Husband watches

Jools sat astride him. He didn't know where to look. She was so beautiful. So naughty. She wore flawless make-up. Her eyes smokey with shadow. Seductive. Her lips were a shiny gloss. She wore a red and black corset. One nipple slipping into view as she leant forward and kissed him. Between his naked thighs, his cock twitched against her fishnet stocking clad leg.
"I'm going to fuck you so hard," whispered Jools, her voice a hot whisper in his ear. She nuzzled his neck. Took one of his hands and placed it between her thighs. Under her palm his fingers rubbed at the sheer panties and the mound beneath.
She shifted on the bed, taking his other hand to a breast. She leant forward, offering him a better view of her beautiful cleavage. His arousal pressed against her belly. It left a streak of precum on the black leather. She kissed him. Lips hot, tongue searching. She nibbled his lower lip.
"I want you in my tight, wet cunt," she whispered. "I want you to cum in me."
She arced her back and slipped her panties down and away. One of his hands fondled her breasts. The other worked at her sweet folds as they opened for him. He eased fingers onto her clit. She was already wet. Excited and aroused. His cock was a hard pain between his thighs.
She helped him slide a finger in. Her inner muscles tightening around him as she rode his hand. Small circular movements of her hips. Her stocking legs arousing him as they touched his naked skin. She bit his lip again. Her hot breath on him like a whispered promise.
She rocked back and forth. Using his fingers. He felt the tension building within her hot core.
"I want you to fuck me hard. I want you to cum in my tight cunt," whispered Jools, leaning away from him. "And I want you to do it while my husband watches."

"Oh fuck!" he exclaimed as the bedroom door opened.
"What the fuck is this?" snarled her husband. "You fucking pom bastard. You think you can fuck my wife?"
"I...I made a mistake," he spluttered. "I just-"
"Just fucking nothing," snarled the husband, pointing a finger at him. "You better fuck her good. You better make her cum."
Jools smiled at her husband, then smiled down at him.
"He will," she said. "He'll make me and you cum, baby."
"I think that-"
"Shut the hell up," demanded her husband. He took a seat and sat opposite the bed.
"Fuck me. Don't worry, sweetheart," whispered Jools, slipping her fingers around his now somewhat limp cock. "It'll be okay. Fuck me and don't mind him. He likes to watch me fuck other men."
Jools bent forward and took his semi-rigid cock into her warm mouth. He looked past her at her husband. He had a hand in his groin. Jool's fingers cupped his balls, kneading, rubbing and stroking. He was so hard now in her mouth. She slipped her lips from him. She lifted herself up, straddled him, spread her lips and eased his cock into her. Holding her hips and her stocking tops he let her adjust her position.
"He's going to like this, honey," she said, looking to her husband. "And so are you. I'm going to hard fuck the hell out of him."
Her husband took himself from his trousers. His cock, heavy. Hard and erect.
"Do me," whispered Jools, pushing down on his cock.
"Ignore him," she ordered, tilting his face away from her husband. Who was now slow stroking himself. "Do me. Concentrate on me."
She pumped away on him. Slow at first. Taking him deep into her wet folds. His hands cupped her breasts. Perfect globes of voluptuous flesh that spilled from the corset as she became more excited.
"Fuck me. Fuck me," ordered Jools. "Come on. Ignore him!"
Her husband was doing himself a little harder. Fully aroused now as he watched his wife fuck him.
It wouldn't take him long. He was so far past excited. Jools pinned his hands down and rode him, faster and harder. Deeper.
"That's it, sweetheart," she whispered, arching he back, her breasts prominent and heaving with her movements. "Fuck my big cunt. Do me. Do me."
Suddenly his body tensed.
"Oh my god," he gasped. "Oh god. I'm cumming. I'm cum....."
He exploded deep inside her. Jools squeezed and clenched him with her pussy. She drove down on him. Taking all of his hot cum.
"Oh my god," he said, voice a strangled gasp. "I couldn't help myself. Oh, I am so sorry and-"
Her husband got up from the chair. His cock was engorged. The purple head looked angry. He looked angry.
"I am-"
"Not a word out of you," he snarled, pointing at him. "Not one fucking word."
Jools smiled at her husband.
"Did you like that, honey?" she asked. "How I fucked him for you?"
Jools slipped herself from him. His cum, dripping from her outer lips. She tasted some on a finger. Licking it and swallowing.
"Mmmmm," she moaned. "He tastes nice."
She bent and kissed him. She straddled him. Her heavy tits in his face. She glanced over her shoulder at her husband. Arched her back, spread herself and offered herself to him. Her husband climbed behind her. His cock slipped easily into her sopping, cum filled hole. Jools bent forwards. Her breasts close to the stranger's face.
"He's going to fuck me now. Fuck me like a real man," she whispered, tracing a manicured nail along his lower lip. "Do me. Fuck my wet cunt."
Jools let out a gasp as her husband drove his big cock into her. At some point- Jools took the stranger into her mouth and he erupted with cum again as her husband pounded her from behind.....
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Great story