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Ideas for long term lovers.

How do you be long term with a love? Well our story has near 20 years in process.
We have some ideas that have helped us along the way and I would like share them here.

At least once every 2 weeks we watch each other play.
Because whats good today might be not so good tomorrow. We watch each other touch our body and see how like and where. Its very delicious and when cant hold back anymore we go for it and help each other with what we have seen and learned.

Have fun.
We love have fun by tickle play or pillow fights. When the pillows are wrecked all over the place I get him and then make love to him in the mess.

Radio fone sex.
We used to do it on radio fone. We would hide in seperate places in my estate. Then talk on radio hot talk. Basically teasing each other. Then when cant take anymore chat and want it physically go to each other.

Watch erotic films together.
Especially sat in chair in his lap. This way his hands are free to go where wants and I can definately help him if he dont know where I want them. As the temperature rises so does his penis. Hehehehehehe.

Share bath times.
Bubble baths are wonderful. Lots of soapy lather and lots of touching with kisses all over. If cant wait to get out of the bath to go to bed I have him there and then.
Oral love while sat on side is heavenly. To give and get it!!.

Do it in the outdoors.
I loved it in sunflower field most but have also had him in pool and waterfall and on bonnet of car in pouring rain and inside riding stables just to name a few.
Want on dog walk but at moment snow too cold.

Share food off each other.
Seen the film 9 1/2 weeks and decided try it. Not as messy but nice with spaghetti bolognese dropped in my lap then get him to clean it out. Very saucy hehehe.
Good with champagne in bath also. The bubbles tingle as ice cold liquid hits the skin. Warm water throws your senses. And a tongue laps it all off your tummy and below. Bliss!!

Talk and do at the same time.
Talk on fone or with someone online while being had. Very funny when cant focus on typing or talking properly. Wonder if they heard whats going on while chatting on fone??.

These are just a few of our antics. They have kept us going very happily.
I love my choice of husband. The one I still want grow old and die with.
Posted by bylhamclarabella 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Wonderful Clara! * * * * * - Poet Pete

Thank you very much for sharing your erotic palette.
I love the bit about chatting while making love.
I volunteer to be your next victim in this game.
The best is at the end. Feel better in blindfold.
While cold bubbles drip down your chin in bath.
2 years ago
Forgot to add about wear a blindfold or silk scarf over eyes.
It increases touch sense and uses communication and willingness to help guide your lover.