My dads new wife had a daughter named shelly...

In the summer of my Sophmore year of High School my dad got remarried for the 4th time. He was living in LA county and I didnt see him very much. During the summer I went up to spend a week with him and meet his new wife. I really could care less. I was a surf k** who loved the beach and spending one week in Riverside was a version of hell to me back then. Anyway, He and I pulled up to the house and went in. He showed me a room where I would be staying. I asked about a room closer to the kitchen and he said that belonged to Shelly, his new wifes daughter. He said she was my age and was nice.

I got my things settled and he said i could play video games in Shellys room till she got home. I laid on her bed and started playing Joust. So far so good. All of a sudden there was a bounce on the bed and shelly plopped right down next to me on her belly. She was all smiles and real flirty. We started playing doubles, side by side. That night after dinner, I was in the living room watching late night TV. My dad and his lady had to work early in the morning so they were tucked in by 8:30. Around 10, i heard some footsteps thnking it was my dad going to the kitchen to get water. Instead, what I saw was Shelly totally nude walking down the hall into the kitchen. I sat there stunned. I hadnt ever seen a real naked girl at that time. I had caught a few make-outs and titty-grabs but nothing like this.

I sat eagerly awaiting her return down the hall. Sure enough she walked slowly by, looked at me and kept going. My heart was racing. She looked right at me and didnt miss a beat. My cock was instantly throbbing. Not knowing what to do I went to my room. As I walked down the hall her door was closed and I was not yet a confident man to open it and ravage her.

I got into my room, shut the door ad jerked off shooting cum all over the wall. I had never been so excited. After thinking all kinds of thoughts about Shelly, I drifted off to sl**p. In the middle of the night I was awakened by some noise. As I looked up I saw Shelly climbing into my bed.She had on some panties and a white tee shirt with no bra. Her tits were young, firm perfect "B"cups.I asked what she was doing and she said she thought that I was cute and wanted to check me out. Passion was not a term I would call it, but I clumsily grasped at her shirt and pulled out one of her perfect tits and began to lick and suck on it.

I could feel her hand wander down and grab onto my rock hard cock in my boxers. For the next hour we kissed and licked but nothing besides titty play and grouping went down. She knew she had to get back to her bed before the parents woke up so with a last kiss she slipped out. I had never been so horny in my life.

The next morning when I awoke, my dad and his wife were already gone to work. It was just me and Shelly in the house till they got home at 5:00pm. That day was amazing. We swam in the pool naked and took showers together. She finally let me eat her pussy on the edge of the pool with the hot summer sun beating down as I tasted her young sweet juices. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but she wouldnt let me. She said she would come back to my room that night and help me out.

The parents came home and we acted like nothing happened and all was good. In the garage that was attached to the kitchen, there was a pool table. As Dad was cooking dinner we went out there to play pool. Almost as soon as the door closed behind us, Shelly pulled up her shirt and bra and I started to suck on her hard nipples.She sat on the table and i slid my fingers up her shorts rubbing her clit through her panties. I got scarred thinking my dad might come in and stopped. Not a minute later after we fixed our appearance did he open the door and check in on us.

After dinner, lying in bed that night I was hoping Shelly would make a return appearance. She did not disappoint. We dd the same ol' but she slowly took of my shirt and underwear. She stripped as well and I was soon feeling her lips and tongue on my cock. It was my first blowjob. I couldnt believe how warm and wet it felt. She went slowly as it was her first time sucking on a cock. She would stop from time to time to ask how she was doing. I said please dont stop. She went back at it till I came in her mouth hard. It was so much cum and she let it slowly dribble back out onto my cock and stroked me a little more. I flipped her over and ate her pussy. I was sucking on her clit and tonguing her ass. My door was 3 feet away from my dads door. She started moaning and I had to cover her mouth. It was amazing!

The rest of the week went on the same. I never did get to fuck her but It didnt matter. The oral sex and exploration was something ill never forget.

About a year later I was driving with my dad and out of the blue he says that he knows about Shelly and I. I was stunned. "What do you mean" I said. Like i had no idea what he was talking about. Apparently Shelly turned into the town whore over that winter and got pregnant from some black dude. He and his wife were splitting and during a fight Shelly confessed she had sucked my dick. Anyway, I never saw her again.

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1 year ago
Hot story
1 year ago
Totally true story.. I was that black guy that knocked up Shelly:)
1 year ago
hot story!
2 years ago
very nic
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Love it!!!
2 years ago
Nice got me hard
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
really liked the story
2 years ago
really nice story!