Nudist Experiences

My girlfriend and I often went to nudist clubs. Laying in the sun naked is such a feeling of freedom and the heat from the sun is often stimulating, esspecially when there is 50-60 other couples, of all shapes and sizes, laying out on the lawn naked with you. Some playing volleyball, fishing in the lake, taking in the sauna or jaccuzzi, or just walking around strutting their stuff.

Sally, my girlfriend, and I had noticed this one couple that struck our fancy for both of us. Sally liked, his name was Danny, Danny's physical appearance, not the least of which was his huge cock which when soft was almost as long as mine fully erect. This might bother some guys but I learned to accept that everyone has their differences and as a nudist this is something you understand and accept...or you should not be there. Besides, Kathy, his wife had a super all-over tan and the nicest breasts, large but not huge, that she carried around on her long thin legs that were well shaven, esspecially at where they met at the top. In fact we were all shaven "down there".

At that point we still had not met Danny or Kathy.

As I sometimes get in the hot sun around so many naked people, I was feeling a little aroused, which is actually a bit embarrassing at a nudist club. So I told Sally I was going into the hot tub and sauna...mostly because seldom does anyone go there when it is so hot outside.

After a few minutes in the sauna in walks Kathy. She sets down her towel on the bench and sits on it with one leg hiked up and open for me to clearly see her pussy sweat in the sauna. We both said "Hello". I had also sat down in the same fashion since it did not enter my mind that anyone, esspecially Kathy, would enter the sauna on this hot day.

Being alone, we began having small talk about whatever (I thought this would take my mind off her now very wet and glistening shaved pussy). But alas, it did not work for long. My cock very slowly began to rise. She looked down at it several times during conversation to watch what it was doing. I was 3/4 fully erect when she broadly smiled, gave her breasts and pussy a squeeze and rub thsn excused herself as she said "see you around."

I waited a couple minutes, trying to gain composure, and steped out of that sauna. As I walked by the swimming pool I spotted her and Danny talking. About that time Sally was walking up to me looking really good as her tan was really setting in on her tight and trim body. It seems that we all met up at about the same time next to each other. Kathy introduce me to Danny and I introduced them both to Sally. For Sally this was special because she had been admiring Danny all day long and I know wondering about that cock hanging right nrxt to her.

We all hit it off really good. In fact, Danny and Kathy invited Sally and me over to their trailer that evening (they lived at the park) for some drinks and conversation. Of course, we accepted.

Upon arrival Kathy greeted us at the door in the nude (I should not have been surprised). Danny came out in jeans and flat out said. Well, we may as well all be naked, right?" Sally and I looked at each other with a grin and said, "sure, why not?" Then off came our clothes. I was already mostly hard.

After a few drinks they wanted to play twister. Nude, of course. So, we did. We took turns spinning as legs, arms, asses, pussy and cocks went in every direction. In reaching her spot Kathy a few times gave mine or Danny's cock a gentle tug or squeeze. After I saw Sally comfortable with this she began doing the same. Danny and I had hard-ons that grew even bigger as we gently squeezed or bumped or rubbed against one of the lady's breasts or ass. Suddenly Kathy got a "left hand on red spin" and I saw right away that to do that she would be right on my, now fully erect, cock. As she reached her spot she sucked my cock into her mouth and licked my balls with her tounge. Sally, now with a great, very close-up view of Danny's monster cock, stayed bent over as she stroked his manhood with her hand, no dought in anticipation as she sucked the head of Danny's cock. Moments later we all fell over laughing.

But, things just kept happening. Sally and Kathy now had Danny in their mouth. Now THAT was a sight to see. I knew she had never had such a huge cock in her mouth. She has told me as much on our way over to their house. Kathy soon had her lips wrapped around my cock as Sally massaged and licked my balls. Within minutes us guys were going down on our respective partners pussy. 10-15 minutes later we were all fucking like crazy people. Kathy was such a turn-on as I watched those good sized natural breasts sway as we fucked away on the carpet. Every time I pushed my cock onto her it was met with a strong thrust. I was the first to come after Kathy had 2 orgasms. Then her and I went over to center our attention on Sally as she was taking monster cock Danny. We could hear the gurgle in her throat as she felt the thrusts. Kathy and I just stared as she jacked me off wanting me hard again. Only seconds later we were at it again, but this time she was on top and I got a clear visual of breasts swaying abd pussy pounding. This time Kathy wanted to know when I would be about to come. O.K. by me. So...when I got ready I said so and she slid off my cock and deep-throated me till I came in her mouth and she drank every drop...then kept sucking. Sally was watching all this and was really enjoying watching me come into Kathy's mouth. I could tell it was making her very horny to watch us.

Of course, Sally wanted to do the same thing to Danny and she did. When Danny came into Sally's mouth she had a very up close audience as Kathy and I were right there watching.

As it was ending Kathy was frigging her pussy and stroking my cock all at the same time. And, od course, I had my hands on Sally's AND Kathy's breasts as Sally sucked down the remaining come from Danny's cock. This all went on a couple more hours before we left.

The next day we went back to the nudist club and tried to act cool like nothing happened. Truly on that day, Danny and I both layed alot on our stomachs to hide our still fresh excitment as we just watched the girls laugh and tease us all day. Boy, what a vacation.
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what nudist club was that? and what country?
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