes the pleasure is TOOOOO great and I faint!!!

OMG its ok though cause doctors have said while not common its not a danger.

I just need try stem my pleasure feelings but with a honey soooooooooooo patient and perfect it is near impossible hehehehehe.

So I declare this declaration of total and utter love to my wonderful amore Andi.

You are my everything wonderful. I love you sooooooooooo much.
Thankyou for bless me always.

Posted by bylhamclarabella 2 years ago
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2 years ago
You are blessed indeed, dear Clara my friend!
Thank you for another wonderful blog of love.

In fact, fainting from orgasm does happen.
I remember one time that my messages made
my lesbian friend very hot playing her pussy ...
Suddenly she went silent when she seemed to come.
I was upset and a bit insulted initially ...
Half an hour later she (s)explained: collapsed!

* * * * * for the blog - your Poet Pete