Busted, screwed but hey I got a raise!

Recently I dropped my company car off at our service dept for an oil change. I was intending to leave it over the weekend and pick it up on Monday morning when I would head back out on my sales route. Its a independently owned trucking company and its not unheard of to have to come in for an hour or two on a Saturday to iron something out. So I wasnt surprised when the owner called me and said he needed me to come by for a little while before lunch on Sat to take care of something and pick up my car as it was ready.

When my husband dropped me off I noticed that my car was pulled up infront of the office and it had been washed and detailed. That was a little unusual but it was nice to see it so shiny.

I walked into the office and didnt hear much of anything going on so I walked back to the owners office and tapped on the already open door as I walked on in. He looked up and smiled and asked me to have a seat. He told me " when I first decided to take you from customer service and put you on the road I had some reservations about you being the first woman I ever had as a road salesperson". I asked "is there something wrong"? He just smiled and said "oh no, Ive been going over our numbers for the year and everything is great. Ive just been trying to figure out where the credit should go. I started out not putting you on commission because I didnt want to put that kind of pressure on you. Ive been trying to figure out your secret for success and it finally took Rob (he is the black guy who washes the trucks) to key me in on your secret."

I could tell from the smile on his face that nothing was really wrong but I could also tell he was up to something. I said "he could figure out the key to my success just by washing and waxing my car?"

"Yep" he said" youre always in a good mood, youre upbeat, customers like you, on our customer survey you got great reviews".

"Well so Rob figured that out did he?" I kind of chuckled.

"Well when Rob was cleaning your car your company phone rang several times so he picked it up to make sure nothing was wrong"

Im sure he could see a little color leaving my face.

"Yeah Rob was being a bit nosey and saw that you had several new texts so he opened one and saw something he thought I should see"

At this point I was convinced that I had just lost my job.

He reached up and rotated his computer screen around so I could see it, the screen was blank and he said " this was a bit of a surprise" and with that he hit a key and up popped a picture of me naked on my knees with two black guys that I play with some when Im on the road. In the pic my tits and one side of my face were covered in cum and I was smiling from ear to ear.

I just stared, not knowing what to say at all.

"Well sweetheart I think me and Rob know your secret now" , " you do a great job for me, but you never ask for a raise or anything so it must be that while being on the road you really get to be yourself.... and yourself is a cock sucking whore".

"You know I always thought if I was paying someone to suck a dick, it would be my dick and not my customers and who ever else you run into along your way".

"You know I can tell that its pretty obvious you are enjoying yourself in this picture"

I guess he could see a look of fear coming over me because he then told me "Honey just relax, Im not going to fire you or anything like that, but I am going to give you a little more responsibility in your job description as well as a noticeable raise".

"I'll be giving you an extra hundred dollars a week along with a couple more paid holidays"

I finally managed to say " I dont understand, I was sure you were gonna fire me"

"Well I cant fire someone who makes me money" he said

"So what is my extra responsibility?" I asked

"Well a couple of times a month I want you to make it a point to be in town early in the afternoon. But dont come to the office... I want you to come out to the farm"

I was starting to get the picture now.

"My farm is very private so when you get there I want you to always take off all your clothes before you come inside"

"And then what would you like me to do" I asked

He looked at me and said "stand up and take off your clothes and I'll show you". "and if you do this I can assure you that no one not even your husband will know"

I knew then that I didnt have any choice at all so I stood up and started taking off my clothes.

"What would you like me to do now" I said as the last of my garments hit the floor.

He was grinning from ear to ear as he pushed back from his desk and I could see that he wasnt wearing any pants at all.

He had a thick uncut cock and large hairy balls. He was already about three quarters erect.

"Well today I want you to spend some time getting to know my cock really well so get down in the floor and give me a blowjob like the good whore that you are".

I knelt down and gave him as good a blowjob as I had ever given anyone. When I could tell he was about to cum he suddenly stood up from his chair and pushed me back from his cock just enough so that at least half of his cum went on my chin and my tits before he pushed back into my open mouth for the last couple of jets to him me in the back of my throat. I worked his cock in and out of my mouth until it began to deflate.

I then stood up and grabbed a could of kleenex off his desk and started to wipe my face and chin off and he reached up and stopped me saying " you know there are actually three people who know whats going on dont you?".

I must have looked confused because he pointed at the picture that was still up on his computer screen. "Dont forget about Rob" he said. I just stared at him.... " I promised him for tipping me off to you being such a whore he could have a turn with you as soon as I was finished" ... "dont look so stunned, I know how much you love big black cocks and he's hung like a mule"... with that he put his pants back on and told me to lock up when Rob was finished and left the office. I heard him speaking to someone in the breakroom on his way out. I then heard footsteps coming down the hall.... come on Rob I hope your black cock is as big as the boss said!

I guess thats my next story!
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12 months ago
Great story. Thank you for sharing.
1 year ago
Love it can't wait to here what rob did to ya....
1 year ago
Damn. Why can't I have more co workers like you.
1 year ago
I absolutely love it...can't wait for more!