first time bicycle shorts

I was living in London in the late eighties and was 21 at the time.On Saturdays I went down Soho to the porn cinemas and thats where i met him.
Dimly lit and smelly the cinema had about fifty seats so i found myself one at the back and settled in to watch some soft porn on the screen.There was some girl giving a blow job and the guys cock was on a close up shot when i found my own member getting excited. From where i was sitting i could see that many men already had their cocks out and were pumping furiously. Then a guy aged about fifty sat down beside me.
He was wearing a pair of yellow cycle shorts and a t shirt and the bulge in his shorts told me he was interested in me not the film.I reached over and rubbed his cock through his shorts and it felt really hard and as i rubbed him i felt his wetness coming .He asked me to put my hand inside the shorts but I asked him to just slip them down a tad so i could get a better look at his cock which I was eager to get my lips around never mind my hand.
When he slipped them down my cock was now bursting out of the full cut panties I had put on that morning and my bum was aching to receive it. He asked me to follow him to the toilet so I did and once inside a cubicle i gave him a blow job swirling my tongue round and round his manhood and tasting the pre cum leaking from its head.
When he realized that I was wearing panties he immediately bent me over and began to finger my already lubed hole. I pushed back against his hand and begged him to remove the digit and insert the big boy between his legs
As he slipped his big hard cock into my pussy I leaned back till I felt his balls slap against my panties and after a few minutes of thrusting his cock pulsed and I reached round to squeeze the base of his cock.I turned round got on my knees and cleaned every drop from his still hard manhood.
We went back to our seats and sat down and before long another older man joined us . As the second guy sat down his hand brushed my thigh he said sorry i said no problem and he left his hand on my zipper and asked could he see inside. I told him I was wearing a pair of cream full cut panties and he said that they would go well with the tan tights he was wearing beneath his jeans.He asked if I had been satisfied orally today and i replied no but its early yet dear but that was the end of the talking as he took my cock from its nylon pouch and placed it softly into his mouth.
but thats another story for another time
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1 year ago
tell us more about his tan tights please
2 years ago
was in london too back then..often visited madame jo jo's in soho
2 years ago
sooooo hot
2 years ago
Very hot, thank you.
2 years ago
yes that was so hot short but hot woulod like to read your next chapter soon