My First Time

I grew up in a small village. When I was 12 and entering puberty, a male friend told me and my b*****r (11) all about sex. He was 14 and much more experienced than us. One day he took us into the woods and showed us how to masturbate. I had been waking up lately with erections and wet dreams. I was confused as to what was happening to me and what to do about it, so I found myself eagerly following my friend’s lead. Soon I was stroking with him and before long felt my first self induced cum load rising to the surface. I didn’t quite realize what was happening but it felt so good, I couldn’t stop.

My b*****r didn’t join in this time, he just stared at us with his mouth open.
Our friend was groaning and said here it comes guys, watch closely. Suddenly, gobs of something white spurted out his pee hole and landed on the grass. I was intrigued and began to stoke myself harder and faster. Oh shit, oh fuck, I exclaimed and grunted as I emptied my spunk onto the grass beside his. He explained to us this stuff was sperm and what just happened was called an orgasm.

He said we had to be careful because if we did that inside a girl’s pussy, it could result in a baby. Later on, he showed us a condom and how to use it. I got quite an education that day. Needless to say, as a budding young man, I found myself masturbating on a regular basis. The more I did it, the more I wanted to do it. In fact, it’s all I thought about most of the time.

I became keenly interested in girls after that but it would be another 4 years before I had my first sexual experience with a girl. Her name was Judy and she lived just down the hill from me. She had always been a tomboy but lately she had begun to fill out the way girls do as they grow into young women. I began to hang out with her whenever the opportunity presented itself. Since we lived so close together, we often accompanied each other to the local swimming hole and back. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her in her two piece bathing suit and sometimes had to wrap a towel around myself to hide my excitement.

I was very shy and not sure I ever would have made the first move but as it turns out, I didn’t have to. One day as we made our way home, she reached out and took my hand. Why don’t we hang out in that old barn she said, no one uses it anymore. Let’s check it out. I eagerly followed and we discovered a quaint little loft that with a little cleaning up provided a secret little hideaway where we could play house, so to speak. We spread a blanket and lay down together. At first we just talked and enjoyed the day as we watched the clouds drift by the loft window.

Why don’t we get out of these wet suits she suggested, mine is sticking to me everywhere. Completely out of character I said, yes I noticed. What, she responded, you mean you’ve been looking at my body? Somewhat embarrassed, I confessed that yes, I had been. I can’t help it, I told her, you are so pretty and your body has changed so much lately. I guess I’m very curious and you make me feel kind of funny. Yeah, I know, you make me feel funny too, she said. I like looking at your muscles and whenever you walk ahead of me, I like to watch your tight ass as you move. I guess I looked kind of shocked because she said what, us girls get kind of curious to, you know. She leaned into me and kissed me long and hard and I thought I was going to go out of my mind.

Lay back baby, it’s time for us to satisfy our curiosity, she grinned. She was such a bold girl, thank goodness. She cautioned me that this had to stay our secret and I vowed to stay silent. She rose to her knees and slowly unclasped her bikini top and tossed it away. I stared in amazement at her lovely tits, tipped with rose colored nipples. Go ahead, you can touch them she encouraged me, so I did. She taught me how to pinch and tease them until they stood at full attention. Want to taste them, she queried, I always want to suck them myself but I can’t quite reach. I gently took one nipple into my mouth and just did what came naturally. I sucked on it and ran my tongue over it, enjoying the taste and texture. She reached down while I was busy sucking her tits and began to rub me through my swim suit. Oh wow baby, she exclaimed, you are so hard. With that she stood up and very slowly wriggled out of her bikini bottom. I shucked mine suit at the same time. I stared in disbelieve as she stood up straight. Her pussy was covered with thick dark curly hair. I had seen this many times in girly magazines but this was my first live view of a pussy in all its glory. I rose to my knees to inspect it closer and she practically shoved it in my face. I detected a strange scent that I found irresistible and I stuck my nose right into it and breathed deeply. I felt euphoric and a little dizzy with desire.

She dropped to her knees and taking my hand, cupped it over her pussy mound while reaching out to seize my cock and stroke it gently up and down. I thought I would cum on the spot as she massaged my cock. Her pussy was hot to the touch and I felt it getting wet and secreting hot juices of some kind into my palm. As I explored, I felt my finger slip into her crevice and then it was going up inside her. It felt warm and tight and a little spongy. She stopped me and lying down on her back, bent her knees and raised them toward her chest, then let them fall apart. My mouth hung open as I gazed at the fleshy folds of her pussy lips. Want to see right inside, she asked and I nodded my head up and down rapidly. Placing her fingers on either side of her pussy, she slowly spread the lips apart. I was shocked at how pink everything appeared. She started to teach me about her body and the bodies of women in general by pointing out her labia, her urethra, her vaginal opening and her clitoris. I didn’t understand about the clitoris so she showed how to rub it and told me how good that felt for her. Then she asked me if I wanted to taste it and play with it with my tongue.

I must have looked perplexed because she asked me, don’t you know what oral sex is? I shook my head and she said, try it. It drives a woman crazy. There is a long word for it that I can’t remember. I continued to hesitate and sensing my reservation about cleanliness, reached for her water bottle and used it to wash her pussy clean, inside and out. There you go, everything is nice and squeaky clean. I got down between her legs and tentatively stuck my tongue out and tasted her. It was very pleasant and I began to explore her entire pussy with my tongue. She began to moan and wriggle, especially when I ran my tongue over and all around her clitoris. I liked the effect it had on her and the power it gave me over her. I dived in with even more enthusiasm. After awhile she asked me to focus on her clit and sucking it between my lips, I gave it a thorough work over. She clasped her hands around the back of my head and started to beg me to keep it up, don’t stop, don’t stop, she pleaded. Suddenly she stiffened and cried out very loudly. I was concerned someone might hear her but was too fascinated to stop. Eventually she started to calm down and said to me, it’s just like my s****r said it would be. That felt so good. That was a female orgasm she informed me, the equivalent of a man shooting his cum load. Speaking of cum loads, it’s your turn. She pushed me back and positioned herself between my legs.

She started to pump one hand up and down my cock shaft while massaging my balls with the other. She leaned forward and tentatively stuck her tongue out to lick around the head. She knew what to do from her s****r but was experiencing it for the first time herself. She took my cock tip between her lips and started to suck very gently on it. I groaned loudly and she became bolder as she saw how it affected me. She started licking up and down the shaft and flicking her tongue on that extra sensitive spot on the underside, just below the head. Her s****r had taught her well. I felt that familiar sensation deep down in my balls begin rising to the surface. Oh God Judy, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum soon. She sat back and began to pump my shaft steadily while staring at the opening of my cock tip, eagerly anticipating my explosion. It came very suddenly and it was extremely powerful, much more so than when I whacked off myself. Ohhhhh, she exclaimed as my jism jettisoned out my cum hole and splattered all over my belly and abdomen. Oh my God, wow. That was so exciting. She started to play with a pool of my cum, feeling it for texture and expressing surprise how hot it was to the touch. She tentatively licked a little off the end of her finger and screwed up her face. Ooooooh, it’s salty, s*s said it would take a little getting used to. I knew what she meant as I had shot myself in the eye and mouth a few times while masturbating. I just grinned and winked at her.

As we lay there talking to each other and reliving our experience, Judy noticed that my cock was getting hard again. Wow, she responded as she reached out and began to play with him again, you look like you are ready for more already. I can’t believe that and she eagerly went down on me again, lavishing all kinds of attention on my cock and balls. I want to feel him inside me this time, she declared. I would love that too, I told her, but cautioned her about getting pregnant. Not to worry, she grinned, and reached into her purse. She came out with a condom in a shiny little package. Where did you get that, I asked. Never mind, I answered myself, your s****r – right? Uh huh, she grinned and opening the package, extracted the circular sheath. She expertly dressed my cock shaft with it as she told me how her s****r let her practice on a sex toy. Standing over me, she rubbed between her pussy lips to lubricate herself and then lowered herself down onto my waiting cock. I groaned as I felt my cock disappear up inside her. She winced at one point and her face momentarily screwed up in pain as her hymen yielded to my invading shaft. The pain soon turned to pleasure though and bracing her hands on my chest, she began to ride up and down on my swollen dick. She moaned continuously as she fucked me hard, her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open.

After a few moments, she rolled off and pulled me on top of her. You are bleeding, I exclaimed in alarm. Its okay she explained, that always happens the first time, it’s normal. I was a little confused by that but far to excited to stop. I plunged into her and began to stroke in and out of her pussy rapidly. We kissed and pawed and clutched at each other as we frantically fucked one another. She watched my face contorting as I began to lose control and begged me to stop for a minute. I want to try one more position she declared and climbed onto her knees. I stared in amazement as her pussy popped out behind her just below her bum hole. I momentarily enjoyed my first rear view before stuffing my cock deep up her cunt once more. I loved that word, it excited me even more and soon I felt my cum once more rising to the top. I found myself pumping with faster shorter strokes and suddenly I was grunting repeatedly as I emptied my balls one more time. I collapsed in a heap beside her. She curled up to me and we lay there basking in the afterglow. She pulled off the condom and turned it upside down, letting my cum drip out onto her belly, where she proceeded to play with it again between her fingers. I’m just fascinated with this stuff, she said, and I love sex. I want to do it more, whenever we get the chance. Promise, she asked? Oh yes, I’m at your disposal anytime, I grinned, while marveling at how eagerly she embraced sex and her already seeming endless need for more.

We cleaned up best we could and hurried home to supper with our families. I was certain throughout dinner that everyone was looking at me differently than usual, like they all knew what I had been doing somehow. I know I changed a lot after that as I conducted myself with far more confidence, which only grew as Judy and I continued to nourish each other sexually.
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