Starting fisting

Starting Fist 1
I've always been proud of my body. At 38 I'm 5'8", 156 pounds and have always
been thin. It seemed most of my weight was centered in my breasts. I once tried
to weigh my boobs and figured they were about 14 pounds each. They are the only
out of kilter part of my body. I do love having huge tits but wish they weren't
so long. They hang to a few inches above my crotch and should be broader for
their length. I suppose that as the rest of me is on the slim side I would need
to put on more body weight for them to be symetrical with their length. They
hang about six inches past my elbows and d**** out to the sides so that they are
visible from behind. When I lean slightly forward, or roll my shoulders forward
they do hang pretty much straight down with the bottoms about even with my
pussy. If I lean back they flow over my hips. The aureole are about four inches
across with nipples that are 3/4 inches in diameter and lie flat on my breast.
When excited the aureole creep out to about eight inches across and swell away
from the surface about 1/2 inch. The nipples broaden to about an inch in
diameter and stick out not quite an inch. When aroused the lower part of my
breasts are completely covered by the aureoles.
The rest of my body is quite nice with flaring hips and long straight legs. I
have a rather hairy bush but that can be trimmed if I need to. As I don't wear
swimming, suits that hasn't been required, until recently. I have 20 year old
twins away at college. Giving birth was a piece of cake, they seemed to slide
right out. Most of my life has been just as easy in a normal straight forward
fashion. Their father is long gone and my life is pretty routine. I enjoy a
masturbatory sex life and use boob play as fore play. I love to fondle, cup,
swing and tug on my breasts.
Recently a single man in his mid twenties moved in next door. He is nothing to
write home about and my only hope is that he is quiet. He proved to be so,
keeping to himself. However it did waken some need inside of me apparently as I
began to long for something more. I found myself more frequently in need of
sexual release. I started masturbating by using vegetables as surrogate cocks.
I started out with carrots, eventually searching out the largest I could find.
One day I needed something more. I had been fucking myself with a large carrot
and it just wasn't enough. I decided to run down to the market and get
something more satisfying.
I normally dress conservatively to de-emphasize my breasts. This day I wanted
to free myself of past restrictions. Without cleaning up I pulled on a tight
teeshirt and a pair of shorts. When I checked myself in the mirror I knew I
couldn't go out in public like this. My boobs were clearly highlighted,
shifting and swaying as I moved around. As I shook my shoulders to watch my
boobs flop around under my shirt my nipples started to expand. I could see the
dark plates of my aureole spread across the bottom of my tits and my nipples
start to push out the fabric of my thin tee. Somehow it was even more sensual
than watching myself when nude. I had to go out exposed like this. An
overwhelming sexual drive was forcing me on. I wanted to grab my boobs and rub
and fondle them in front of a crowd of people. With rising arousal I tore
myself away from the mirror and ran out to my car. My tits were literally
flopping around flying out until they splayed under my arm pits and then bashing
into each other in the center of my chest. I loved the feel of their wild
flinging, the tugging as they flew out and then to mash together again. I could
feel my back being pulled and my body being jerked slightly in tempo with the
action of my breasts. I felt a wild abandon as I jumped into my car and tore
off for the store. I did start to calm down as I drove and by the time I parked
my car in the lot I was starting to get second thoughts. None the less I
steeled myself to go in. I walked straight to the produce area and selected a
huge Italian cucumber. It was way over a foot long and an inch and a half in
diameter. As I started to walk up to checkout I thought that it would be
obvious what I wanted to do, so I grabbed a few unneeded items and left. As I
walked out it was all I could do to stop myself from running out to my car.
When I finally got in the car I was once again in a highly aroused state. So
much so that I had to wait for a minute until I calmed down. Finally I started
the car and tore home.
I rushed into the house throwing off my clothes. I ran into the kitchen with
that wonderful feeling of my boobs flying around. I quickly washed off the
cucumber, grapped the olive oil for lubrication and sped into the bedroom.
Taking a few deep breaths to calm myself down a little bit I started to reach
for the oil when I realized I wouldn't need it. I started to rub the end of the
cuke over my large vaginal lips. I would draw its length along my clitoris
feeling a quaking in my thighs as I did this. Finally I held it in front of my
vagina and started to work it in. My juices had actually lubricated my outer
lips and the cuke started to slide in. Making a quick adjustment for the proper
angle it then slid in almost effortlessly. I couldn't believe how easily it
went in but there was no mistaking how it felt. It seemed that my thighs
extended into my body alongside my vagina and were being pushed aside by the
advance of the cuke. There was an extra dimension to my body, a part of me that
had been lacking and was not fulfilled. I had slid it in an easy six inches and
then stopped and let it sit there just experiencing the feeling. Slowly I
started to slide it in and out. I felt it penetrate deeper as I worked it.
Shoving it in as deeply as I could I felt it bump up against my cervix. I
grabbed it right at the beginning of my vagina and pulled it out. I had stuck
it in a full eight inches!
I started ramming it in and out, feeling my thighs turn to jelly and bouncing it
off my cervix. I found this particularly stimulating with only minor
discomfort. The discomfort of running it into the back of my pussy was nothing
compared to the pleasure. When my orgasm hit it was with unexpected speed. All
of a sudden my legs staightened out under incredible tension and the muscles at
the opening of my vagina clamped and spasmed on the cuke. For what seemed like
forever my legs shook as wave after wave of climax swept over me.
I withdrew the cucmber and almost had another climax. I had to see what this
looked like so I got up and placed a full length mirror at the foot of the bed.
I laid back down with my legs spread and my knees drawn up. My cunt lips were
swollen and hanging out about an inch! I rammed the cuke back in and could hear
the churning of my juices. Staring at myself in the mirror I pulled it out and
slowly brought it up to my face. It was glistening with my juices and a drop
was forming at the end. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and licked off the
drop. It was the first time I had tasted myself and it was mindblowing. I
didn't think that the taste could be bottled and sold, but it was wonderful.
The end was fairly pointed and I wanted to make it blunter. I bit off the end
savoring my juice. Then I stuck the blunt end back in my pussy. It made me
feel even fuller. It also increased the feeling of banging into my cervix.
After a few long strokes while watching myself in the mirror I was rocked by
another huge orgasm. As I watched myself I realized I was moaning, something I
had never done before or at least hadn't realized I was doing. As before this
orgasm seemed to go on forever. Finally I laid there with my legs shaking
involuntairily and my pussy twitching.
I thought back over the last couple of hours and how wonderful it had been. I
realized one of the most exiting parts had been exhibiting myself. As I drifted
off to sl**p I sensed that that was something I would do again. When I awoke
next morning I heard my new neighbor go out on his back deck. I knew this would
be a way of exhibiting myself. After running a number of scenarios of how I
could display myself through my mind I decided that sunning myself in the
backyard would let me control who would be able to see me. I could arrange it
so that just the new neighbor would have a view. The big problem was that
unless I was ready to lay out nude I had nothing to sun myself in. I hadn't
had a swimming suit in years. Well, all I could do is run out and get one.
After taking a shower I left for the mall. I didn't dress revealingly like
yesterday, although it was tempting. As I looked through the suits one caught
my eye. It was a very brief yellow thong bikini. I thought why not and snuck
into a changing room to try it on. Forget it! The cups didn't even begin to
cover my breasts. They did not even cover much of my aureoles unless I pulled
it way up, and then my boobs were just about to fall out the bottom. If I did
position it to contain my breasts, and just barely, then my aureoles stuck out
on both sides. I though I would check out the bottom anyway and after slipping
it on I burst out laughing. My thick pubic was sticking out all over. To wear
a bottom like this I would need hedge clippers to beat back my bush.
Slipping back into the store I found the perfect suit. It was made of a very
clinging, stretchy, thin synthetic material that was light tan in color with a
low cut back. I didn't worry about fit as I wanted it tight and it seemed
elastic enough even if it were a little small. If it were to big I figured just
more room for my boobs to swing around in. As I started to head up to pay I
grabbed the yellow bikini I had tried earlier. Why not I thought, it might come
in handy someday.
Arriving home I hoped that the guy next door was not outside, and after checking
to see that he wasn't outside yet I went upstairs to try on my new suit.
Feeling incredibly sinful I pulled the suit up my legs. I loved watching my
breasts swing forward and down as I leaned over to slide up the suit. They
d****d themselves over each thigh in turn as I raised my legs to step into the
leg holes. I straightened up slowly to watch my boobs come up past my upper
thighs, then my crotch, then settle back onto my chest swinging back and forth
slightly in front of my stomach. I slipped my arm into the arm holes and pulled
the straps up over my shoulders. The suit was very revealing, both in its cut
and by nature of the fabric. The material was almost shear clearly exposing the
color of my nipples and and pubic hair. The sides were cut close to the front
showing off a significant amount of the edges of my breasts before they dove
back inside the fabric. At least with this suit my nipples were entirely
covered although visible through the fabric. The cut came up high on my hips
creating a very thin wedge in front that did very little to cover my pubic hair.
While not a thong in back it might as well have been. Already I could feel the
material gathering in my butt crack. The wildest part was that as my boobs hung
so low the thin strip of fabric reaching from front to back over my hips was
held away from my skin. Actually part of the fabric was riding on my breast
rather than my hips.
Well the suit was certainly revealing! As I wiggled around in front of the
mirror I loved the way my tits moved not to mention the feel of the smooth
fabric over my nipples. The problem was, could I go out in public, even in my
backyard, with it on. In it's own way it was more revealing than the bikini. I
decided that as I was supposed to let the neighbor see me inadvertently the
bikini would be a less obvious exhibition. After all the bikini was a swimming
suit, this one was clearly designed to display. I peeled off the one piece and
reached in the shopping bag for the bikini. After putting on the bottom piece I
started to work my breasts into the top. I was trying to strike a balance
between keeping my breasts inside the cups and not exposing everything. My huge
thick nipples were jutting out through the fabric and the aureoles were at their
full spread. With a cup that was only four inches wide across the bottom there
was no hope of hiding eight inch diameter aureoles. I finally decided since I
couldn't hide my nipples I would err on the side of security. I pulled the cups
down to where the acutal nipple was covered near the top of the cup and tied the
strings to hold everything in place, I hoped.
I gave my shoulders a little shake to see if my tits stayed in the suit. As
they didn't come out I moved a little more, they finally popped out when I
swivelled from side to side. OK, I thought, now I know my limitations. I was
getting increasingly hot as I arranged everything and by this point my breathing
was growing a little ragged and my stomach was slightly churning. I couldn't
procrastinate any longer, I had to get out there and see what happened. As I
headed out the back door I remembered I hadn't shaved my pubic hair. Between my
lush and extensive bush and the tiny bikini bottom my pubic hair was sticking
out the top as well as the sides. I didn't care, I was shaking now with lust
and just wanted to get out there and display myself. Walking as calmly as I
could I went out the door and headed over to my lounge chair. Gingerly
positioning the chair so that my feet would be pointed towards my neighbors
house, he would be the only one that could see me. As nothing fell out of the
suit, I sat down in the chair and laid back. Immediately my boobs fell out of
my suit sliding across my rib cage and sprawling down my sides and over the
sides of the lounge chair. In panic I leapt up throwing my arms across my boobs
and dashed into the house.
Great, if my neighbor saw me he must think I'm an idiot. Nonetheless I was
almost spasming in orgasm. The brief exposure had set me on fire and I had to
get back out there. Cramming my boobs back into the top I went back out, moved
the lounge chairs back into an upright position and sat back down very slowly.
I eased into position on the chair and settled back with everything staying
where it should. Trying to look nonchalant about all that was exposed, I tried
to relax and act like I did this all the time. Just as I got myself into the
final position my neighbors back door opened and he came out. I froze! I was
not ready for him yet. I was in physical position but not mentally ready. I
thought that I should have shaved my bush, I should have not worn such a
revealing suit, I should not have even tried this. I mentally screamed at him
not to look over at me so that I could beat a retreat back into my house.
Instead he looked straight at me for a minute then started heading in my
direction. This was it! I realized that this was exactly what I wanted. I
felt incredibly brazen with my bush exposed, the thong buried in my pussy slot
with my huge lips jutting out and my nipples displayed. He walked right up to
me and asked if I needed some help in rubbing in some suntan oil. I told him
that I needed all the help that I could get and leaned over to pick up the oil
where I left it on the ground. Instantly my tits fell out of the bikini top.
Not caring in the least, wanting only sexual release I didn't even bother to put
them back in or try to cover up. Not saying a word I just handed him the
plastic squeeze bottle and started to roll over on my back. I made quite a
display of myself in doing this. I basically got up on all fours with my ass
pointed right at him. I wanted him to shove his prick in me now. My tits were
hanging down almost to the chair. I wiggled my ass at him knowing that the
thong was buried deep in my ass cleft. I moved my feet to the ground so that I
could open my legs more and so that he could see my pussy lips clearly. I could
feel the string of the thong riding on my asshole. Continuing to shake my ass
at him also allowed my boobs to sway back and forth. I slowly lowered myself
onto the chair leaving my legs spread and flopping my tits out to either side of
my body. I laid there feeling the familiar sexual churning. I wanted him to
ram his cock in me. I wanted him to fuck me with my cucumber and his cock at
the same time. I ground my hips into the lounge cushions forcing my clit against
the fabric of the cushion. I could feel my cunt opening to his view.
He took the oil and dribbled it onto my back and started rubbing it around
slowly and sensually. He used both his hands to stroke my back eventually
working down the sides. He grabbed one of my tits and wrapping his hands around
it he slowly pulled it out while stroking it down the length of my tit flesh.
When he got to the nipple he alternately grabbed it with each hand, lifting and
pulling my tit away from my body until his fingers slid off the huge nipple. He
repeated this over and over with first one tit then the other. I continued
grinding my crotch into the lounge chair nearing orgasm. As he increased the
pressure and the pulling on my tits I started to cum. I jabbed my crotch
repeatedly in the chair then shoved my ass up in the air.
I slowly started to descend from my orgasm as he moved down my body with his
oily hands. He poured more oil onto my ass and started massaging my ass cheeks.
He dug his fingers into my asshole a little to slip his fingers under my thong.
Then he started to slide the bottom of the bikini down my ass. I lifted my ass
so he could untie the sides of the suit and let him slip it off. He started to
massage my ass by slipping his fingers between my cheeks and spreading my ass
out then sliding his hands up to my hips. I loved the feeling of being totally
exposed and continuously lifted my ass to follow his hands. I flipped over onto
my ass feeling my boobs flying. I pulled up my legs and grabbed them behind my
knees totally exposing my cunt. He poured oil on my pussy and worked a couple
of fingers into my cunt. I rocked my hips back and forth grunting out "More,
More". He stuck all four of his oily fingers into my pussy and rammed them in
until he reached his knuckles. I loved the feeling and was overcome by total
wantoness. I wanted to be fully opened and released my knees and grabbed my
pussy lips yanking them out to the sides. I wanted him to shove his hand in me
and quench the fire inside. I reached over and grabbed his arm and pulled his
fingers out of my cunt. I told him to try and work his hand in. Actually I
grunted this out in between gasps and groans. My breathing was ragged and
panting. He started to shove his hand in and to my amazement it slid in with
little resistance. He worked it in and out repeatedly and as filling as it was
I needed more. I gasped at him to make a fist and to ease it in. He removed
his hand balled it into a fist and started pressing it against the opening into
my vagina. I tried to communicate that I needed him to push harder but was to
overcome to get the words out. Instead I shoved my hips up towards his plunging
fist and it popped into my pussy. I froze in disbelief as I realized what I had
just done. He quickly pulled his fist out thinking that he had hurt me. I
screeched for him to put it back in. I had to have his fist filling me and
plunging in and out. I grabbed his arm again and tried to pull it inside of my
cunt. He slipped it in and started to work it in deeper and deeper. He would
use short jabbing strokes until he was hitting the back of my cunt. I saw that
he had gotten to a depth of several inches past his wrist. The thought that he
was starting to put his forearm in me was unbelievable. He then started with
longer strokes, about four to five inches. I could see my belly ripple and move
with his fist as he hit the back wall.
I was getting higher and higher on this pummeling but could not get over the
brink to an orgasm. I clamped his hand with mine, his inside my body, mine on
the outside. Oh, the feel of his fist in me moving around. I kept telling him
to go deeper, but there was no where to go when he extended his index finger and
pushed it against my cervix. He wiggled his finger as he pressed inwards and it
slipped through into my womb. Once again I froze with disbelief as he
penetrated into an area where my k**s had been. I laid there shaking and at the
same time that I wanted more. Once again I chanted out "Deeper, deeper". He
pulled back and started working another finger into my womb. I laid there and
felt him feeding more fingers through my cervix. For the first time I started
feeling pain but I could not let him stop. Finally forming a cone with his out
stretched fingers and his thumb tucked inside of them he pushed against my
cervix. I watched the cunt juices work out along his arm and heard the
squishing sound of his pumping arm as he jiggled his hand against my cervix.
Suddenly in a rush of exquisite pain he was through, he was in my womb. I went
ballistic as I grabbed one of my tits and started beating it against my engorged
clit. I started off in an explosive orgasm but I couldn't reach my peak, I was
stuffed to full to clamp down and let loose. I writhed in frustration screaming
for him to fuck me. I had let go of my tit and was clawing at my clit. It was
sticking out close to an inch and I grabbed it and started shaking it. He
started sawing his arm in and out in short strokes, gradually lengthening and
slowing down. He reached a ten inch stroke shoving in to his elbow then back to
his wrist. Everytime he went in or out past my cervix I would kick out in a
near orgasmic state. I watched his arm plunge in and out and I watched it plow
a ridge up my belly with each stroke. I watched my pussy lips dragged out
almost two inches as they clung to his arm. From the outside I again tried to
grab his hand and pull it up further.
I was too full to have a proper orgasm and yet I wanted more. By this time my
entire body was shaking uncontrollably and I pleaded with him for more. He
started to slide some fingers of his other hand in when he had pulled his arm
back to his wrist. Yes, I begged, fill me up. With a mind searing jolt he slid
his other hand into me. My cunt was stretched out to five inches in diameter as
he laid his one hand along his forearm and worked them both in and out of me.
The wrist of his second hand was laid just below the elbow of his first hand.
As he plunged his hand through my cervix the second hand would ride in. He was
fucking me with this huge wedge of human arms and I was loving it. I exploded
in orgasm. Spasm after spasm swept through me as my body went rigid. From
somewhere in the distance I heard him cry out as I clamped down on his arms. I
could feel my body produce cunt juice but the way my internal organs were
rearranged I couldn't imagine where the production was taking place. I bucked
and flopped around on the lounge chair as he followed along with my thrashing,
his arms still inside. I moaned incoherently, sobbing with pleasure as my body
wracked with convulsions. I grabbed his arms and tried to f***e them in deeper
as my spasming cunt convulsed. It seemed that I shook like this for hours.
Slowly my gyrations faded. Finally I was sated. I relaxed onto the lounge
chair as my body continued to quiver involuntairily. He slowly withdrew his
arms and I felt like some huge amorphous mass was pulled out of my vagina. His
arms were coated with my juices and my slowly relaxing cunt pumped out the last
of my cum. I laid there in a stupor as he got up, dripping with sweat. My
juice just ran out of my cunt puddling on the cushion. Without saying a word he
walked back to his house. I knew we weren't finished, but I couldn't move right
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start_fist02 by FeldStarting Fist 2
After lying spread out on the lounge chair for about ten minutes I started to
come back to reality. My senses slowly started to return as I could feel the
pull of my breasts as they hung over the sides of the lounge and the wind seemed
to whisper up my gaping vagina. The twitching and jumping of my leg muscles
eased off as unbelieveably a renewed feeling of relaxed sensuality started
oozing over my body. As I was finally able to rise to a sitting position my
pussy was soaked in the pool of my juices that had flowed out as my neighbor was
fisting me. Struggling to my feet my breasts swept through a foot long pool of
cum that had accumulated on the vinyl of the cushions. After gaining my feet I
stood to the side of the chair and then sinking to my knees, I swept my breasts
through the lake of pussy juice coating my still erect nipples and aureole. In
an almost trance like state I lowered my face down and between my boobs, feeling
the cool slickness of their soaked sides against my face. I dropped my face
into the liquid pool and pursing my lips sucked up the cup of remaining juices
reveling in the sluttiness of my action.
After sucking up all I could I lapped at the cushion with my tongue to get the
last few drops. Slowly rising again to my feet I headed into the house walking
in an almost trance like state. My cunt had never felt so loose, relaxed or
empty and it felt as if there still vestigal traces of his fist in my womb. My
legs somehow floated me inside as juice that had remained in the deep recesses
of my vagina flowed down my thighs. With barely a conscious thought I drifted
into the bedroom and sprawled out on the bed with legs akimbo. Reaching over to
get the hand mirror on the nightstand and grabbing the flashlight out of the
drawer I tried to see up inside of my gaping pussy. It was amazingly still open
over two inches and I could see with reasonable clarity to my cervix. The
cervix remained open probably over an inch. Dropping the flash and mirror I
relaxed back down on to the bed letting the afterglow of my recent experience
wash over me knowing that this was just the beginning. With an increasingly
satisfied feeling I gradually drifted off to sl**p.
It was after sundown when I woke up feeling slightly bewildered in the
unexpected dark. My pussy juice had dried on my thighs and breasts yet they
still reeked of sex. I lay there remembering the afternoon and the wonderful
sensations experienced by my exposing myself to my neighbor and the following
fisting. The now familiar tingle of rising sexual desire started to permeate my
body spreading from the center of my womb and flowing over me until my nipples
started to erect. Sitting up and placing my feet on the floor I rose to me feet
wanting first nothing more than a shower and then would decide on my next
actions. As I walked down the darkened hall towards the bathroom I noticed a
light shining through the window at the end of the hall. It came from a lighted
window in my neighbors house. Peering out my window across the way I could see
my neighbor exercising. He didn't have his shirt on and for the first time I
saw part of his body free of clothing. He was strongly muscled with fairly
clear definition but still seeming very lithe. Even with his musculature there
was a grace about this upper body. He was hairless with thick arms, a washboard
stomach and large well defined pecs with large nipples. I stood at the window
watching him do repetitions with his weights. He was wearing sweat pants
fastened around a very trim waist. There was something enormously sensual about
his body and it stirred me to a higher plane of arousal.
With a feeling of excitement, and some disbelief, I was ready to go again.
There was no way I was going to sashay over to his house and ask for a repeat
performance since I had done nothing for him while he was bringing me to
unimagined fulfilment but the germ of an idea started to grow in my mind. I had
often passed an adult bookstore out on the highway only a few miles from where I
lived and the idea of going in there began to take on an irresistible appeal. I
wondered if not only could I go in there but could I go in dressed in a brazen
fashion. Not having ever been in such a place I didn't know what to expect but
had visions of being pounced on as soon as I walked in and after being ravished
by every male in the place being sold into white slavery. While there was some
attraction to that idea I also knew I was being ridiculous. All I had to do was
stride in with self-confidence and not let anybody intimidate me. Sure, I could
do that, I would just walk in quaking with every step and scared that every
person I had ever known would see me while the press was outside photgraphing me
entering and leaving. No problem. OK, stop it, don't let this get out of hand,
just go there and shop around like its any other store you have been in. Now
that that was settled I still had to decide on what to wear. If I dressed to
display myself I would be so hot I might not be able to control myself. Well
then, that was settled I would dress hot.
I decided to wear a halter top and my briefest shorts. The only halter top I
had pulled my breasts up fairly high, enough to expose my belly button and
several iches of skin above it. When I slipped the top on and crammed my tits
into the top there was a significant amount of flesh bulging out the sides but
no real cleavage and the neckline was very high. Instead of cleavage two large
mounds rose above the top almost up to my chin. While the halter exposed a lot
of skin and my nipples poked through the thin material nicely it wasn't the
slutty look I really wanted to achieve. The long hanging breasts that I was so
pleased with weren't exhibited properly. Unfortunately I did not have much in
the way of abbreviated clothes as when I went out I usually wanted to downplay
my breasts to reduce the stares and comments. I often dressed in maternity
clothes to make them less conspicuous. Suddenly the perfect outfit popped into
mind. A pair of bib overalls that were very baggy fitting and that I had cut
off the legs to make shorts out of were ideal. I always wore a sweatshirt under
them and that, combined with the bib front, hid the true nature of my boobs.
This time though I would not wear anything under them allowing my breasts to be
exposed hanging down the sides. Slipping the halter top off I went over to the
chest and pulled out the bibs. Standing in front of the full length mirror I
studied my body that I was so pleased with. Long straight legs leading up to
nicely fared hips and trim belly that were mostly obscured by my breasts hanging
in front of them. Slipping a forearm under each breast I pulled them up and to
the side to view my stomach. It was flat and smooth. I lifted my arms up until
they were about at the height of my cheek bones when my boobs finally slid off
my arms and flopped back down into place. I watched as my shoulders were jerked
down from the weight of my breasts as they fell into place and swung slowly back
and forth. The bottom of my tits, my inner thighs and the lower half of my face
glistened from dried pussy juice. As I played with my breasts I realized that
if I didn't get going fresh juice was going to be running down the insides of my
Picking up the bibs I pulled them up my legs and slid the broad straps over my
shoulders. The bibs were going to work well as they confined the bottom of my
breasts but allowed the side slopes to be exposed outside of the bib front. As
the bib front was fairly high there was only a little cleavage exposed of my low
hanging boobs. The waist of the overalls was at the tops of my hips and covered
up the lower five or six inches of my breasts keeping my aroused eight inch
diameter aureoles hidden. Maybe if I lengthened the straps a little, lowering
the waist line some I could get a little more exposure. I slipped the fabric of
the straps through the buckles until the straps were about three inches longer.
This was sensational, exposing considerably more flesh and showing off my
aureoles from the side. I hadn't thought in terms of more cleavage but about
five inches of the deep valley between my breasts was now visible. I looked
like the total slut. This was a look I would never have considered as part of
my makeup until only within the last 24 hours or so. I turned this way and
that, bending over and leaning to the sides to check myself out from all angles.
Except for the sides there wasn't that much exposed and everything was held
reasonably in place with little danger of anything faling out. Thinking that
maybe it was a little to secure I unfastened the three snaps on the sides that
drew the waist in. This was approaching total exposure now. With the waist
line of the bibs well below the top of my hips, coupled with the four inch slits
made by unfastening the snaps, I viewed myself from the side and then leaned
forward so I could see and look past the bottom of my breasts and out the other
side. I could even see some of my luxuriant bush exposed. Yet as I walked in
front of the mirror and bent over my boobs stayed inside my bibs, even though
the slits on the sides were open to slightly below the bottom of breasts and the
aureole were significantly exposed, my one inch diameter nipples and breasts
were securely inside the bibs. Not washing off the dried cum, which I could
still smell from where I had buried my face in my juices, I grabbed my keys and
purse and headed to the adult bookstore.
Pulling into the parking lot among the other cars I steeled myself to go in.
Taking a deep breath and letting it slowly out to try and clam down I headed for
the door and walked in. Although I didn't really know what to expect I guess it
seemed to be about what I thought it would be like except that noone was taking
my picture and yelling out my name for all the world to hear. However above the
racks of merchandise a number of heads swivelled to look at me as I paused in
the doorway. About half of the exclusively male clientele quickly looked away
and the other half stared at me, or at least in my paranoria that was the way it
seemed. Ignoring all I advanced into the store as if this was my weekly
shopping trip to the market. Walking down the aisles I worked my way over to a
prominent display of adult toys. I was looking for the perfect dildo and at
first I was dismayed by their lack of size, most of them being only slightly
larger than a good sized penis. However after I passed a particularly tasteful
display of crotchless panties and edible underwear I struck gold. There
beckoning to me to take it home was a dildo of worthy dimensions, fully three
feet long and about three inches thick. Just past it was a spade shaped dildo
of truly massive proportions. It had a blunt top about an inch in diameter and
quickly flared out to probably something over four inches thick before quickly
dropping down to a neck that was about an inch less thick, with a sort of flange
on the base that was a little thicker than the widest part of the flaring head.
Both of these just grabbed my attention and I stood there looking down at them,
transfixed, when I noticed that there seemed to be a general migration of a
substantial part of the male herd in the store moving in my direction. I knew
these two items were just what I had come for and if I grabbed them now I could
pay and beat a hasty retreat as I was feeling a little uncomortable. I started
to bend over to pull them off the bottom shelf when my ass hit the shelf behind
me. There wasn't enough room in the narrow aisle to bend straight over so I
pivoted to the side, squatted down and leaned over to the side to grab them.
That was when my boob on that side swung out from under the bib front of my
coveralls. There was a collective gasp from the assembled masses at the view of
my exposed 18 inch long breast. I frantically tried to shift my position and
grab the wildly flapping wayward breast. Finally snaring and subduing it I
shoved it back into my overalls. With my face burning in shame I wanted to bolt
the store and flee but I wasn't going to leave without the dildos. As I had all
body parts somewhat secured I carefully staightened up and leaned straight over
to prevent a repeat performance and grabbed first the three foot dildo. I
jerked the thing off the shelf and it almost toppled me over. The thing must
haved weighed twenty pounds and was squiming wildly in my hands like some
berserk snake. Quickly fighting it into a submission hold I wrestled it against
my body holding it firmly to my chest with one hand while I snatched at the
short squat dildo with the other hand. This one's package was hanging from a
hook and I couldn't get it to come off. I was leaning over with my body almost
double and the bl**d rushing to my head frantically trying to get the thing off
its hook. Feeling I was about to receive a round of applause from the audience
that was gaping open-mouthed at me I finally worked it off the hook and and
snapped into a vertical position to dash to the front of the store and pay for
my treasures. When I straightened up the bl**d rushed from my head causing me
to almost pass out. I flailed for support to keep from toppling over while the
assembled horde rushed for cover. Finally regaining my equilibrium I sauntered
to the counter as if this was my normal mode of shopping. Lugging the tonnage
of squirming dildos which seemed to have taken on a life of their own I piloted
my way towards the leering cashier. It was at this point that I noticed another
wayward breast had escaped. There was absolutely nothing I could do. I
staggered to the four foot high checkout counter and heaved them up on to it.
The long, thick, snake-like one slithered to a stop but the one that was like a
tree trunk hit the counter with a thud and rocketed off it with a carom similar
to a viscously shot cue ball coming off the side rail. I let it fly against the
cash register as it then shot past my right ear as I tamed my wildly flopping
boob and started to cram it back into my top. A panting gentleman fielded the
thing like a diving soccer goalie and tackled it into submission against a
magazine rack displaying images of elderly women writhing in the throes of
excasty while trussed in ropes and dangling from some kind of overhead beam. He
carried it to the counter and thumped it securely onto the counter not letting
go of it until it quivered to rest. By this time I had gotten my boob back in
again and prepared to pay as the clerk rang up my purchases and asked if there
would be anything else. He had a look on his face like he expected me to rip
them out of their packages, squat down on the counter and show him how I planned
to use them. I just shook my head no and stared at him when he asked me if I
wanted paper or plastic bags. You got to be k**ding me! Just let me get out of
here. I grabbed the requested plastic bag and started to dash out the door when
he threw himself across the counter and grabbed the bag. We had a short
tug-of-war with the bag before the handle on my side of the bag ripped and he
flew back across the counter to his rightful perch. He said something that the
pounding in my ears prevented me from hearing properly. Finally I realized that
I was to pick up the package at the door. I rounded the corner of the counter,
snatched the bag and dashed out to the safety of my car. At this point my
sexual arousal was some where South of zero.
Starting the car I hit the gas and flew out of the parking lot heading home.
After about a mile I pulled into a convenience store parking lot to try and
regain my composure as I was shaking with mortification from the fiasco I had
just endured. Sitting back with my head resting against the restraint I slowly
calmed down as I reviewed what I had just gone through. I realized that I had
actually accomplished my mission and was beginning to see the humor of the
situation. There was no real damage other than to my ego, although I did start
to regret that I didn't control the situation better. After all I had been
surrounded by a bunch of men that were mostly nice average seeming guys, not the
slathering wolf pack I had imagined. I had exposed myself to a fairly high
degree and if I hadn't been so busy making an idiot of myself it would have been
a real turn on. Just as I started the car and continue on to home I noticed the
young man behind the counter in the store. I decided I could start the old
sexual juices flowing again by giving him a show but with me in control of my
actions. Reaching down to the buckles on the straps of my bibs I slid them down
so the straps were now about three inches longer than they had been. I got out
of the car and pulled the overalls down until the waist line was as low as the
straps would allow. This displayed about nine inches of cleavage above the top
of the bib front and my boobs were able to hang off to the sides as they
normally do. Virtually all of the outside half of each breast was exposed with
the nipples just inside the outer edge of the bibs. My huge aureoles were well
exposed and I could feel the seams of the fabric rubbing against my protruding
nipples. As I walked towards the door to enter the store the familiar feeling
of my boobs swaying back and forth startled to seriously rekindle my sexual
fires. I could feel myself start to get wet as I walked into the store not
glancing at the clerk but knowing that I was flashing him the biggest set of
boobs he had ever seen. I went over to the coolers and grabbed a coke and
walked up to the counter. The k** behind the counter was unsuccessfully trying
to look at me but couldn't seem to get his eyes up past my chest. I turned
sideways to him to give him the best view and leaning over the counter pointed
towards a candy bar on the rack behind the counter. This was enough to release
my tit from behind the bib. As if everything was in slow motion I felt my
nipple slide across the fabric followed by the remaining tit flesh that had been
previously contained. My skin seemed to burn as it sc****d across the material
until my breast spilled out into the open and swung gently with each movement of
my arm as I pointed to the candy bar I wanted. The clerk nearly dropped the
candy as he turned around and saw my exposed boob. I reached into my pocket to
get my change and leaned across the counter to count out my money. As my tit
dragged across the surface of the counter I could feel every variation in the
top of the counter being transmitted from my nipple to my brain. Depositing the
money on the far side of the counter I took my purchases and straightened up
letting my exposed breast settle back against my body. I slowly turned and
walked out of the store leaving my tit hanging out.
Climbing into the car and starting the engine I was on fire. Driving with one
hand I fondled my nipple, lifting it up to mouth and sucking on it as I was
driving. I let my breast slip out of my mouth and reached over to feel the
dildos I had purchased. I pulled them out of the bag and and started stroking
them through the shrink wrap plastic casing. My legs started shaking as I ran
my hand along three feet of dildo that lay across the passengers seat imagining
this monster going inside me. By the time I got home I was nearly
hyperventelating with excitement taking short quick breaths as I walked in the
front door. I ripped the dildos out of the plastic and and started rubbing them
over my body as I headed towards the kitchen to wash them off. As I passed the
phone I noticed the message light blinking on the answering machine and almost
ignored when I thought it might be one of my c***dren in trouble. Punching the
play button I continued to the kitchen when my neighbors voice came out of the
speaker saying that if I ever wanted an encore of this afternoon to call him.
Boy, was I ever going to call him, and show myself to him, and feel his fists
going in me and his cock into my mouth and up my ass and in my ear if I could,
but not now. I slipped off the cutoff bib overalls and noticed that I was very
wet. I never get this wet but lubrication was leaking out of my pussy and
soaking my pubic hair. Remembering the amount of pussy juice I produced when
being fisted by the neighbor I decided to get a flannel lined rubber sheet from
the linen closet to lay on my bed. Thinking of my neighbor also made me think
of how nice it would be to share what I was about to do with someone. I quickly
dressed putting on panties, a bra, slacks and a blouse. Then, picking up the
phone I dialed my neighbors house and when he answered told him that if he
wanted a show to pull up a chair to a window on his second floor that faced my
I turned on all the lights in my bedroom and looked out my window facing my
neighbors. He was just pulling up a low club chair in front of his window.
Standing squarely in the center of my window facing the outside I slowly started
to slide my slacks down my legs. Glancing across the way I was dismayed to see
an empty chair. I paused in frustration when my neighbor reappeared with a pair
of binoculars. Oh, this was going to be good. With racing heart I started to
slowly unbutton my blouse, lingering over each button until I was able to slowly
and sensually slip it off. After dropping the blouse to the floor I languidly
cupped my bra encased breasts and rolled them in my hands. I could feel the
inch thick nipples under the material and pulled them through the material. I
slowly reached behind my back and unhooked the clasp while keeping the side
straps trapped between my arms and sides. I slid my hands back in front and
mashing my tits against my chest slowly started to push the bra cups upwards
until my tits fell free. Tossing the bra to the side I revelled in exposing
myself to the voyeur next door. I stared straight across the space between us
as I looked directly into the binoculars looking back at me like two great eyes.
I fantasized that he could see every pore in my skin and was aware of the
tightness of my nipples thrusting out of my puffy eight inch aureoles. I bent
down to slip off my panties feeling my breast sway forward as I drew up one leg
to slip off one side of my panties. I pressed my upper thigh hard into my
breast mashing it into my chest as I passed my foot out of the leg hole.
Lowering that leg I brought up the other leg and slipped the panties off letting
them pool around my feet. I brought up one foot and rested it on the low window
sill so I could spread open my crotch to his view and make it accessible to my
fingers. I grabbed my protruding vaginal lips with one hand and slid three of
the fingers of my other hand into my cunt. I was incredibly wet and could hear
the squishing sound of my fingers entering my wetness. I looked at him again as
I pumped my fingers into me, letting the juice ooze out of my vagina and wet the
insides of my thighs. I spread my juices over my thick bush and pushed my juice
between my legs slicking my anus. Slowly I raised my wet fingers to my mouth
and sucked off my juices before lowering them once again to my cunt. This time
I slid in four fingers and rocked them back and forth while, for the first time
caressing my clitoris with my palm. When I hit my clit my legs started to
buckle and I had to quickly let go of my pussy lips with my other hand and brace
myself against the window jamb. I held myself while I increased the pumping of
my hand into my vagina bringing myself close to an orgasm. Pressing hard
against my clit I rose up on my toes as an orgasm ripped through me. My fingers
were pressed together as my vaginal muscles spasmed on them, my breathing coming
in quick gasps as I felt my knees quiver as I lost muscle contol in my legs. I
slumped against the window to hold myself up feeling the cool glass pressing
against my tits.
As the orgasm dissapated I reached up and smeared my tits against the window
panes pressing myself against the glass as if to reach out to my neighbor. I
looked out at him to see that he had removed his shirt and that his hand was out
of sight between his legs. His chair was to low for me to see the lower half of
his body but I knew full well what he was doing. God, I was excited to be
displaying myself like this. Turning around I bent over and spread my ass
cheeks to his view. Then scr****g up some of the juice that was trickling down
my leg I spread it on my anus and slid a couple of fingers into my ass. I
pumped and shook my fingers expanding my asshole until I pulled them and
gathered more of the juice that was unceasingly flowing out of my cunt. Now I
worked all four fingers in while rubbing my clit with my thumb as my breathing
became more ragged and my stomach fluttered in excitement. I removed my hand
from between my legs and reached behind me with both hands to hold my anus open
and gaping. I shook my tits so that they were flopping out to either side
hoping all the while that my watching neighbor could use his binoculars to see
straight up my ass and into my rectum. I let go of my ass and scooped up
lubrication in both hands and wheeled to once again face directly into the
window. I smeared the juices onto my tits and over my face. Time and again I
retrieved more juices and wiped in on myself and plunged my fingers into my
mouth where I sucked all the juice I could. Vicsously I pulled at my tits and
nipples and then leaning over I pushed one of my tits against my crotch to soak
up more of my juice and then bringing my tit to my face I would lick off the
With every nerve on fire I jumped onto the bed and grabbed the three foot long
dildo and mashed the head against my cunt. Holding on with both hands I wiggled
it against the opening of my vagina as finally the head slid inside. I started
pumping it in with increasingly longer strokes. There is sort of an inner
sphincter inside of me behind the entrance that I usually have to manipulate
past when I penetrate deeply into me. Now I just shoved the huge dildo past
this muscle until I was banging against my cervix. Over and over I thrust as I
started panting with excitement. I thrust it deeply until it was pressed hard
against my cervix and letting go with my hands I let it fall to the bed. I held
it in place with my feet and mauled at my tits by taking both hands and pulling
one tit straight out from body for its full foot and a half length and then
doing the same with the other one. With the dildo secured under my foot I
started hunching myself against the head that was buried eight to nine inches
inside of me pressing against the opening to my womb. As I pushed against it I
felt my cervix begin to give way when with a rush it slithered up into my womb.
With one hand I brought my tit to my mouth and started sucking on the nipple
while with the other hand I grabbed my clit and shook it as hard as I could
stand. Rocking my hips back and forth I could feel the exquisite pain of the
dildo passing in and out of my womb. Just as my orgasm hit I pulled my foot up
towards my ass as I pushed my cunt down and felt almost a foot and a half of
dildo sliding into me. Shooting my leg out straight and scabbling against my
clit my body exploded in convulsions of incredible exctasy. Every muscle in my
body body was rigid as waves of orgasm washed over me. I could feel this huge
thing filling me, keeping my legs spread apart as they locked in rigidity from
my explosion. As I looked down my body across my breasts which splayed out to
my sides I could see ripples washing down my firm stomach as waves of pleasure
passed across me highlighting the ridge that ran down one side of my belly that
was formed by the deeply imbedded dildo.
As my orgasm started to subside I once again reached for the dildo and started
pumping it in and out. I was out of control as I rammed the thing in ever
lenghtening strokes until I was spanning a foot with each thrust. Ripping it
out of my body I grabbed the stumpy dildo, drew my legs back until my knees were
along side my head, stuck a pillow under my hips and started to cram it into me.
I felt it pressing apart my vagina as my lips stretched around it spreading my
body as it advanced. My legs seemed to have lost all feeling as everything was
centered on my cunt. Even though I was lying on my bed I felt as if I was
sitting on this thing and was slowly sinking down on it as my legs hung
uselessly. I pushed harder and harder until my clit started to be drawn inside
of my cunt as the dildo slowly moved in. Finally no matter how hard I pushed it
wouldn't go in any deeper. I had to have it inside of me. My cunt lips were
stretched thin as my outer lips and clit were pushed inside of me. My inner
muscles were giving way and allowing passage but I just couldn't get it any
deeper. Letting it slide out I jumped off the bed and grabbed a desk chair and
setting it in front of the window placed the dildo on the chair. I straddled
the chair and lowered my self onto the blunt cone of the dildo. I felt it start
to slide easily in until the rapidly flaring rubber stump was spreading my cunt
apart to a width of almost four inches. I was so close to taking the whole
thing I moaned in frustration. Taking a deep breath to try and relax I
concentrated on letting my pussy muscles loosen up. I relaxed my weight onto
the dildo as I felt it slide the last inch into me as my cunt closed around the
neck. My weight settled down onto the chair and it was in me as far as it could
go. My being screamed in exhultation at the fullness of my vaginal cavity as I
rose shakily to my feet. My cunt was trying desperately to expell it but it was
lodged in too tightly. A wave of panic spread over me as I became afraid I
wouldn't be able to get it out. I waddled over to the bed and flopping down on
it raised my knees back to my head again and gave a massive push with my cunt.
The dildo slipped out and I collapsed onto the bed panting from the efforts. As
it lay nestled against my cunt I felt a great emptiness inside of me that I had
to fill. Picking it up I pushed it back in working it slowly up inside. This
time I had a much greater sense of its movement as it moved in. I could feel it
actually grabbing my clit and folding it under as it slid into me. This time I
was able to push it in me with my hands as the widest part of the flare passed
inside and the short neck jumped into my cunt as my pussy lips slipped into the
groove above the base flange. I rested there in joy as I felt the fullness
inside that seemed to make me complete. I reached for the mirror on my night
stand and it held it between my legs. The flat black bottom of the base flange
looked as if I had a huge gapping five inch diameter hole where my pussy was. I
laid there feeling my organs pushed aside by the mass that was in me and my
belly bulged out obscenely. I held an ass cheek in each hand and pulled them
apart to set it better in place. I felt it move slightly further in and
released my cheeks. When I looked again with the mirror a slice on each side of
the base appeared to have been taken out where it nestled between my ass cheeks.
I rolled off my bed and staggered to the window shooting my butt into view for
my neighbors enjoyment. I walked back and forth shaking my tits and rolling my
hips to experience all that I could with this thing in me. Laying back down on
the bed I started to massage my ass and spreading my cheeks as I grew
increasingly used to having it inside of me. As I worked my ass and vibrated
the dildo with my fingers I felt myself building to another orgasm. In truth my
cunt opening was to stretched to really go into an orgasm and I wasn't ready to
start playing with my clit to bring me to release. This was almost more of a
mental increase than a physical excitement despite having this huge plug in me.
My head seemed close to exploding just by the mental disbelief of having a
single object in me that was far bigger than any fist. But also my hips were
beginning to rock involuntairily with excitement. I could sense a building
climax from a great distance that seemed to linger just out of range but in
increasingly more intense patterns of lust. The sheer size of the dildo holding
my clit captive inside of me was keeping my orgasm at bay. I continued to push
and pull on my ass cheeks with a couple of fingers of each hand while
rythymically pressing against the partially imbedded base. As I worked my ass
more and more and my hips rocked back with their own increasing lust my cunt
started to spasm not in orgasm but with a life of its own. My tempo increased
rapidly as did the involuntary spasming of my hips and cunt. Faster and faster
everything continued to build, pumping on and on as my breathing grew hoarser in
response to the building tempo. Suddenly the base of the dildo slipped inside
as my cunt lips closed together after it. My body exploded over and over. My
clit popped back out and my over stretched cunt lips pushed out three inches
from my vagina as my belly bulged out even further. I could feel the dildo
being sucked further into me as I watched the bulge of my belly move up as if
some creature was crawling inside of me. My cunt started pumping out juice as I
orgasmed. Spurt after spurt was spewing out from my cunt as a long arc of piss
was ejected far down my bed. My being was centered in my cunt as the entire
orgasm took place there. The rest of my body did not exist as my pussy pumped
and pumped with increasing ferocity. The cum shooting out of me in long spurts
reached greater length as I spasmed on and on. I seemed to be watching myself
from inside my pussy seeing the muscles flex and relax as I spewed cum past the
foot of my bed. The dildo finally stopped advancing after stretching the inner
walls of my vagina as it bucked against my cervix. The lump under my skin was a
number of inches above my belly button and I could see it moving back and forth
as my cunt continued to spurt. Finally, as the spasming slowed down, the rest
of my body began to get involved. My legs started to shake uncontrollably, my
chest heaved as I took in great racking breaths and my skin tingled all over my
body. I laid there stupified by the incredible sexual release.
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start_fist03Fisting story 3

As my body started to descend from the explosion of my orgasm I laid there lost
in a trance while reviewing in my mind what I had just experienced. Gradually
my mind started to shut down as I let the sensations of my body dominate. I
could feel my muscles tingle as I cooled down, my breathing steadying into a
slow rhythym. I was wrapped in a state of wonder examining the incredible power
of sexual release. I could actually feel my vaginal muscles still quietly
spasming as they relaxed and the massive plug that was lodged in my vagina
descended from the deep recesses of my pussy. The bulge in my belly diminished
as the dildo slid down to press against the opening of my vagina, securely
contained inside me by the five and a half inch base. On the far wall were
splotches of cum where my pussy had throbbed out jets of fluid that had shot at
least 15 feet. I couldn't help but wonder what distance I might have been able
to achieve if I hadn't had ten pounds of rubber in my pussy. Slowly my body
settled further into the bed as my metabolism quieted while pleasureable
sensations drifted through me.
When I awoke the sun was shining into my bedroom burning holes through my
eyelids. As I fought off sl**p rememberances of last night came flooding back.
With a groan I rolled over to get out of bed when I realized that the dildo was
still lodged inside me. Pulling my breasts off to the side I looked down
between my legs at the two inch gap in my pussy where the base of the dildo was
pressed against my lips. I had to pee with a vengeance and started to panic
when I wasn't sure how it was going to be possible. Staggering into the
bathroom I sat on the toilet to see if I could go. Beyond the difficulty of
relaxing, my piss hole was covered by the dildo and there wasn't a chance I
could pee in this situation. With rising panic, thoughts of being admitted into
an emergency room were flitting through my brain and there was no way that was
going to happen. Standing up I reached between my legs and pushed on the dildo
while trying to relax my pussy muscles. By wiggling my hips and shoving with my
hand I was able to work it back up enough to clear my piss hole. As soon as I
sat back down the dildo dropped back to the front of the vagina so I stood up
and pushed it back in. Sitting down I used my hand to hold it back out of the
way and started to piss in short spurts. As I relaxed more and got used to this
rather inelegant position I started to pee in one long continuous luxuriant
stream. With hot pee flowing over the hand that held the dildo I started to
ponder my predicament. I was really growing nervous about getting this thing
out and the ramifications if I couldn't. If it hadn't been flat on the bottom
it would probably come out but as it wasn't tapered I thought that there might
be some problems. I finally finished peeing and without thinking brought my
soaked hand up to my mouth and started licking off the hot piss. Struggling to
my feet I waddled back to the bedroom and laid down on my back. Gathering
myself I decided the only thing I could do was to try and push it out. Taking a
deep breath I pulled up my knees and pushed out with my pussy muscles as hard as
I could. I could feel the thing make a tentative start for the exit but there
was no real headway, plus it hurt to bear down this hard. Next I tried grabbing
hold of the base of the dildo while trying to expel it but couldn't get a very
good grip and was unsuccessful. Refusing to panic I tried to think of other
options. The conclusion that I couldn't escape was to call my neighbor and
throw myself on his mercy. I dialed the phone praying that he would be there
and thankfully he was. I gave him a brief rundown on my predicament and he said
that he would be right over, What a neighbor! I sarted to walk to the back door
and realized that if I wasn't so scared by having the dildo stuck in me it woud
be a highly erotic experience. The more I walked, and particularly as I went
done the stairs it was getting more and more erotic. It felt sort of like I was
squeezing my thighs together and trapping my clitoris between my legs as I
moved. However, as I couldn't bring my legs together it was all happening
internally and by the time I got near the door I was starting to get really
turned on. Of course I would also be able to display myself to him which was
another turn on. I told myself that being turned on would really help in
lubricating my pussy to ease removing the dildo. I also questioned how I could
get turned on when a big problem, getting this thing out, was looming on the
Eroticism won out over any fears because by the last few steps to the door I was
rolling my hips seductively and making my boobs swing back and forth across my
chest. I pulled the door open to what was I hoped my saviour and let him in.
He was very sweet in expressing concern over my situation and seemed guenuinely
worried about me. I was thankful at his understanding as we headed back up to
my bedroom. I continued to sway seductively as we ascended the steps letting
him get a good look at my ass and my gaping vagina. Laying down on the bed and
spreading my legs I explained what I had tried so far and did he have any
suggestions. He once again said that he hoped I was OK and that he thought he
would see if he could get a grip on it and work it out as I pushed. At this
stage he seemed to feel that he should be very clinical. I told him that lets
try that first and to go ahead and see if he could get a grip on it. I also
told him that it had been considerably higher inside me than it was now, and not
be afraid to push it in so that he could gain access with his hand. I didn't
tell him that if he was able to grasp it he might want to start shoving it in
and out while he was in there. He asked me if I had any KY or even vaseoline
and for an answer I grabbed his hand and started wiping it on my leaking pussy
until it was dripping off his hand. Glancing askance at me as I laid back down
he started to slip his hand in while he pushed the dildo back up into me. Once
again I watched this protusion under my skin advancing up past my belly button
as he said he had been able to get his fingers around the base. He did express
some wonder as to whether I could pass the dildo plus his fingers through my
pussy lips. I hadn't really thought of that but told him to go ahead and try
and we will see what happens. I could feel him taking a grip as the muscles in
his lower fore arm worked while trying to grasp the dildo as gently as he could.
He slowly started to pull it down and it felt like my lungs were being sucked
into my vagina by the vacuum created as he moved it. As his wrist passed out of
my pussy and my vaginal opening started to expand as it rode up on his
widespread hand I could see my huge lips were riding out with his hand to a
distance past two inches. Just as I could feel it really stretch me out his
fingers slipped off and the dildo shot back up into me with the point squarely
hitting my cervix. I let out a whoosh of breath as the tapered end of the dildo
penetrated a couple of inches into my womb. As I gasped in air I could feel my
cunt start a familiar throbbing. Glancing anxiously at me to see if I was
alright I could only dumbly shake my head and mime him to continue.
Plunging his hand back in he kept working it endlessly around inside me to get a
better grip. I started getting wetter and u*********sly sarted fondling my
boobs and sucking on my nipples. Feeling him get a hard and secure hold on the
base he started drawing it back down with a slow measured motion. Again I could
feel my organs being sucked into my vagina. Nearing my opening he bore down
harder on the base compressing it a little and yelled for me to push. I
squeezed with all my might as he drew his hand out of me. It felt like I had
just given birth to a largeish colt and I yelped in pain. Holding up his hand
while grinning at me, was the dildo. My juices were flowing down his arm and
dripping off his elbow and he thrust his hand skyward holding the trophy aloft.
While I weakly applauded his efforts he peered closely at the cone shaped plug
shaking his head in amazement that I could have gotten it into me in the first
place. I laid there gasping for breath for a few minutes and in that time my
pussy already started to seem sadly empty. As he laid back, propped up on his
elbows at the foot of the bed, we started talking. He thanked me for the show
last night and I thanked him for the assistance the afternoon before.
Effortlessly I started giving him the brief story of my life and that I had no
idea what prompted me all of a sudden to start out on this sexual binge, but I
was happy that it happened. While I was talking his eyes kept roaming over my
body, studying my juice matted bush that covered so much of my crotch, staring
into my gaping vagina that still leaked my lubrication and visually caressing my
vast boobs.
I tried to talk him into letting me do something for him but he said that it
wasn't neccessary. The fact is I wasn't being all that generous, I was really
starting to get turned on by his open staring. I told him what a thrill I found
in exposing myself to others and that his staring at me was really getting me
hot. I was practically begging him to fuck me and if he was afraid that my
pussy was to loose that he could use any hole he could get his dick into. He
looked more and more uncomfortable as I pleaded with him so I changed the
subject a little. I told him how much I admired his body when I saw him lifting
weights and watching me last night. I told him that muscles on a guy were not
usually a big turn on for me but that despite his musculature he seemed to have
a smoothness and grace to his body that I had not seen on other weightlifters.
I was not trying to con him into fucking me but was sincere in my comments. I
mentioned that one of the reasons I hadn't dated for a very long time was that I
didn't need to deal with any macho bullshit. He started to respond to my
statements and seemed a little turned on, questioning me on my comments. I
assured him of my views, and he said the difference in his build compared to
what I usually saw was easily explained. With that he sat up and pulled off his
shirt baring that upper body I had so admired. Eventhough he was not real tall,
5'8-9", he did not have that compact build that men that aren't real tall
sometimes have. Even with his bulging torso and arms there was a fluidity about
him that I found highly erotic. I slithered down the bed to him and started to
slide my body up his. I began to lick his body, letting my tongue flow over his
incredibly smooth skin. His pecs were very pronounced and as I swirled my
tongue around his nipples they started to erect. I massaged his skin with my
breasts rubbing my inch thick nipples into him and drawing my tongue back,
pushed my nipples into his. His breathing started to become ragged as he
responded to my touches. I dropped my boobs and threw my arms around him
sinking my tongue deep into his mouth. Suddenly he pushed me back down on the
bed and I prepared for him to mount me. Instead he laid back down at the end of
the bed and in a gasping voice said that we weren't ready for each other. What
the hell did that mean? I asked him to explain and he said that he would
explain, but not right now. Then changing the subject he asked me what it was
like when I exhibited myself.
I started to tell of the incredible freedom I felt and of the wantoness that
possessed me when I did it. While I was talking I spread my legs and scooped up
my tits revelling in displaying myself to him. He began to stroke me with his
foot, sliding up and down along the inside of my thighs, moving closer to my
pussy. I stopped talking and watched in mesmerization the advance of his foot
as he slowly stroked me. With bated breath I hunched down towards him a little
feeling my pussy begin to get wetter. Slowly he approached my vagina wetting
the balls of his foot in my abundant juices. As I watched, hardly breathing, he
started to press his foot against my pussy, sliding it back and forth against
the entrance. His touch was making a wet sticky noise and he ground his toes
harder into me. I could see my juices flowing between his toes, then down the
the top of his foot. He continued to press against the opening as he ground
into me. Suddenly I let out a gasp as his toes slipped inside and he shoved his
foot in to his heel. I writhed in pleasure as he rotated his foot in me. I
rolled my shoulders forward and taking a breast in my hand starting rubbing my
tit against my clitoris. I love doing this as it reminds me of the size of my
boobs and it also is so soft and spongy against my clit. It prevents me for
cumming to soon as my soft breasts don't allow enough pressure on my clit. My
excitement continued to rise with the manipulation of my clit with my breast and
the plunging foot entering my vagina. Nearing my peak I stopped rubbing with my
tit and laid back on the bed. I did not want to cum yet and I wanted to feel
his foot deeper in me. Spreading my legs as far apart as I could I let him work
his foot in me wanting him to go deeper and deeper. As he rotated his foot back
and forth he would rotate his body inconjuction with the motion of his foot.
This would allow his heel to brush against my clit. Everytime this happened I
would lurch as if a charge of electricity was penetrating me and I would moan,
pushing even harder against his foot. I was starting to produce even greater
amounts of juice as I wallowed in the sexual sensations coursing through me.
Above my rasping breathing I could hear him panting in arousal as pushed harder.
There was a blinding flash when the heel of his foot slid into me and I arched
my back in ecstasy creaming over his foot. He continued to push in me as I
thrashed around on the bed, following my every move. Even in my berserk
delirium I was aware of the little things around me. I remember noticing the
elastic band around the bottom leg of his sweat pants riding up as he penetrated
deeper. Ignoring my cunt spasming in orgasm he pushed harder and deeper until
his toes pressed against my cervix. My cries of pleasure were only an incentive
to him as pushed against the bottom of my vagina. Begging him for more I tried
screwing myself down on his leg. I felt his ankle slip through with no
resistance by my stretching cunt lips. Deeper he went shoving my cervix back as
his shin started to enter me. Forcing his foot against me he had to brace
himself against the end of the bed as I felt my cervix start to give way and he
entered my womb. The irregularness of his foot and toes sent shocks jolting
through my cunt and shooting up my womb as he pressed on. His leg was now fully
extended and he had no leverage to continue deeper. The arch of his foot was
gripped by my cervix as he shook his foot inside me. Reaching up over my head I
pushed against the headboard deperately trying to f***e him deeper into me. I
saw his pant leg bunching up on his calf muscles as I ground against his leg.
Throwing myself down against his leg and rocking my hips back and forth I
crammed his entire foot into my womb and still I pushed. My breathing became
more difficult as I pushed on unable to tear my eyes from the advance of his leg
into me. I watched as his calf muscle started to enter me. My clit, which had
been thrust in and out of me when his foot drew it and released it only to
repeat the sequence when his heel went in, was now being dragged in and sc****d
by his legs advancement. His foot was pressing against my lungs through the
walls of my womb cutting off my breath. I pulled back slightly to ease the
pressure against my lungs and he shifted his foot inside. I watched transfixed
as the huge long ridge running up my belly and disappearing beneath my breasts
moved in coordination with the change in his foot's position. He began to slide
his foot in and out in eight inch strokes. Pulling his foot back so that his
ankle passed through my cervix and his heel butted against the entrance to my
womb he would then thrust it back in. I watched my pussy lips being dragged out
with his leg as they were tightly wrapped around his calf muscle. They
stretched out about three inches and then were dragged along until they rolled
back in with another forward thrust. Likewise my clit was constantly dragged
out to be sucked back in with each thrust. The movement of his leg against my
trapped clit was overpowering.
I had been almost continuously cumming from the time his heel went in until now.
But the action against my clit triggered a response to an entirely higher
level. Clamping my hands around the heel of his foot where it pushed out my
belly, and wrapping my legs around the leg that was inside in me, my body went
rigid. Every muscle I had started quaking as I wrapped my body around his leg.
I screamed over and over in ecstasy as my cunt churned and shook spewing out
volcanos of cum. However none of it was able to escape my pussy as I clamped
down on his leg. Locked in a deaths embrace my entwined legs and squeezing
vaginal muscles prevented the least little amount of juice from escaping to the
outside. Instead my stomach started to expand as the pumping juice was locked
inside. Gradually the distinct ridge formed by his foot and leg faded as my
skin grew taut by the overfilling juice. I don't know how long I screamed in
rhythm to the pulsations of my cunt but it seemed forever. Finally the orgasm
subsided as sank back exhausted into the bed. Slowly, with care and tenderness,
he began to withdraw his foot. With minimal disturbance he slid it out. When
his ankle was at the entrance to my pussy my cum exploded out of me soaking his
leg and pooling on the bed sheet. I laid there letting my body vibrate as he
moved up from the foot of the bed and started to drink the juices flowing out of
me. As he gulped them down his throat worked to keep up with the flow. When
the flood slowed to a trickle he put his face down on the sheet between my
quivering legs and sucked in a mouthful. Quietly moving up the bed he pressed
his lips against mine. As my lips opened in response to his, he let the cum
stored in his mouth slide into me. I drank deeply of my juice. As I looked
into his eyes he gently stroked my face then melted out of my bedroom. Just
before sinking into oblivion I heard him lock my backdoor.

For once when I awoke the light was the same as when I fell asl**p. Peeling
myself out of the pool of pussy juice coagulating on the sheet I staggered to
the bathroom wanting nothing more than to wash off the gallons of dried cum that
coated my body. Stepping into the shower I luxuriated under the hot spray. I
should have felt stiff and sore but instead I felt exhilirated. I was so
grateful to my neighbor and his participation in my new found life and was
pleased that I taken this wonderful new turn in my existence. I decided to call
him up and invite him over or out for dinner as thanks. Briskly toweling off I
seemed to revel in all forms of contact now. The towel rubbing my skin felt
wonderful as I dried myself. Wrapping it around me and knotting it in place I
called him up asking if he would like to go out. Only a couple of days ago I
was hoping that as a new neighbor he would not infringe on my privacy and here I
was calling him for what, a date? He said he would love to and was I going to
flash the restaurant? I laughed and told him that the thought had crossed my
mind but if he would be uncomfortable I wouldn't. He said he was very
comfortable with the idea and did I need any help in picking out an outfit. I
thought that this was odd, I had never known a guy that wanted to pick out
clothes, but I told him to come over and we will see what we could find. Bam!
It hit me. He was gay. That certainly would explain a few things I had been
wondering about as well as the flowing body, the fine features of his face and
the petite hands and feet. I resolved not to let it bother me and to just enjoy
the attention. Removing the towel and hanging it on the bar I went down to let
him in. I loved walking around naked and enjoyed the pleasure of my swaying
breasts and the tugging on my back muscles, the cool air on my damp pubic hair
and the sense of freedom. I opened the door and waited outside on the private
deck letting the sun warm me. As he came around the corner and stepped up on
the deck his eyes were drinking me in. He complimented me on how feminine I was
and the beauty of my body. I went up to him and threw my arms around him
planting my lips on his and digging my tongue deep into his mouth. Much to my
surprise he returned the gesture with an intensity I felt in my toes. I had not
expected an intense response but rather a s****rly kiss from a gay man.
Truthfully though I was very pleased.
As we headed upstairs I told him that I really didn't have a lot to choose from
when it came to revealing clothes but felt sure that we could find something.
We went over to the closet and as we stood next to the full length mirror he was
drinking in my body. Standing behind me he reached around me and lifted my
breasts and started fondling them. Taken aback, I started at his move. Jerking
his hands away he started apologizing. Quickly assuring him that it was alright
and that I enjoyed his touch I turned to face and kiss him again. He pushed me
gently away and began to kiss me on my neck, gradually moving down across my
boobs and belly and then sliding behind to kiss my hips and then my ass cheeks.
I picked up my breasts and stroked my expanding nipples, feeling the flush of my
spreading aureole. I told him if he would rather we could stay and I would fix
dinner here, or whatever. With his face pushing into the cleft of my bottom he
mumbled in a hesitant fashion that he had a confession to make. I kew it, I
thought, and resolved to act surprised when he told me he was gay. He stood up
and removed his shirt, allowing me to ogle his beautiful torso. I stood there
staring at him as I kept massaging my boobs. Slowly he bent over and pushed his
pants down and when he straightened up the surprised outburst I made was in no
way feigned. Your a girl I! I blurted out. I stood and stared, now speechless
as he twisted in embarrasment in front of me. Finally he pried my hands away
from my breasts that I was clutching and led me over to the bed. Sitting next
to each other she told me her story.
Apparently her parents were very petite and that although she was tall for a
woman had been extremely thin. To compensate she had started in on a weight and
bulk regimen and for a number of years had compulsively followed it. She told
me that her s****r was even smaller than her parents, at 4'10" and about 85
pounds. She realized that she was overcompensating, but by now it was a
routine she enjoyed and continued to pursue. With extreme tact the first words
I blurted out were that she must be a lesbian. She laughed and said that she
wasn't sure what she was as the only person that she ever had sex with was her
s****r. Your s****r! I shouted in disbelief. My reaction shook her and I
rushed on to tell her that I wasn't judging her but was just surprised, about a
lot of things. She said yes, her s****r, Val, and that her real name was Jane,
and that she was very anally inclined and had gained experience in fisting
through play with her s****r. They fisted each other, although her s****r could
not take it vaginally. Finally she wanted to know how I felt about this. I
told her that it seemed pretty exciting to me, and in truth this talk about
fisting was very stimulating. I was curious about anal fisting as I had only
been fucked in the ass a couple of times and while pleasurable did not go into
orbit over it.
But I got to tell you it still wasn't sinking in. Here we were talking and I
was responding in a normal tone but I was still amazed. I asked her to stand up
and let me look at her. She had a hard body from the waist down as well. I
looked her up and down and was transfixed by her muscular thighs and hard butt.
Her pussy was smooth shaven, in fact she had no body hair at all, just this
lovely satiny skin. I reached out to cup her taut pussy and felt a wetness
between her legs. I asked her, if she had only had sex with her s****r, how
often could that be. She replied that they had sex all the time as they lived
together. Your s****r's next door, I shrieked. With a grin she nodded her
head. But she could have seen me, I stuttered. Still grinning she informed me
that her s****r had seen a whole lot of me and was dying to meet me.
Well, hoooolllly fuck I thought. Pushing my hand aside she sank to her knees
and placed her face between my thighs. Lifting my legs up she started tongueing
my anus. Then glancing up at me she said that if I were to raise my hand and
wave, her s****r would be right over. Giving her a chance to work my asshole a
little more I decided to give her s****r Val the signal. I shot my hand up and
waved frantically although it was almost involuntairily as at that instant her
tongue penetrated into my rectum. As Jane kept working inside my ass we heard
the back door open and pulling her tongue from within me Jane called to her
s****r to come upstairs. Struggling to my feet I went out into the hall in time
to see tiny little girl, without a stitch of clothes on, coming up the stairs.
She stopped at the top of the steps when she saw me and we stared at each. She
was just about the most petite woman I had ever seen. Val was absolutely
gorgeous with very fine features, small taut breasts with engorged nipples,
tapered legs ending in tiny feet and a miniscule waist. I felt like an amazon
as I stood there with my long legs and huge breasts that hung to just above my
crotch. We stared at each other for I don't know how long when Jane stepped
from behind me and rushed over to her s****r. She effortlessly scooped her up
in her arms and carried her to me. Giving her s****r a big kiss she set her
down and made almost formal introductions. With a grin like a c***d on
Christmas morn Val reached over to draw my face to hers and kissed me like never
before. As her tongue flitted inside my mouth I experienced the most erotic
kiss of my life. It felt as if she were taking my own tongue and saliva deep
within her as she gave back a sexual charge that penetrated to my toes.
Breaking free she turned her back to me and rubbed her body against mine. Her
tight butt was rubbing sensually back and forth against my thighs as she d****d
my breasts over her shoulders wearing them like a stole. She was the epitome of
a sex kitten.
Val, looking at her s****r, asked her if I was ready for some serious anal work.
Jane responded that ready or not we were going ahead. She said I needed
cleaning out and then they would put on a demonstration for me. With that Val
broke from underneath my boobs and dashed towards the stairs. I felt a lurch in
my crotch as I watched her go. This tiny woman was a pure ball of sexual
energy. Dashing downstairs then running back up she advanced on me with an
apparatus that while I recognized, I had no experience with. With a big grin
she claimed rights to cleaning me out. I groaned thinking of the wisecracks I
had always heard about enemas. Taking my hand she led me into the bathroom
where I waited with some anxiety while she filled the enema bag with warm water.
She had me bend over so she could gain access to my anus. Lubricating my
asshole with her tongue and making sure I was completely lubricated, she slipped
the probe of the enema into me and released a stream of water. She told me that
she would start out with a pint as I was new to this and work up to a little
more for the next go round. While the water flowed in she roamed over my body
with her hands and lips, stroking and hefting my breasts while kissing and
licking my back. When a pint had flowed into me she asked how I felt. I told
her that there was no discomfort only a slight full feeling which was somewhat
pleasant. She seemed surprised, but only opened up the valve to let more water
in. She stopped after another pint and massaged my belly as I could feel the
water gurgling inside me. After about ten minutes she said it was time to let
the water out and slipped the probe out of me. I told her that I could do the
next bit on my own, but with a leer she said she'd watch to make sure everything
came out OK. Sitting down on the toilet while trying to hide my embarrasment I
unclenched as the water came boiling out of me. After the initial flush I
started to drain out in spurts feeling lumps of shit working their way down with
the water. With Val watching me I started to find this an erotic exercise,
although apparently I was now beginning to find everything erotic. When I was
finished she announced brightly that it was time to get serious. After cleaning
myself off she examined me with satisfaction and bent me back over. After
refilling the enema bag she had me hang it over the shower curtain rod and let
the water flow in. While I was being filled again she stood on the toilet and
pulled me head towards her vagina. I was unable to reach her very well in this
position so Jane, who had been watching this from the doorway, came in and
scooping Val up in her arms and held her spread-eagled before me. As I attacked
Val's pussy she and Jane were engaged in a battle of tongues. I pulled back for
a moment to watch them, pleased by the obvious affection and arousal they had
for each other. Dipping into Val's pussy again I soon had her squirming in
Jane's arms as I delved as deeply into her as I could. I had actually forgot
about the water flowing into me until I began to feel the warmth of the water
spreading through my body. Additionally I was starting to feel significantly
full, much more so than the first time. After a few more minutes I just
couldn't take anymore and was feeling severe pressure to release the water.
Letting the s****rs know that I was full I started to straighten up when I was
hit by some minor cramping. Jane set Val down and closed off the valve to stop
the flow of water. Slowly straightening up, my belly looked as it did when I
was five months pregnant. Val told me she thought I had taken about two quarts.
I was not that impressed knowing what a big asshole I was, but the s****rs
thought this was pretty good considering my inexperience. They told me I should
walk around a little and let it try and percolate inside before releasing it.
Oh, no problem. Anyway I did walk a bit and the pressure started to ease off.
The s****rs went back into the bedroom for a little light amusement when it hit
me. I dashed into the bathroom squeezing with a vengance and made it to the
toilet when the dam burst. Anything I had had recently was now gone. Feeling
considerably lighter I started to skip back to my bedroom when another dam burst
hit giving me just enough time to hit the toilet again. This time I stayed
there until we were finished. Cleaning myself, I went into the bedroom.
As I walked in Jane was on her hands and knees as Val was working her combined
fists into Janes cunt. She had her two hands clasped together in a prayerful
stance and was shoving them into to a depth just past her wrists. As Jane
panted with lust Val turned to me to say that she was getting her s****r ready
for anal fisting. I told her not to do anything until I got back as I would go
and get some lubricant. Telling me not to bother Val pulled her fists out
allowing another gush of juice to join the pool that was already between Jane'
legs. I watched her pumping for 15 seconds while my juices started to flow.
Pulling one hand out, Val soaked her fist in Jane's juice and started to work
her fist into her s****rs ass. Oh my god, Oh my god, I breathed over and over
as her hand slid in. I had never seen anything like this before. Penetrating
her s****rs ass didn't seem to be just another hand going into just another
hole. This seemed to be way beyond fisting a pussy in wantoness and eroticism.
I glided forward sinking to me knees and brought my face within inches of the
action. Keeping one hand in her s****r's pussy Val started to push her other
hand deeper and deeper into her anus. She started a commentary on her actions,
describing how there was an inner sphincter muscle that she had to work past
slowly to get real depth. I watched as Val slowed her penetration when she was
several inches past her wrist and started to rotate her fist slightly back and
forth. I'm now working around the bend, so to speak, as Jane started moaning
with increased vigor. Val pulled the hand in Jane's pussy out and her upper
hand, buried in her ass hole, dropped down a couple of inches to fill the void
created by Jane's now empty cunt. Damn, that was an erotic site, really
demonstrating how full her vagina had been. I pleaded with Val to fill her
s****r's pussy again then to pull her fist out so I could see it collapse in
again. Val obligingly started to pump her hand in and out as Janes pussy filled
and emptied allowing the hand in her ass to bob up and down. Slowly she worked
the arm buried in her s****r's ass in another inch when all of a sudden she
rapidly eased in about four more inches. She was now approaching her elbow and
Jane was rocking her hips back and forth. Her empty pussy was continuously
dripping juice on the bed. Val told me she was now at another crucial spot and
stopped her advance while once again beginning the rotating motion while making
very short in and out movements. Once again she seemed to pass the road block
as her elbow slid into Jane's ass.
I was clawing at my clit as little orgasms started to spread through me. I
leaned in and started licking around Val's arm where it joined with Jane.
Granted Val was very small but still, she was in her s****r past the elbow. I
crawled under Jane so I could look up past her pussy to her filled ass hole. I
had forgotten about the juices that had fallen to the bed until I felt my hair
getting soaked. I opened my mouth to let her leaking pussy drip directly down
my throat. This was the ultimate aphrodisiac. Jane lowered herself onto me and
started sucking on my pussy while Val continued to pump into her. My breath
caught in my throat when, against my belly, I could feel Val's hand moving
around inside her s****r. I froze in position as I could feel the knuckles of
the buried fist glide across my skin. When I glanced back up Val was pulling
her free hand from Jane's pussy where Val had been loading it up with lubricant.
I felt the fist inside Jane's anus retreating down my body as Val pulled her
other hand back. When she was back to her wrist, there, right before my eyes
she started working the second hand into her s****r's ass. This was too much
for both Jane and me. Simultaneously we both started cumming in a major way.
Jane clamped down on my clit moaning through her teeth as I could feel her
stomach spasming against mine as she came. I threw my arms around her and
ground my crotch into her face while licking violently at her clit. It was an
incredible sensation to have another woman creaming while I held her tight. I
greedily sucked in her juices while I felt her open mouth locked against my
vagina. Her face was buried hard and deep against me with my long pussy lips
trapped between the sides of her face and my thighs.
Val waited patiently for us to finish, then, not giving Jane a chance to recover
resumed pushing her doubled fists into her. I slid out from under Jane and
moved back around to watch her get penetrated. She repeated the pattern of
slowing down and working her way past an inner sphincter until she was able to
get into her s****r with both arms. She explained to me that with a double fist
she could go in only to the beginnings of her elbows as her arms splayed out at
that point. Once she reached this point she withdrew about six inches and
plunged back in. She started pumping faster and faster as the intensity of
Janes ragged breathing increased. Wheeling around to get alongside Val my
flying boobs slapped into her almost knocking her over. Jane grunted when Val's
arms jerked inside her but Val quickly resumed her arm fucking. My long hair
soaked with Jane's cum, flew up and splatted wetly against my back as I moved.
Val's arms were a blur of pentration when Jane exploded in another orgasm. She
was sobbing in pure lust as her arms collapsed and she fell face forward onto
the bed. Val kept pumping her for another 30 seconds while Jane spasmed in
release. Vals chest was covered in juice as Jane shot out load after load of
cum. When she started to cum I wrapped my arms around her, cushioning my breasts
on her back. I could feel both Vals's arms moving inside her while her belly
rolled in waves of orgasm. Finally her throbbings slowed as her orgasm waned.
Sliding her arms from her s****r Val said that we were now going for some real
wide depth. She wanted me to fist Jane with one arm and she would use an arm,
and that way we could get in past the elbows. I was anxious to try fisting
someone but was also a little nervous. I wondered if perhaps Jane shouldn't be
consulted and besides my hand and arm were bigger than hers. Val would have
none of it, and Jane still seemed a little out of things as she laid there with
her ass in the air and her head cradled in hers arms, moaning softly. Val gave
me instructions and rubbing my hand on Val's chest to get it lubricated I
slipped my hand easily into Jane's ass. It was an amazing feeling. My hand was
in this hot, slippery soft casing that was another woman's anus. I gently felt
my way around as I explored this wonderous cave. Jane's moaning picked up a
little as I moved around inside her. Searching with my fingers for the entrance
to her colon I started to slip my hand carefully through it. I felt myself grow
wetter as my pussy starting making little spasms. I knew this was something I
was going to feel for myself. Once into her colon I made good time advancing
into her, slowing down at the last bend as my elbow slid smoothly into her.
Val, who had been lubing my arm as I penetrated Jane, now started to work her
hand alongside mine. At this point Jane lurched up at the new sensation of
being spread further than she ever had by the combination of Val's hand and my
much larger arm. As Val slowly and carefully worked her way in I found it
highly erotic feeling her hand crawling up my arm. Jane was bracing herself
with her arms as Val had to push harder than usual. Jane's moans were coming
with greater frequency and much louder now. Carefully Val entered her colon as
her body pressed against mine. I started shaking with excitement as Val passed
her elbow into her s****r's ass pushing ever deeper. As Val's hand passed mine
and she buried her arm almost to her shoulder Jane started bucking with the
release of another orgasm. When Val worked her free hand into her s****r's
pussy Jane collapsed forward onto the bed screaming in ecstasy. We followed her
down sprawling against each other as I started licking around Jane's tightly
stretched anal ring. Jane screamed at us to fuck her harder and harder as her
body flopped under our combined weight. I kept my hand and arm as still as I
could but Val pumped her fist in and out of her cunt. Jane's hard butt clenched
and released and I looked up to watch the muscles in her body flex in a
pulsating rhythm. Cum was flooding past Vals hand as she shook in an ancient
and wild dance. Our bodies were covered in juices and Val and I were sliding
all over Jane's legs and each other. Repeatedly Jane threw us around as she
orgasmed but our arms locked deep in her colon kept us from flying off. Now Val
was jerking her hand out of Jane's pussy and feasting on her juices. Over and
over she plunged back in sucking up her s****r's cum then reaching over and
letting me slurp up her juices. My arm was beginning to ache from the
incredible pressure and the flailing of our bodys as Jane bucked beneath us.
Finally even Janes great strength began to fail as her body slid off its
orgasmic high.
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start_fist04 by FeldFisting Story--Part 4

I rocked back stupified by what had just transpired as Jane lay there moaning
while Val gently stroked her quivering body. I just couldn't mentally grasp the
eroticism of the acts we had committed. Giving a final shake I pressed my body
against Val's cum slickened skin and slid alongside her as I ran my hands
through the puddle of Jane's cream. Sliding my hands up her thighs I started to
massage Janes gaping asshole. Lowering my face to her anus cupped between my
hands, I ran my tongue around her asshole. I had never done anything like this
before but was getting extraordinairily turned on as I buried my face in her
ass. I licked up the thick accumulated juices left behind by the prolonged
fisting. Greedily I sucked in the layers of cum moving closer to her open anus.
I slid my tongue down the final slope and entered her rectum. My breathing
stopped as I swirled my tongue inside her, lapping up mouthfuls of her juice. I
pressed my face harder into her ass cleft as I frantically scooped out any
remains, stretching to remove the deepest traces. With the final mouthful I was
able to gather, I moved up along Jane's side, opposite Val, and rubbing my tits
across her back leaned towards Val expectant face. Val turned her tiny face
towards mine and grabbing my head f***ed her lips against mine as her tongue
slid into my mouth. She ground her lips fiercely against mine as she
desperately sucked out her s****rs juices.
After releasing me she sat back on her heels and somewat anxiously asked me what
I thought. The dreamy expression on my face should have been answer enough, but
I told her it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and couldn't wait to try
it myself. By this time Jane was ready to rejoin the rest of the human race.
She rolled over on her back and looked up at us with a completely satisfied
smile. Val and I both dived on top of her and we rolled around on the bed
laughing, spreading pussy juice on ourselves and grabbing at any available body
part. Gradually our horseplay faded as we began to sensually respond to each
other. I ended on my back with Jane's pussy spread over my face and Val lapping
at my open vagina. Jane leaned down and grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs up
in the air to expose me even further. She joined her s****r at my crotch and
Val slid down to work on my asshole as Jane nuzzled my clit and vagina. As I
buried my face deeper into Jane their combined efforts started my pussy spasming
and my juice flowing. Vals tongue was flickering at the entrance to my anus as
she pressed against it seeking entrance. Scooping up some of my juice from my
leaking pussy she worked two of her slickened fingers inside me. Removing her
fingers from my loosened hole she slipped her tongue inside while gently
nibbling my anus with her teeth. My ass vibrated in excitement as she reamed my
rectum with her tongue. Jane had vainly been trying to suck my enormous pussy
lips entirely into her mouth when she moved up to suck on my clit. Val worked
her hand back and forth from my leaking vagina to my anus adding lubribication
to my ass. Then she would work her fingers in with a scissoring motion as my
asshole loosened. Finally she placed her mouth over my pussy hole and drank in
a large mouthful of cream. Placing her lips around my anus she shot the pussy
cream into my vagina. After repeating this several times my rectum was burning
from the heat of my juice.
Slowly Val slid her fingers into me, then tucking her thumb against her palm,
she eased her hand into my anal opening. My body froze in position as all my
being concentrated on my ass. The whole world dropped away as the center of my
universe became my anus. With bated breath I waited as her hand slowly
advanced. My asshole expanded firmly around her fingers as the knuckles
approached my stretching anus. After an eternity, while I didn't draw a breath,
the widest part of Val's hand was poised to enter me. As her entire hand slid
into me I convulsively sucked in great drafts of air. I laid there in a state
of shock while my mind tried to grasp that I had a hand inside of my ass. Val
and Jane remained absolutely still as I slowly accepted the incredibly erotic
notion that part of someone else was now embedded in me. As my breathing
started to level out Val began working her hand in me. The pain of entry that I
had feared never materialized and I asked her to take her hand out and try
putting it back in as a fist. As soon as she pulled her hand out I felt as if
part of me had been cut away, it was as if I was not a complete person with out
that space filled.
Val started to nudge my anus with her closed fist. Jane moved up alongside me
and stroked my breasts and sucked on my nipples. I felt my anus open in welcome
to Val's insistent fist. With no pain, just a quivering, spasming flutter of my
asshole her fist slipped in. The intensity of the feeling was more mental than
physical which probably explained why I was not orgasming. Instead I was
quietly and continuously leaking pussy fluid from my vagina. For the last 15
minutes this almost unobtrusive flow had leaked out of me to puddle on the
sheet. It made a convenient resevoir for Val to use for lubrication. Val
started a slow insertion deeper into my rectum. She expressed amazement at the
room she had inside me. Her wrist was well into me before her searching fingers
reached the opening into my colon. Letting me know that breaching this obstacle
would be the most difficult part she worked two fingers through. I jerked
convulsively as she extended her fingers into my colon. Jane reached up to my
face and taking my head in her hands planted little kisses over my face while
quietly reassuring me. God, I could love these women.
Being distracted a little by Jane allowed Val to pass more fingers deep inside.
All distractions ended when her coned hand started past the inner sphincter.
With a slightly queasy, yet erotic flutter of my stomach, I felt her entire hand
begin to pass through. When the deep sphincter muscle closed around her wrist I
lurched up as my body clenched in a lightning like orgasm. It hit me out of the
blue, striking without warning. My stomach spasmed with an erotic feeling that
I had never experienced before. I could feel my colon churning in waves as the
orgasm rolled back and forth deep inside my body. Looking down past my flailing
breasts I could see Val's arm buried in me past the center of her forearm. I
had no idea she had penetrated this deeply. Bracing my arms behind me I rolled
my hips and stomach in great undulations as my colon continued to spasm. I kept
gulping for breath as my insides churned. As the orgasm ebbed away I looked at
Jane who was helping support me with a hand around my shoulders. She had a deep
smile on her face as she realized I had indeed experienced my first anal orgasm.
While intense, it wasn't the strongest orgasm I've had but it wasn't different
from any others.
With my breathing returning to normal Jane slid behind me and leaning against
the backboard of my bed pulled my head down and nestled it against her stomach.
I relaxed against her belly with my shoulders supported by her thighs. She
reached out and stroked my breasts as I smiled up into her face. My body
continued to gently shake as Val moved her hand deeper into my colon. I allowed
Janes soothing touch to relax me so I could concentrate on the progress of Val's
hand. I had drifted into a dream like state as I watched her hand move deeper.
It was almost as if I was watching someone else receive her elbow when it
slipped into me. There was no pain, no distress, just a peaceful, pulsating
erotic contentment. My asshole had closed around her upper arm when she looked
up at me and whispered that she could feel my heart beating. Jane pulled my
breasts aside as Val pulled her arm back to reveal her elbow. Slowly she pumped
her arm in and out letting her elbow expand and contract my anal opening. Far
above my navel there was a small crescent shaped ridge visible where her arm
pushed out my skin as it followed the contours of my colon.
Tansfixed, I watched hypnotically as she started to introduce her second hand
into my anus. Her fingers slid along the exposed elbow of her buried arm as
they wormed their way in. I started to tense up as her palm entered me. For
the first time I was feeling some serious stretching and Jane, sensing this once
again stroked and soothed me in a comforting fashion. Her calming manner
allowed me to relax and let Val slide her flattened hand fully into my rectum.
Seeing that I had accepted both hands she slid her buried arm all the way back
down until both hands were encased inside my anal cavity. Slowly she curled one
hand into a fist, then the other. She started moving her fists lightly around,
exploring what freedom she had. Gradually her movements grew broader and
broader as she spread her fists further apart opening me up. She kept her
wrists locked together while doing this. Looking up at her s****r and me she
announced that I had an unbelievably roomy ass. I felt if it weren't for the
distinction I could have forgone the compliment, but by the look on her face I
could see she was pleased.
At this point she started stretching out my anal ring by gently moving her
wrists apart. Again I tensed up as the expansion of my asshole had seemed to
reach its limit and pain began to return. Jane increased her attentions by
bringing my breasts up alongside my head and suckling on my nipples. I believe
this was the longest my nipples had been engorged and my vast aureole were
puffed out farther than I had ever seen them. My nipples had remained at an
inch diameter but were now over an inch and a half long. This distraction
allowed Val to flex her wrists until there was quite a gap between them and the
pain had been repaced by aching pleasure. Gently Jane released my breasts and
substituting pillows for the comfort of her body moved down to join her s****r
between my widely spread legs. Before she got into position I asked her if she
could move my free-standing full length mirror to the foot of the bed. She did
so, angling it off to the side so that I had a clear view of my ass. Lying down
face to face with her s****r Jane snuggled up next to her. Val pulled her hands
out as Jane dipped a hand in one of the now numerous juice pools and slid her
wet hand alongside Val's. They pressed their fingertips and palms tightly
together and I watched in abstract fascination as together they worked their
hands into my anus. The abstraction ended when the combined size entering me
really tightened my anal ring.
I had certain fears about anal fisting when we started but the smooth progress
coupled with Janes tender support had eliminated them. I was now fully
prepared to deal with all these new experiences. So when my ass started to
expand painfully I could quickly relax and allow my loosened anal ring to expand
with a minimum of discomfort. Of course being able to watch their progess as I
laid back was a tremendous turn on. Their fingers remained extended in me as
their wrists slipped in. Releasing my breath in a long satisfied sigh I got
caught up in the eroticism of their penetration. Slowly they drove deeper as
their fingers reached the opening into my colon and gently parted it. I was
captivated by the scene in the mirror. It was if I was watching someone else in
a movie yet experiencing the same sensations as the person on the screen. As
they passed through this inner sphincter I again felt a slightly queasy jolt
which quickly died away. It was replaced by my increasingly ragged breathing
and heightened tension. However the tension was of a purely sexual type and my
toes started curling with my need. They clasped their hands into a single fist
now as a huge bulge rose up under my skin marking their depth. On they reached
moving ever deeper. As their elbows inexorably approached my anal ring I knew
that I couldn't pass both their elbows at the same time, but on they came. My
pussy started to tingle and clench as my anus was f***ed wider and wider. I was
ejaculating bursts of air then hugrily sucking in another breath as they moved
on. I was now raising myself up supporting myself with my back stretched arms.
My breasts d****d over my sides barely touching the bed. I whirled in a
kalideoscope of sensations as my eyes flicked back and forth from the mirror to
watching their fists move beneath my skin. As they advanced deeper their fists
disappeared from view under my rib cage leaving only the ridge raised by their
arms. As my pussy churned harder and harder deperately seeking orgasm I began
to chant More! More! Their elbows began to enter my ass as my anal ring
seemed to stretch to infinity. I could feel pressure throughout my body as
organs were uncaringly thrust aside. The pressure on my asshole diminished
briefly with the passage of their elbows. Moments later it resumed as their
biceps started to enter. I began throwing my head about in abandon as I sought
relief. My hair, which long ago had been plastered to my head by dried cum
began to break free and fly wildly about. God, I needed More! More! Suddenly
their progress stopped. They couldn't press any deeper but it wasn't enough.
Greedily I begged for more. I wanted it deeper. I wanted it wider and harder.
My anus was stretched out well over five inches and it wasn't enough. I was
weeping in frustration pleading for sexual release as my cunt screamed to be let
free. I begged, pleading for more. As Jane started to work her other hand in
me I froze. In a blurring rush my life centered on that third hand working its
way into me. Glancing in the mirror my mind couldn't comprehend the size of my
stretched anus. As the third hand entered me and the slight relief caused by
her wrist replacing her hand at my anal ring happened, my body unfroze. As Jane
rolled her extra hand into a fist inside my rectum my universe exploded. My
pussy pumped in dreadfull lurches that spewed cum from its flattened opening.
In a burst of immense fireworks my colon lit off in blinding waves. The muscles
of my vagina clenched and opened with each jet of cum. My pussy lips, compacted
as they were by the stretching of my anus, were bl**d red and pooched way out
from my vagina. I was unable to bear down with my anal ring as it was stretched
to its fullest extent. The s****rs arms were pressed against the bones of my
pelvis and no more could enter me unless the ligaments holding my bones together
stretched. The flesh covering my body was literally undulating as the combined
vaginal and anal orgasm wracked my body. I could do nothing as a primeval f***e
controlled me washing waves of unbelievable pleasure to all parts of my body. I
was screaming with a****l lust that had nothing to do with civilization. My
body was levitating. I didn't know if I was lifting myself or the s****rs had
lifted my up by my anus but my hips were convulsing off the bed. On and on it
went as I sobbed in an orgy of lust and sexual relief.
Eventually I started to come down, the waves and spasms and convulsions slowed.
My breathing slowed and my mind returned to the present. The s****rs withdrew
the hands that were buried deep within me until their three fists were contained
in my rectum and my anus was stretched only by the thickness of their wrists.
Unknown to me they had both reached orgasm just by being participants of the
spectacle before them. While I moaned quietly on the bed trying to gain control
of my vibrating limbs they stared at me in awe. They watched as my quivering
caused my breasts to shake as they lolled across the bed and my legs and arms
jumped. Gradually I heard their voices focus as they were discussing the
capacity of my body. They were particularly amazed by how much my rectum could
expand and how loose the skin inside me was. Val slipped her little hand back
inside my gaping anus, barely coming in contact with my skin. I had as yet no
control over my body and so could only watch in disbelief as she pushed her hand
against the roof of my anus and curled it out. There, in front of my eyes, her
fist, encased in the loose skin that separated my anus from my vagina began to
emerge from my pussy. I could distinctly discern her knuckles and fingers as
half her fist emerged from my vagina while her arm protruded from my asshole.
We all remained silent while this feat sank in.
Finally Jane broke the silence with a long drawn out OOOhhhh my GGGoooodd.
For the first time I noticed that their faces and hair were matted in layers of
cum that I had ejected. Jane began to slide up alongside me until she could
cradle my head and began to tenderly rock me as my breathing returned closer to
normal. Val, ever full of energy was licking my inner thighs working her way up
to my crotch. As the top of her head came in contact with the juncture of my
thighs she started to press against my anus. As her petite head began to enter
my rectum I jerked away. That was for another time. And I really had to do
something for these girls.

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Start Fist 05 by Feld
Fisting story 5
by Feld

After my marathon session of sex with Jane and Val, I needed to recover a bit so
we had gotten together for just dinner and drinks. We just wanted to get to
know each other. One night they brought over three of their girlfriends,
Justine, Ellie and Brigitte. We all had a wonderful time, talking and laughing
into the early hours of the morning. About a week later Jane called to let me
know that she and her s****r would be visting their parents. I wished them a
good time but was also a little disappointed as I was starting to feel randy
again. I decided to make a shopping trip out to the adult store and add some
toys to my new collection. I had particularly liked the sensation of various
sizes of objects going in an out of me so was looking for something that would
do that.
I left for the adult store without wearing a revealing outfit as this was to be
just a shopping trip. I entered the store with much more confidence and greater
comfort. This time I spent quite a bit of time looking over the various items.
There were many dildos of all different shapes, sizes and materials as well as
other things that I couldn't figure out what they were. What really caught my
eye were a series of balls on a string. I could imagine how they must feel as I
would pull them out of my pussy or anus and I felt a stirring in my crotch at
the thought. I could picture my pussy opening and closing as they were
withdrawn. I decided to get two types. The first consisted of ten balls about
the size of ping-pong balls attached to a thin string. The second set were much
larger, about the size of oranges, and were linked by fairly stiff rubber
connections about 1/2 inch thick and about 1.5 inches apart. The whole string
had clearly been molded all at one time and I started to get wet just thinking
of inserting them and pulling them out.
When I went up to the counter to pay there was an enormous dildo next to the
clerk. This thing sat there like a tree stump. It was black, about nine inches
at the base and tapered to about four inches over a foot and a half. Then the
head flared back out to about five inches sharply tapering down to an inch and a
half, and was about six inches long. There was something about seeing this
massive hunk of rubber growing out of the counter which really attracted me. I
knew I wouldn't be able to take all of it, but was intrigued by the sheer size
as well as curious by how much I could take. The thing must have weighed 25
pounds and I figured if I couldn't fit it inside me it would make an interesting
door stop. I paid for my purchases and lugged them out to the car. When I
dropped them in the trunk it was interesting to note how their weight caused the
rear of the car to settle down. Once again my anticipation built as I drove
home until my heart was actually starting to pound with excitement.
My pussy was starting to drip as I took the toys inside. Slowly stripping the
plastic packaging off them was exciting itself. Taking them to the kitchen sink
I washed them thoroughly and set them on the counter to dry. Setting about to
get everything ready, laying out the sheet on my bed and arranging my mirror so
I could watch myself, I moved in slow motion to enjoy the anticipation. I
removed my clothing in front of the mirror, slowly doing a striptease.
Imagining a group of people watching me, I sensuously lowered my slacks and
slithered my briefs down my long legs. After unbuttoning my blouse, while
moving my hips in a seductive dance, I released my breasts letting them fall
only to scoop them back up and massage them deeply. I wished my new friends
were watching me and I resolved to put on a show for them all when the s****rs
got back. After undressing I went back down to the kitchen. I walked slowly
with my legs pressed together to enjoy the feeling of my inner thighs sliding
across the wetness that was dripping out of me.
By this time I was almost overexcited and decided to sit outside to calm down a
little. I went out to the back deck and laid down in one of the lounge chairs
until my breathing slowed and my heart quieted. As I relaxed I rubbed my hands
over my skin, enjoying my touch. Taking a breast in my hands I gently sucked on
my elongated nipple. My aureole had puffed out quite a bit and I buried my face
in my soft breast as I slid my nipple in and out of my pursed lips. I spread my
legs letting the warm breeze blow across my hairy, wet, vagina cooling the skin
between my thighs. When I gained control of my lust until I was just
experiencing a warm sexual glow I drifted back inside. Taking my new toys with
me I went back up to the bedroom, stretching out on the bed. As I watched
myself in the mirror I lifted my knees and spread my legs exposing my pussy.
Spreading myself as open as possible I grabbed my enlarging vaginal lips and
pulled them apart until my pussy opened exposing a large dark hole between my
legs. A thin stream of clear pussy juice dribbled out of my vagina and across
my ass hole. Taking up the string of the smaller balls I slipped the first one
in. There was virtually no resistance and I was glad I had bought the bigger
set. I fed more balls into my cunt until six of them were nestled inside and I
was feeling full. I caressed my clit, which had emerged to stick up tight and
shiny. Pulling on the end of the string I yanked the string of balls out of me.
Yeeeeowww. It felt like someone had played a tune on my pussy. I could have
felt that all day. Quickly shoving the balls back in I just as quickly yanked
them back out. They weren't large but they did the job. This time more were
going to go in, so as I inserted them I tried to arrange them so I could fit
more in. Pushing them way up inside, and going for the corners of my vagina
first, one after the other they went in. This time I got eight of them in when
I rested for a second to enjoy the fullness. Then, clenching my pussy lips and
quickly tugging on the string I pulled them out. WWhhoooaaahooo. Each one
seemed to send off a little electric charge as it passed through my lips,
setting my pussy to quivering. Again and again I packed them in and pulled them
out. I was finally able to get nine in me but could not get the tenth one in.
My pussy lips were tingling and slightly numb so I rested for a bit and reached
for the large string of balls.
As wet as my pussy was I still had a little trouble working the first one in.
When it popped through, my lips closed tightly over it and I didn't waste any
time in working the second one in. When I bought these balls I just assumed I
could fit them all in, but as I tried to push the third one in the, first one
started to press firmly against the back of my cunt. I could feel the little
spacer bending inside me when finally the third one popped in. However as soon
as I let go of it it shot back out. Feeling pressure in my bladder I got up
leaving the two inside me and went into the bathroom to pee. It felt nice, but
a little weird as I walked along with two feet of rubber hanging out of my
pussy. The balls were flopping between my legs and wrapping around me as I
walked. Each time I took a step there was a tug on my vagina. It was a little
difficult to piss and I sort of had to perch on the seat and hold my "tail" out
of the toilet. With my other hand I held my vaginal lips open and finally
started to pee. As a strong stream came out it splashed against the ball just
outside my lips and splattered all over the place. Piss was shooting out to the
sides and splashing on my hanging tits. When I finished peeing I went
downstairs and outside to let the breeze dry the piss covering my chest. Again
the neat feeling of my pussy being jostled as the tail of balls flopped around.
At the end of the balls was a loop of string. I began to wonder how tightly I
could hold the two balls in me. Taking a ten pound hand barbell, I looped the
string around it and slowly lowered it, letting my pussy take the weight. I
clenched my pussy muscles tightly to keep the balls inside me. It was a neat
feeling to have all that weight pulling on my insides. Bending over I held my
breasts out of the way and looked between my legs. My pussy was pulled out a
couple of inches as the balls were trying to be pulled out. Slowly I rocked my
hips back and forth to start the weight swinging. As it swung in bigger and
bigger arcs my pussy was pulled one way, and then the other. Suddenly my vagina
gave way and the two big balls were jerked out of my cunt.
Untying the weight I rushed upstairs. I had to get more than two of them up
there. Throwing myself on the bed I jammed the big balls back into my pussy.
Try as I might I really couldn't get more than two in my cunt. I realized that
they were going to have to pentrate into my womb. However there was just too
much flex in the string of balls and I couldn't get enough pressure against my
cervix. I was going to have to open myself up. I had set the oversize black
dildo on the floor next to my bed and looking at it I figured it would need to
penetrate a foot, half its length, to open up my cervix enough to slip the big
balls in. With a deep breath I sat on the side of the bed, and resting my
weight against my elbows, I slid my ass off the bed until my pussy made contact
with the tip. Another deep breath and I started to slide down it. Jacking
myself up and down on it to let my juice lubricate it, I worked my way down
about five inches until it began to get really thick. I stood up and plunged my
fingers into my pussy and scooping out my cream, coated the upper part of the
dildo. Resuming my position I slid slowly down. It was a fantastic feeling as
the head penetrated me and spread my lips as I went down. I got slightly past
where I had been before when I was being opened too wide. I had had thicker
things up me before, like arms, but I must have tightened back up over the last
week. I f***ed myself to relax, and sitting up without supporting myself on the
bed, I let more of my weight sink on the dildo. A little more f***ed itself in
me but the pain was getting to be too much and I raised myself back up. My legs
were shaking from the strain and excitement so I stood up and let them relax.
Breathing deeply I f***ed my pussy to relax and go slack and sat down on the
dildo. There was a lovely moment as it slid easily in but then the penetration
slowed as it spread me. Keeping relaxed I took more and more weight off my legs
and onto the dildo. Finally I felt myself slide further down as almost my
entire body weight was on the dildo. The pain was growing when I felt the
widest part pass through my pussy lips and the head was in. My clit and lips
had been drawn in with the head but the clit popped back out as the head passed
in sending a quivering erotic wave through me. I carefully shifted my weight
back on my elbows and rested there feeling my full and tingling vagina. My lips
were still stretched out, but at this point even the four inch thickness of the
neck was almost comfortable after the stretching they took going over the wide
part of the head. Like with the big balls, I wondered how tightly the head was
lodged in me. Straightening up I sarted lifting myself up, and squeezing my
muscles I tired to keep the 25 pound weight inside. Slowly I rose, letting the
massive dildo struggle to come off the floor. I had begun to move up a few
inches but the dildo hadn't left the floor. My pussy was being stretched out by
the great weight. It was also throbbing with excitement. I clenched as hard as
I could with my cunt muscles and began to rub my clit as I stood. The dildo
lifted off the floor and I was standing with straight legs. I had to squeeze as
tightly as I could to keep it from falling out. I brought my legs together and
pressed them hard against the dildo. This eased the strain on my pussy as part
of the weight was taken by my thighs. The great size of the dildo kept me from
bringing my thighs very close together though, and I was really turned-on by how
thick this thing was.
Rubbing my clit harder and harder I began to feel an orgasm building. Squeezing
my thighs tightly I clawed at my clit as I came. It was a strange sensation as
I felt bound by the dildo and locked into place. It was almost if my hands and
feet were bound and I had little control. My pussy convulsed as waves of orgasm
flowed along the massive head inside me. As my juices began to leak out there
was just to much cum and the slippery flow let the dildo slide out. It pulled
from my body with a loud slurping noise and dropped to the floor. My vagina
continued to pump as my knees gave way and I fell back onto the bed. Damn, that
was a great orgasm, which was more intense because of the loss of my own
control, and letting the dildo control me. Not giving myself a chance to
recover, my pussy still slightly vibrating, I lowered myself back down on the
dildo. Forcing myself to relax as much as possible I slid down over the head,
and with a little hesitation, popped my cunt over the base of the head.
Pressing down I f***ed it deeper into me. As it pressed itself against the back
of my pussy I squirmed around until the tip was pressed against my cervix. As I
pushed on, the cervix was pushed deeper inside me when, with a jolt, my muscles
gave way and a couple inches were inside my womb. The shock of entry was so
great that I almost let my weight slip, but caught myself before it slipped
further. I jiggled myself against this great intruder loosening up my insides.
Finally, with regret, I lifted myself off and fell back on the bed. My pussy
was throbbing and I laid back to rest for a minute.
When I had recovered I took up the large set of balls again and slid them in me.
When the third one was just in me the first was firmly lodge against my cervix.
Pushing my fingers inside around the third ball, I was able to push against the
second one, and rocking with my hips the first ball slid through my cervix and
into my womb. Oh Wow! My cunt vibrated with the feeling. Immediately I pushed
the fourth ball into me and repeating the procedure, another one entered my
womb. I was able to get four of the balls into my womb while my pussy leaked
more and more juice. Putting my fingers inside as far as I could, I felt the
fifth and final ball enter my womb as my wrist slipped past my vaginal ring. I
froze with excitement as I let myself realize what I had done. Moving my legs
and rolling my hips I could feel the balls shifting around inside me. Only the
loop of string was hanging outside. Carfully I got to my feet and walked around
feeling the movement inside. I sort of ran in place to get more action inside.
I found this incredibly erotic and began beating off my protruding clit. My
legs were shaky and I laid back down rolling from side to side. I had another
orgasm, and as the muscles inside me throbbed rolling the balls around. After
the orgasm passed I picked up the smaller balls and worked eight of them in my
vagina. Continuously rubbing my clit I grabbed the two ends and began to pull
them. A continuous cascade of erotic jolts penetrated deeply as each ball
passed through either my cervix or vaginal opening. It seemed to go on
endlessly as they bumped against my clit while I pulled them out. Each passing
ball built on the previous one until my body was vibrating as it was plucked in
turn. Before I could recover from my previous orgasm I was rocketed off on
another one. My cunt gulped convulsively as it throbbed in contractions of
lust. I could only lay there moaning as streams of juice pulsated from my
pussy. My vaginal muscles grabbed and released over and over. Eventually it
tapered off leaving me gasping for breath. My stomach was still fluttering and
my legs shaky long after my breathing had slowed.
Shakily I got to my feet and started from the bedroom. As I passed the mirror I
could see my juices still flowing down my legs and my vast breasts were quaking
as my body shook slightly. I made it downstairs and sprawled on one of the arm
chairs. God, I wished I smoked. Laying there in a state of bliss I eventually
drifted off to sl**p. I awoke refreshed but my body still seemed to tingle with
remnants of my series or orgasms. Certainly my mind did. The feeling of the
balls being drawn out was much more intense than I had expected. The feeling of
them rattling around in me was something I had not expected, but had been
incredibly erotic. I wanted to feel the smaller balls inside my womb. Even
though there were more of them, they would take up less room and might move
around more. I wasn't sure how I would get them up there as I couldn't get my
hand far enough inside to push them past my crevix. I found myself wishing the
s****rs next door were home. I thought of calling one of their friends over. I
had particularly gotten along well with their friend Ellie. She and I had
talked together when we alone in my kitchen and we seemed to have a mutual
liking for each other. I could hardly call and ask her to stick her arm up me
to insert some balls into my womb though. I decided to try pushing them in with
my new dildo and would see what happens. The thoughts of this were making me
horny once again and I went back upstairs. With shaking hands I inserted the
balls in me until I had worked eight inside with two, and the end of the string,
hanging outside. I picked up my new massive dildo and immediately realized I
had two problems. First, the damn thing was way to big and heavy for me to
plunge it in and out of my cunt, and secondly I had inserted too many of the
balls to get anything else inside. So, I set the dildo back on the floor and
pulled out three of the balls. Then using a pencil from the nightstand I tried
to manuever the innermost ball against my cervix. Once I had it in position I
slid over to mount the dildo. As I lowered myself on it I eventually felt some
of the balls hanging outsite being pushed into my vagina. I couldn't go as far
down as I wanted because of the remaining balls being in the way, but pushed
down as far as I could, then slowly lifted off the dildo. The distraction of
the dildo prevented me from determing if any of the little balls had entered my
womb. I gently tugged on the string and felt a tug on my cervix. Fantastic!
At least a couple had gone in. I repeated the process until all the small balls
were in my womb. Needless to say it was very enjoyable as I rode that dildo
repeatedly. Finally, straightening up, the end of the string was just sticking
out of my pussy lips and all the balls were in my womb. I started walking
around, and sure enough I could feel them shifting around inside. Squeezing my
legs together as I walked intensified the feeling, plus my juices spread around
on my thighs. Oh, what an erotic sensation.
I loved the feeling they were making as they rubbed against each other and the
sides of my womb. Throwing some shorts and a brief top on, I walked outside. I
grew more turned on as I walked along the street. I wanted to call out to
people and let them know that I had ten balls crammed into my womb. It was
highly erotic and as I turned around to head home I couldn't help but touch
myself between my legs and pinch my nipples. By the time I got home I was in a
sexual fever. As soon as I was in the door I threw off my clothes and dashed
upstairs. My whole body was singing from all the physical sensations. My tits
were flopping, my thighs slid past each in my wetness, and above all my vagina
was throbbing from the stimulation of the balls deep inside me. I pulled my
full length mirror in front of the giant dildo resting on the floor and watched
as I lowered myself on it. I slid further down it, my lips stretching around
its thickness. I let my pussy relax as the expanding head sucked my clit and
outer lips inside my cunt. With all my sensations directed at my pussy I
lowered down until with a gasp, I felt the head slide inside. Once again my
rigid clit popped back out as the flair of the head passed in. My long pussy
lips remained pulled inside. I kept sliding down as the thickness of the shaft
once again began stretching my vagina. A few inches past the head the tip was
prodding against my cervix. I was unsure how far I could slide down, letting
the tip pass into my womb when it was packed with all those balls, but I was
determined to find out. As the tip of the head did enter into my womb my
stomach was fluttering with excitment and my breath was coming in gasps. I had
been watching my progress in the mirror and with my back arched back tightening
my belly, the head was clearly outlined under my skin. As it entered my womb
the bulge created by the balls inside was split in two and pushed to the side by
the advancing dildo. Deeper I sank as my pussy was being seriously stretched.
The bulge created by the dildo was starting to dive under my rib cage and I
could feel it pressing on my internal organs, but I was unable to stop. At half
way down the shaft I was nearly at my limit. My clit was once again buried
inside me and my pussy lips had been stretched even further as they were sucked
inside as well. I raised up, watching the changing contours of my stretched
stomach as the head of the dildo emerged from beneath my rib cage. My clit
reappeared burning in ecstasy and my pussy lips were rolled out. Again and
again I raised and lowered myself. My breathing was growing more and more
labored and my legs were almost collapsing with fatigue. This time, as I went
back down on the dildo, I held tightly onto my pussy lips to prevent them from
being drawn back inside. They, and my clit, remained outside and gave me enough
extra room to lower myself close to the floor. I had 20 inches of the dildo in
me, my cunt was stretched out to just over seven inches and all my weight was
resting on the impaling dildo. I had reached my limit. The pelvic bones were
preventing me from going deeper. With my hard clit exposed and jutting out from
the top of my pussy lips and my entire weight suspended on the dildo I was
blasted by the approach of an intense orgasm. I was not able to move. The
length of the dildo buried inside of me was forcing me to sit straight up
keeping my body and its weight centered over the dildo. My legs were stretched
out in front of me with only my heels touching the floor. My entire body was
shaking in an attempt to orgasm as my throbbing cunt tried vainly to clench
against the mass of dildo. It was just to big for my muscles to work against.
Instead I was trapped on the brink of rapture but couldn't drop off the edge. I
remained suspended on the dildo, one second from orgasm. I had no control over
my body. I could only feel my pussy deseperately trying to cum, but not making
Slowly I retreated away from the pending orgasm. As I began to regain control,
the position I was in became unbearable. I leaned back enough to brace my
elbows against the bed and started to raise my body off the massive rubber
shaft. Inching my body upwards, relief spread through me. The internal organs
that had been pushed aside moved back to their rightful positions. My breathing
became easier as the pressure was removed from against my lungs. The neck below
the head of the dildo passed through my cervix and then the flaring head left my
uterus. It pulled the cervix down near the orfice of my vagina before snapping
back into place. Groaning, I hauled myself up onto my bed with my out spread
legs dangling over the edge. Looking in the mirror I could see an immense cave
between my legs. I could have easily inserted my fist without touching the
sides of my vagina. Afraid that I had injured myself I checked the juice that
was leaking out and was relieved to see there was no bl**d. As exhausted as I
was, and as wildly stretched as my insides had been, my cunt felt curiously
empty. I was certainly unfulfilled. To be that close to an orgasm for that
long of time and not reach satisfaction was very frustrating. However I was
still somewhat amazed that I could feel anything other than exhaustion. I must
be in better shape than I thought.
After my strength returned some what I got shakily to my feet. Looking at
myself in the mirror I was amazed at how far my pussy lips dangled between my
thighs and the length of my clit poking through the forest of my pubic hair. My
boobs seemed to be swollen and more vast than ever. I tentatively touched my
swollen nipples that looked like pill bottles protruding from my puffy aureole
and was rewarded with jolts of energy surging through me. When I lifted my
breasts to cool my nipples with my tongue. I exposed my pregnant belly. Or at
least that is what it looked like as it was fairly rounded out compared to
normal. At first I thought it was one more part of my body that was still
swollen from my lust. Then I realized with horror that there were still ten
balls inside my womb. Frantically I bend over and felt for the string they were
attached to. I couldn't feel the string, but as I bend in two, I could feel the
balls shifting around inside me. Frantically I shoved my hand inside my vagina
searching for that elusive string. Suddenly my fingers brushed over something
stuck to the walls of my cunt. Carefully grasping it I was greatly relieved to
find it was the string and slowly pulled it out. With as much care as I could,
I started tugging the balls from inside. I was so relieved that the motion and
waves that passed through me as they were withdrawn were hardly noticed.
Finally the last ball dropped out as I relaxed with a deep sigh. It was when I
got up to go to the bathroom that I noticed that there seemed to be some
missing. In fact only seven had come out and the other three had remained in my
womb. Cursing my stupidity, for the second time having something stuck up that
I couldn't get out, I fought my rising panic. My first thought was to go to the
hospital. But, as I walked around, there was no discomfort and I began to relax
a little. Once again I regretted that Jane and Val were not home. There was no
one else I could call and I wasn't looking forward to leaving something trapped
in my womb until they got back. I thought of calling Ellie, the girl I had
liked so well when she was at my house, but we were hardly on intimate terms.
Finally I decided that I had no choice but to call her.
Calling her on the phone I asked if she would be free for dinner tonight and was
pleased when she agreed to come over. I wasn't sure how to dress as I felt I
was going to have to seduce her, something I'm not good at. Besides I had no
idea if she was straight heterosexual or what. I didn't feel comfortable
wearing something revealing in case I offended her, but didn't want to wear
anything real conservative. I went upstairs to clean myself up thoroughly,
scrubbing myself inside and out, litterally. That's when it hit me! I could
flush the balls out. Cleaning off the enema equipment I had just used, I
flooded my vagina with as much water as I could take. Once full, I hopped and
ran around hoping to float the balls out. With great expectation I squatted in
the tub and let fly. Nothing. I was upset that it didn't work but I was
pleased noone had seen me jumping up and down with a gallon of water sloshing
around inside.
I decided to wear sort of moderate length shorts, a bra and a comfortable
sleeveless top. As I set the table outside and got somethings ready Ellie
arrived. Letting her in I was delighted, and turned on, by her fairly brief
outfit. She had on very sexy shorts and a somewhat skimpy top and looked
fantastic. We went out to the deck and had something to help us relax. Then we
had some more. Feeling comfortable we went into the kitchen to finish making up
dinner. I found I had trouble keeping my hands off her. I kept placing my hand
on her arm, touching her shoulder or patting her back. I was definitely getting
turned on by this sexy lady. We talked about everything, including our life
histories, and I was getting the feeling that she might be bi. After finishing
dinner we sat outside as it grew dark and drank more wine. She was sitting on
a small wicker bench, and when I came back outside after getting more wine, I
sat next to her. The seat was big enough for two but not oversized. My heart
was beating as I sat next to her and the bare skin of our thighs came in
contact. I froze in position hoping that she would not pull away. She didn't.
I thought she might after a while as my leg was shaking slightly from my
nervousness. In fact I thought I felt the slight pressure of her pressing her
leg back against mine. I had no idea what to do now. How was I going to seduce
another woman? What were the signs I should look for? I eased back against the
seat back, letting my arm touch hers. Fortunately she was talking, as my heart
was pounding so hard my ears were roaring and I could hardly hear. I mentally
tried to desperately control my nervousness. Taking a few sips of wine I
relaxed some and held up my end of the conversation. As we chatted I plotted my
next move. Maybe I could slide my hand over and cup her breast. NO. NO. NO.
That would scare her off. I felt like a k** on a first date. OK, lets do this.
Casually I raised my arm up, swung it over her head as if I was stretching, and
slid it along the back of the bench turning slightly to face her. This pressed
my leg tighter against hers and rested my boob against her arm. Once again I
froze in fear of rejection. Instead she leaned just slightly towards me.
Almost not enough to tell, but I was sure she did. We sat like this for a while
continuing to talk. Now, every time I leaned forward to get my glass from the
table in front of us I would let my hand d**** against her neck and press my
boob and little harder against her. Oh, I was so cool. I wondered did she want
me as much as I wanted her. I couldn't believe she couldn't hear my mind
screaming out how much I wanted to tear her clothes off. We continued to talk,
when she gently placed her hand on my leg. Oh my God. Oh my God. What to I
do? Can I kiss her? Can I bury my face in her pussy? Can she feel my skin
burning under her hand? I'm an idiot. Stop being a fool and calm down. She
must like you. She wouldn't do that if she didn't, would she? Suddenly she
leaned into me and brought her face to mine. After the briefest hesitation she
pressed her lips against mine. Well that shut me up, and I melted into her
arms. We kissed long and deeply and my toes were tingling. Ellie slid her
tongue into my mouth and I melted even more. Dear God, this was one hot woman.
I felt myself start to get wet. Suddenly we were taking each others clothes
off. Her naked body stirred me to higher passion and we kissed more. Deciding
now was the time to tell her about my problem, as briefly as I could, I related
what had happened. She was very kind and did not burst out laughing. I saw
concern cross her face as well as wonderment at how someone could get themselves
into this predicament. I'm also sure I saw laughter in there somewhere, but she
never let it out. I babbled on and on, apologizing for getting her involved in
my problem. I couldn't stop talking. This woman had turned me into a quivering
Ignoring my rantings she pushed me back onto the bench and started kissing her
way down my body. Her tongue flitted across my skin sending waves of rapture
deep inside me. She scooped up my breasts and drew my nipples into her mouth.
She licked across my belly and buried her face in my pubic hair. My clit leapt
into her mouth as she wrapped her tongue around it. I was gasping with lust
when she engulfed my vaginal lips and her deeply probing tongue entered my
pussy. My orgasm ripped through me, starting at the top of my head and ending
with the muscles in the front of my vagina grabbing her tongue. She never
stopped arousing me as my orgasm continued. While I shook with lust she moved
back up to my clit. Her hand slid easily into me. The only resistance coming
from my convulsing pussy. I involuntairily sat up when her hand entered, and I
quivered in ecstasy. As her hand worked deeper, each of her movements was a new
source of eroticism. On and on my orgasm continued as she worked deeper and
deeper into me. Momentairily her hand paused before passing through my cervix
and into my womb. More waves of lust swept over me as she pressed on. She was
nearing the furthest reaches of my womb when her elbow glided into me. As she
began searching deep inside me for the lost balls each movement triggered
another rush of rapture. I felt her come in contact with one of the balls and
she wrapped her fingers around it and withdrew her hand. My orgasm continued as
she gently slid back inside and fished out another one. I was moaning
incoherently with lust as she pulled out, depositing the second ball on the
bench. For the third time her hand, and then her forearm and finally her elbow
slid into me. Calmly she felt inside me looking for the last one. At last she
found it and started to pull out. When her hand was just past my cervix, she
wrapped her fist around the ball and thrust it back into my womb. Several times
she did this as more and more cries of passion were ripped from my mouth. My
vagina was convulsing as showers of cum were ejected over her arm and across her
chest and shoulder. Finally removing her arm she dropped the ball and slid up
next to me. Grabbing my head she sunk her mouth against mine in the most
passionate kiss of my life. With this, I lost any bit of control I had
remaining. My pussy spasmed in great wracking convulsions as my bladder
released and my piss went arching over the end of the bench. My breath was
f***ed into her lungs as I sobbed out my release. I had been continuously
orgasming for at least ten solid minutes and had lost all control. My arms were
around her, pressing her body fiercely against mine. Her body shook with my
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Start Fist 06 by Feld
Fisting story 6
by Feld

I was elated. Ellie had retrieved the balls that had been stuck inside me and I
had the longest orgasm of my life. It was not the most explosive one, but it
seemed to go on forever. I kept coming the entire time she was inside me. We
laid next to each other while I recovered and basked in the glow of total
satisfaction. As I laid there I plotted on how I could repay her. I felt
sticky and sweaty and we were both covered in my juices. Suggesting a shower,
we went into the bathroom where I got out soap and towels. Once the water
temperature was right I drew her into the shower with me, and after quickly
soaping myself down, poured shampoo into my hand. Wetting her wet I started to
work the shampoo over her head. She leaned back against me as I gently massaged
the lather into her hair. The feel of her butt rubbing against my thighs and
crotch sent erotic tinglings through me. The suds had made us both slippery and
I caught my breath as one of her buns slid across my pelvis then her ass cleft
dipped in only to have the other bun slide across. I shifted my hips from side
to side and feeling her skin sensually pressed against mine. I continued to
automatically work the lather into her hair as my thoughts centered on the
erotic contact between us.
With a start I came to remembering what I was supposed to be doing, I covered
her eyes with my hand and rinsed the shampoo out of her hair. Taking up the bar
of soap I carefully washed her face and neck and then rinsed the soap off.
Reaching around her and bending her face to mine I used my lips to check for any
remaining soap. There was none on her forehead or her eyes. I kissed her
cheeks and licked at her ears and still could not find any. Checking her neck
and throat with long, slow kisses, the falling water had done its job. My lips
drew up her throat and over her chin and still I could not find any suds.
Gently running my tongue back and forth across her lips I then pressed into her
mouth until I was satisfied she was clean.
Once again I reached for the soap and rubbed it into her flesh. She stood there
as my hands made long languid strokes across her back. I washed her shoulders
and down the slopes of her upper back finishing off with passes around her lower
back, stopping just above her butt. Lifting an arm up, I placed her hand
against my face, holding it there with my lips. As she slipped her fingers into
my mouth, allowing me suck one after the other inside, and swirl my tongue
around its length, I soaped her arm. I drew the soap into the hollow of her arm
pit, swirling it around, and then over her shoulder. I leisurely soaped her
upper arms, slipping my hands over her shining skin, running it down the length
of her arm until my soapy hand joined with her fingers at my face. I took her
hand in mine, and wrapping each of her fingers in mine I pumped up and down on
each one, cleaning them of all my juices. I repeated the process on her other
arm, and after finishing, I pressed myself against her back and wrapped my arms
around her. I started washing her front from behind, pressing my nipples into
her back and sliding across her ass. I worked across her upper chest letting
the juices I had earlier sprayed against her flow down her body and into the
drain. My hands moved gently across the contours of her breasts as I soaped her
skin. Cushioning around their softness, the erotic feel of her skin sent
shivers to my loins. I pressed my pelvis into her butt letting my erect clit
scape across her skin. My hands gently plucked her erect nipples and traced the
pebbled outline of her aureole. I worked down the smooth slopes of her stomach,
rubbing the soapy lather across her hips and cleaning to her shaven mound. I
turned her around, and starting with gentle kisses on her face, licked and
kissed my way down her body as I sank to my knees before her.
As she braced herself against the shower walls I picked up her feet and
carefully washed each one. I moved the soap up her legs, running my hands
across the shapes of her ankles and the skin of her legs. I pulled her legs
apart, and with trembling hands, soaped her thighs. I moved higher until I was
at the entrance to her pussy. I took her vaginal lips in my quaking hands and
opened her up. Her erect clit was exposed and as I washed her there I could
feel her body shaking. As the water rinsed the soap off I buried my face in
her vagina while reaching behind her. The softness of her buns yielded to the
massage of my hands as I washed her ass. My tongue lapped at her clit, my nose
nuzzled her smooth skin as my fingers soaped her ass cleft. Her gasping breath
was music to my ears as I realized I was making her excited. Her clit bounced
back and forth as I stoked it with my tongue. Her breaths quickening with the
drumming of my tongue against her clitoris. Her soft, full ass cheeks parted
before my hands as I teased her ass hole with the pressure of my fingers.
Reluctantly I withdrew from her pussy, sliding me hands from between her widely
spread ass cheeks, and sat back on my heels.
I picked up one of her feet and sucked her toes into my mouth. I wrapped my
tongue around each one and probed between them. My breathing grew ragged as I
slid all her toes a little ways into my mouth. Setting her foot back down I
licked my way back up her legs. Darting my tongue from one leg to the other as
I approached her vagina, her clit beckoned my mouth. Prying her pussy open with
my searching fingers my mouth engulfed her clit. She grabbed my head, bracing
herself, as my fingers slid into her. I could feel Ellie's thighs vibrating
against my shoulders as her clit was sucked into my mouth. Four of my fingers
slid into her, bathing in the liquid heat of her vagina, when their progress was
stopped by the webbing between my forefinger and thumb. I released her clit
from my mouth and slid my thumb across it. Gently stroking it, I explored the
cavity of her vagina with my fingers. My breath was hot against her as the
excitement of feeling her inner walls against my fingertips stirred me to
greater arousal. My lips pressed against her silken mound and I kissed my way
up her belly. I released the pressure on her clit and tucked my thumb into my
palm. With soft insinuations I pushed my hand deeper into her. I could feel
her belly pressing and releasing against my face as she drew in deep shuddering
breaths as her excitement built. She was moaning repeatedly as I worked to
satisfy her lust. I rejoiced that I was able to arouse her to such an extent.
Her grasp on my head tightened as she leaned more of weight against me. The
shaking of her thighs increased as the wide part of my hand passed inside her.
I quickly lowered my face down and once again took her clit into my mouth.
Instantly she slumped foreward as her vagina contracted around my wrist. She
emitted soft mewings of release as her orgasm pulsed through her. The velvet
clutches of her vagina sucked my hand as her muscles throbbed around it. Her
insides grew warmer and wetter as bl**d rushed to fill her throbbing muscles and
she pumped her cream around my wrist. Feeling the squeezing of her vaginal ring
around my wrist, I exhalted in this physical proof that I was able to bring her
to orgasm. I held the hand in her pussy still and carressed the round globes of
her ass until her orgasm waned. When she was no longer contracting I gently
withdrew my hand and stood up. We embraced as she threw her arms around me and
I hugged her tightly. Guiding her out of the shower I dried her with the towel
and let her back to the bedroom, laying her down on my bed.
She laid back with a satisfied smile on her face but I wasn't done yet. I bent
over her and buried my face in her crotch, slipping my tongue between her lips.
I tasted her fresh juices that had survived the shower, wishing there were more.
My toys were stacked neatly alongside the bed and I reached over and selected
the three foot long, three inch thick, double headed monster dildo. Raising her
knees and spreading her legs, I used one hand to open her pussy lips and with
the other hand placed the head of the dildo against the opening of her vagina.
Although I knew my hand had just been inside her, it looked as if the dildo
could not fit. The thickness of the head covered her opening, but as I pushed
against her it slipped in easily. Holding it a few inches from the head I
worked it back and forth withdrawing it, only to run it back inside. I
continued to pump her, my hand hitting her opening, then pulling it all the way
out. The rubber surface glistened with her wetness and the smell of her
pleasure was perfume to my senses. On an in stroke I paused with my hand
pressed against her pussy. My hand was wrapped around the dildo with a sizeable
gap between my encircling fingers and thumb.
Rotating slightly, I pushed harder as the tips of my fingers sought entrance. I
glanced anxiously up at her to see if this would be to much, but she had her
eyes closed and her face showed pure lust. I resumed pushing into her and my
fingers, wrapped around the dildo, began to enter. I could feel the ring of her
vagina stretching against my fingers, the resistance increasing as I slowly went
deeper. I was just going to check her reaction again when she uttered a groan
that could only be one of arousal. As I rotated the dildo, and my knuckles
rubbed along her sphincter, her body gave little jerks. She started quietly,
almost as if to herself, to chant, Mmmooorrre, Mmmooorrre. The palm of my hand
was now pressed tightly on the dildo as her reluctantly expanding cunt pressed
hard against me. I watched in disbelief as she opened more and more. Her
beautiful pussy stretched, then rolled inwards with the inexorable penetration
from the combined size of the giant dildo and my encroaching hand. Her wet
vagina slid across the back of my hand. As I made short in and out movements
white rings temporarily appeared against my skin where her tight vaginal ring
stretched over it. Her hips were thrusting as she attempted to impale herself
on the invading members forcing her open. I watched in awe as her pussy
expanded to accept my advancing wrist. She was whimpering in undisguised lust
as our combined efforts f***ed more into her. Her belly was bulging from the
mass inside of her.
The outer lips of her vagina yawned open as the entrance to some great cave.
Her clit rocked in and out with the short quickening strokes of my hand and
dildo. I stabbed at her clit with my tongue as it disappeared in and out of her
pussy. My forehead rested just above her shaven mound and my head bobbed up an
down as her belly bulged in concert with the in and out movements of the double
penetration. Ellie's legs were trembling spasmodically. Her breathing was now
louder than ever, hard, rapid, in and out bursts of building desire. The dildo
was embedded as far as it could go, my hand inside her just past the wrist. Her
pleading for more grew sharper and louder with each gasping breath. I was
beyond belief that she could want more. Her skin was stretched rigidly around
me and it seemed impossible that she wanted more. I was trembling along with
her, my body shaking in my own lust, at the sight of her excitement. I gasped
out, asking her if she wanted more, not believing it possible. Yyyeeeessss,
she moaned, Mmmoooorrrre. I didn't know what to do. There was nothing else
to give her. I tried to get my tongue inside but she was stretched to tightly.
Frantically I looked for something else to put in her that might fit, but there
was nothing. As she pleaded, I reluctantly tried to introduce fingers from my
other hand inside of her. They slipped in slightly in the gap of stretched skin
between the dildo and my hand. Yyyyeeeessss, she moaned as she felt the
stretching begin again. My own pussy was churning in lust as I fought against
her resistance. My reluctance to penetrate her anymore gave way to the over
erotic sight and sensations before me. I had difficulty in concentrating as I
approached orgasm. I could feel my pussy trying to grasp at anything as I began
to spasm in orgasm. I climaxed while still feeding my fingers into her. My
pussy spewed my juices onto the bed. And on I pushed with my second hand as her
juices washed over it.
Her breathing was now a frantic exhalation of rapid breaths, pumping air in and
out as you would in c***dbirth. Her arms were beating on the bed as she thrust
her pelvis back, frantically trying to f***e more in. I thought I could almost
hear her bones creak as she was stretched open to new dimensions. Slowly,
battling against her resistance, my hand worked in. I now wanted to be able to
fit my entire second hand inside of her. Ignoring my earlier concerns, lust had
taken over my being as I wanted to see her succeed in her superhuman effort.
The back of my second hand was now entering her. The friction of the dildo,
combined with the pressure of her vaginal ring, was causing me to brace myself
and push with all my strength. My arms were shaking in fatigue as well as lust.
My pussy was continuing to spasm as wave after wave of lust passed through me.
This woman was bringing me off just by witnessing her efforts. I jammed my cunt
on the end of the dildo sticking out of her and crammed my clit against it,
mashing it down, gaining even more stimulation, sliding my vagina back and forth
over it. She made a might lunge..... MY SECOND HAND SLID IN..... The
vibrations of my rubbing against the dildo were transmitted deep inside her.
She threw herself in wild abandon as the storm of her orgasm broke. I knelt
before her, my hands, on either side of the dildo, buried inside her. I sobbed
openly in sympathy with her orgasm. She flopped on the bed in a wild dance of
unrestrained lust as her muscles compressed against me. She cried out in
abandon. My upper body was jerked from side to side as she orgasmed. Her
contractions seemed to be transmitted from her vagina, down my arms and straight
into my pussy. My inner thighs quaked and jumped as my own orgasm continued.
Ellie moaned with passion as the grip of her orgasm rocked her body. I think
she might have flailed off the bed if not anchored by my embedded arms. Slowly
her orgasm diminished until she laid there, gently shaking, trying to catch her
breath. Mine diminished in concert with hers. Once her body quieted to the
point where she was just making involuntary spastic jerks I started to pull my
hands out. I was afraid of hurting her and tried to be as gentle as possible.
But she seemed to be unaware of what I was doing. Gently I removed one hand,
then the other, pulling the dildo out at the same time. While she lay there I
shamelessly studied her vagina. Her opening was gaping at me. It was a great
vast gateway to her body that had swung open allowing anything that wanted to,
entrance inside. It was an inviting, welcoming portal that I had felt privilged
to enter. I still had difficulty accepting how much she had taken, and how much
pleasure it had given me. I could see a little ways into her dark cave, enough
to see her vaginal walls glistening as they pulsed gently in the aftermath of
her orgasm. I kept staring at this great dark opening as it slowly began to
close. Her juice, which flowed from her like a quiet spring, ceased as her big
hole gently closed. I released a deep shuddering sigh as if the closing of her
pussy had shut off part of something wonderful, which in a sense I guess it did.

I backed off the bed, and with the lightest of touch, I pressed my lips against
hers and tiptoed out of the room as she slept.
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Fisting Story 7

THE GIRLS ARE BACK! In thanks I had invited everyone over for another dinner
and Val and Jane asked if they could have it over at their house. Anything to
eliminate my having to clean is more than welcome with me, so we were going to
get together at their house. I asked what I should bring and they said just all
the toys I could round up. Oooohhhh, this sounded good. I could hardly wait
until Friday night when we were getting together. On Friday morning I was like
a k** on Christmas Eve, barely able to contain my excitement. I had all my toys
washed and ready to go, I had resisted the constant temptation to masturbate
throughout the day, I had butterflies in my stomach, I was ready.

I debated about what to wear. At one point I considered going naked and as
enticing as the idea was, I rejected the thought for various reasons. Finally
deciding on a midlength summer dress, with nothing on underneath, I headed out
the back door and across the yard. Shortly after I got there the rest of the
women showed up and soon we were drinking and cramming food in our face and
laughing up a storm as we enjoyed the summer evening on their back deck. For
entertainment we were going to watch a video while making rude comments about
the film. This made me wonder why I had lugged over about a hundred pounds of
rubber implements, but didn't say anything at the time. We moved into their rec
room to watch the movie.

I was absolutely shocked to find myself as the star of the video. It was a
movie that Jane had made the time I gave her a show from my bedroom window.
While the quality wasn't that great there was no mistaking the action. I
watched in horror my shameless behavior. If it had been someone else I would
have loved it, but as it was me, it was nothing but embarrassing. If you have
ever cringed at watching yourself in the f****y movies you would have some faint
idea of my reaction. However this was not a f****y movie and the women were
having a great time at my expense. Their comments were loud, obscene, funny and
directed straight at me. The video was stopped frequently and replayed in slow
motion with calls for me to reenact the action. Through embarrassment I
refused, but secretly I wanted to. Gradually the atmosphere in the room changed
to become filled with sexual tension. I began to develop an itch that was
getting harder and harder not to scratch. The requests for me to reenact the
scenes in Jane's tapes were becoming more challenging and were not as lightly
given. I began to feel my reluctance crumble and my desires to perform in front
of an audience becoming overpowering. I allowed myself to be drawn in front of
everyone until I was standing next to the TV.

Val turned on the stereo and the room was filled with the strong, pounding beat
of an old Pointer s****rs cd. Not needing the encouragement of the calls for a
striptease I felt myself moving to the music. I'm not a great dancer but my
basest instincts were taking over. I swayed and undulated to the sound, letting
my rising sexual lust guide me in my movements. As I became completely wrapped
in the music, feeling my loins begining to ache with need, tingling where the
smooth, thin fabric of my dress rode over my skin, squeezing my thighs together
so they could slide in my spreading wetness, loosing myself in the eroticism of
movement, Justine stood up and began to run her hands over my body. I leaned
back towards her as she came up behind me. Her hands cupped my butt, pressing
between my ass cheeks, then sliding over my hips and up my sides only to return
to my ass and press the fabric of my dress between my legs. She moved her hands
around to my front, caressing my stomach and stroking my boobs then diving down
between my legs. She gathered the fabric in her hands and pulled it tight into
my crotch, igniting my clit with the feel of the fabric drawing across it.
Releasing the fabric the dress dropped back down, showing large wet spots where
it had gathered against my leaking pussy. Her hands slithered up my sides and
into my arm pits before working there way down my chest, cupping and molding my
shaking breasts, pinching my swollen nipples until my knees were shaking.

I ground my ass back into her, rubbing my cheeks across her pelvis, feeling each
bun dip into the valley between her legs. She reached down and took the hem of
my dress in her hands and slowly began to draw it up my body. Rocking and
swaying with me as I moved to the music, sensually, with languid movements, she
worked the dress higher and higher. My eyes were closed as I swayed
rhythymically, drinking in the sensations of our love dance. As my pussy became
exposed I could feel the air cooling the slickness between my thighs. Higher
the dress was drawn, slowly exposing more of my overheated body. Her hands
caught under my heavy breasts and drew them up with the dress. I thrust my
pelvis out and in to the beat of the song as if I were fucking an imaginary
lover. My audience was only a few feet in front of me and I could feel their
eyes roaming over my body as I moved. In my mind I was taking them on all at
once, feeling their desire coupling with mine as I thrust my pelvis toward them.
My juices were flowing faster now. I could feel my pussy pushing out my
lubrication in time with my pounding heart beat. My vagina was opening and
closing with each pulse of my heart. My thighs were now saturated with my
juices and somewhere in the back of my mind the gentle splat of my juices
dropping onto the floor was registering.

I had never been so turned on by only the slow carresses of someones hands. My
lust was magnified by exhibiting myself and being the center of attention of
five sexy women. As the dressed pulled over my head I stood swaying naked in
front of my friends. My nuditity was enhanced by their being clothed. I was a
fertility symbol to be sacrificed to their lust and I felt as if my sole purpose
was to provide them with an outlet for their desires. I wanted nothing more
than to be used by them. To feel them penetrating me in any depraved fashion
they could think of. The calls of encoragement and ribald comments had ceased
sometime ago and the women only stared in silence, mesmerized by my dance. The
patter of my juices hitting the floor had turned into a gentle rain as I
revelled in my role of an offering to their erotic wants.

Justine sat down in the puddle of my juices and turned her face up to look
directly into my pussy. Her mouth opened to catch my falling cream until she
quickly had filled her mouth. She then got up and bend over to kiss each of the
other three women, depositing some of my offering into their mouths. Then
returning to sit between my outspread legs she began to stroke the inside of my
thighs, coating her hands with my juices. She could feel the muscles in my legs
quivering as my excitement caused me to shake with desire. She worked her hands
up inside my legs until her fingertips were brushing against my pussy lips.
Gently grasping my lips she stretched them apart and pressed her mouth against
the opening of my vagina. I could feel her tongue fluttering against the
opening to my pussy, my vaginal ring pulsing open and shut with my desire. Then
her tongue was inside of me as her hands stretched my opening wider, lashing the
walls of my cunt. My juices were flowing down the sides of her face and running
down her hands and forearms to drip off her elbows, creating new puddles on the

Her tongue withdrew from my pussy and her wet face slid back until her lips were
pressed against my anus. Her tongue pushed against my ass as my knees buckled a
little more. The sensation of her tongue worming its way into my asshole was
sending me even higher. Somewhere a thought tinkled in my brain as to how much
of this stimulation I could absorb without exploding. I had not yet orgasmed as
such, just a constant stream of arousal. When her fingers started to slide into
my pussy all thoughts left my brain until I was just a bundle of sensory
experiences. When her knuckles passed through my vaginal lips I realized that
the moaning I had been hearing was coming from me. She was able to keep her
tongue in my anus against the pressure of my pussy as her hand slid fully into
me. I began lowering myself onto her hand to f***e it further into me but my
knees began to give way. I braced my hands against my knees and with my ass
jutting out behind me Justine began to punch deeper inside with her fist. My
mouth hung open expelling bursts of air in rhythym with the in and out thrusts
of her fist. The air f***ed out of me as she plunged in deeper until her fist
was battering against my cervix. The other women had undressed by now and Val
came up to me, wrapping her arms behind my head and pressing my face into her
chest. My lips searched for her nipple and I sucked it into my mouth along with
as much of her breast as I could. I had to release her breast then suck it in
again as my breath was repeatedly f***ed out of me. My tongue thrilled to the
feel of her hard nipple as I rasped across it, burying my face against her
smooth, taut skin.

My lust built as my cervix was bent further and further by Justines continued
pounding. I could feel it begin to yield as it started to stretch around her
driving fist. She was now withdrawing her fist entirely out of my pussy then
ramming it back in. I was showering her with tiny bursts of piss everytime she
came out, adding to the increasingly large puddle of pussy juice on the floor.
Val sank to her knees in front of me and plunged her tongue into my mouth. I
grabbed her head in my hands, while she steadied me by holding onto my
shoulders, and reached with my tongue as deeply as I could into her open mouth.
Our lips mashed against each others, our saliva flowing between us, forcing
ourselves against each other until we felt as one. The familiar upwellings of
orgasmic explosion were growing inside me. I tore my face from Val to take
great shuddering breaths as Justine stretched open my cervix and her fist
entered my womb. Her elbow split open my vagina as it passed through the ring
of muscle defining my pussy. Val released my shoulders and cupped my head in
her hands, licking across my face in hard frantic swipes.

My body toppled forward into Vals arms as my orgasm shook my body. My head grew
faint and I dropped to me knees as Justine knelt behind me shaking her arm
inside of me like some great vibrating dildo. I braced my arms on the slippery
floor as the waves of orgasm swept over me. My arms were quaking at the elbows
and the flesh of my thighs vibrated from the combined effects of the pounding
fist and my quivering muscles. I knelt there gasping in ragged breaths until
the orgasm passed. Justine slowly withdrew her arm and it seemed an eternity
before her elbow, then forearm, then wrist and finally her hand were withdrawn.
Everyone gathered around me and wrapped them hands over my body. It was as if I
were being embraced by a blanket of love and comfort, and it was one of the
dearest moments of my life.

I reached out and held Justines wet body. She was coated in my juices and urine
which had mixed with her sweat. Unbelievably an hour and a half had gone by
since I had first started dancing. I felt totally dehydrated and when I
attempted to struggle to my feet to get something to drink, Ellie volunteered to
get me something. I still made it to my feet and pulled Justine up and together
we staggered over to some futons spread out on the floor. I sprawled on my back
still trying to recover when Ellie came up to me wearing nothing more than a
devilish grin. She laid next to me and spread her legs. Peeking out from her
pussy was a can of beer (see I remembered). As I leaned over towards her she
popped the top and I quickly put my mouth over the opening and drank it down.
It wasn't the most comfortable position, but it was the finest beer mug I had
ever used. After I drained the beer I eased the empty can out of her wet pussy
and licked her all over to make sure I had d***k it all up.

Justine and I laid there holding each other while the other three amused
themselves in various dirty ways. We began to feel a resurgence of excitement
while watching the others. Shortly we were kissing each other with deep soulful
exchanges until I began licking my way down her body. Her nipples were already
erect when I swirled my tongue around them and gently bit at them. I could
taste the salt of her dried sweat and my juices and the acrid taste of my pee as
I roamed her body with my tongue. I burrowed into her bellybutton where there
was still a liquid pool of our juices and sucked it dry. Her vagina was
glistening with her lubrication as I buried my face between her legs. She had
rolled over so she could eat at my dripping pussy and my clit was erect in
excitement as she took it lightly between her teeth. My breathing was becoming
faster when all of a sudden the girls pounced on me and pulled me to my feet. I
was led to a chair where Justine was rummaging through my bag of toys. She
managed to pull out the massive black dildo that was nine inches in diameter at
the base and plopped it down on the chair seat.

The dildo sprouted from the chair seat like a tree stump, sticking two feet
above the seat. The other girls took turns rubbing it against their vaginas
until it shone wetly with their cream. The true dimensions of this monster cock
were apparent as they stood braced against it. Their thighs were not as thick
as the shaft of this great phallus. Just seeing it sticking up like a great
fertility totem, and knowing that it had entered my body stretching my vagina to
unimaginable dimensions, was turning my insides to mush. The tip of the dildo
was four feet above the floor and we appeared to be worshipping it like an
erotic shrine, our bodies entwined with each others as we undulated before it.
Our hands were roaming over the bodies next to us, cupping and penetrating and
fondling anything we could reach. Brigitte was working her hand in and out of
my pussy as I was engulfing Justines breasts with my mouth and working my hand
into her. My body tensed against Justine when Brigette began working her other
hand into my anus. I froze in anticipation as her fingers entered to the
knuckles. My breathing stopped when I felt her thumb drag across my asshole as
she tucked it into her palm. A moment of fear, which passed quickly, as my anal
ring stretched out over her knuckles and then her hand passed into my rectum. I
drew in a quick sharp breath as her hand balled into a fist and pushed in
deeper. She started to retreat fearing it was too much but I begged her to go
deeper, to stretch me more, to push my internal organs out of the way of her
advancing fists. I placed my hand on my belly to feel the bulges created by her

Hearing me plead for more, my voice breaking as I begged her to stretch me out,
to fill me like never before, I felt myself physically lifted off the floor by
the other women. Brigittes hands left my body and I was lifted until I could
set my feet on the chair seat with the great dildo between my legs. The head of
the dildo was a few inches below my open and leaking pussy. I swayed on the
chair as if under the spell of some primitive mating ritual. With the women
gathered around me it was as if I was participating in an ancient tribal rite of
a long forgotten amazonian society. I swayed to the primitive instincts as I
lowered myself towards the monster cock that was waiting to enter me. My juices
were flowing from me and coating the dildo, mingling with the juices of the
other women. I had lost track of anyone else in the room other than a vague
awareness of their presence. I was alone in my mounting ecstasy, waiting,
delaying, until the moment when the huge black head of the dildo started to
split me open. I held my nipples tightly between my fingers, only dimly aware
that I was mashing and pulling on them. My knees flexed in tiny stages, slowly
bringing my crotch closer to the gigantic tip. Finally it made contact, just
barely touching the strip of skin between my pussy and asshole. Somewhere in
the back of my consciousness I could hear the chant of ...take it, take
it...over and over. I slid slightly backward and let my pussy just nuzzle the
tip. Rocking my hips slightly back and forth I let it graze across my opening
until I sunk down an inch and felt it enter me.

Someone was sucking my clit in and out of their mouth. It didn't matter who, I
only cared about the sensation. Lower I went, as three inches entered me. I
let my breasts drop from my hands and reached back and braced myself with my
arms supporting my weight against the chair back. Over four inches were in me
and the flare of the head was stretching me. My pussy opening was being
flattened against my clit by the thickness of the head and the pressure was
beginning on the back of my pelvis. My thigh muscles were starting to quiver
from the strain. My pussy stretched more as I approached the flare of the head,
five inches thick. All sound had stopped. My clit was left vacant. The point
of the head was just starting to push out my stomach. I didn't think I could
get the head inside, I was stretched too far, but legs were no longer strong
enough to raise me up. I willed my vaginal sphincter to relax. I relaxed my
shaking thighs just enough. The flared head slid in and my cunt ring clamped
down on the neck below the head. My shaking legs were giving way and I grabbed
for support as Jane gripped me with her strong arms, keeping me from sinking too
far. My pussy was mashed up into my clit, spread by the massive head. I
groaned in short explosive bursts of intensive sexual fire. I relaxed in Janes
arms, secure in her ability to support me. I slid first one and then the other
foot gingerly off the chair seat until my legs were dangling unsupported, my
feet hanging in space. Janes warm body hugged me with her arms around my chest.
I could totally relax and explore the feeling of being suspended on the head of
the worlds biggest dildo.

I pleaded with her to lower me down, my body slumping in her arms. Slowly she
lowered me as the dildo advanced deeper inside me. Even though my legs were
spread by the width of the chair seat, so great was the thickness of the dildo
that I could feel it slide against my wet thighs as it pressed into the flesh of
my legs, forcing them wider apart than even the chair. Three inches of the
mighty shaft had slid in and the tip was nestled at the opening to my womb. I
was begging for more when the tip began to spread my cervix. Val was massaging
my stomach where a great bulge showed beneath my skin. Always slowly I sank
down, completely secure in Janes arms, resting my weight on her arms and the
dildo. At about six inches of the shaft in me, my cervix was widely stretched,
as was my pussy. Jane continued to lower me but I was growing lighter in her
arms as more and more of my weight was taken by the dildo. She slowed her rate
of descent as my penetration was slowed while my body adjusted to this invasion.
Eight inches in me and my cervix was painfully spread. My cunt was stretched
to almost seven inches in diameter. Janes arms relaxed around me as all my
weight was supported by this huge dildo. In tiny increments, as my body
adjusted, I sunk lower. I began clawing at my clit to keep it from being sucked
into my body. The women stood there staring in awe as I was filled to the
limits of human possibilities. As I reached my maximum, the point where I could
take no more, the head slipped into my womb amd all my weight was now centered
on my pussy. I slipped another inch from the additional weight on my vagina.
My ribs were being pressed tightly by the head deep in my body. My pussy was
spread to over seven inches in diameter, an opening 22 inches in circumference.
I balanced on the dildo, my weight not great enough to f***e it in further. My
toes just about brushing the floor. A huge ridge ran up the center of my body,
proof of the size that was in me. I what?, sat there? balanced on this thing.

My mind could not accomodate what was happening. I only knew that my body was a
great hole for accepting what I could penetrate it with. As great as my lust
was, I needed more. I needed life within me, not this great inanimate cock.
Jane lifted me up until I could regain my footing and with shaking legs started
to stand up and let the dildo slide from me. So great were my juices and so
great was the volume of rubber inside me that the suction as it slid out built
to such an extent that it stopped coming out. I had to slide my fingers
alongside the dildo and pull my pussy open to break the suction so it could drop
out and land with a thunk on the chair. I stepped down with Janes help and was
conscious of the great void within. I could feel my organs shifting back into
position as I walked bowlegged over to the futon and got down on my hands and
knees. The others gathered behind me staring in wonder at the huge gaping void
of my pussy. I rocked back and forth willing then to reach inside of me. Ellie
and Val quickly plunged their joined fists deep into my pussy, feeling little
resistance. As they withdrew, to plunge back inside, Justine f***ed her hand
alongside of theirs to return me to a filled state. My inner muscles began to
flutter as three live arms penetrated me deeply. I could see the flesh of my
thighs quivering in lust as I looked back between my legs. Jane took my face in
her hands and pulled it up. I pressed my lips against hers. Revelling in
kissing this wonderful woman. She twisted away and sliding on her back thrust
herself under me until she could bring her face to my pussy and suck my clit. I
buried my face in her exposed pussy, lapping up her flowing juices. I dropped
onto my elbows as their hands began to enter my womb. My body was pressed
against Janes and she squealed with excitement as she felt the mass of their
combined fists moving against her, through my skin. Her cream covered face
pushed against the invading arms as she stretched to tongue my clit. My body
began to shudder as it built towards an explosive orgasm. My face lay against
Janes open pussy, useless, as my being was concentrated on the arms pummeling my
cunt. I was aware of the smell and wetness of her pussy, but only on a distant
plane. My world was centered on those arms and on the dimensions the three
forearms stretched my pussy.

I was aware of Janes vagina f***ed open by the power of my panting breath, her
pussy lips fluttering against my cheeks. Brigitte was attempting to slide her
fingers into my ass. The arms penetrating me were exerting tremendous f***es to
keep her out, but I heard myself screaming for her to push her hand into my ass.
There was no room for her to enter other than to keep her hand flat and try to
worm it in against the pressure of my stretched pussy.

My body collapsed unsupported on top of Jane as my orgasm ripped through me.
Jane was f***ed to swallow frantically as my juices spilled into her open mouth.
Her arms held me tight as I shook on top of her, wracking both our bodies with
my heaving convulsions. I was stretched too far to really clamp down on the
arms inside of me but it didn't matter. Waves of ecstasy swept over me and
were transmitted to Jane as she orgasmed in sympathy. We rocked and shook with
the intensity of our climaxing lust. Her juices were expelled into my greedy
mouth as I sucked in her cream. I reached out with my arms and wrapped them
around her legs, forcing her cunt harder against my face. Jane released more of
her juices as she felt the arms being dragged out of me. I urinated
spasmodiacally and uncontrollably into her mouth as the four arms left my body.
I laid there in a semiconscious state, aware of the size of hole that once was
my pussy, vibrating and sobbing against Jane as we held each other tightly.

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Start Fist 9 by FeldFisting story 9
by Feld

Having found a website called AdultToys-R-Us I was going through it in my
eternal quest for new toys. I kept checking back to one toy that was begining
to look irresistible. Although expensive I could imagine the possibilities. It
consisted of a hollow rubber shaft, in various lengths and thicknesses that
could be inflated with a squeeze bulb to some rather significant diameters.
They had an adjustment valve to bleed off air, and another valve to seal in the
air and remove the hose. Justifying costs as just so many times to the movies,
I decided to order two models. Both were three inches thick when deflated but
could be inflated to a whopping twelve inches. Now I did know I had
limitations, and that I would not be able to take anything that big, but the
thought did stir my imagination. I bought one that was seven inches long and
one that was 18 inches. Thank God for DHL for both my mouths were watering in
anticipation and they arrived within five days.
I mean, I know it's ridiculous but I was having trouble deciding on which one to
use first. There was something very attractive about being able to shove the
entire thing inside me and then inflate it, but oh, the length of the other one.
I could feel it inside of me before I even got the box open. The long one also
came with a heavyduty sleeve that could slide over the dildo to prevent
inflation so
you could inflate just half of it. This could be real interesting. Well
obviously the bigger the better, so I started with the longer one.
I started making my preparations, spreading out the rubber sheet with the
flannel coating, washing everything off, just getting all things ready. I was
having difficulty calming down, so after taking my shower I poured myself a
glass of wine and went out to the back
deck naked and stretched out on a lounge chair. I let the sun warm me as I
sipped my wine and let my thoughts wander over the possibilities. I visualized
the long black rubber shaft sliding inside my pussy, picturing in my mind my
vaginal lips and inners walls spreading and stretching as I pumped the inflation
bulb. I could mentally feel myself being spread open with each squeeze. My
hands were wandering over my body, stroking my skin and plucking at my nipples
until they slid down between my legs to caress my moistening vagina and stroke
my erect clit. I enjoyed the sensual feeling of being naked outdoors, my legs
spread, a gentle breeze wafting over me, stirring my hair. I knew I was ready
when my ass and pussy muscles were clenching involuntarily to the mental rhythms
of my minds images. Slowly I got to my feet and wandered out into the yard, not
letting the images go, but delaying the moment when my new toy would start to
enter me. I was now visible to any of my neighbors who cared to look, not just
Val and Jane, and this added to my excitement. My thighs were now now well
wetted with my lubrication and the heady erotic intoxication of exposure had my
heart beating faster. Allowing myself the luxury of anticipation I moved
indoors and up my stairs, feeling and hearing my thighs slide slickly past each
I laid down on my bed, my tight ass cheeks sliding across the soft cotton,
causing them to spread apart with my movement. I picked up the dildo, cradling
it between my breasts, letting my skin warm it. Slowly I drew the head down my
body, both hands grasped around it, marveling at the length that was exposed.
My body shuddered momentairily as it brushed across my clit, my stomach jerked,
I was ready. I needed to be filled, my body not complete until my abdomen
bulged with the thick dildo spreading me apart, knowing I had taken a thickness
that stretched my openings to the fullest.
Although I had much larger things inside of me than the now three inch thick
dildo, I had always started out with smaller things, working my way up. There
was a satisfying pressure against my pussy as I rubbed the thick head against my
weeping vagina until it was thick with my juice. Pressing the heels of my feet
down on the base to secure it in place I pushed my body against the head,
feeling it trying to open me up. I worked my hips around, getting the right
angle for penetration, spreading my elongated lips with my hands. There, that
was it, it started to slide in, spreading me, the familiar surge of excitement
moving through me as it entered, sliding smoothly now into me, penetrating
deeply until it pressed against my cervix. Letting it rest in place I gathered
myself together, letting the excitement build towards this new experience before
taking up the squeeze bulb. experimental squeeze of the bulb
and.....nothing. A second squeeze.....oh yes I felt something. Faster and
faster I squeezed the bulb as I felt it expanding. It was now over four inches
across and starting to exert some decent pressure on the walls of my vagina.
More squeezing as the dildo pressed harder against my inner walls. It was
approacing five inches now and I stopped to let my pussy catch up, let my
muscles adjust to the stretching. Relaxing and taking a few deep breaths I
started pumping again. Over five inches and I was feeling some serious
stretching. I can take more than this but it was going to fast. I wasn't
adjusting. It was nice but that was all. Something was missing.
It was the in and out motion, the repeated penetration that I needed. Just
having something big in me was stimulating, but it wasn't the HOLY FUCK, face
slamming, gotcha by the pubic hairs, ram it in me feeling that defined my
existence. I needed to feel it rip inside me, my cunt adjusting and feeling
something stretching me open, then deflating as it slid out, my pussy snapping
shut with the sudden void. I tried pulling out the partially inflated dildo but
it seemed reluctant to withdraw. Grasping it harder and pushing out as well as
I could with my full pussy, it started to slide out, finally exiting with a
sc**** felt against my pubic bones. YYYeeeessss, that was it. It popped out as
my belly sunk back down. My fingers didn't come close to encircling its girth.
I stared in wonder at its fat length. Did I have this monster inside me? What
was wrong with me that I would want this in me? Was I abnormal because it took
this huge thickness to start to satisfy me? None of that mattered. It was what
really got my juices flowing, and that was enough for me. My existence was
having my pussy or ass split apart until my bones creaked, until my panting
heaving body was wracked by orgasmic explosions, until the repeated poundings
left me shaken and quivering in release.
I pushed the head against my vagina, frantic now to feel the penetration, the
stretching, the release as it entered me, but it was to big to start in. I
released the pressure a little to a more manageable thickness and once again
pressed against my pussy. Wiggling it around to the proper angle, rolling on
the head I could feel the beginnings of its journey inside me. Relaxing, I let
my pussy muscles go slack and as they loosened, that delicious thrill swept over
me that comes as it started its inward advance. Slowly I worked it in, groaning
both with the effort and the excitement. The chase was on. The target was the
orgasm. Faster I pushed it in to then pull it out. Sometimes holding it with
my hands, sometimes gripping it with my feet. Everytime my hands were free I
would give the bulb a squeeze. As it grew thicker not only did it continue to
stretch me more, sliding aginst my inner walls, but it began to press against my
upper thighs, extending the area that was in contact with the thick, slippery
rubber skin of the invading dildo. It was now thick enough that my clit was in
constant contact with it. Sometimes being drawn inside me only to be released
with the outward thrust. As more and more of my body was rubbed by the invading
monster higher grew the intensity of my lust. My clit was bouncing harder
across its irregular surface, shooting jolts of electricity surging through my
body. It was approaching six inches thick when I exploded. The f***e of my
orgasm folded my body as my head and shoulders shot up in a vain attempt to
relieve the insanity of release. I flopped back down on the bed, my back
arching, my hips thrusting up, my arms stretching to hold the dildo in me, then
my back straightening as my legs folded up, while all the while I kept pounding
myself. As my orgasm passed I yanked the now unberable fullness from between my
legs and attempted to soothe the burning with gentle strokes on my leaking
As intensive as my orgasm was, with an unused toy next to me waiting to be used,
I knew it was only a preliminary orgasm. After calming down a little I, perhaps
u*********sly, noticed my ass was rolling around in the puddle of pussy juice
left there by my last cum. It felt so sensual as I ground my butt cheeks into
the sheet. I arched my back and rolled to each side in attempt to coat myself
as thoroughly as possible. Spinning over onto my stomach I pushed my crotch
into my wetness, trying to hump the mattress while my hand slid back to stroke
my buns and work my juices into my skin. My fingers moved between my ass cleft,
pausing at my anus, making sure it was lubricated, then finally sliding inside
me. I ground my pussy harder into my bed as I probed my ass with a second
finger. I stretched harder, reaching behind me and working more fingers into my
ass, probing deeper. I flipped onto my back once more, rubbing my fingers into
my sodden pubic hair, wetting them fully, before pulling my knees up and
reaching behind me, sunk my fingers once more into my ass. I rolled over onto
my side to provide better access for my probing fingers, feeling my anus opening
more as my fingers sunk inside to the upper knuckles. My other hand stroked my
clit, occasionally grabbing it and shaking it between thumb and forefinger, then
releasing it to slide my hand down into my pussy. My fingers were rubbing
against each through the membrane separating my two holes. Once again my pussy
was leaking as my juices spilled over my hand to drip onto the bed. My body
began rocking with greater intensity as I tried to meet my mounting lust. I
wanted both my hands inside me, plunging deeply, and my frustration at not being
able to added to my inceasingly loud moaning.
Totally aroused, really getting into the rhythms of my lust, I reached for the
shorter of the two inflatable dildos. Rolling onto my back I pulled my legs up
and reached around them with the dildo. Swirling it in my juice I rubbed the
shaft over my anus. My pussy clenched in sympathy with the movement of the
dildo against my ass. I pressed harder against myself as I drew the shaft back
and forth, sawing it across my anus, delaying the time of penetration, rubbing
my forearm against my clit. Revelling in the intensity of my erotic feelings.
I couldn't wait any longer and positioning the head against my asshole moved it
around, searching for the proper angle to insert it. I pushed my asshole out,
then relaxed, seeking to help allow entry. began to enter.
Three, four, five inches in, slowly now, enjoy the sensations, let myself feel
the stretch of my anus, luxuriate in the sensuality of this wide and wicked
object penetrating me. It was all the way in and my anal ring closed over the
end. There was a delicious feeling of fullness as the end pushed against the
back of my ass, creating the slight discomfort that told me I was close to being
completely filled, anything more would start some serious stretching out.
The head, deep inside me, was past the opening into my intestines, lodged
solidly in place. I laid there for a moment enjoying the feeling, then
tentatively gave the bulb a squeeze. That was nice, a slight expansion, the
pressure intensifying, but very pleasant. More squeezes, more pressure, more
pleasure. How big was it? I had to know. There was only a little fitting
where the hose connected and it was difficult to get a grip but I pulled as best
I could. Slight outward movement but it was not coming out. I pushed out as if
taking a shit while pulling and I felt it start to slide out. There was very
little give to the thickness and I was really being stretched. My asshole felt
as if it was made of wood, very unyielding and having difficulty adjusting to
the significantly increased diameter. But it was coming out. I stopped when it
was half way out, feeling myself painfully stretched, accepting that, letting my
ass grow accustomed to the thickness. Another push and it was out. Whhoooaaaa,
it was thick. I could hardly accept mentally that my asshole could take
something this thick, especially this rapidly. I was proud of myself, wondering
how many people could take something this thick.
I needed it back inside me, and I wanted to see how much more I could take, and
I wanted to feel the fullness. My mind was pointed in one direction, to fill my
ass, to get the sensual feeling to continue. The more there was the more erotic
it became to me. Letting myself rest my asshole, I temporarily sated my need by
masturbating my clit and massaging my vulva. As the pleasure washed over me I
again took up the dildo, determined to get it inside with out releasing any air.
Pushing hard against my anus I wiggled against it. forcing my ass to open as it
finally started to slide back in. Although the pleasure being stretched like
this gave me was intense, I really had no choice, I had to be filled up, I had
to have more. Once my asshole closed over the end I began to inflate it again.
I wanted to pump it up as fast as possible but instead I squeezed the bulb
slowly, luxuriating in the slow expansion of my rectum. Slowly I pumped as it
grew inside me, way beyond the point where I could get it out without deflating
it. As it expanded, so did my stomach. I had no real way of telling how thick
it had become, but my belly was inflating rather sizeably. Instead of creating
a single bulge or long ridge like bulge produced by fisting, this was a broad
expansion of my entire belly. My anus was now opening as my rectum was
expanded. My vagina was beginning to become a flat horizontal opening instead
of a vertical slit between my legs. I could only work a few fingers into my
pussy as my insides were mashed together. The discomfort was becoming serious
but I couldn't stop. I squeezed the bulb a few more times, watching my belly
grow very slightly with each squeeze.
I struggled to my feet to view myself in the full length mirror. My once
somewhat flat stomach was now protruding as if I was in the first months of
pregnancy. The thin hose ending with the bulb dangled from between my legs. I
turned in all directions viewing myself in wonder. I had never seen myself
like this before and frankly found my round shape to be erotic. I had battled
my weight all my life and was currently the weight I wanted to be. This though
did not look like me when I was overweight. This was a person who was ripe and
fertile. Someone who had a sensual look about them. I reached between my legs,
grabbing the bulb and squeezed some more. My belly grew further, expanding into
a later stage of pregnancy. I bent over and peered between my legs. My anus
was now stretched open about three inches and my pussy lips were flattened tight
against the intruding dildo. I had always enjoyed walking around with
something inside me but this was like nothing I had experienced before. With my
ass gaping so openly there was a peculiar erotic feel. As I pranced around I
felt so open, and oddly loose. It was a strange feeling to be so full, yet
nothing was keeping my asshole open except the pressure inside.
I wanted to be in public, to walk around with my asshole gaping open and no one
knowing that. To experience this erotic feeling in public, yet in secrecy. I
was certainly feeling stretched, yet it wasn't like an enema where at some point
you have no control. I felt secure, that I wasn't going to explode at any
moment. As I moved around I had to sort of waddle a little, but that was only
natural in a seemingly pregnant state. I closed off the valve at the base of
the dildo and removed the hose and squeeze bulb. The discomfort level was
acceptable as was the state of eroticism, but to be sure I strapped on my
remotely controlled butterfly, centering it directly on my clit. Pressing the
activation button it vibrated against my clit and seemed to echo the vibrations
throughout my hollow abdomen, intensifying the sensations. I froze in panic at
the intensity of the vibration I felt. If I had the nerve to use the butterfly
in public I was going to be one orgasming broad. Pulling on a light, fairly
short dress I viewed my reflection in the mirror. I was one sexy looking slut.
My belly stretched the thin fabric and the hem was pulled even higher. With my
tousled hair, short dress, and huge belly I looked like a pregnant hooker on the
prowl. Dropping the remote butterfly contol and the hose and bulb into my bag I
struggled into my car, my dress around my waist, my anus pulled open and I drove
over to the local mall.
Slowly making my way across the parking lot something seemed missing. Finally I
realized that usually when doing this I was leaking juices down my thighs and
now I was dry. Nothing was going to escape my vagina as compressed as it was.
I paraded down the mall, tempted to go in to a shoestore and flash my gapping
hole to some clerk, imaging what her reaction would be. I was also tempted to
switch on the butterfly, but couldn't summon up the courage to do that. Until I
saw the perfect woman stroll by. She was medium height, shoulder length hair
and had the attitude. I love the right attitude and this woman had it. She
looked like she knew exactly what she wanted and frequently she wanted sex.
Just a quick look at her was enough to make me plunge my hand into my purse and
flick on the butterfly vibrator. OH MY knees almost buckled it was
so intense. I loved the secrecy of knowing what was inside me without anyone
else knowing, but now I knew my secret had to be evident to anyone passing by.
Trying to supress the rapidly beating heart rate, the gasping breaths, the
unreleased moans, I still had to be advertising that I was near to orgasming.
It felt like a sign was etched across my face "GETTING READY TO CUM". Fighting
the desire to switch it off before I burst I made it to a chair and with some
difficulty collapsed into it. I started to rock back and forth as vibrations
seared through my body. My legs were crossed in an attempt to have some
control. My hem was raised near the tops of my thighs. I was nearing an orgasm
while surrounded by unconcerned people passing by. The public location only
added to the eroticism. I wanted to throw myself back in the chair and thrust
my legs out wide and scream myself into a mind blowing release. I could only
try and hide what was going on inside me. I rocked more vigorously, refusing to
stop the insanity of my own making. As I climbed higher towards an orgasm that
seemed impossible to attain a lady bend over me to ask if I was alright. I
flashed her a ghastly smile and gasped that it was only some cramping, that I
would be fine. She looked at me uncertainly but walked away. With unexpected
suddeness it hit me. My inside churned, my hugely stretched rectum vainly tried
to tighten, my equally stretched vagina and womb tried to spasm and contract
with my orgasm. They couldn't, all I could do was ride it out, peaking, but too
horribly stretched out to go over the edge. All my surroundings faded into the
background as I concentrated on my release. u*********s of the mass of people
swirling around me I could only continue to rock back and forth, mouth open,
gasping. Again and again I surged, my hands gipping the chair when they should
by attacking my clit, rubbing frantically against my body to send me over. I
wanted to laugh at the knowledge that I alone was aware of my exultation.
Slowly it passed and I regained myself, my breathing slowing, my dress clinging
to my damp skin. I rested there, marvelling at the experience. It was one of
the wierder orgasm I'd ever had.
I sat there for quite some time until some semblance of normalcy returned,
watching the people walk by letting my body cool down, loving this expanded
fullness. Not understanding how neither the opening into my pussy or into my
rectum was stretched in the fashion that was so familiar to me, yet this other
form of stretching was also highly erotic. I found, as always, that I became a
glutton over any new experience. I wanted more already, but decided this time I
had better go home for my release. The tingling feeling of arousal was just
starting and I decided to take a slow walk through the rest of the mall to get
me really going again, then head home. Just to see what it would be like I
switched the butterfly back on and staggered to my feet when I heard my name
called out. Looking up I saw Jane heading towards me with an unbelieving look
on her face. I was overjoyed to see her and when she came up to me I threw my
arms around her her and kissed her deeply. My lips pressed against hers as I
f***ed my tongued inside her mouth. I was aware this time of all the people
around me and I didn't care. I felt so open and free to be deeply kissing her
in such a public place. She struggled against me, finally pushing me away and
staring at my distorted body. What is going on she asked. I quickly filled her
in on what was inside me, and that the trembling she felt was the vibrations of
the butterfly. She looked at me like I was an idiot, then laughed. Oh it was
so good to see her. The butterfly beginning to be irratating I switched it off
as she hugged me and laughed into my face, then she returned my kiss. We stood
there kissing, letting people stare, not caring. Finally breaking it off she
took my arm and we walked out of the mall, pausing every so often to renew our
love. She led me to her car and there was an expectant look in her eyes. In
the back of my mind a thought crept in, how was I going to get in and inflate
both of these at the same time.

Start Fist 9a by FeldFisting story 9a
by Feld
Jane and I had sort of a tug-of-war contest going on as we went out to the car.
Both of us wanted to drive home but we didn't want to let go of each other
either. Jane won, mainly because she is ten times stonger than me and also as
I was hampered by my swollen belly, which was beginning to be a little much to
walk around with. We continued to hold each other as we walked, occasionally
stopping to kiss, with Jane running her hands over my expanded stomach. We
almost felt like an expectant husband and wife couple. Truthfully at this point
I would love to have had Jane's baby, if such a thing were possible. I was
growing more attached to her and I loved the feeling of falling in love, of
being interested in everything about her, of wanting to spend all my time with
her, her arms around me, touching her. I loved studying her, finding little
things about her that I hadn't noticed before and delighting in each new
discovery. Best of all she felt the same way.
We laughed and petted each other more as we got closer to her car. We couldn't
drive separately back home and waste all that time apart. Our hands and lips
were all over each other, unable to get enough. Finally reaching her car I
climbed awkwardly in and immediately pulled up my short dress to release a
little of the air in the dildo. That was better. I left it partially inflated,
enough to feel full, but not with so much discomfort. We giggled on the way
home about going places with her posing as a husband and me as her pregnant
wife. I got her to promise to show me how to shave the hair off my knees which
I never seemed able to get when I shaved my legs, and I would teach her how to
dance. I managed to be all over her on the drive back. I had forgotten that
she still had the remote for the butterfly dildo until she zapped me with that.
It was beginning to seem like a stun gun in that she exercised a lot of control
over me with it. A great feeling.
We got home and I was in desperate need of a bath, wanted to get the dildo out
of me and wanted to wash Jane down. We stripped our clothes off frantically and
headed for the bathroom. Although I wasn't as swollen as before, there was
still a noticeable bulge in my abdomen and it was as sexy as ever. Clinging to
each other we got into the tub and Jane knelt down to release the air from the
dildo. It was quite a sight to watch my belly deflate as the air rushed out. I
hadn't thought about this, but when it deflated it allowed the juices that had
built up in my vagina to gush out and spew over Jane, a fantastic site. She
turned the water on to fill the tub, then stood up to rub her slick body over
mine. We stood there, the water slowly filling around our feet, kissing each
other, my hands cupping and kneading her hard butt. Our breasts pushing
together, the feel of her hard nipples scr****g against me, her fingers running
over my back, then up to my head and pressing my face into hers.
I got her to lie down in the tub, and shutting the water off began to wash her
off. My back was against the end of the tub with her sholders between my legs
and her head resting on my stomach. I raised her head and gently washed her
hair, letting the lather build as it squished through my fingers. Working my
fingers through her hair I massaged in the soap, alternately holding her head
up, then pressing it back down, her neck rubbing my clit. Taking handfuls of
water, letting it flow over her hair, I rinsed her off. Taking up the bar soap
I stroked her upper body, gliding my hands over her soft, warm skin. Sometimes
barely touching her, sometimes working my fingers hard into her. Impossibly her
nipples seemed to grow even harder under my pulling and squeezing. Our
breathing deepened, my heart beating harder. As I washed her chest I would
pause with my hand over her heart, feeling it pound against my palm. She sat up
so I could wash her back, sudsing it down then working the soap in with my body
pressing against hers, sliding my chest and stomach against her back, my arms
wrapped around her, holding her tight. My fingers dueling with her nipples,
sliding down her flat stomach and dipping towards her vulva, carressing her,
feeling her clit tighten, her thighs tense as my fingertips entered her. Her
breathing grew more labored as I stroked her pussy, cupping and pulling her
vaginal lips, rubbing the heel of my hand against her clit. I worked my fingers
faster, squeezing her body tighter, as she began to moan with the approach of
her orgasm. Her own fingers joined mine, pressing me into her with one hand
while she rubbed her clit. Her hand was a blur as it rode across her pelvis,
just above her clit. All my fingertips were inside her, my thumbs pressing down
on her flying hand. She was rocking back and forth against me, trying to arch
her back, her legs tightening and squeezing. With one long moan she plunged
into her orgasm, her pussy gripping and releasing my fingers. I thrilled to
feel that interior band of muscle grabbing my hands, her stomach muscles rigid
and hard against my forearms, her legs shaking with her release. I slipped my
fingers from her as she quieted down and wrapped my arms around her, calming
her, rocking her gently, nuzzling my cheek against her hair, whispering to her,
letting her know I loved her and she was safe.
After some wonderous unknown length of time as she slumped against me, she
disengaged my arms, turned around and with an unconcealed grin, kissed me. She
pushed me back down into the now cooler water and proceeded to wash my body as
well as quickly resoaping herself. Pulling the plug on the drain she took up
the hose shower nozzle and rinsed herself, then me, in the hard spray, playing
the jets across our body. She gave particular attention to my crotch and the
tingle of the spray was beginning to work its magic when her s****r Val burst in
the room. She had a big smile on her face telling us that she knew something
was going on when she saw our clothes strewn down the hall. She stopped,
reached down and picked up the inflatable dildo from the floor and looked at us
with raised eyebrows. Jane told her what we had been up to, and how I had
looked with it inflated inside me. Val told us how envious she was, then tossing
the dildo to me, smiled and said when we were finished to come down and she
would make some drinks.
Jane resumed massaging me with the spray as I spread my legs as best I could,
feeling the water prickle my pussy and tingle on my clit. My vagina started its
customary quivering as I became aroused, the pulsing jets of water stroking me,
exciting me. My eyes popped open wide and my body shuddered when she thrust the
nozzle inside my pussy. The sensation was overwhelming and I grabbed at her
hand to pull it out of me. She blocked my hands and held it inside me as my
body thrashed around, responding to the intense sensations as warm water flooded
into me. My vagina quickly filled with the pressure and the excess water poured
out. This was like no douche I'd ever had. Jane pushed the nozzle in until her
hand was pressed hard against the entrance to my pussy, blocking off the
outpouring of water. I sensed, rather than felt, water trickle through my
cervix and into my womb. I felt it though when, with a rush, the water pressure
built up and flooded deep inside with a huge gush. Very rapidly my stomach
expanded, once again bulging out in false pregnancy. Jane turned the water off
and slid the nozzle through her fingers, keeping me plugged as best she could.
Very little water leaked out and tentatively she removed her hand, checking to
see if I could hold it in. By bearing down I was able to keep it inside of me,
actually without having to use as much effort as I would have if it were an
enema. It was however making me feel rather warm and my skin was a nice rosy
color with a sheen of perspiration over it.
We went downstairs, me waddling down the steps, while Jane made rude comments
about my body. We went out to their back deck where Val was waiting with a
drinks tray and nothing covering her wonderously petite body. She whooped in
delight when she saw me, exclaiming how I looked six months pregnant. She saw
the same rounded sensuousness in my body that I saw and ran over to stroke my
round belly. It gave a satisfyingly pregnant THUNK when she tapped it and she
couldn't stop caressing it. It was a wonderful feeling having her hands on me
and when Jane came up from behind and reached her arms around me to join with
her s****r in fondling me, I was complete. Val dropped to her knees, and
forcing her face into my crotch, began to tongue my clit. I wasn't going to
take this for very long so broke off and staggered over to a lounge and got down
on my hands and knees. At this point Val assumed that I was filled with the
inflatable dildo. I didn't want her too close to my pussy and risk losing all
this water, so presented my butt to her. She knelt behind me and dr****g
herself over me, pressing her breasts against my butt cheeks, kissed me over my
back. As she moved down my back, pulling her body away as her mouth moved lower
down, Jane began urging her on with suggestive comments. I think Jane was
hoping I would spray her s****r with a release of water, but it all felt to good
to me to do that. Val's hands were massaging my ass cheeks as her tongue
approached my anus. Jane was stoking my clitoris lightly and I was growing
flushed from more than just the warm water. It was another wierd sensation. I
couldn't relax all that much or I would loose the water, yet I was becoming more
excited. When Val's tongue tickled against my asshole I almost lost it.
She kept tonguing, kissing and nipping at my opening and I was pushing against
her face. My breathing becoming more ragged, my body tensing in lust now,
easily holding in all that water. My anus was still loose from the earlier
expansion I had f***ed on it. Val opened her mouth wide, and forcing herself
against my ass plunged her tongue inside me. I gasped as I felt her enter me,
her tongue a live wiggling object. In reflex my ass clenched against her tiny
invasion, momentarily forcing it out. She squealed in protest then quickly
f***ed it back in as I relaxed as best as I could. Over and over her tongue
flickered in, wetting my anal area thoroughly. She slid her tongue out and
lapped my ass cleft as she slid two, then three, then four fingers through my
anal sphincter. I was bucking against their ministrations, Jane still stroking
my clit and Val all over my ass. Despite all of Val's licking I had to protest
the dryness of my asshole as Val attempted to work her entire hand in. Jane
quickly grabbed a bottle of Grenadine from the drinks tray (a syrup that I don't
see how anyone can tolerate) and doused my ass and Vals hand. In she went, her
hand curling into a fist inside me. My stomach hung low below my body and all
that water sloshed loudly inside of me. As I bucked back against them more
f***efully in my increasing lust, the weight of water moving around inside me
jostled my organs around. Val's fingers opened slightly as she searched for my
inner sphincter, once finding it she began to slide her fingers through. She
wiggled her fingers and corkscrewed her hand, working deeper into my intestines.

As her entire hand slipped through, stretching open the sphincter until it
closed back around her wrist, I grunted with relief as much as from the surge of
excitement that swept over me. Once past this obstacle her arm sunk in to past
the midpoint of her forearm. She began to pump inside me, withdrawing until her
fist almost exited my anal sling, then back in. I was bracing myself with my
arms to withstand her assault when I felt her other hand sliding through the
syrup to pass through my anus. I froze, concentrating all senses on my anus,
willing myself to relax, vainly trying to ignore Jan's stroking of my clit and
the water sloshing around inside of me. Consciously all my mind registered was
the slow advance of her second hand. Feeling it spread my ass open wider, my
anal ring stretched over her fingers as the knuckles bumped their way in deeper.
I suspended my breathing as I the back of her hand was
stretching me, her palm sliding across her forearm. Further she advanced, her
wrist passing through but without the customary relief as she pressed in deeper,
her second forearm entering me, her second set of fingertips trying to f***e
their way into my intestines. The added dimension of her second arm f***ed
pressures throughout my abdomen, I resumed my breathing, but with some
difficulty, trying to inflate my lungs against the pressure.
With both her arms into me, to just below the elbow, I was gasping for breath,
clenching against the invasion of Val's arms, clencing my pussy to keep the
volume of water inside, pushing against Janes fingers manipulating my clit.
Despite all that was lodged in me I felt so open. I began to visualize my anus
gaping open, stretching and spreading as Val started to be sucked inside me. I
wanted her body inside mine. I was growing insane with lust, fearing I was
going to lose any control that remained. Jane was rolling my stomach around, my
organs shaking and shifting from the sloshing water. Val's arms, fists locked
together, were hammering me. Inhuman grunts and snorts were expelled from my
mouth and shot from my nostrils. Every muscle I had was locked in tension as I
fought for release. BAMMMM my orgasm broke through, I wailed with a mind
blowing keening sound, expressing the primeval release of lust in one long loud
bellow of sound. My pussy spasmed in release, the pent up water shooting from
me, my juices diluted in the two gallons that had swollen my belly, stored in my
uterus and vagina.
In the background, as if from a great distance, I could hear Val screeching as
she was pounded by the jets of water I expelled. Jane desperately held me,
trying to control my tossing body. Finally Val, probably in fear of drowning,
pulled back, withdrawing her arms. As the outflow of water slowed to a trickle,
my orgasm subsided, my body miraculously resuming its normal shape. I knelt
there trembling, my heart rate slowing, my pounding bl**d flow slowing, my
breathing easing, returning to normal. All the time Jane holding me, Val in the
background chanting .......... No Way, No Way..........NO WAY. Finally she
said.........NOOOO WAAAYYY, NO ONE CAN CUM THAT MUCH!!!. It wasn't the right
time, it probably wasn't even funny, but when I realized that she thought that
all the liquid I had shot over her was my pussy juice, I couldn't help it. I
roared with laughter, Jane joining in. Val stared at us blankly, having no idea
what was so funny. Finally, weakly we told her what had happened. She didn't
see the humor. She just looked at us, her hair soaked, water still running off
her, not sure how stupid we were. She never did see the humor in the situation,
but in any case had to go shower as she was leaving to visit her parents.
Jane and I laid out there a long time, sipping wine, holding each other,
sometimes kissing each other lightly, not talking. For the first time that
night I actually spent the night sl**ping with Jane. I was so satisfied as next
morning I watched her eating the breakfast I had made for her.
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Start Fist, Final - By FeldFisting story - Final
by Feld
Great day with Jane, did nothing much but enjoyed doing it. Val came back about
the time Jane was leaving for a prior committment and we decided to make an
evening of it. Although it was pretty warm out, the hot tub seemed to be the
thing so we climbed in. There is something about a jacuzzi that is so sensual.
The water is warm and relaxing, the swirling between your legs, the gentle
rocking of your breasts, getting the right position that lets the jets of water
caress your pussy, and of course Val. She was her usual elfin self, full of
life and going after it with a grin on her face.
It wasn't long before she glided across the tub, sliding herself between my
outstretched legs. Holding herself in place by wrapping her arms around me she
plunged her head into the hot water and started lapping at my nipples. I had to
smile when every so often her head would burst from the water, she would suck in
a great shuddering breath, and then dive back under. She did this a half dozen
times before finally staying above the water, her face beaming, shining redly
from the hot water. She drew her petite body up mine, floating above me as our
lips sought each others. We kissed deeply and passionately until we were f***ed
from the water by a combination of the water temperature and the heat of our
The air was refreshingly cool as we climbed out of the hot tub and dried each
other off. I loved her tiny perfect body, the way her skin glistened and shone,
radiating an internal heat that was released by her in the form of her impish
antics. After refreshing our drinks I stretched out on the lounge chair with
Val sitting on the edge of the chair while we chatted. She began to stroke my
thigh in an absentminded fashion as we talked. I was hardly aware of her touch
at first. As we continued to chat I became more aware of it, although she
seemed not to realize that she was even touching me. She continued to prattle
on as I listened to her with lessening interest. My thoughts grew more focused
on her hand as it stroked me. Her fingers mostly just grazed across my skin,
sometimes giving my thigh a gentle squeeze, then moving on. Slowly she stroked
over a larger area, her hand moving up to the tops of my inner thigh, then
sliding away. I began to loose all interest in her voice, instead just laying
there, centering on her touch. My breathing quickened ever so slightly as her
fingertips just brushed my pubic hair. I began to catch my breath everytime she
neared my crotch, her fingers now moving into my bush, now dipping between my
outspread thighs, one finger ever so lightly touching my lips.
I noticed my stomach rising and falling more quickly, even though I was trying
to remain relaxed. Her fingers fluttered momentairily on my vulva, then were
gone, her voice hypnotizing me as her hand stimulated me. I was having
increasing difficulty in lying still, and when her hand passed over my pussy
lips, pausing for a second, pressing her fingertips against the opening to my
vagina, my body jerked in response to her stimulation. She seemed not to notice
my movement, her voice still echoing in the background of my mind. Her touching
gradually became more insistent, her fingerings more intent. I was now holding
tightly onto the lounge, my breathing shallow and rapid, my pussy growing
wetter. As one leg was pressed against her I opened the other further, silently
pleading with her to touch me harder. My ass was squirming on the lounge, any
attempt to remain still impossible against the sensousness of her caresses. Her
hand squeezed my thigh firmly as she stroked me, running her fingers harder
against my vulva and when she withdrew them, they were shiny from my leaking
It was becoming next to impossible not to join her fingers with mine, not to
caress my erect clit. But I laid there as still as I could, delighting in the
sexual torment, awaiting with delicious anticipation her entrance into my
vagina. Still she teased me, refusing to give me what I craved, the penetration
I needed to satisfy my lust. I was leaking more and more, her fingers wetter as
soft quiet moans escaped from me. I started to press against her hand as it
stroked my pussy, trying to get her inside me, lifting myself off the chair as I
pushed. My mind was screaming my need, how could she not go inside? could she
not hear my silent screams? I was going out of my mind. Not able to withstand
the urgency of my want any longer, aloud, I begged her to enter me and grabbed
her hand rubbing it f***efully against my pussy. She took her free hand and
stroked my breasts, caressed my face, smoothed my hair to comfort me as my body
cried for satisfaction. The hand I held against myself was withdrawn from my
grasp then placed lightly atop my clit, softly brushing against it. Electricity
crackled through my body as she vainly tried to soothe me with one hand while
igniting me with the other.
Finally, just as I almost began screaming in anguish, her fingertips parted my
vaginal lips and entered me. Even then the entrance was merely a tantalizing
touch, a teasing probe that consisted of the slightest push, then retreating.
As she entered me again I pushed my body down, forcing her in deeper, relishing
in the spreading of my lips around her fingers. Relenting her unmerciful
teasing she pushed into me as I laid back, allowing the sensations of her entry
to wash through me. Her hand parted my lips, spreading that muscle just inside,
riding up over her knuckles. I tried to squeeze her hand with my cuntal walls,
grabbing for all the stimulation I could. The relief of feeling myself
spreading open against her slow penetration was heavenly compared with torment
of lust I had been going through. She brought her other hand down to flick
lightly across my clit, sending a shudder through me everytime she touched it.
Her hand slid into me, my vagina sliding across the back of her hand, clasping
at the heel of her hand, to grip lightly around her wrist. Not giving me time
to relax I could feel her form her hand into a fist and start to withdraw it.
Even then her small hand caused no discomfort as I opened up to allow passage of
her fist. As soon as she was withdrawn she clasped both her hands together in a
gesture of supplication and pushed the tips of her fingers back in. There was a
wonderful feeling of my body yielding to her penetration as her fingers pushed
in, then the bump as her joined thumbs entered as well. Again that lovely
sliding of her hands entering, mushrooming my vaginal lips around her invasion.
Once again she made a fist as soon as she had her hands fully inside me. She
drew one hand into a fist and wrapped her other hand around it, creating the
largest mass inside me that she could. The feel of her movements were
fantastic, my vaginal walls bulging in different directions as she formed her
double fist. I placed my hand over the bulge her fists created on my stomach,
catching my breath when I felt the motions inside my vagina.
Slowly she began to work her fists out, my pussy lips dragging out with her
hands, not willing to give up the fullness inside of me. As she pulled harder
my whole cunt was bulging out and I had to brace myself with my feet to prevent
being slid down the chair. She began to twist her hands back and forth,
screwing them out of me. With a suddeness that collapsed my stomach and jarred
my being, her hands popped out. Immediately she began to push back inside.
This time my pussy was trying to absorb a blunt mass instead of the tapered
insertion of her fingers. My cunt pressed in but did not yield to her attack.
It felt as if she was trying to push a stool inside me, something I could have
sat on, not taken inside me. Trying different angles of attack, in one heart
stopping moment she gained a foothold against my resistance. I froze in
anticipation, begging her to continue, not wanting her to lose the advance she
had made. Slowly, she went in, stretching me wide, my vaginal ring protesting
at the slow penetration, needing her inside so it could relax to a more
manageable dimension. I was thrilling at the combination of eroticism caused by
her penetration and the discomfort that being stretched so widely was causing.
A rush, and she was in, utter relief that it was over, yet a feeling of victory
that I took that blunt mass.
Without giving me a chance to rest she began screwing her fists back out,
pausing at the widest point then pushing back in. I couldn't catch my breath as
she increased the speed of her fucking. My vaginal ring would stretch further
and further as she pulled out until I thought I was at my limit, then as the
greatest diameter passed and I felt relief, she was pushing back in, whipsawing
my cunt into a lather. Periodically spurts of my juice would escape,
splattering her chest as she sat between my legs. The battering I was
undergoing was driving me wild. My soft moans had become deep grunts of passion
coupled with the air being f***ed from my lungs each time she plunged back in.
Suddenly she paused on an in stroke, then quickly and smoothly pushed her fists
all the way to the back of my vagina. I lurched up in shock, her forearms
entering me, her arms scr****g against my thighs, pushing flesh apart. I
grabbed my stomach, feeling her hands, a load groan exploding from me as she
penetrated so deeply. She stopped with her hands deep, waiting. I pleaded with
her to continue, to punch her way in and out, to fuck me hard, but she waited as
I laid back down. Then slowly, imperceptibly she spread he arms. At first it
was pleasant, but not what I wanted, not what I needed. Then it began to
seriously stretch me, the gap between her arms growing wider. My pussy
stretching, protesting against the spreading of her arms, the breeze entering my
vagina through the space, cooling me. She began to shake her arms inside me, my
belly jiggling with her efforts, stimulating, replacing the discomfort with
pleasure. She began to withdraw from me with her arms spread, her palms
separated, a gigantic phallus leaving my body.
Once again she began her fucking, this time with the increased width,
penetrating deeply with each thrust. My body began to shake in passion, my
stomach rippling with her massive advance, my skin moving up and down in concert
with her movements. I had both hands spread over my belly, delighting in the
feel of hands inside me. I was nearing my explosion, my mouth dry from my fast,
heavy, labored breaths. I was almost there when her hands were ripped from my
body. I panicked, I grabbed at my crotch, deperately seeking release. She
reached over and grabbed the wine bottle, knocking my hands aside, working the
blunt end several inches into me, jiggling it, turning it, forcing my clit to
adjust in passion with her manipulations of the bottle. This was harder than
her hands. Although I missed the irregularity of her fists entering me there
was something very stimulating about being stretched around such a hard object.
She thrust deeper, the fingers holding the bottle bumping against my entrance,
then yielding to the pressure as her fingers entered me alongside the bottle.
Her fingers as unyielding as the bottle, a jolt every time another set of her
knuckles entered me, some slight softening as my cunt was stretched over the
back of her hand, the stretching continuing as her arm started to enter, I was
full, at my limit, I was in heaven. Ever so slowly she began to back out, my
mind centered on my stretched and screaming pussy, my tightly stretched pussy
feeling every irregularity as it passed across me, my clit rubbing against the
bottle as it was pulled in and out of my vagina with her fucking. Another in
stroke, this time even wider, her other hand also with a grip on the wine bottle
beginning to enter. I told her to stop, I could not take anymore, she had
reached my limit, but the words didn't come out, I laid there, shaking, unable
to stop her, unable to accept any limits, feeling myself opened wider. I
visualized her hands entering me then her arms, head, shoulders, her entire body
sucked inside me, fucking from within. I was lost as both hands encircled the
wine bottle and started deeply into me. My thighs were f***ed apart by the
width of the intrusion. The bulge in my stomach, marking her advance, spread
almost across my entire abdomen. It looke as if a slow moving wave was
advancing under my skin.
It took both hands to feel that massive bulge spreading up my body. My clit was
scr****g against the bottle as it entered, it was too much. My hard, long rigid
clit was doubled over, sucked inside me, that most vulnerable of spots, the base
of my clit was being pressed and rubbed with an enormous intensity. I exploded,
the orgasm starting at the top of my head and washing down my body in waves of
passion. It was a mental and physical release. I could see the passion
displayed on my body as it rolled and shook with my tremors, my eyes rolling
back, as I began to faint, the noisy squishing sounds made by my pussy growing
dim, Vals grunts of exertion caused by the effort she was making in forcing this
mass into me were fading. I toyed on the edge of passing out when the shock of
her withdrawl brought me back to the present. I was in the midst of a monstrous
orgasm and she was pulling out. My spasming pussy grasped at her arms, vainly
trying to keep her inside of me, but the width of my hole was too far stretched,
I could not exert enough f***e to hold her in, and my pussy just churned vainly
against her. As she withdrew her hands and the bottle, my cunt clenched at air,
the gaping maw that was my pussy fluttered in air, unable to close and unable to
bite against anything. Even the f***e and abundance of my juices ejecting from
inside of me were nothing compared to the cavern that was my cunt. Her face was
at the entrance to my vagina, trying to stare into the great hole that marked
the entrance to my body, but the juices poured out in a torrent that blinded
her, yet that flood of juice was only a trickle compared to the opening of my
pussy. She lowered her head and tried to stop the flow but my juices spewed out
around her skull. shooting out in all directions to rain down on us.
She pushed her head against my vulva, rotating it, shoving it ruthlessly against
my crotch. She grabbed my enormously distended cunt lips and pulled them aside.
I wanted her inside. I wanted to be fucked by Val, not a dildo, not her fists
and arms, but by her. I screamed at her to fuck me, SHOVE YOUR HEAD IN
ME....CLIMB INSIDE MY BODY......FUCK MEEEEEEEE......... I wanted her inside me,
I wanted to give birth to her, I knew no bounds, long ago past rational thought,
my only existence was to satisfy my need. My need to be fucked until I was torn
into shreds, until all things were absent from my life except the incredible
stretching and penetration of my cunt. I was a cunt, my body consisted of a
hole, and it had to be filled.
She pulled hard on my lips, her head forcing its way in, my hole opening up,
expanding, riding up over her head, her hair burning against my cunt. A head
was entering my cunt, a head was going inside me, another human was entering me.
I shut down, I was a hole, a cunt, nothing more. My clit, purple, hard, rigid,
was drawn inside. My anus, flattened into a long flat opening began to be drawn
inside. My world stopped, its center my cunt, I was nothing more than a vagina
and that vagina began to orgasm. From a great distance, hypnotically, I
experienced my orgasm, watching myself convulse, not feeling, not participating,
just watching, when with a rush, a comet speeding directly towards me, it
slammed into me until I was a pure mental state of intense sexual pleasure.
Pleasure radiated from me and into me, a pure energy essence that was nothing
but the release of sexual energy. I was there, existing as pleasure, travelling
through space, soaring through the universe, whipping past stars as I exploded
with pleasure. On and on I sped in a great journey around the universe, not
feeling Val inside me, not knowing where I was, just this cosmic blossom that
bloomed with light that illuminated the heavens. I knew that someday she had
withdrawn her head, my pussy open, exposed, available to the world, I just
didn't know when or how.
Too much?
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1 month ago
It is just too long a story, my hard on went to sleep.
2 months ago
I love foot fucking pussy... especially when I can make it go deep into the womb. But this is pretty hard to do.
5 months ago
Very long but an extremely entertaining fantasy. best taken in small bites, a chapter at a time
6 months ago
Yes it get boring if too long
8 months ago