Getting Caught

When I was 14 my panty fetish was fully involved and I took any opportunity to steal or borrow a silky pair of panties, weather they were from a friend’s mother or s****r or from one of my own f****y for that matter. The source didn’t really matter as long as they were silky smooth and I could get them home to play with.

I became very skilled in knowing where to find panties in a girl’s bedroom, usually in the top left hand or right hand dresser drawer and I also knew how to blindly search a hamper or laundry basket simply by feel noting what was silky nylon piece of lingerie or just another piece of laundry. I could also be in and out of a panty drawer in a matter of a couple minutes taking up to three pairs that I would stuff inside my own underwear hiding them under my balls till I could get them home to play with them.

We were at a f****y gathering at my aunt’s house and everyone was outside for the cook out and I waited till someone was using the bathroom off of the kitchen so I would have an excuse to run up stairs and pilfer my Cousin Amy’s panty drawer. I really lusted for her and her s****rs all three of them were stunningly beautiful teen girls and were often the subject of my jacking off sessions that I would have with their panties. One person that I didn’t account for was my cousin Richard who I thought was away at school but was actually upstairs in his room when I decided to go on my search for panties.

As I entered into Amy’s room I immediately went to her top dresser drawer and slid it open to view its silky sexy contents, she always had the sexiest bikini and hip hugger style panties and in the sexiest colors and patterns. I quickly selected a pale blue nylon tricot bikini panty that was very sheer and had a nice lace panel on the front that went quickly into my undies under my balls as I was looking for my second pair. I quickly focused on a cute red nylon pair and didn’t even note anything about it other than I loved the color and in that went to join the previous pair. I was about to dig a bit deeper in the drawer for maybe something different when I heard my cousin Richard behind me asking just what the fuck did I think I was doing.

My heart was about to jump out of my chest, I had never been caught before or even came close to being caught and I had no idea what to say to him. I put the handful of silky delights back down in the dresser and turned to face him and was at a total loss for words. Richard said that this could be really embarrassing if this ever got out in the f****y that I was a faggot sissy boy who stole and wore his s****r’s panties. He asked me if I was a sissy cock sucker and I couldn’t find the words to respond and what was only a couple minutes seemed like hours

After a long moment of silence Richard said that we needed to talk and that I should come into his bedroom to do so and I figured I wasn’t in much of a position to argue with him so I was right behind him as we entered his room. Richard closed the door behind me and locked it and pointed to his bed for me to sit and he sat opposite me in a chair and again I was not saying anything I was waiting for him to see where this was leading to. Again he asked me if I was a sissy or gay all sorts of nasty things he suggested that maybe I liked dressing like a girl and that maybe we should change my name. Then he asked if I wanted to fuck his s****r then he went on to say what a sick little fucker I was. When he ran out of things to berate me about he started talking about how he was going to tell his mother and my mother about all of this and asked me if I had any ideas on how we could handle this. I rolled my shoulders and offered no advice. Richard was quiet as we sat there and I looked up to see what he was doing and he was staring at me and he was rubbing his crotch and it was clear that he was aroused and what he had in mind.

Richard was 18 and a good looking guy just like his s****rs who were also extremely beautiful and looking at him and what he was doing gave me a pretty good idea on how we were going to handle this awkward situation. Richard began to talk again and he said that he pretty much knew what I was up to and that maybe we could handle this between us and he smiled at me and asked if that was something I would be up for or should he go join the party downstairs and let the parents know what I was doing in Amy’s bedroom.

I had had a couple bi or gay experiences previously and will share that with anyone If you want to know so the idea of sucking my cousins cock wasn’t all that bad of an idea for me and I said I would do what he wanted as long as he didn’t tell my Mom or his Mom what I had been doing. All right then he said lets get busy huh and he leaned back in his chair and pointed to the huge bulge in his shorts and said its all yours panty boy. I slid from the bed onto the floor and was kneeling in front of him and he made me undo his belt then unzip him. Richard raised his ass up off of the chair and I slid his shorts and undies off in one motion and I was pretty shocked to see a very impressive cock spring out at me. He was every bit of 7+ inches and thick as a coke can, he took his cock in his hand and gave himself a few slight strokes like he was getting out the wrinkles and then waved it in my face like here ya go boy.

My hand replaced his and I gave him a few good strokes and I loved how hot he felt and how silky smooth his cock skin was to my touch. He was pretty aroused and was already leaking pre cum which was the first thing I tasted as I leaned in and placed him against my lips. He tasted amazing to me and I was acting like I wasn’t liking this at all but I was actually loving what was about to happen. Richard put his hand on my shoulder and pressed me forward on his cock and my mouth opened and my tongue slid around the thick mushroom head. He let out a deep groan and jokingly said he needed to be quiet or the f****y might hear us. I began the slow steady strokes of his cock as my mouth worked its way up and down the throbbing shaft. Richard was offering words of encouragement calling me an expert cock sucker and how good I was and this wasn’t my first cock sucking was it. I didn’t answer because my mouth was full ? but he guessed correctly and he began to tell me that he was about to cum and I better not pull away or everyone would know my hand began to pump faster and I was taking him deeper. Oh fuck here it cum’s sissy boy, get ready cousin Richey is gunna fill your mouth with hot creamy cum. His hips were thrusting upwards like he was fucking my mouth and I was taking every thrust as deep as I could. Richard said I wasn’t to swallow his cum that he wanted to see every drop on my tongue and did I understand I nodded yes and kept sucking.
The first shot of creamy cum was so strong I almost choked on it but quickly adjusted his cock in my mouth for the remaining hot sticky cum that he was shooting into my mouth, all in all it was a huge load and it took a lot for me not to swallow and to get it on my tongue so Richard could see what he deposited into my mouth. He took my hand away from his cock and he milked the last drops into my mouth and he told me to open up and show him what I had. I tilted my head back and opened my mouth exposing his huge load and as I was doing so he said that for now my panty secret and cock sucking secret were going to be between the two of us and then he used his hand to close my mouth and told me to swallow it all down which I quickly did.

Richard stood up, pulled his clothes back on and left the room and didn’t say a word after I swallowed his load. I was kinda pissed off that I was left kneeling there and horny as hell and that I wasn’t allowed to do anything for myself. I pulled out a pair of Amy’s panties and quickly jacked off into them leaving a rather impressive load in the sexy red pair that I had lifted earlier. I folded them up so the cum was neatly inside of them and I placed them under Richards pillow so he would find them later that night. As we were leaving my aunt’s I went over to Richard and told him that I left him something under his pillow and smiled as I left and I also went into his s****r Beth’s bedroom and stole two pairs from her.

I hope you liked my story and have a few more that I would love to share if anyone is interested.

BTW – Richard and I had a few more encounters that were equally exciting

94% (69/5)
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4 months ago
if you'd been my little cousin i would have made you put a paor of the panties on before you sucked me off.
8 months ago
Great story, please tell us more
9 months ago
Getting caught in my aunts panties is what lead to me becoming a cocksucker. My older cousin caught me wearing his mothers panties and blackmailed me into sucking him off. Instead of being shocked and angry, I loved it.
2 years ago
Richard wanted also! Thanks very hot!
2 years ago
so good please tell us more of your experiences
2 years ago
2 years ago
Richard ought to make you wear the panties when you suck him in front of his sister!
2 years ago
woooow nice
2 years ago
I would love to hear of all your experiences :)
3 years ago
a really hot story
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story - thanks for posting
3 years ago
GREAT....more ..more
3 years ago
Great story! I got caught wearing my moms silk panties, by my Mom! Talk about embarrassing!
3 years ago
would you be hotter if the person you were sucking wore panties and ?
3 years ago
OMG that was great love to read some more stories
3 years ago
Awesome story, I was jacking off all the way through it! ;)
3 years ago
Very very hot...more panty boy!
3 years ago
excellent story!
3 years ago
Great story, would love to read more
3 years ago
OMG that was fucking hot x