Fed Ex

Suzy sat in her office, paperwork piled around her, when she heard the truck pull up outside.

Her heart began to pound a bit in her chest and she was tingling with excitement. She walked out into the storage room and glanced at the monitor for the front of the store. All the guys were tied up with customers, just as she expected. He tall black heels clicked on the cement floor as she walked to the door.

Outside, the Fedex truck waited. It came everyday, right on schedule. The same driver, each day. He was in lust with her, her high heels and mini skirts, her long brunette hair and big heavy tits. He always made some sly comment about her whenever he delivered, about her heels, about her little skirts. Today would be no different, especially since she wore her tallest heels and her shortest black skirt. Barely more than a band around her waist, it was just inches below her nylon clad pussy, just the way Robert loved it.

She had told Robert about it, and he was teasing her to drive him wild, to tease the poor guy. Today, she thought, she just might have a little fun.

She pulled the locks and opened up the door, and walked out into the sunshine. The Fedex truck sat right in front of her, the sliding door open and banging noises from inside. She called out to him, hello and good morning. She heard his muffled reply and thought, why not. Grabbing the handle she pulled herself up into the trucks steps and turned to look into the back of the truck.

He was on his knees, pulling a long package out from under a shelf when he looked up at her. His eyes wandered, up and down her body, shoes, up her nylon clad legs and thighs, lingering on her tiny black skirt and continuing up her body, her breasts, and to her face. He sighed out loud, and said to her, my look at you today, those shoes, and that skirt… he trailed off with a grin.

Suzy knew, could feel his eyes on her skirt, could see him glancing up and down her body, and her pussy began to tingle watching him. She asked sweetly,” do you like my new shoes?” He stared down at her feet, her heels shiny and black and licked his lips, oh yes I do” he whispered back. His eyes slid back up her legs, and she could feel his eyes on her pussy, hidden away from his view. She could feel the hem of her skirt, just inches below her crotch, and resisted the feeling to pull it down. She took a small step forward into the van, towards him, and lifted her leg, and put her foot up on a small box. His eyes followed her foot as she set it on the box. “I don’t know, Im still undecided.. “Suzy whispered back. She watched his eyes, absorbing every detail of her foot and calf, and she watched, her pussy pulsing, as his eyes slid up her thigh. With her foot up, and the skirt so short, and already riding up, she thrilled at the thought he might just be able to see her bare pussy, though clad in her sheer nylons. His eyes, intense, following her thigh, settled at her mound, and she knew, could see it in his eyes, that she was visible to him.

She gasped slightly, softly, knowing she was exposing her most intimate place, to this strange man in the back of a Fed ex truck. Her pussy throbbed and pulsed at this, wetness beginning to soak into her nylons as he looked upon her bald pussy lips, visible through her sheer nylons.

She spoke softly, barely heard, “They are nice, but I really think they are to tight..” His eyes broke away from her mound, to her face. “Let me check..” He spoke back, swallowing hard. His hand settled on her ankle, her foot still resting on that box. His fingers traced around the back of her ankle, around her arch, and stroked the back of her calf. His hand slid up the back of her calf, softly, sliding, almost tickling.

Suzy stood, mouth open, almost a pant, her hands gripping the steel vertical poles holding up all the shelves as his hand slid softly but smoothly up her calf, and inside her thigh, closer and closer. Inches away now, closer and closer, her womanhood throbbed and ached in her nylons. Then, his fingers crossed over, grazing across her pussy lips. His fingers slide back and forth, over her lips, stroking them through her nylons. Each pass, his fingers pressed a bit harder, massaging and stroking her. Finally, he pressed them in, feeling her wetness and explosive heat radiating out. She moaned out loud as his finger pressed against her clit, feeling his finger roll it about, pressing it. Her knees vibrating as he fondled her, she was going to come on this mans fingers.

Like a bolt of lightening her clit exploded and her knees shook, and she held on for dear life as her orgasm crashed through her body.

She stood before him, sweat coating her face as he smiled at her, and stood up before her.

His fingers continued to massage her lips, brushing against her sensitive clit, causing her to jump and moan, thrusting her hips toward his hand. Her wetness drenched the nylons, and his fingers continued, pulling and stretching them around and through her lips, driving her again towards the edge. Her hands gripped the two metal poles, all that was really holding her up as he m*****ed her in this truck. Suddenly his finger plunged through the material, sinking into her wet pussy and he smiled at her as she began to grow ever nearer to another orgasm. She felt one and then two fingers thrusting into her pussy, pushing and sinking into her wet hole. She looked down, and he had pulled his cock out, and was pulling it, stroking it, making it bigger and bigger in his hand. This was getting out of control, but she could not pull herself away, her hands seemed frozen on the bars, his fingers pushing in and out of her sopping wet pussy. His cock was thick, and long she could see, its purple head, swollen and she wanted to touch it, but couldn’t let go of the bars. Thrusting his fingers, in and out of her, his thumb flicking and pressing against her clit, it was driving her mad. He ripped her nylons open even more, pressing three of his fingers in, stretching her wet hole around them. His thumb rolled her clit, back and forth, it was hard like a pebble and she moaned almost constantly now. She watched his hand slide up her stomach, and he grasped one of her large breasts in his hand, squeezing it, massaging it. His other hand continued to stroke her fiery pussy, and she was getting closer and closer to cumming. He pulled at her top, pulling it away from her breasts, exposing her extensive cleavage. Her breasts, 36D, heavy, lay in her half cup bra, bought for her by Robert. He reached in, pulling them free and they lay on top of her bra, her nipples hard as stones. Suzy realized at that moment, her hands frozen upon the bars, her leg up and spread open, her breasts out, and this Fed Ex delivery man thrusting his fingers into her wet pussy, she must look like such a slut to anyone who might see her. Her pussy clenched, and throbbed as her mind pondered such a thought, bringing her ever closer to orgasm.

“Lets see the back of your shoes” he whispered to her, and pulled one of her hands free from the upright bars and spun her around. He pressed her forward, and she grabbed a shelf, bent over at the waist, his fingers still twitching in her, flicking her hard clit, driving her mad. She had to stop this, she just wanted to flirt, but god, she was going to cum again… she knew it.

His fingers left her warm wet pussy and she for a moment had clear thought, without his fingers torturing her pussy. Then in one pressing moment, she felt his hard cock, sliding deeply into her, his fat swollen cock head sliding past her g-spot and stars erupted in her head as she began to cum again. Her body thrashed, her pussy sucking and pulling on that cock, as he thrust into her. He grunted, driving it in and out of her, and she couldn’t stop, couldn’t stop pushing back, feeling that thick hot cock drive into her, feeling it swell in her hot pussy. He placed his hands on her shoulders, pulling her into him, thrusting with intense need. His balls slapped against her pussy, and ass, as he thrust his thick cock into her. She could feel his large cock head sliding in and out of her, and she began to near another orgasm, feeling him press into her. Harder and harder he pounded her pussy, fucking her for all he was worth. She felt like such a slut, and she loved it.

She felt him groan and start to swell, and again her pussy exploded around his cock, her hips shaking and she felt him swell again.

She felt his sperm jet into her, its hot wetness coating her fiery insides and he thrust again and again, filling her with his cum. Grabbing her hips, he thrust over and over, and she could feel his cum, drenching her insides. His thrusts slowed and he stopped, panting, his hands gripping her hips, holding his still twitching cock in her cum filled pussy.

He stepped back, leaning against the truck wall, and his cock lay out, wet, and coated with both their cum. She stood up, pulling herself upright, and turned to face him. Her face sweaty, cum filling her pussy, she stood panting.

She knelt before him, cum running down her leg, and took his cock in her hand. She softly put his cock into her mouth, tasting both of them, and began to suck it clean. Her pussy throbbed knowing what she had done, and that she was on her knees now, sucking and cleaning this strangers cock. He pulled her to her feet, and she stood up before him.

He reached out and pulled at both of her hard nipples, pinching and rolling them in his fingers, and whispered to her that he looked very much forward to her next new pair of shoes….

She stepped from the truck, taking a deep breath and felt how wet she was between her legs. When she told Robert what had happened, she knew what he would do..

She would be spending Sunday at the mall, shopping for some new shoes….
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1 year ago
Fantastic story! I would love to be her Fedex driver!!!