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Would you Cuckold your daughter?

First and foremost they would be of legal age.

It's no secret I think cuckolding is the best porn out there. I am always willing to share my wife, she in fact is the one who is picky.

But I ask my fellow cuckolders. Would you watch your daughter with another man? Ask yourself if you already have a daughter, what would you do if she wanted to get into porn. Or if she was secretely or had already done porn.

Do you think there's a difference? Food for thought. Wanted to know if anyone has come across anything like this before. I currently have no c***dren so I can't truely answer the my own question.
Posted by buttlove81 2 years ago
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2 months ago
I agree with KevinUK. I do not have a daughter but have two teen sons. The older one is 16 and has been fucking pussy for two years now. My brother in law tells me that his daughter has already had her cherry popped and she is just 12!!!! I am sure she would not mind having her dad watch. The hard part would be finding a boy who would believe that her dad was not going to shoot him for fucking his 12 yo daughter instead of just sitting there watching the young stud go to it!
6 months ago
I am cuckold and wife enjoyed many cocks. My daughter is absolutely identical to her mom. My best friend had my daughter and he is just like me as he is also a cuckold.
2 years ago
Yep sign me up for that!
2 years ago
Cuckold> A husband with an unfaithful wife.

Some men are cuckolds; it's not a choice; some enjoy it, some don't. Wanna-be cuckolds indulge in fantasy; joy is derived from thinking about it; that's all that they can do, think about it.
2 years ago
I for one think it could be very hot, looking into her squinting eyes as she gets fucked hard and dirty...
2 years ago
I would say.. If you are into incest that would be great. If she wants you to watcha nd you enjoy it, then go for it.
2 years ago
they all have sex with someone so why no