Afternoon surprise

On a recent sales trip I was f***ed to spread a days worth of customer calls over two days instead. On the first day I made several stops up til lunch then found myself with nothing to do til a dinner meeting at 6:30. I was staying at a motel by the interstate that just happened to have a pool. So I decided to grab a bathing suit at the local walmart and go do some tanning. I had picked out a rather skimpy (and tacky leopard print) suit that let my boobs spill out in practically every direction. I dont like tan lines so the smaller the better.
With this being a Tuesday and temps in the upper 90's I wasnt really surprised to be the only person at the pool. I looked around good to make sure no one would notice and adjusted my suit to where it barely covered my nipples and my bush. I must have dosed off a little because I was startled when I heard a couple of trucks pull up and park just on the other side of the pool fence. I heard the doors slam and voices of men walking away toward the motel. I guess I must have dosed off again because the next thing I heard was someone saying "mind if we join you?". I raised my sunglasses to see two black men in their early 30's standing at the fence wearing shorts and carrying towels. I said "no I dont mind at all...ya'll can be my lifeguards since Im about to get in the water...its has gotten awefully hot today". I got up and walked to the steps and started into the pool(never adjusting my suit to cover back up). My new friends came over to the pool and sat on the edge with their feet in the water. I told them I was using the pool to kill time while I waited on my dinner meeting. They said they were roofers and it had gotten too hot for the day and they were just looking to cool off. We chit chatted a bit and I had bought one of those noodle floats when I bought my bathing suit and was using it to float around on my back in front of them. I guess they took the hint because it wasnt long before one of them said"I sure do like the way that suit fits you". I smiled widely and stood up from my float. I wadded up to where he sat and asked him "is it the suit you like or is it the big titties in it?" They both laughed and his buddy who had been the quieter of the two said "why dont you show us what you got?" I looked at him and said "that sounds like a good idea but only if I get something in return". They both laughed and bumped fists and said "oh we got something for you for sure". With that I said "its a deal" and pulled my skimpy top to the sides and bared both of my tits for them. They must have liked what they saw because the nex thing I heard was a simultaneous "dayuuuummmm". I moved right in front of the one who had first asked me to show what I had and said "wheres my trade? only fair that I get to see something too". He raised you his baggy shorts leg and said "if you want to see it come get it". I said "well its only fair" and slide my hand up his thigh until I met the thick head of his cock. I ran my hand around his quickly hardening shaft and pushed his pant leg up with the other hand until I got a good view of most of his cock. It was long thick and meaty and staring me right in the face. I looked around made sure no one could see. He said "why dont you give it a kiss?". I told them to make sure to keep an eye out for anyone who might walk up and I was gonna do more than "kiss it". And with that I proceded to run my tongue over it and continue until I was giving him a pretty energetic blow job. I bet that getting his cock sucked by a white woman less than an hour after he got off work was a pretty good surprise for him because it didnt seem like it took very long for him to start shooting streams of cum down my throat. After a couple of growling sounds and a long "sshhhhiiiiiitttttt" he was through except for some heavy breathing. I stepped back a little and smiled and said "you ok?". He just laughed and said "hell yeah". I then stepped in front of his buddy and said "only fair...youve been looking at my titties too...let me see yours now". He smiled and said "yes maaaaaam" and with that raised up and pulled his shorts around his knees revealing a nice long very dark cock. Not near as thick and his buddy's but just right for sucking. I guess him watching me suck his friend had turned him on a lot because he was as hard as a rock. Being not as thick allowed me to take him much further into my throat. I couldnt quite f***e it all the way down but I was very close. I really love to suck cock and here I was with the second one in just a few minutes. I alternated between swallowing kissing licking and stroking his cock for about 15 minutes or so. I was stroking with my right hand and had just begun to lick and suck on his balls when I felt him jerk and stiffen and start to cum. Before I could get my mouth over his cockhead he began to shoot. The first jet hitting me right below the eye, the next on my lower lip and chin and the rest errupted onto my titties. When his ragged breathing eased up he looked down at me still with his softening cock in my hand and cum all over my face and said "damn woman you are one hot cock sucker!!!" I looked up and said " thank you sir and I hope yall enjoyed it as much as I did". We all laughed and I told them I had to get ready for my dinner meeting or I would invite them up for some more fun. They told me to have a good dinner and that they wouldnt be hard to find if I got back early enough. With that I tucked my titties back in splashed some water on my face, gathered my stuff and headed to my room. I wonder if my customer could tell during dinner that I was kind of in a
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3 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
Once again a good 'story to go'....
3 years ago
Hot hot hot dam baby,,I want some also
3 years ago
thts a hot story... u shud hv skipped the meeting and continued fun