Piazza passione.

Well it was oy 2 hours in duration but thebuild up and fact it was so special to memade this the most wonderful 2 hours of love ever with myhoney.
We had arrived at the piazza bench anothernightand been unlucky as was people there and they wouldnt leave. Last night I went back with him and surprise surprise people were there again.
Would I ever get it on there?
We sat on the bench of 4 benches and held each other. I whispered of my desires to my honey. As we sat talking quietly I got more excited. Just kissing him is yum but I wanted have him there in the piazza.
We continued hold each other and gradually my hopes started to fade.
It wasnt going to happen again this night.
The people wouldnt go. I rested my head in his lap and cried silently. He didnt know I cried but I weeped. We must have been there hours because I felt his fingers gently brush my hair off my face. I must have been dozing off. Then I stirred watching him. His eyes were watching something. I lifted my head and asked him whats wrong baby?
He replied he was wishing to god the peoplego away and 2 benches had cleared sincehe did it 1 hours ago. He said if he wished more perhaps the others would go as well. He said he noticed when we arrived how excited and smiling I was but gradually it left me and I seemed dissapointed.
This made him sad. But it melted me that he had attention in me to see this.
I kissed him and said it not your fault baby but thankyou for try.
Its a fantasy for me have you here but if isnt to be it how is.
Any place with you is special.
I rested my head again on his lap and closed my eyes.
Next I hear him whisper Bella they are left. They gone.
I opened my eyes to see us alone in the place.
4 benches and only us there. Not another person or anything.
I sat up. I looked at him then watch it was 3 am. We had been there 5 hours waiting.
He kissed me. I hugged him. Then he asked if I still wanted do it?
I said yes.
We kissed more then I put his hand between my legs.
I was with dress so wasnt difficult. I as kissed him got more excited. He kneeled down on floor and kissed my thighs. I felt my body start to tingle. I unfastened my dress top buttons and put my hand into my dress. There I touched my breasts. Then as he started kiss up my thigh I started play with my breasts. He pulled off my panties and then put his mouth on my vagina. I couldnt belive we are going to do it here. But yes it was happening. His tongue licked soooooooooooo soflty soooooooooooo slowly up and down my lips I thought I was going to explode with bliss.
He continued and the pleasure I felt over powered me. I lost control more than once.
After an hour I pulled his head to my mouth to kiss him. I could taste my vagina on his lips. I thanked him for make it happen. I thought that was it.

It wasnt.

He said its ok then placed my hands back at my sides and went back down on me.
OMGGGG he didnt want stop. He had already made me soooooooooooko happy but he was keep on going. I just sat back opened my legs and let him.
He continued eat me for at least an hour more. Then he stopped and appologised could be more time. Someone was walking towards thepiazza we need go now.
We stood up ruffled my clothes and walked past the stranger.

I got so crazy today I went to a sex shop bought a policewoman uniform and this night I going to striptease and then after undress from it leave the hat on suck his cock like he pleasured me last night. Then I intend take the hat off and slide his penis into my vagina to take him over and over to ecstacy. Like he did for me last night.

All the times I have made love to him last night was more special. His connection to see how much I wanted it to happen overwhelmed me. My love for him runs more deeper now than ever.
It was most wonderful 2 hours oral love of my life. I will never forget this day.

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2 years ago
you too hot bella.....you must tasty so good....
2 years ago
birbante nughty....