Granny in the dark room with me.

This story you will enjoy. One day I was sl**ping on the verandha of my relatives house.It was a full moon day. There was entire darkness and no one can see a person nearby.I woke by a strange sound of a old man and a grandlady. He was at 68 and she would be 65 years old beautiful lady.He told her loudly to approach and to fuck her as he was naked.She told that I would get up and see their fucking.But he did not bother about anything. He now wants to fuck her.She told him that she would come to fuck after sometimes but he was keeping on calling to come and fuck.At last the granny went near him and abused him in vulgar tamil language.
She told that every day he was fucking her cunt and to leave her atleast one day.He was rubbing his nine inch rod with his left hand . This I could see as they were very near to me.He stripped her dress one by one and I was watching in the candle light and it was a beautiful scene to look at.She had shaved her pussy nicely.Even an a****l will want to fuck her cunt when seen.
His penis was standing like a soldier with gun to shoot her white cunt.Suddenly he kneeled down and began to lick her pussy.He did this for half an hour.Cunt juice was oozing from her pussy.He licked every thing.She was asked to suck his cock. She did as he said. She enjoyed sucking his penis.He rolled her down and saw her pussy wide open. He inserted his cock into her cunt .He began to fuck fast She said deeper and harder.He finished fucking after half an hour and both were satisfied.
I am not able to sl**p seeing all these things.
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