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[Story] bum fun

i have alwas been a plump and big busted even as a early teen the one week end we had a party for my dad back then i had a thing for puting marker pens up my bum every body was getting pist so i went to my room to listen to some music while the music was playing.i pulled my pantys down and started playing with my bum hole. iwas realy geting in to it but with the music playing i did not here my uncle frank come the tape stoped and he was stood there with his dick in his hand i coverd up strait away. he said dont do that or i will tell you mom what you have been up to .please dont i said well si... Continue»
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[Story] hammerd

i was on a web site looking for well endowed black men .one day i seen one he had a 10inch cock and liked bbws .so i sent him a link to get back to me in now time he adid me back and we met at a hotel .as soon as we were in the room he orderd me to take all my cloths off. as i was pulling my nickers down knock was at the door he was naked his cock was so thick and long it was like a rounders bat but black he opend the door and eight black men came in . iwas stood there naked and scared have we got her all night the tall one said george said we have now as he walked towa... Continue»
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[Story] mothers day

my hubby works most week ends so it get quit boring. on sunday morning my son andy came in to my room to give me my mothers day card .thanks i said. he jumped in the bed and started to cuddle me from behind. after a bit he was playing with my big belly. i felt his cock getting hard pressing againt my back. he then lifted my nighty up my boobs just fell out and started to play with them. andy pulled my sholder to get me on my back . then started to suck my nipple i could feel it swell in his mouth and my legs just fell open he started to finger my pussy and my arse. then he stated to lick m... Continue»
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[Story] spit roast

my son and his two friends came round to play on the wii as ian walked past me he winked at me .they all went in the lounge so i thought i would have a rest up stairs. as i lay there i herd the chering at the game so i dose of.i was woke up with ian waveing is cock in my face and my blowse of.i even had my boobs exposed.he stated to kiss me then ben came up with some butter out the fridge.by this time ian had his cloths f and was in bed all over me i said no but ian said is ok. before to long ian was sucking my boobs and ben was pushing butter up my arse . i nlay on my back with my legs o... Continue»
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