favourite shoes!! fast fuck with sexy south americ

ok this happened a few months ago and i thought i'd share it.

i'm on a social networking site which will remain nameless! :)
i'm always getting friend requests from women on there, most just chat say hi and flirt a little, some are there for booty calls with guys that take their fancy, which i've met my fair share, but this girl i'm writing about was different from the normal links i've met online. for stories sake we'll call her shelley.

she didn't say much to give me even an inclination of what was about to go down when we met, when we spoke online it was very general chat, life n stuff, ok a little about her sexy shoes, but nothing sexual. but when i got to her house, she gave me hug hello, stuck her tongue straight down my throat then took me upstairs.

walking up the stairs, i took the time to check out her sexy arse! it creased beautifully all the way around to the egde. we walked though the bedroom door, shelley turned to face me and looked straight into my eyes. i could see this shy but horny look in her eye, she seemed almost unsure of what was going through her mind, so put her uncertainty to bed. i pulled her towards me to have a good feel of her perfectly sculptured rear end, i slid my hands up her back and into her hair, pulled her head back and started kissing her neck, as she was moaning in pleasure i slid my hands back down her back firmly, to pull her top up and off. she reached for my already throbbing cock, undid my belt popped the buttons on my jeans and pulled out my big black cock.
she seemed a little taken aback by the size, holding it in both of her hands, staring down at my head, she looked up at me, then went straight to her knees and started sucking my cock like her favourite lolly pop! all credit to her she managed almost half of my shaft in her mouth!
after a couple minutes of some spectacular and sloppy head, shelley stood up and asked me if i'd like to see her favourite shoes. i smiled and said yh but just the shoes... taking off her jeans i took a moment to admire her truly gorgeous body.
sexy toned legs, a juicy round arse, she was a sexy size 10 with a very slight curve on her belly. (which i find sooo sexy!) shelley had a nice small but round pair of tits with with big currently erect nipples. a cute smile and long wavy hair.

wearing just her thongs, shelly got her shoes out, they were red high heels that strap around the calves. she put them on, modelled them, laid on the bed, spread her legs then slipped of her thong to reveal her sexy pussy!

i'm not a fan of hair, but the way she had the bush on the top and so neatly shaved around the lips looked quite horny! she had a nice big pussy, big meaty lips, an already swollen clitoris. she started wanking herself off, i moved in to get more wonderful sloppy head while watching her play with her pussy. i could feel the vibrations of her moaning on my cock, hearing the squidgy sound of a very wet pussy i reached for a condom, slipped in between her long sexy legs, lined up my cock, parted her lips and pushed it onto her tight wet pussy.

i held her legs in the air, and watched her pussy lips slide in and out of her pussy around my cock as i stroked it just deep enough to rub her Gspot. by now i was so turned on i just had to feel the back of her pussy! i felt a desperate urge to pound her deep and hard. i grabbed her legs by the inside of her knees and pinned her to the bed shelley jumped or jolted slightly as i pushed my big black length all the way in for the first time. the look on her face turned me on even more, which made my cock suddenly throb and tense deep inside her. i held it in her for a few seconds which made her pussy suddenly flood with sweet pussy juice, which i could feel all around my cock. i proceeded to pound her pussy deep and hard.
i spun her around onto her knees and with one hand gripping her hips and the other firmly in her hair, i beat her pussy like it owed me money! for a good 10 minutes i fucked her with long deep hard strokes, shelley was screaming and squirming, i even had to let go of her hair and grab her other hip side to hold her in place, but she wasn't telling me to stop! i think the phrase used was "i'm cummin!". shelley's pussy was contracting on my cock, before she screamed "pull it out and rub my clit!" she squirted violently, then i pushed my cock back in her, (wow i'm hot reminiscing about it!) i needed to catch my breath, so i slowed the pace giving her slow deep strokes with circles, i grabbed some lub on her bedside, squeezed some over her arse and my fingers then fingered her arse while fucking her pussy.

as i slipped in an extra finger her moans got louder, shelley reached round to her clit with one hand and pulled her own hair with the other, moaning fuck my arse! i pulled out, lubbed up and started to slowly penetrate her arse. shelley was having none of it! she started fucking my cock herself telling me "harder fuck me harder" never one to disappoint i pounded her arse till she fell to her stomach laying flat on the bed. still fucking her arse like my life depended on it shelley screamed "cum in my arse cum in my arse!" i fucked her to the point of no return whipped off the condom, pushed my head back in her arse and massaged a nice big load into her arse!
she looked at my cock and told me it was time to clean up, turned around and sucked my cock clean.


i've got a pic on my old phone, i'll check if xhamster rules allow me to post them...
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4 years ago
Gotta love a slut who wants to her shithole filled with hot cum.
4 years ago
very hot & horny