A good girl fixes her plumbing

What does a good girl do when she hasnt a daddy all of her own and the shower is leaking? She fixes it.Now anyone can tell you that as a single baby girl you very often ( and pun intended) have to take matters into your own hands and that dear reader is exactly what I did.Being self sufficient can be a good thing and I figure that , when I finally do meet my forever and ever daddy he will praise and celebrate the fact that I'm a very smart and very resourceful girl.

I have a tendency to daydream , that's just who I am.So when I slipped into the cab and noticed the cabbie's thick black hair with silver streaks at his temples, I just couldn't help myself.I sat in the back seat , legs apart , lounging as if I were a princess on some crushed velvet and teak Edwardian chaise .Listening to the deep tenor of his voice , imagining how it might feel to have those big strong hands gripping me tightly to him instead of the steering wheel.

I hate it when people wake me from daydreams , but that he did and I paid the nice gentleman and gave him a tip , smiling to myself and blushing , thinking , if i was a far more forward baby girl I would have written my phone number on the 10 dollar bill and told him to keep the change and call me sometime.

Some days I really wish I were a slut.An easy going freak that would fuck anything with two legs.Unfortunately I'm just not made that way.Sure when I am in a relationship , preferably a Daddie/daughter one I am Daddy's slut , it's a state of mind and I believe most little ones are apt to similar tendencies . I embraced my need , cravings , desires to be daddy's precious and prized cock hungry princess a long time ago.But I just cant be that way with anyone.The connection and trust involved is crucial and a baby girl ( this one anyways) needs to feel respected , cherished , accepted and loved for the cock hungry whore her daddy's affection and attention inspires in her.If he's a good daddy he will sing her praises and gently, lovingly, encourage lewd and wanton behavior in his little girl.Where was I? Oh yes . getting back to my story ...

There I was in the hardware section , staring up at basic shower heads anywhere between 9.99 and 24.99,water conserving , full flow , massaging . Ohhh .and then I spotted them . Oh there was so many to choose from. extra large massaging heads with 6 function power nozzle , a bit big but if i ever had a kink in my neck that would do the trick .My mind started to wander for a moment and then I saw it . the one that fit my needs and my budget. the head wasn't too big or clunky , lightweight and yet still had 4 settings , it was anti clog and easy to install.Not to mention that the shower head itself was just about the size of my fist and all of a sudden i felt a warm wetness between my legs and the urge to fly home as fast as I could.

I didnt fly home though , I stood there for another few minutes weighing my options , I rarely make a decision about anything without picking it apart and over thinking.And if you ask me my Daddy , if i had one , would expect me to make the smart choice , and the most expensive hardware there doth not make the wisest choice.Plus ,I like it when I'm in public thinking naughty things and my daddyhole starts to drip and gather in my pants.Ask any Daddy out there and he would say I did the right thing.I chose the 24.99 , anti clog , 4 setting hand held shower with easy to install instructions on the back.

I paid for the other items in my cart and phoned the cab company.sat on a bench seat out of the wind and rain telling myself, "soon baby girl" , barely able to contain my excitement.I blushed profusely when the same taxi driver stepped out of the car and told me it was OK he could get the bags and I should get in the cab to get warm.I felt flushed.I watched as he lunked my bags one by one into the trunk .God his hands were beautiful.I felt another immediate gush of wetness and now my clit was throbbing.

I smiled sweetly and thanked him,then crossed my legs for the ride home, having noticed, this time , the gold wedding band on his finger.I'm pretty sure I pouted a little .

The Cabbie carried my bags to the door and I thanked him , gave him another 10 for the fair and a tip.My heart was racing as I put groceries away , haphazardly shoving boxes and cans into the pantry not caring where they went.

I grabbed the scissors and almost had to stop myself from running up the stairs as i cradled the plastic clamshell housing my new and welcome addition to the bathroom.I read the instructions twice.Turned the radio on and then I carefully cut the plastic and slipped the showerhead free of its housing , connected the long snake like hose to the cold steel pipe protruding from the wall and attached the shower head to the hose.

You've never seen a woman throw off her clothes so fast just to hop in the shower.I was quivering inside.Aching.I held my lover for dear life as I began to run the cold and then the hot water taps, pulled up the silver knob and felt those first trickles of warm water rush over my skin.It felt so good as I waved the wand slowly along my shoulders I was frozen from the 15 minute wait outside in the gold and damp and rain.I directed the stream of hot water down my heavy breasts and teasingly over my already soaked and sopping daddyhole.I could hear myself sigh and moan above the din of the shower , the waves of pulsating water cascading over my body, I imagined were my Daddy's strong loving hands.

my thumb flipped the small lever on the shower head to a strong pulsation as I adjusted the temperature the flow and guided the nozzle lower , aiming the stream at my wanting cunt.I groaned instantly as the strong pulsing water vibrated on my clit I fell back agaisnt the wall and lifted my leg , resting it on the faucet , trying desperatly to spread my legs as wide as I could without toppling over and hurting myself.The stream tickled my pussy so teasingly and I could barely take another moment.I crammed the shower head between my bald little camel toe and grinded my clit with it like a rabid sex kitten.

Suddenly I hear a soft whining voice crying out for her Daddy as the waves of orgasm shuddered and shook through me until I was screaming and shaking , realizing as the tears streamed down my cheeks that it me moaning for a Daddy I had to meet , yes to love , yet to serve.

The orgasm crashing through me until it gently ebbed but I wasnt done , not yet.There was still yet to do.My thumb flicked over the small lever again and the water came in a gentle stream as I growled and f***ed the nozzle inside my greedy baby girl cunty and immediatly starting fucking myself.I think I hot my G spot right away cause before long my screams and groans could be heard above the music and I was screaming again " Daddy fuck me!! Ooohh god Daddy ...yes I'm gonna cum ..Daddy ..Daddddy ...DADDDDDDYYYY FUCK IM CUMMING FOR YOU DADDDYYY!!!!"and then I felt the tension and release as I let go and cummed and squirted all over the shower head.I couldnt breathe.I stood there panting and shaking as I slowly pulled the nozzle from my quivering cunt.I whined slightly not wanting to leave the safety and warmth of my bathroom my surrogate for Daddy's loving arms.

I slowed my breath again.put my back against the wall and relaxed for a moment until I begrudgingly turned the taps off and rested the shower in its proper place.I smiled deviously for a moment and then a bittersweet thought came over me.Would I ever find him?Would he come along like I always dreamed , a knight in shining armor to sweep his beloved princess off her feet and gallop off into the sunset?

For now it seemed , that wasnt about to happen any time soon.
But When my Daddy does arrive, I'll show him what a big girl I am and the good job I did replacing the old shower head,I might even show him , all the naughty things I can do with it too ....
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4 years ago
very good story lil'lady!! yes i would praise you for being such a smart & very good lil'girl
4 years ago
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4 years ago
please be advised this story is copy righted and subject to DMCA take down and legal action is reprinted or used without my express permission.Also,It's a true story.It happened today.