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How do I get my husband to suck other men's d

I can't speak for other couples. I guess we're in a tiny minority of couples. I'm ten years older than my beautiful wife who was innocent and somewhat naive, when we married a little over ten years ago. I wanted to watch her making love with another man. She was not quite twenty-five and she told me, "To forget it." She thought I wanted an excuse to be with other women. My compulsion was so strong, for lack of a better term, that I continued to encourage and implore her to comply with my requests. We'd become members of an 'alternative nightclub' and she'd begun to meet other young wives who were involved in a number of different sexual situations. Along the way, an attractive young blond housewife seduced my wife and she responded very passionately. Slowly, she began making out with other guys. We were with several couples and she'd be with the wife first and then she began to get play around with her husband. I don't mean sexual intercourse, just oral sex, but this made her want more. We're very athletic and are both Scuba Instructors. We were diving in Cozumel, MX when she told me that from that time forward, I would swallow my own semen! I thought she was joking, but that night she satisfied me orally and then she kissed me. I eagerly kissed her and was shocked when she flooded my mouth with my cum. I responded negatively, of course, but she continued to demanded that, 'I swallow.' It came to the point that if I wanted her to pleasure me in this manner, she made me agree 'in advance' to swallow. After some time, I began to expect and I guess, look forward to her it. Then, one night we were with another couple and she sucked the husband's dick. I didn't think too much about it until she kissed me afterwards and filled my mouth with his semen. I was surprised, but it was funny because I became excited, too. Soon, this became a pattern with her and whenever she satisfied another guy, I knew I'd swallow his cum. As a result, when our extra curricular activities progressed it wasn't a great leap for me to satisfy another man. My wife was already 'bi' and she sort of converted me. I preferred her or another girl, but today I find another guy just as exciting. As for my wife, she becomes excited humiliating me in this manner and she freely admits, "she enjoys dominating me because somewhere along the way she'd determined that I would ultimately submit to her." She was right.

Posted by buttlove81 2 years ago
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4 months ago
Great story, love the way you were trained.
1 year ago
You lucky, lucky man!
2 years ago
dam that is very hot yum!
2 years ago
I first tasted my own cum, from dating a dominant girl, she made me cum on her breast and told me if I ever wanted her again, I had better clean it off. I have been hooked ever since, to the point even when I masturbate I will eat my own cum. I love it.