Love in a subway.

I went to a restaurant takeaway with my honey last night. It wasnt a chic place so I could wear my summer dress and sandals with handbag/ rucksack. As I sat at table with my honey I held his hand.
When I hold his hand electricity flows in me and I tingle all over.
When I kiss and touch him more happens hehehehe.
As I held his hand and talked I found myself saying " do you know what I love most about you honey"?.
He said no what.
I said I love your patience when you eat my vagina.
This made him blush a little.
Sorry I said but got more excited when I started imagine how would be have him there on that chair.
I had to go to bathroom cause got so excited I could have done a when harry met sally scene hehehehe.
I went to bathroom didnt pee but when touched my underwear I was moist them.
So I decided take them off and put in my bag and went back to table.
I got the bill and paid.
Then walked out holding hands with him.
As we walked I stopped every so often to share a kiss. We were holding hands already so I was tingling. Then kisses became more sexy and slow deeply into him I got turned on more and excited meant more moist.
We walked across a piazza near where were staying and it was deserted. I wanted sit with him so did but when did I put his hands between my thighs. No panties I whispered between kisses.
As his hand touched my vagina lips I asked if he would dare me to suck him there and then?
He said we would be caught for sure but I was so desperate I wanted him.
I said I dont care deeply breathing between slow soft kisses. I was getting more horny each kiss. I wasnt going to stop myself. He said we cant here. I said I want suck you right now!!
He stood up and we left there but when passing further down street there was a subway tunnel.
It was with no one near and when go into it absolutely no one can see in from a building near.
As we passed it I dragged him in and thats where I had him.
I leaned against wall pulled him to me kissing and lifted my dress up to show him my vagina. I pushed his head down there and lifted a leg over his shoulder. There he ate me his tongue played with my lips and clitoris it made me totally crazy with desire.
He did it for about 20 minutes before we stood up kisses again then walked faster to hotel before walk throught reception normal.
Once in room and door closed it went rampant.
He ripped my dress off and I couldnt unfasten his trousers quick enough. I grabbed his penis and took him to bed. There we oral loved each other all night between having his cock inside my vagina.
It was so erotic and sinful doing it a street place Im going try again later.
66% (5/2)
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2 years ago
Sexy seduction, Clara cara! ;-)P - porn poet Pete