Getting Caught Part II

After I got home from my aunt’s house, I quickly went up to my bedroom and undressed so that I could safely retrieve and play with my newest silky treasures from cousins Amy & Beth’s panty drawers. I was still very aroused thinking back on just having sucked my cousin Richard's 7 inch cock and still had an after taste of his creamy load in my mouth from having swallowing his cum and wanting to have another oral encounter with him

After I was naked, I retrieved my lingerie collection that I kept hidden inside a box in the back of my closet. With the bedroom door securely locked I laid out my silky collection on my bed trying to decide which pair of panties to wear for my jack off session, so many to choose from, bikini, full cut, hip hugger, yellow, pink, blue & all silky and each one came from someone that I knew and fantasized over as I jacked off with them. I quickly decided that my newest panties that I just stole from my cousin Beth would be the recipient of my fantasy and eventually my creamy cum. Beth was so petite, not even 5' tall and maybe 85 lbs, I could barely get the size 4 Lolly-pop brand nylon tricot pink panties over my ass let alone over my throbbing hard cock but still managed to do so. I Laid in my bed and began to cover my cock and balls with my 30 or so sexy silky panties that I had taken from friends n f****y. I loved the feeling of the cool silky nylon as it gently caressed my cum filled balls and cock. I took Beth's other panties that i took from her dresser and carefully wrapped them around my cock shaft and began to slowly stroke my throbbing teen cock. I closed my eyes and envisioned Richard sitting next to me and it was his hand that was now stroking me, my precum began to flow as i fantasized that he lowered his mouth to my cock and returned the pleasure that i had just hours earlier gave him. his mouth going up and down my hard cock, his tongue slathering the head of my cock, tasting every drop of my lubricant that was now leaking in a steady flow. My mind quickly changed from Richard servicing me to my hot little niece Beth taking his place. I could see her in her training bra and panties, eyes so wide looking at my cock slip in and out of her tight fist. Beth asking me if she was doing it right and i encouraged her that it was excellent but it would be so much better if she put my cock in her mouth. As soon as my fantasy got to that point the cum boiled over from my balls and shot all over my chest and belly, long thick ropes of creamy cum, I used my fingers to scoop up as much as i could and placed it in my mouth, imagining that it was another creamy load from Richard, then i used one of my s****rs panties to clean up what i couldn't put in my mouth. all in all this was one of my best panty induced jack off orgasms ever!

Over the next several weeks my fantasy world was filled with situations where i would be Amy or Beth's first lover and be rewarded with their cherries as well as mixing my fantasy of her with her older b*****r Richard with him and I sucking each other to mind numbing orgasms, it was never a dull moment when i was playing with my panties. It was coming up on Labor Day and my mom told me that the f****y was going to be meeting at our house and i should try and be home to say hello to everyone. I asked if Aunt Marg & Uncle Frank were going to be coming and she said yes but wasn't sure about the girls or Richard. Again my mind goes into sexual over drive, anticipating anything and everything that could possible happen when they visited. The day of the party arrives and i am looking out my bedroom window every time i hear a car door close and eventually I see my Aunt & Uncle pull up and there are my fantasy girls Amy & Beth along with Richard and my heart begins to pound in anticipation of what he might say or do about the cum filled panties I had left under his pillow that last time I saw him. I gathered my emotions and went downstairs to say hello to everyone and there was Richard staring over at me as I walked into the room, he got up and walked over to me and said that we needed to talk and that maybe we should go to my bedroom for some privacy. I wasn't able to reply, I just turned and walked towards the stairs leading up to the bedrooms with him right behind me.

I walked in ahead of him and Richard closed & locked the door behind him as i sat on the edge of my bed looking at him. So whats up I asked and he laughed and said I shouldn't act like a dumb ass that i knew full well what was up and that he was tempted to beat my ass for leaving those panties under his pillow. I didn't know what to say but Richard being the older and obviously more aggressive male in the room had little trouble talking to me about it. So girly boy, im still thinking that maybe you owe me and if you dont want anyone to know about you jerking in my s****rs panties that maybe you need to get busy giving me another one of your most excellent blow jobs. As he spoke he walked over towards me and was now standing directly in front of me and it was obvious that he was very aroused. I looked up at him and he smiled down at me and he instructed me to just unzip me and get busy please. I reached up and undid his belt buckle, then unsnapped his jeans and began to slowly lower the zipper. he was wearing Jockey briefs and his cock was pressing hard against the cotton fabric as i slipped the jeans off of his hips. His 7 inch cock was so hard and wanting to be set free of its confines, my fingers reached for the elastic waistband and slowly began slipping them downward off his body and as I did the tip of his wet cock head came into view. OMG It was just as i had envisioned it and secretly hoped it tasted as good as i remembered as well. As the last of the brief was about to free his cock Richard stopped me and held my wrist, he looked at me and said he had a little surprise for me and it was tucked away under his cum filled balls. I pushed his undies down to his knees and as i looked up I could see the red fabric of his s****rs panties that i had cum in and left under his pillow. Richard had brought them back to me tucked safely away under his balls until now. I reached up and took them and immediately realized that they now had much more than just my load in them and that Richard had been pleasuring himself with his s****rs panties and making deposits in them as well.

Richard layed back on my bed and told me that i should put the panties on and model them for him, he wanted to see me in them before I sucked his cock. I didn't say a word or question him as I was now excited and looking forward to another session with my favorite cousin. I quickly took off my pants and undies and began to step into the panties and Richard said he wanted me completely nude before i dressed for him so everything then came off and i stood naked and now hard before him as he layed in my bed slowly stroking his thick hard cock. I slid the panties up over my ass leaving my cock poking out over the lacy waistband of the red cum filled panties. Richard asked me if I liked what he did to Amy's panties in anticipation of our get together and I said that I did. I started to rub myself and Richard told me not to do that as yet that he would let me know when I could pleasure myself. He then asked me if I had his s****rs other panties that I had stolen on my previous visit and I tried to say that I had gotten rid of them and he called me a liar and that he was pretty sure that I had them hidden away someplace. I asked that we not get into that and just let me do what he wanted and get it over with and that I didn't have anymore panties to show him, again he told me I was bullshitting him and thought if he called my other cousins into the room or maybe my s****r that they would be able to find them for me. Understanding that I wasn't going to win, I decided to go to my closet and get out my box of 30 or so pairs of panties that Richard would now see and know about my panty & lingerie fetish completely. Richard told me to dump them out on my bed and as I did so, he was laying there half naked and slowly stroking and priming his cock for my services that would soon be required. He asked me to hold up my favorite pair and I reached in and held up a very sheer yellow bikini pair that was so silky and see through that I get hard just thinking about it being wrapped around my cock. Richard asked who they belonged to and i wasn't very quick to answer and he asked again saying it was ok that it would be our secret and then he let our a very sinister chuckle. They are my s****r Nicki's i answered and Richard quickly asked me to hand them to him and as i did so he took them and wrapped the around his cock and moaned. This panty thing is pretty hot I gotta tell ya he said and then told me what a sick fucker I was for jacking off in my s****rs panties but understood why because she was such a hot little fuck and how he would love to have some of that. Richard then motioned for me to join him on the bed as he opened his thighs and raised his legs making room for me to kneel between them and have easy access to his now throbbing and leaking cock. I took Nicki's yellow panties in my hand and slowly stroked his hard super hot skinned cock and with out being told, lowered my mouth to taste him as I had in his bedroom weeks prior. His precum was like nectar to me and I was so excited to be able to taste him again as I began my slow steady strokes with my s****rs panties and worked my tongue all around the shaft and head of his cock. Richard reached over and slowed me down a little as he wasn't quite ready to cum yet and end our fun and then stopped me at one point and told me to pull my red cum filled panties down and show him my cock.

Maybe my fantasy was going to cum true and Richard was going to do something for me as well, I didn't have to be told twice as i raised myself upright and slipped my panties lower and hooked them under my balls and showed him my proud 6 inch cock that was leaking just as much as his was. He told me to grab his s****r Beth's powder blue nylon panties and stroke with him as he used my s****rs panties on his cock. It was amazingly hot to see him stroke and watch me do the same and my mind was going a million miles an hour trying to anticipate where this was going to end. Richard motioned for me to move closer to him and as i took up position almost next to him he again put my hand on his cock and he took my cock in his hand and began to stroke me with the panties, it took all I had not to cum just from his touch. As he was stroking me and I stroking him Richard looked up at me and said that if I ever told anyone about this not only would he deny it bit he would find me and kick my ass and thats when he leaned over and took my cock on his lips and then into his mouth. My knees just about buckled from the sensations that I was feeling and as he worked his mouth and hand up and down my hard throbbing shaft I could feel the early signs of my orgasm approaching and then it happened so fast that i wasn't able to offer any warning as the cum started pouring out of my cock into Richards warm wet mouth. Richard took the first two spurts in his mouth then pulled away and covered the end of my cock with my s****rs panties as he milked every drop out and into the silky material.

I wasn't given much time to recover before Richard told me to get busy and make him feel even better than he had just made me, I told him I wasn't sure that was possible but that i would try and i got back between his thighs and began stroking and sucking his 7 inch cock. I didn't go slow and steady like before but this time i was taking him fast and deep into my throat and was doing it with great passion, I wanted my cousin to fuck my throat and I wanted his cum in my belly. Richard was guiding my mouth by holding the back of my head telling me what a good cock sucker how obvious it was this wasn't my first by any means. Richard replaced my hand with his and was stoking into my mouth as he fucked my throat, his fist was bumping my chin as i tried to take every inch of him as deep as my mouth would allow. I was pretty sure he was getting close to cumming as I could feel him swelling and throbbing on my tongue and knew it was seconds away from tasting his sweet creamy cum once again. Richards breathing was getting faster and he was making low grunting noises confirming that my reward was on its way when he took me by the hair and pulled me off his cock and kept stroking as he erupted with a huge orgasm that hit my nose and cheek, then the next thick rope of creamy cum landed on my forehead and in my eye, Richard was giving me a facial and I was loving every cum shot that he was spurting on my face. My loving cousin then milked out the final drops of cum onto my lips and tongue and then used his cock to push the cum into my mouth and what he wasn't able to push along with his cock, he used his fingers to feed me what was left of my first facial.

What followed was a bit awkward and we were both at a loss for words as we got out of my bed and began to get dressed to join the rest of the f****y downstairs. As we were about to leave Richard told me that if i knew what was best that I wouldn't say anything to anyone about what just happened and as he was about to walk out the door he said that he was looking forward to seeing me at Thanksgiving and walked away.

More soon - panties, Richard & his s****rs .....

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2 years ago
2 years ago
oh god thats such a hot horny read...keep going
2 years ago
great stories. waiting for your sister or his to catch you! Or your Mom!
2 years ago
gr8 story m8 xx
2 years ago
That's such a turn on, thanks.
2 years ago
Can't wait for more of your experiences!!
2 years ago
3 years ago
Great part 2 - looking forward to part 3!
3 years ago
very good story i love panties and im hard as hell
3 years ago
that was a fun read, thanks for sharing :)
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Hot...Looking forward to the next story.