I was driving home after a long day at the wheel and as I came closer to
my destination my cock twitched inside my tightening sheer panties.Ten miles down the motorway I took the familiar turn off to the secluded spot where i was hoping to meet a cd admirer or two.As I pulled in I was disappointed to see that mine was the only car in the vicinity but of course this meant i could do a spot of preparation while I waited.
My pussy and cock are always shaved smooth as are my legs as wearing stockings is a requirement at this secluded spot.After all who would want to ladder a pair of soft sheer hold ups anyway?
Out came my favourite dildo and my lube (strawberry flavor) and slowly but surely I began to slide it in and out of my widening pussy. I was sitting on the back seat with my legs resting on the top of the front seats my heels barely clinging on to my feet when there was a knock on the steamed up window.
To my surprise I recognised the chap as a former tutor of mine at college.When I attended college I was always attracted to his bum particularly as I once noticed a panty line above his jeans as he bent down right in front of me in class.
I eased the dildo from my gaping pussy and he leaned in the now open window took it off me and put it into his mouth licking it clean as it popped in and out . This was a massive turn on for me and for him as his cock tented through his slacks.I couldnt get his zipper down quick enough and as his meat dropped out I began to circle my tongue round its purple head ans tasted the sweet pre cum as it leaked out and down over his errection.
Soon he was in the front seat and my dildo was replaced by two then three fingers as they slipped in and out of my pussy . I could not take much more of this so I asked if I could sit on his now engorged wet and beautiful cock.
He then said he would love to have me over the bonnet where upon i jumped out of the back seat and ran to the front of the car bent over in my heels ass in the air spread my legs and waited.
First his searching tongue rimmed my moist rosebud and after a few minutes he gave me what I wanted most.For a start he pounded into me but then slowed to a pace that allowed me to push back against his meat and as I slid my ass back and forth over his large cock I could feel his ball sack slapping against my ass. Soon he squeezed my hips asking can I fill your pussy with my cream my reply was that if he did he would have to rim me clean afterward.When I felt his cock explode I knew that the rimming would take me over the edge and so it proved to be
As he perched beneath me rimming my cream filled crevice I stroked my clit to a conclusion and shot my load into his willing mouth.As we snowballed I noticed our audience of three other men all of whom had stroked themselves to the point of no return .
We could not leave them in such a state so while one of them slid his meaty manhood into my soaking wet hole my old tutor and I polished off the other two and with cum dripping from our mouths we made our excuses got dressed and left.
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1 year ago
sexy story,
1 year ago
Oh wow!! I LOVED this story!!!
1 year ago
Very hot
2 years ago
horny stories indeed
2 years ago
Fact or fiction? Very hot either way. What a slut you are!!!