Strip the night away PART 1

Men go to strip clubs to see tits and ass. Nothing else. Yeah occasionally a beer wont hurt. But Melvin Thomas goes for the happy hour whereby he gets nachos and a bowl of pretzels at no charge to go along with his 7up. Melvin married early when he was 18, right after highschool. Now at 38 years, his marriage had become as interesting as a senior citzen golf tournament. Thats why he went regularily to strip clubs to see two things he never saw back home; beautiful women and food. Today he enter the club wih pair of jean shorts that had month old mustard stains on them and an old blue faded polo shirt he purchased at Walmart some 12 years ago. Like most men his age and predicament, Melvin had no game. To add insult to injury he had only 8 dollars in his Ass-Smelling velcor wallet. And those 8 dollars were reserved for a pair of crispy tacos from Jack-In-the-Box and a large coca-cola that he usually craved after he frequent these places. Which explians why he never tipped the dancers. Most dancers by the way knew to avoid him as he never tipped or purchased a lap dance. There was times when newbie dancers would attempt to solicite him for a two song dance but with no success they would usually get nothing from Melvin.

Melvin sipped his 7up and yet forgot to wipe off the nacho cheese from his chin. He began to scope the place, not for dancers, but for a waitress to refill his bowl pretzels. This was melvin for you food first and girls second. But always his food was his domain and his sanctuary. Today was different. He managed to flag down a waitress. This waitress was knew Melvin to well all about his food habits and his inability to tip his services. She reluctantly walked over to his table with an attitude in mind.

"What the fuck is it this time? Melvin? You want me to get you an ice cream truck up in this place? Hell thats probably the only way we can make you open your wallet for us, you dumb shit !!!" said the waitress.

Melvin resorted to a sour face. "No can I please have me some more pretzels?" he said.

We are all out, she said. "anything else?"

Melvin sunk his head and said no thanks. The 4th dancer of the evening known as the stagename Electra hit the stage. Since Melvin felt bad he thought he would go to the stage and tip her a dollar. Just a Dollar he thought. He even considered for one second about tipping her less, perhaps maybe even a quater. But a bikini string would not be able to hold it up he thought. So he approached the stage as a song by Coldplay began to play in the background. Electra began to take her top off, Her breasts were more then likley not real but Melvin didnt care for that, he just wanted ther two fluffy fLESH MELONS to fall gentely on his face. Electra was like most strippers in that she incorporated the element of tease into her act on stage. So she paused for a moment right before her breasts touched his face. He breasts were about an inch and half away from touching his nose. As she paused she pinched both of her nipples and twisted them, though not really hard because he left nipple was pierced with a stainless steel barbell ring. Melvin swallowed air. Though little had happened here, melvin was already starting to feel his boner rise through his cheap jean shorts. Electra looked deep into his eyes and beyond the nacho cheese on his chin, she smiled and pushed both her breasts from each side and landed them right on Melvin's forehead. Melvin gasped and began to feel his heart beat faster and his throat going dryer by the second. He was perhaps in tit heaven and there was no telling if he even knew his own name. ELectra pulled back, she asked him:

"Whats your name handsome?"
"Who? you talking to me?"
"Yes you." she laughed.
"Melvin. Its Melivin."
"Melvin the cheese sauces goes well with your yellow stripped socks." she added. Melvin didnt care, he was still feeling her soft warm breasts, which she had long removed from his face. And now she was waiting for his show, which would be a tip hopefully. Melvin had crunched up dollar bill in his hand. But that was long forgotten. He was somewhere else by now. IN a world of tits, ass, and (ironically) never-ending pretzels. This night was on, and so was he. Which prompted him to do what he did next. He unzipped his jean shorts and pulled out his cock. Not a very big cock but a cock nonetheless which was a first for electra this night. The first for anyone in the entire club. The first guy to ever do it in front of a live audience. ELectra at this point didnt know whether to laugh, scream, or as ask for a tip.

"Oh shit" she yelled. "whats your fucking problem dude?" she followed. But Melvin couldnt hear over the loud Coldplay song which was coming to an end and being blended into a mix that would later float into a Ac/DC jam. Electra forgot about the dollar and pushed herself away from that area of the stage. As Melvin was about to stroke his meat stick, he felt a pair of hands grab him from each side of him. They were 2 bouncers, one of them a slender but tall white guy and the other was heavy set black dude. They grabed melvin by his arms, causing him to drop his crunched up dollar bill to fall to the floor. A nearby customer later grabbed it from the floor. Melvin struggled briefly from both bouncers but it wasnt so he could go free, instead it was so he could keep his pants from falling and put his dick back in his pants. BUt to no avail, his pants fell to his ankles as both men pulled him away from the stage and out the closest exit door. The white bouncer then grabbed melvin by the throat as the second guy released him when they were outside.
"You got some serious fucking issues guy!! Coming in hear and pulling your thing out on stage. Thats fucking A sick. Get your ass outta here. You better count your lucky stars we dont call the cops on you ASSHOLE !!" he yelled to Melvin's face.

Melvin fell to the floor, just a few feet away from his Dodge truck, with his jean shorts now down to his ankles. Melvin felt a bit of shame but was still trying to get through his breasts encounter with electra. He got into his 1998 dodge truck that smelled of cigarettes and mostly ass. He began to start the engine when he heard a voice from afar. At first he thought maybe its one of then dancers causing drama in the parking lot with a customer or their boyfriends. From a distance he heard a shout getting closer.

"Melvin, Melvin MELVIN !!!" a female voice got closer to his dodge.
It was young girl, latina, dressed in jean jacket and a set of tighter jeans to match it. The girl looked familar to Melvin but who was she? After careful examination he saw it was Electra, the clothes was probbaly the all the difference in the world that kept him from making her face.

"I need a ride home Melvin." she said. What why me he thought to himself. WHy now?

"He listen Im sorry you know for whacking off in front of you." he said from behind a half cracked window as Electra stood there waiting for an answer to her question rather then an apology.

"I dont care for you jerking off in front of me. Actually I take it more as a compliment then a rude gesture. That wouldnt be the first time that happens Melvin. It the first time anyone does it in front of an audience. Honestly I find the nacho cheese sauce on your chin more disturbing. Don't worry. All I need is a ride home for now. Can you help?" she said.

"yeah sure" he struggled as it was starting to not make any sense.

She fumbled through her purse to look for a mirror.
" I dont have any money to give you for gas. But you owe me a tip so I guess we are even here?" she said.

"what you mean you dont have money? youre a stripper. You girls always have bills" he said.

" Well I have money. Yes, but its for something I need. Like well right now. I need you to drop me off at home but lets stop somewhere so I can buy me some weed." said electra.

"Weed? Wait NO!" said melvin.

"Its wrong. Unlawful. I wont do it. We can get arrested" he followed.

Electra opened up her jean jacket to unveil a colorful Ed Hardy white tank top, she then proceeded to but it down exposing her large soft round tits that Melvin had previously fell under the spell just a few minutes before.
She pushed both of her breasts together and rubbed against each other as to tease Melvin and remind him that: TITS have the power to change any mans mind, even if it goes against his beliefs. Melvin smiled but still stood his ground and insisted that buying weed at this hour was not only wront but more then likely it w=could land both of them in jail. Electra looked around his truck and noticed JACKIN THE BOX paper wrappers and empty soda cups. She said in one last ditch effort to make melvin go take her to buy weed:

"We can stop by jack-in-the-box/" she said.

Melvin went back into his trance state and said "yeah okay then lets go get us some weed and tacos"

Melvin sped off into the night with a stripper in his passenger side and the determination of getting some free tacos.

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2 years ago
Haha deadly story hope i get to find the follow up of it....