Moonlight Fun Night

Some people from where i work were throwing a big summer party and just about everyone we work with was going to be there so i decided to make an appearance as well. It was at this guy Rogers' House. I didnt work much with Roger but he was a fellow cigarette smoker so wed always run into each other at work outside on break. He told me he gave my friend Sarah directions and that the party started at 9pm sharp.

I got the directions from sarah as i was getting all dolled up and ready. She told me to find her when i got there. I put on a black wifebeater tanktop and some jeans and i was ready to go. I made it 90% of the way there but somehow read the directions wrong and ended up in the middle of nowhere. Just a dead end with some trees and an old tractor. I pulled over and realized i read the directions wrong and so i turned around and headed back in frustration. About half a mile down the road, a deer came out of nowhere and i almost hit it. Luckily i swerved and hit my brakes quick enough to not hit it. This was not my night.

I finally found Rogers house at about 9:30. It was in the middle of a huge field, and had some trees here and there. There was a windmill off on the horizon and huge old barn surrounded in old trees. When I pulled up i realized there was nowhere to park because there was like a billion cars parked all over, it looked like there was a concert going on. I pulled off the side of the long driveway and got out of my car. The party was so far away it seemed. Ugh, what a night so far. I got lost, almost hit a deer, got to the party late, had to park a mile away and now...I had to walk alllll the way up to the house.

After what seemed like an hour, i finally got to the house. There was a big screened in wrap around porch, with three of four different groups of people huddle on it, all talking and sipping red cups. This was definitely a party. i got closer and i could hear some rap song i didnt know blaring from inside. As i walked up onto the porch I saw a few people i knew from work and chatted a minute before i asked if theyd seen Sarah. They directed me to the back of the house and I thanked them and off i went.

Every room in that house was full of people. The living room had a full corner section couch and it was filled with people, most of which i didnt recognize. There were people standing in little social circles everywhere, and you had to weave through them to make it from one side of a room to another. This was definitely a party. The kitchen had three or four big red tubs full of ice and alcohol. There was a table with chips and pretzels and all the d***k snacks you could ask for. There was a couple making out in the hallway to the back of the house and I had to break them up to get through. It was my friend Lisa and her boyfriend. She said Sarah was looking for me and I told her i was on my way.

The backroom was surprisingly not nearly as jam packed as the rest of the house. It was a decent sized room, the kind youd have a big f****y dinner like thanksgiving at. Only the dinner table in this room was a beer pong table. I saw Sarah across the room intensely watching some people play pong. I made my way over to her and said hey and we started talking. We watched the game and she went on about what happened at work that day.

Periodically shed cut herself of from telling her own story to let out a "woohoo!" everytime someome made a good shot, then shed continue her story like nothing happened. I asked her if she wanted to step out for a cigarette and she told me she had next turn on the beer pong table and shed been waiting all night to get to play. She said after she played she would definitely have one with me if i played a round with her. I agreed and we waited another few minutes and finally it was our turn.

We played against Roger, the host of the party, and might i add as a side note: Roger was a cocky, outrageous flirt and on more than one occasion tried to hook up with me (without success might i add!) Rogers team-mate was some guy i didnt know, who was giving me the 'sup' look the entire time he approached the table. I remember thinking either hes really muscular or his shirts too tight but either way he was decently cute. He had a bright white smile and his five oclock shadow made it seem even brighter.

Sarah told me his name was John and he worked there before i left. He used to date this girl we all hated that quit a few months back. He and Roger were old buddies and went to school together. I looked him over as Sarah and Roger flirted it up and finally started. John didnt say a word, he just played and everytime i went to make a shot, I could feel his eyes on me. It didnt help my performance at all lol After we lost I asked Sarah if she wanted to have that cigarette now, and the moment she said sure, Roger chimed back from across the table, saying he was coming for one too, and John quietly followed behind.

We all have our cigarette out on the big front porch, and while sarah was busy flirting with Roger and touching his arms, John finally broke out of his shell and started talking to me after a few minutes. We introduced ourselves and asked the typical who-do-you-knows and who-do-you-hates about work. just when conversation started to flow Sarah butted in to tell me she was leaving. We all tried to get her to stay but she couldnt so she left the three of us alone out on the porch.

Roger almost immediately turned his attention to me, and within a minute or two or flirting with him I could visibly see John getting jealous. Cha-ching. I remember thinking aha! Ive got them both on the hook now. I balanced out my flirting until the boys started to get the notion i might be interested in them both. Thats when roger turned into the bartender. I never had a half full cup at any point after Sarah left. He was always topping me off.

Later on, during another cigarette session, the three of us went on a walk and Roger bluntly just asked if id have a threesome with them. John just kind of smiled, so they mustve schemed this up at some point when i wasnt paying attention. We walked down along the driveway while they continued to try to persuade me. Roger even promised hed stop hitting on me as much if I did it which was almost incentive in itself.

We ended up behind the barn, there was nobody around, no lights, no sound, just the full moon lighting up the tiny field between the back of the barn and an old ricket shed even further behind that. I could feel it in my chest, this was going to be the spot. I turned around and told them to stop, got on my knees and told them to come closer. Roger was grinning ear to as he walked up, unbuckling his belt, and john slowly approached, untying his shorts. Neither seemed to even be aware the other was there. i expected them to at least be nervous or exchange glances.

Rogers cock was actually bigger than i expected and felt really smooth in my hand. Johns wasnt as big but had this big round shiny mushroom head that i wanted to wrap my lips around. mmm. I had both of them in my hands and decided to put Johns in my mouth first because Roger would get jealous. The plan worked and within second, Rogers hand was squeezing my chest over my tanktop.

I popped Johns out of my mouth and looked up at him. His cockhead felt so smooth and velvety against my tongue, just like I thought it would. I leaned over and opened my mouth and Roger stuck his dick in my mouth. It wasnt anything i couldnt handle, but I acted like I had trouble with it mainly so I could stop sooner.

The second i stopped Roger demanded I let him eat me out so of course, who am i to tell him no? Before i knew it, he had his face buried in my pussy. I could feel blasts of warm breath as his tongue worked its way up and down my clit. He sped up, and his breathing became more rapid, as did his tongue movements. This was definitely not his first time.

I arched my back in pleasure, as i did, i felt that smooth velvety sensation slide across my face. It was Johns cock, which i eagerly welcomed back into my mouth, my tongue swirling around the head playfully. Roger gave a slight nibble that made me jump, then settle back down as he kept working his magic. My legs started to tremble when I felt the top of my tanktop get pulled down. John pulled my tits out and was playing with my nipple piercings. His hips gave slights thrusts as i worked him in my mouth so i decided to let go of his dick. He started slowly sliding it in and out of my mouth when roger hit the sweet spot.

I let out a moan into John cock and Roger persisted. I arched my back again, breathing hard, motioning for John to stop thrusting and he pulled out of my mouth quickly and I let out a moan of pleasure as i felt his tongue bounce against my clit, sending waves of pleasure all over my body. i took a deep breath. boom. damn hes good.

I rolled over, up onto my hands and knees and went back to sucking Johns dick. It was so hot and slippery as it ran down my throat. He was holding my hair up out of my face with both of his hands when i felt a hand on my left hip. Then i felt something warm against my pussy. Then i felt a hand on right hip. Then i felt the warmness push its way up into me. I felt it stop and throb a few times, and start to pull out then stop. It gave a few more throbs of warmths and then drove itself deeper up into me. Soon i felt Rogers hips slap up against my ass, and he sped up.

i couldnt give a good blowjob while I was being repeatedly hammered from behind, it just wasnt working, so i continued to jerk John off while Roger fucked me from behind. Roger smacked my ass and told me to go harder so i slammed back on him the hardest i could and it made a sweaty wet slapping noise with every push.

John pulled away from me and let Roger pound me. I remember digging my fingers into the grass and dirt while he pushed me and pulled me. I look up at John who was jerking off, just watching. Finally Roger stopped bucking and slowed his thrust down. he mustve been getting close.

He pulled out and i assumed the typical pornstar pose: ON my knees, legs spread, hands cupping my tits together, head back, tongue out, eyes on the prize. They both got in front of me and worked their cocks. Roger was on the left and John was on the right. I just kneeled there and talked dirty to them, and sure enough, a few minutes later i felt the first few drips on my chest. Then i closed my eyes.

I felt a few hot drops on my left side, and then a big blast of warmth on the right to my neck. Then i felt some hit my tongue, and few more shots across my cheek. Then a few little drops on my chest again and it was over. I just sat there smiling and i couldnt help but think to myself that maybe this WAS my night after all.

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5 months ago
Erotica at it's finest
5 months ago
Mmmm that's a hot story even if poor john never got to fuck lol