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Jools was quite simply beautiful. She sat astride him and he could not believe he was so fortunate. She was like a naughty angel. Albeit an angel with flawless makeup and one wearing a black and red leather corset, fishnet stockings and high heels.
"I'm going to fuck you hard," she whispered, leaning closer to him. "You're going to cum so much and I want it all."
"Oh my god," he managed to gasp as she leant forwards to nuzzle his ear, running her tongue up his neck. His cock was a hard pain between his legs. It twitched as she brushed his legs with her fishnets. Her nipples were visible, hard nubs poking from the top of the corset. His intense arousal pressed against her belly. Precum from his cock streaked the black leather.
Jools smiled at him, feeling him tremble. She arced her back and removed her sheer black panties. He gasped a sharp intake of breath at the sight of her sweet pussy. Jools took his fingers under her palm and worked at her outer folds. She took his other hand and fondled one of her breasts. She eased his eager fingers onto her clit and slowly parted her tight flower.
She worked herself on his hand. Their lips met, she bit his lower lip, their tongues met, slipping and sliding. He let out a low moan as the inner muscles of her hot core clenched on his finger.
"I'm going to take all of your cum. I'm going to drain you of every drop," said Jools, taking him in hand, spreading herself with her other hand and taking him inside. "All of you and.... my husband is going to watch."
"Oh shit!" he exclaimed as the bedroom door opened and her husband walked in.
"What the fuck is this?" he demanded.
"I..oh..oh my god-" he stammered.
"Shut the hell up, asshole," said her husband, his fists bunched. He was a big man. Angry. Obviously. "I'm not talking to you, you pommy bastard."
He looked to Jools sat astride the stranger. His now albeit wilting cock inside her beautiful folds.
"You dirty bitch," he said. Jools smiled at him. Her inner muscles clenched the stranger's cock as he wriggled beneath her.
"Where the fuck are you going?" hissed her husband. "You got yourself there. Now your're going to fuck my wife and you better do her good. You better give her the good fuck that she deserves."
He pulled up a chair and sat down.
"I'm going to fuck him, honey," Jools said, smiling at her husband. "I'm going make both him and you cum."
Her husband took a hand to the bulge in his trousers. Jools pushed herself down on the stranger's cock, rotating her hips in short circles, grinding his cock back into life. Once she felt it stiffen inside her, she started to thrust her pelvis down, taking him in deeper and harder.
"Don't look at him," she whispered to the stranger, tilting his head so he could look into her green eyes. "Ignore him. Fuck me. Fuck me."
She rode him. Faster. Harder.
"Do him," ordered her husband, taking his trousers down. His cock hung, big and heavy. He took himself in hand and started to slow stroke himself. Watching intently as his wife pounded the stranger's hips into the bed. Jools worked the stranger harder and suddenly....
"Oh my god, I'm cummming," exclaimed the stranger, his voice a gasp of desire as Jool's inner muscles clenched and took his spurting seed. "Oh, cumming"
It was the orgasm of his life. It felt like it would never stop.
Jools slipped herself from him. His cum oozing from her sopping hole.
"Oh my god," gasped the stranger. "I am so sorry. I just...."
"Shut the fuck up," ordered her husband, approaching the bed. His cock was engorged. Angry.
"Fuck me, sweetheart," said Jools to her husband. He climbed behind her.
"He's going to fuck me," she whispered into the stranger's ear. Her breath a hot tease. "He'll fuck me like a real man."
"I should get out of here and-"
"You're going nowhere," ordered her husband. Jools smiled down at the stranger. She arched her back, her beautiful cleavage before the stranger's face. Her lips brushed those of the stranger's and she bit him. Drew bl**d as her husband eased himself into her creamy hole. Jools fixed the stranger with those stunning eyes. She let out a low moan and began bucking back and forth as her husband took her doggy style. He pounded her harder and faster as she straddled the bewildered, excited and frightened stranger. Her husband stretched her to the limit. His hard cock filling her. They found a rhythm. Used each other to reach their own climax.
"Dirty fucking bitch," repeated her husband as he thrust into her. "Dirty fucking cumslut. Do him. Do him."
Jools took the stranger's erect cock into her mouth. Wrapped those beautiful lip-glossed lips around his rigid member.
"Cummming. I'm cumming," she gasped moments later as her husband rode her.
Suddenly her husband tensed and he exploded deep inside her. Jools felt her pussy squeeze and clench. The stranger came again- his hot cum, hitting the roof of her mouth in a pearlescent crescendo. She bucked against her husband and took him for every drop.
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