I trust my daddy

I trust my Daddy by bullustampur

Chapter I
Joan was on her way home on a Tuesday afternoon. She was a pretty woman, even beautiful, in her mid thirties. Her husband, Tim, was a year older than she. She was thinking back, to the time when they started dating. They were s*******n and eighteen at the time. She sometimes thought about it when they were together for the first time. No, not really when they were together for the first time. That was far to indecisive. But rather, when they fucked for the first time. That couldn't be misunderstood.

They went to the movies that night. Tim was driving his father's car. Joan wore a very short miniskirt and a fine blouse. The movie was a teen movie and there was nothing to it, really. After the movie ended they decided to drive around for a while. Before they knew they were out of town and Tim drove into an old mine, where they couldn't be seen. They both knew that they were looking for a place where they could fuck.

Tim parked the car and turned off the lights but kept the engine running. Nothing was to be seen and they were out of sight. Then they sat there, embarrassed, as if they didn't know what to do. They didn't speak. They were both inexperienced. Joan thought that they really knew nothing except that the cock would have to enter the pussy. And that he had the cock and she had the pussy. But somehow they had managed.

They went to the rear seat and both took off all their clothes. They were a little embarrassed but the darkness helped. In a little while they were exploring each other´s bodies and she remembered that she had thought that Tim's cock was enormous. Later she found out that it was not, but that had never been a problem for her.

Soon she was very wet. She knew perfectly well what that meant. Tim's cock was very rigid and she had masturbated him for a while. He was moaning already. They moved so that she could lie down and put her left foot over the back of the front seat. She found Tim's hand poking at her pussy and then he entered with one finger and turned it around in her hole. That was very easy, because almost a year before she had ruptured her hymen by herself, using the handle of a hairbrush. It had hurt a bit, but nothing serious. She was glad that she had done so, because now she was just looking forward to his cock entering her pussy.

Tim was so excited that he almost came before he went over her. As he mounted her she took his cock with her hand and rubbed it's head against her clit. Then she pushed it along her slit all the way down and guided him into her opening. Tim moaned and she did, too. Then he started fucking her for the first time. He came almost immediately deep inside her cunt. She did not have an orgasm, but she knew that it was common for girls not to have an orgasm when they fucked for the first time. So she didn't care. Now she was a woman. She had often masturbated herself to orgasms, so that she knew the feeling.

Joan was already very wet in her crotch by her thoughts. She realized she was dangerous in the traffic. There was a pool of wetness in her knickers and her thighs were wet. Shit, she thought, because Tim was on a sales tour and wouldn't be home for the next three days. She had fucked other men several times, but that had always been casual. Most of them sported bigger cocks than Tim, but not all of them. But she didn't worry. She didn't get a better orgasm with the bigger cocks even if they stretched her pussy wider.

By now they had been married for s*******n years and soon after their marriage Lisa had been born. She was sixteen, almost s*******n. Her birthday was just about coming up. Joan knew that Lisa would be home and greet her when she arrived. She was a little embarrassed, because she wasn't sure that she could hide her arousal. But she knew that Lisa knew far more than she did herself at her age. She had seen Lisa's textbooks showing the male and female genitals, the male sporting an erection and the female wide open. Then there vas a picture of an inserted penis ejaculating right beside the cervix. She had never spoken to Lisa about sexual matters. Maybe this would turn out to be the perfect time.

Lisa was alone at home waiting for her mother, knowing that she would arrive soon. She yawned and felt that she was tired. She blushed a little at the thought of why she was so tired. She had been awake far into the night, holding her ear close to the bedroom door of her parents, listening. First she had waited for half an hour without hearing a sound and was just about giving up when she heard some deft sounds and thrust her ear closer to the door. Now she heard her father whisper something. She heard her mother say "Yes..." and then some more whispering but she could not hear what her father said. She didn't care because she was quite sure what was going to happen. Again she heard her mother say "Yes... " and something more. Some rattling noises and more whispering and then a squeak from the bed and moans from both of her parents. She knew that the moans came exactly when the cock entered the pussy and she pictured it in her mind just like the pictures in her biology textbook.

This was so much more exciting, because in the room there were real living people fucking. And they were her parents. Inside this door there was the very cock that had spurt the semen she was made from, fucking the very pussy that had delivered her into this world. And judging from the squeaks from their bed he was fucking hard with powerful strokes. She was very excited and rubbed her crotch fast with her right hand. She could hear her father increase the speed a little. Her mother moaned aloud and Lisa knew that they were both approaching an orgasm. She pictured her father's ass going up and down and his cock going in and out of her mothers cunt. All of a sudden she heard her daddy say "I'm going to come... " and her mother said "Yeah, fuck me hard ... fill my pussy with cum ..." Then there was a powerful squeak from the bed, then silence, then three lesser squeaks, a little silence, a few more squeaks, some rattling and whispering. Then she knew that they had both had an orgasm and that her father had spurt his cum into her mother's cunt.

All of a sudden she heard footsteps on the other side of the door. She sneaked around the corner just in time before her father opened the door and walked across the corridor towards the toilet. She could see him in the dark, but he didn't see her. He was naked and she could make out his penis which by now was flaccid but glistening with wetness. She felt a little disappointed, because she wanted so much to see an erect cock. After a short while he came back and again she could see his penis dangling. She knew that he had been washing it. Just a moment later her mother came to the toilet. She was also naked. She turned on the light but didn't close the door. She sat on the toilet and Lisa could see her holding a piece of toilet paper under her pussy. Lisa knew that she was expelling as much cum from her pussy as possible. It was very easy for her to see this, but since she was in the dark her mother couldn't see her.

Then her mother left and Lisa was again alone in the dark. She knew that now it was all over and that she wouldn't hear more this time. But this fuck had been going on for half an hour. She had been awake for almost three hours when she should have been asl**p. That's why she was so tired.

Suddenly she heard a car drive in and stop in their parking lot. Her mother was back home. As soon as Joan entered she saw Lisa. Their eyes met shortly and they both blushed. Neither of them could imagine why the other one blushed. But soon they returned to normal.

"Hi Lisa" said Joan. "What was your day like?"
"It was fine mama. I'm just a little sl**py and I want to go to bed early”. She looked at her mother and thought that the night before she had been listening to this woman being fucked hard and that she had spied on her when she was wiping the sperm from her pussy afterwards. It was strange, but yet it was true. And she was quite determined to do it again because she found it entertaining and very arousing. Besides it was so nice to masturbate while listening to the fuck sounds and try to have an orgasm at the same time as the fucking couple.

"Mom", she said, "when do you expect daddy to return home?"
"In three days", said her mother. "Why do you ask?"
"Well", said Lisa, "I sure look forward to get him home again, but yet it is nice to be just the two of us for a few days. It is so nice to be able to talk."
"Yes darling. Do you find it hard to talk to your father?" Joan asked. "Or to me if he is at home?"
"No", said Lisa, "I didn't mean it that way. Just if I should want to ask you ..."
"Yes, what Lisa? You know you can ask me anything" said Joan.
"Well, you know, the boys" said Lisa. "See, I know that you and daddy had already started being together when you were about my age, but I haven't been with a boy yet, you know ..."
"Do you mean the sex life Lisa? You know, as the pictures in your textbook show?" asked Joan.
"Yes", said Lisa.
"Well, well", said Joan "you sure know how the babies are made, don't you? Have you ever seen a boy in the nude?"
"No", said Lisa, "not a boy."
"What do you mean, not a boy?" asked her mother.
"Well, you see... I have seen a naked man, but not a naked boy", said Lisa. "You see, last night I saw dad. I was going to the toilet when he came all of a sudden and was stark naked. I hid because I was startled and he went into the toilet. When he came back I saw his dick in a faint light but he didn't see me." Joan blushed a little.
"Well, my dear, didn't you see me too, then?" This time Lisa blushed heavily. She had not realized that of course her mother would see through it all, as obvious as it was.
"Yes", she said.
"Do you know what we were doing?", Joan asked her daughter.
"Y... yes", Lisa stuttered, "you must have been doing it."
"That's right, we were fucking. You know it's called fucking?"
"Yes" Lisa said.
"Well, grown up people fuck every now and then, at least most married people", said Joan.
"Yes, I know", said Lisa, "I just want to know what the feeling is like."
"Well, of course", said Joan. Then she looked sharply at her daughter and asked "Were you listening to us?"
Lisa blushed all over her body. She realized that her mother knew and she couldn't deny.
"Yes", she said and was prepared for her mother to hit her. But Joan blushed too, just a little, and was not about to hit her.
"And what did you think? Were you excited?" she asked her daughter.
"Yes", said Lisa. "I was terribly excited and I liked to listen in. But I could not hear what daddy was whispering. I only heard when you said '... fuck me hard and fill my pussy with come'", said Lisa and was more red than ever.
"Well, Lisa, you know that this is what happens when people fuck", said her mother. "The man releases his semen into the vagina when he has his orgasm, that is called to fill the pussy with cum. And the vagina contracts when the woman has her orgasm and thereby sucks the semen deeper into her", said her mother. "All this serves the purpose of making new babies. That of course is how you were made in the beginning."
"Yes, I know", said Lisa. "But what is the feeling like?"

Joan looked at her daughter and by now they had both recovered and did not blush anymore.
"Lisa my darling, it is just indescribable. How do you describe taste for instance? That is impossible. But since you were listening in, didn't you rub your clit? Didn't you have an orgasm yourself?"
"Yes", said Lisa.
"Well", said her mother, that is just a little bit of the feeling. But there is nothing that can replace having a real man go inside. To feel his cock fill up your pussy and slide in and out as they do. The feeling is just wonderful, and it grows steadily while fucking until you have this explosion in your body. But you have to wait until you start going steady with a boy to find out what the feeling is like."
"Yes". Lisa said, "Ive just been thinking ..."
"Yes, thinking what?" Joan encouraged her.
"How big is a cock?" Lisa stuttered. Her mother laughed.
"Well, there are many different sizes", she said. You know that the dick grows when it's erect, but it is the same as the hands. Some people have bigger hands or feet than other people and the same goes for a man's penis. One man has a bigger cock than some other man. And there is no way to judge the size of a flaccid penis. Some small dicks grow enormously while a big cock may just harden and doesn't grow a bit. But I can tell you that an erect cock is similar in size to a banana. A rather big cock may be like a big banana with the skin on. A very small cock may be like a small banana after it has been peeled. And everything in between. Then there are both smaller and larger cocks" she said.
"Yes", Lisa said.

They turned silent for a while. Both were thinking about what the other had said. Joan all of a sudden thought that Lisa was now at the same age as she herself had been when she started fucking for the first time. Since then Tim had fucked her more or less every other day except when she was having her period. She started calculating: That is maybe a 150 fucks per year. And Tim and I have been fucking for 18 years. So that will do .... well, what does 18 by 150 make? Then she thought on: Each time Tim spurts about 5 milliliters of cum into my pussy. And five times 150 is 750. So that in 18 years you would have gotten about 14 liters of cum into your pussy... quite a lot ...

Meanwhile Lisa was thinking too. How could she go about asking her mother to help her? She wanted so much to lose her virginity, but didn't dare to mention it.
"Mom, will you tell daddy when he comes back that I was spying on you?", she suddenly asked.
"I don't know", said Joan. "It depends. But I can tell you that I find it exciting and fun to know that you are listening. But you have to know that some people do not want anyone to hear or see when they fuck. I don't know what your father thinks of it. But I will certainly find out of it and if I'm sure he likes the idea, I will tell him that you are listening at the door." Lisa blushed again.

"What do you think he will say?" she asked.
"I don't know, but I guess it will excite him. If I am right, you will hear a great difference when he fucks me. That is because if we both know that you are listening and it excites both of us, we will talk louder than usually. You will be able to hear every word we say. And we will fuck much harder, so that you can hear every movement. This is because that if people like to be spied on, then they get excited when they know that someone is spying on them. I'm like that and I can find out what your father thinks about it. If he feels the same way I do, it will be fun for all of us", Joan said.

"Yes. But what did he say to you? I just heard some whispering and you always said 'yes'", said Lisa.
"Do you want to know? Wouldn't you just wait and listen to him when we fuck the next time?"
"No, I would rather you tell me", said Lisa. "Maybe he doesn't like me listening in and then I will never hear what he said."
"All right darling, I'll tell you", said her mother. "Well ...", she looked embarrassed. "Usually we are lying side by side without falling asl**p. Then either one moves one hand under the covers on the other side. Last night it was your father. His hand came over my stomach and then he started moving it around and steadily going down. While he does that, I start pulling up the nightdress so that he has access to my crotch. Then I brought my hand over and started to masturbate him. I grabbed his cock and we masturbated each other. Then he whispered: How is my darling cunt? Would she like a visit? I said yes. Your father always calls my pussy his darling cunt before we start fucking. I don't know what he calls other women´s vaginas, but I like to hear him say this, it makes me excited and I become wet there. I also use many different words about his penis. I call him a prick and dick and cock and so on. He likes that too. Then after a little while he asks: Would my darling cunt like to be filled by a cock? Would she like to be fucked? Would she like the cock to spurt it full with cum? Oh, yess... I said." She paused just a moment and then she went on:

"Most often we start fucking after masturbating and talking dirty like that. Sometimes I suck him and he licks my pussy. That too is very delightful. But we didn't do that last night. He just came on top of me and I opened up as wide as I could. Then he put his darling cock into my darling cunt and started fucking me hard and nice. It was quite delicious for me as it always is with your father."
"Oh", said Lisa and didn't blush anymore. "I sure look forward to listen to you next time and hope that you will be very loud."

They made another pause and thought. Then all of a sudden Lisa said:
"Hey, mom, I'm wondering... If daddy is in on this, I just wonder if you would allow me to watch?"
"What? Are you crazy?" said Joan. "Do you think that we would like to be watched while fucking?"
"Yes, why not if I'm allowed to listen? I really want to see a hard cock and I want to see it going into the pussy and I want to see it cumming and I want to see the pussy agape when the cock is taken out!"

"Christ!", said Joan, "you are some, aren't you? But you can see all that without looking at me and your father fucking. Have you never seen a porno movie? All this is shown in a porno movie. I think we should watch one together. But then you have to do as I tell you. And you must be naked as I will be."
"Yes", said Lisa.
"Look, Lisa, is it true that you have never seen a porno movie?" asked Joan. "Have you really never seen a cock enter a cunt?"
"Yes it is true, I have never seen that. I've never even seen a hard cock", said Lisa.
"Okay, now we shall change that", said Joan.

They went in to the office where the computer was and Joan started it. She found some website that Lisa had never seen. There were several thumbnails to choose from. They also gave some info and a rating of up to five stars. Joan explained to Lisa that many of the porno movies were lesbian movies. She would not see any cocks there. Some movies were normal fuck movies and some were less normal, maybe even a****l porn. Some would show two women with one man and some would show two or more men fucking one woman. If two men fucked the same woman at once, that was called double penetration.

"I think it would be best for you to start watching normal fuck, one man, one woman", she said.
"Yes, probably", said Lisa. "Do men sometimes fuck in the asshole?"
"You bet", said Joan. "How do you think homosexual men do it? And some women like to be fucked in the asshole and others don't. I don't like that. I can take the cock in my mouth and pussy, but I don't like to be fucked in my asshole. Now take a look at those thumbnails and choose one."

Lisa stared at the thumbnails, the pictures were small, but showed what was happening. One was called "Janine gets fucked". But she thought that the rating was too low, only 4.7, until her mother explained to her that this was quite a lot, since 5 was the maximum. The thumbnail showed a cock that was half within a pussy and somehow Lisa got hooked on it.
"Should we watch this one?" she asked and pointed.
"Yes, good choice", said her mother. "But first we take off all our clothes. And you have to masturbate while you watch the movie."
"Yes", said Lisa.

Joan immediately noticed that Lisa had shaved her pussy. She didn't say a word, but this was something that she had never done herself. She had just used a trimmer and trimmed her bush a little. She took all her clothes off just the same as Lisa and then pressed the play button.

The movie was sharp and very clear and explicit. The man had a big cock and the woman was very excited. They were outdoors and had a carpet to fuck on. At first he started by licking the woman's pussy and she wailed. Then she masturbated herself and showed her pussy to the camera while she sucked the man's cock. Lisa saw the inner labia and the clit and the vaginal opening where the cock was supposed to enter she thought. Then there came a chapter where he was fucking her. His big cock was already in the pussy. Lisa did not like that, because she wanted to see how the cock entered the pussy. But the movie was very clear. The woman lay on her back with her feet held high. The man was on top of her and held his legs wide apart to show their genitals as well as possible while fucking. He fucked slowly and pulled his cock out until the crown of the tip of his penis could be seen and then he entered her again, all the way, slowly. All very clear.

In the next chapter the man was masturbating over her tits. When he spurted, his semen went all over the breasts and into her face. Lisa watched fascinated. The woman rubbed the semen into her skin and licked her fingers. Then she took the man's cock and licked it and sucked hard on its head. Lisa and Joan both masturbated and had an orgasm.

When they had relaxed a little, Joan asked: "How did you like what you saw?"
"Fantastic", said Lisa. "I liked best to see when he fucked her and also to see when he came. It was also interesting to see when she was sucking him off. I wonder if she got some cum in her mouth?"
"Yes of course she did", said her mother. "As you saw his cock was wet with cum when she put it in her mouth. Also, when a cock is sucked after the orgasm, you will always get some more out of it."
"Have you sucked daddy off?", asked Lisa.
"Yes, sometimes I do", said her mother. "He likes it a lot, especially if I suck him before he fucks me and then afterwards too. But then he has to lick my pussy. He does not like that after he has cum in me but he must. It works both ways."
"Do you do sixty-nine?" asked Lisa.
"Yes, sometimes. I sit on his face and he licks me while I lean forward and suck his cock."
"How long can one fuck?" asked Lisa.
"I really don't know. I don't know what the record is if that's what you mean. I think that I and your father have kept on for about three quarters the most. It always ends such that the woman has an orgasm and the man ejaculates his semen if they are both normal. Some people think it is important to fuck for a long time while others are always on the run."

Lisa stopped asking. She had a lot to think about and her mother kept silent too. Then after a while Lisa started again.
"You know, some of the girls in my class say that they have started fucking on a regular basis, and I think they are telling the truth. But many are still virgins, like me. Some never talk about sex. Does it not hurt when your cherry is broken? I mean when the hymen is ruptured? Does it not bleed as if one is having a period?"
"Well, that is different. In my case I did it myself with the handle of a hairbrush. So that technically I was not a virgin even if I never had been fucked by a boy. I think you should break your hymen yourself. If you do, it will not hurt when you fuck for the first time."
"No", Lisa said. "I don't want any substitute. I want my first fuck to be real, ruptured hymen and all. But I feel that I must be able to trust the man. I don't trust the boys. They are so silly and I am sure that they just hurt you. I just don't trust them" said Lisa.
"OK, my dear", said Joan. "But if you always think like that you will become a spinster. That wouldn't be funny. Imagine an old woman who always wanted a fuck, but never trusted any man. Therefore she never in her life got what she wanted the most. That is a sad story."
"Yes, but I trust my father", said Lisa.
"Of course you trust your father k**! That doesn't mean that he or I want him to deflower you though. That is prohibited by law, don't you know? It's called i****t!"
"Yes, I know, and this is a stupid law. If I want it and daddy is ready and you allow it then nothing is wrong with it."
"Well, maybe you have a point there. But I don't know what he would say about this idea of yours. But now we shouldn't discuss this any further. Lets just find another movie to watch and then we can go to sl**p. We can discuss things further in the morning. Your daddy will come home Friday."


The following morning they sat at the table having breakfast. They were both almost naked, only wearing their knickers. Lisa was very thankful to her mother for the information the day before, and she expressed her gratitude.
"Yes darling, of course you inform your c***d when it asks questions. Otherwise I wouldn't be fit for being a mother."
"There are so many unfit mothers", said Lisa. "Most of the girls say that they have never even seen their mothers naked, let alone being told about the vaginas and penises or their parents´ sex life. Those words are tabu in their homes. Usually those girls are the dirtiest mouths of all", said Lisa.
"Yes, of course. What you don't get at home you just take elsewhere", said Joan.
"I look so much forward to having dad back home on Friday", said Lisa. "I just can't wait!"
"Yes", said her mother, "are you going to listen to us when we fuck?"
"Yes, if you allow it", said Lisa. "Is it certain that you will fuck that night?"
"Sure, you can count on that. And that will be some fuck! Then we haven't had a fuck for four days!"
"Yes" said Lisa. ""How often do you usually fuck?"
"It is very different how often people do it", said her mother. "Some people do it only once a week or once a month or just at Christmas or whatever. But we made a habit of fucking every other day. It is only interrupted by his sales tours like now or when I'm having my period. But we always fuck when he returns and then we wake up again and have a nice and slow fuck later in the night. This is almost sure to be like that."
"Yes, I'll be listening at the door."
"That's fine with me", said her mother. "You just have to take care not to be heard. And especially you must not let your father see you when he goes to the toilet to clean up. When I come you can enter the toilet with me. Then I can show you his cum and you can even taste it if you like."
"Sure, I'll do that", said Lisa.

In the afternoon they watched a new porno movie and then went to bed. Lisa was looking forward to having her daddy back home in two days.

Chapter II
Timothy Clark, or Tim as he was always called, was driving home in the afternoon on Friday. As always, he looked forward to coming home. He loved his wife and he knew that she waited for him and looked forward to see him. He had loved her since they first started going steady. He had diverted from the narrow path several times. The result was that he became more and more aware of how perfect his wife was for him. Now he didn´t even look in the direction of other women. He just waited for returning home and he knew that his wife waited too. They were perfectly synchronized in such a way that every time he returned home, they would go to bed early and make perfect love, sucking and fucking. He moved uneasily in the driver´s seat, because he was sporting an erection.

He arrived at home just about six o'clock in the afternoon. The moment he went through the door his daughter, Lisa, came running towards him. She jumped against him as she used to do when she was a k**, her feet on each of his sides and clung to his neck with her hands. Then she kissed him right on the mouth, hanging on him and rubbing her crotch against his cock. She hadn't done this for years now and he was embarrassed. He knew that she was well aware of his erection.

"Oh, Lisa, don't do that", he said.
"Don't do what?" she asked innocently.
"Don't jump at me like a little k**", he said. "You are so big by now." When he said that he realized that he was holding a grown up woman in his arms and she was kissing him while she rubbed her cunt against his cock as if nothing was more natural.
"Where is your mother?" he asked as he let her down.
"She took a bath and she asked me to tell you that she would join us soon" she said. At the same time the bathroom door opened and her mother came out of the bathroom. She was dressed in her knickers and a light robe which was open in the front. She hurried to Tim and kissed him passionately.
"Welcome home, darling" she said.
"Thanks my love."

They all entered the kitchen where Joan had prepared a light dinner. After dinner Tim went to the bathroom and in a while he came back clad in a robe held together with a waistband. They sat down in the living room, Tim and Joan sat together and Lisa was in a chair close by. They chatted a little and he said a few jokes he had recently heard. After a short while they all were quiet.
"Are you not tired, darling?" Joan asked Tim.
Lisa yawned.
"You know, I think I´m going to bed early, I'm so terribly sl**py", she said. She and Joan had decided earlier to use those words and now they were just acting it out. All they wanted was to get Tim early to bed and start the vivid love life. Then Lisa was going to listen to them fuck through the bedroom door. Joan had told her that she was going to suck Tim's cock and then they would fuck for quite a while as usual.
"Well Lisa, since you are tired, but give us a good night kiss first." Lisa rose and walked to her mother.
"Good night mama" she said and kissed her.
Then she went to her father and kissed him too. Then she went to her room.

After a little while the couple turned out the lights in the living room. Tim had loosened the waistband so the robe was open in front and he had an erection and flaunted it. Joan´s robe was also open in front, but she still wore her knickers. They went together into their bedroom.
"At last", said Joan. They both got rid of all their clothes. "At last you're back home. I'm so glad to have you back. We have missed you, Lisa and I. And now at last we can fuck!"
"Yes, he said, never better." Then they laid in the bed, which gave a little squeaking sound as they turned in. Ted lay on his back and his cock rose straight up. Joan grasped his cock and started stroking it. He took her breasts in his hands and kneaded them. Then he rubbed his hands down her sides to the thighs and almost lifted her up and she helped him a little. All of a sudden she was striding his face and he was sucking at her clit. She leaned forward and started sucking him. He moaned and so did she.

Joan had promised Lisa that she would talk aloud and that she would also try to see to it that Tim spoke aloud, too, so that she could hear them very well and know perfectly what was going on all the time.
"Oh, you are so hard darling" she said and he mumbled something as his face was buried in her pussy.
"What did you say?" she asked. He moved his face out of her crotch to be able to answer her question.
"Yes, my cock is looking forward to fuck my darling cunt" he said.
"Oh my god, it is so good when you fuck me. Do you know how often he has fucked her?"
"No idea", he said.
"I think that you have fucked me some three thousand times. And you have given my pussy some 14 liters of cum. How horny you are man!"
"What?" he said. "Are you crazy?"
"No", she said, "I figured out that if you spurt five milliliters each time you have given my pussy some 14 liters of cum through the years. That is quite a lot."

Outside the door Lisa was sitting with her ear close to the door. She heard them very clearly. She was rubbing her clit and waited for them to start fucking. She liked that the most. She found her mother´s information remarkable and tried to envision 14 liters of cum. What a pool! 'E pluribus unum'! Then she heard the definite sound from the bed.

"You just lie there darling, let me fuck you", Joan said. Lisa heard their moans, the bed squeaking and the sound of wetness in her mothers pussy.
"Oh, it is so hard. This is so fucking good."
"Yes, and my darling cunt is so wet and nice", she heard her father say. Then for quite a while she heard nothing but the sound of wetness from her mothers cunt when her fathers cock plunged in and out.

All of a sudden she heard her father say: "Lets turn over, now I want to fuck you." Then she heard a loud squeaking sound from the bed as they turned over. After that there was a very rhythmic noise and Lisa realized that men fuck in a definite rhythm while women don't. She heard her mother mumble something and she couldn´t hear it except that she was almost sure she heard her name.
"Are you sure?" said her father.
"Yes, quite sure" said her mother. "We have talked it over. I told her everything about our habits and she was very interested. She said that she had never been with a boy. Ahh ... Then she told me that she had masturbated while she listened to us ... Ahhh ..... This is soooo goood ..."
"Why was she telling you?" she heard her father say while he fucked a little faster.
"We were talking about sex and then she told me. She said that she wants to be fucked. Ahh .... My God, how your cock grew bigger ... Yes, fuck me hard .... Aahh .... Then she told me that she couldn't trust the boys she knows, because they were so stupid. And she does not want to rupture her hymen by herself ..... She says that she wants her first fuck to be genuine ... Ohh, yes .... this is so good ... !"
"Do you think that she is listening to us now?" her father asked.
"Yes, I know she is there. I told her that we would fuck for a long time and that I would suck your cock. She asked if she could watch us, but I said no .... Yes ... ahhhh ... yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard, hard, now give me your cum ......."

Lisa was listening outside the door and heard every word. Somehow she felt as if her mother had betrayed her. But all the same she realized that since her father kept on fucking, knowing that she was listening, meant that he was not totally opposed to the idea, or at least that it turned him on. But she remembered what her mother had said, that she might not let him see her. So she was ready to run and disappear round the corner as soon as he stopped fucking. But they kept on going. Her mother had already come and most likely her father too. They both kept on moaning. The bed squeaked faster and faster. Suddenly there was a f***eful sound from the bed. Heavy breathing and moans from both of them. More rattling and moans... then silence. Only heavy breathing. In a little while Tim spoke again.
"Take it and lick it."
"Yes" said her mother. Then she heard the slurping sound of cocksucking. Her father almost screamed.
"How did you like that?" asked her mother.
"That was the best fuck we have had for a long time" said her father. "Now I'm going to the toilet to clean up" he said aloud to give Lisa a warning. She jumped to her feet and disappeared around the corner in time before Tim opened the door. He went into the bathroom and turned on the light. Now she could see him clearly. He was still erect. He stood in front of the mirror and washed his cock. He pulled up the foreskin and cleaned well around the rim of the cockhead. Then he rinsed off the soap and at last he wiped it dry. He took a much longer time than was necessary. Lisa was glad for that and she realized that he was showing her his genitals without seeing her. At last he turned off the light and went back to the bedroom.

A little later the door was opened again. This time it was her mother. She closed the bedroom door and walked towards the toilet and turned on the light. Then she beckoned Lisa to come. She knew where she was although she could not see her.
"Well darling, how did you like it?" she asked when Lisa was there and they had closed the doors.
"This was amazing and fantastic" said Lisa. Her heart was still pounding. "How can you fuck for so long?"
"That takes some training" said Joan laughing. "Well, didn't you want to see your father's cum?"
"Yes" said Lisa.

"Bring your hand under my pussy" said Joan and squatted a little. Lisa did so and in a few seconds a glistening drop of semen fell into her palm from Joan´s pussy.
"No, wait for some more" her mother said as Lisa was about to take her hand. Soon she got a lot more of semen. She took her hand and started to stir the semen with her finger. She looked mesmerized. She brought the finger up to her nose.
"Strange smell" she said.
"Yes" said Joan. "This is a combined smell of the cum and my pussy and your fathers cock. All have a distinct smell but you get accustomed easily. Now put some more on your finger and taste it as if you were tasting a sauce." Lisa did.
"It is not bad at all" she said and licked her finger clean and then got some more.
"No, I find your father's cum really good", said Joan. She took her daughter's hand and licked all the cum from her palm.

"It is so strange to eat something that a few minutes ago was part of my father" said Lisa. The cum has a strange taste but it's not bad at all.
"I like it a lot" said her mother. "Some women don't like cum. But different men taste differently. Now to other things. Your daddy said nothing when I told him that you were listening to us. But his cock grew qute a lot in my pussy. That means that he got more excited and hornier. So that he has already accepted this arrangement without saying a word. Then we shall se about the other wishes of yours."
"See about what?" asked Lisa.
"Well, didn't you want to see us fucking?" said Joan.
"Yes, I want to, but I thought that you had refused" said Lisa.
"Yes, I did" said Joan. "But then I changed my mind. But we are in no hurry. Things take time. And your other wish about your father fucking you. It might take a long time or a short time or then not work out at all. We shall have to work it out. He doesn't know about that yet."
"Fantastic" said Lisa. "Will you try to persuade him?"
"Yes, but easy does it" said Joan. Then they went back to their rooms.

Later that night the couple woke up and had another fuck. That was a slow and easy one. But then Lisa was fast asl**p in her room and heard nothing.


The days passed. Tim and Joan kept their schedule and fucked every other night as Joan had told Lisa, who always kept listening. Tim knew she was there and he kind of liked it. He always took care to talk loud enough to inform her of what was going on, such as when he asked how his darling cunt was and if she wanted his cum in her pussy and her mother said 'Oh yes, fill my cunt with your cum' and 'fuck me harder' and all that. Lisa always masturbated and tried to have an orgasm at the same time her parents did. Then she rose and went into the corner and waited. Since her father knew she was there, he always came with his cock erect and turned on the light with the door open. Then he washed his cock and she watched from the dark corner. She knew that he knew about her but he never looked her way. And they never spoke about it. But she kept her c***dish habit: Every day when he came home she jumped on him and rubbed her cunt against his hard penis.

One night after about a week, Tim and Joan were fucking and Lisa was masturbating at the door. Then all of a sudden Tim jumped out of bed and ran to the door and opened. There was Lisa masturbating. Tim stood over her, his cock hard and wet from her mother's pussy. He turned on the light.
"Why don't you come in?" he asked. Lisa blushed all over her body.
"Can I?"
"Yes, isn't that what you want?" he said.
"Yes" was all that Lisa could say.
"Then come on and hurry. But clothes are forbidden. I am naked and so is your mother, so you must take off your knickers and bra before you enter. Then you must promise to ask us about everything that you want to know, whatever related to our sex. If you promise you may enter."
"I promise" said Lisa and took off her knickers and bra. She felt a little embarrassed being naked in front of her father. He had not seen her naked for the last ten years or so and therefore he had never seen her bare tits. Her mother was spreadeagled on the bed.

"Lisa darling, now your dream is coming true. Now you will see us fuck. As you can see my pussy is soaking wet and I'm sure your´s is too. And your father is more heavily aroused than ever. Soon he will put his cock into my pussy and fuck me and in a short while he will spurt his cum in me. How do you like the idea?"
"I like it quite a lot. Where can I be?"
"It is best for you to see if you stay at the end of the bed and look between your father's legs. He can spread them a little so that you have a clear view. Then you will see his balls and cock and also my pussy."
"Yes" said Lisa, shivering with excitement.
"Well, lets go for it" said Tim. He had been masturbating and now he withdrew his foreskin fully. He went into the bed and between his wife´s feet. She took her knees and raised them up to her shoulders and spread them apart as possible. Tim took his cock in his right hand and moved his legs apart. He was just about to enter Joan´s pussy when he suddenly stopped.

"Lisa, can you see clearly?" he asked.
"Yes" she said.
"Then take my cock with your hand and guide it into your mother's cunt" said Tim. Lisa reached out and grasped his cock. She had never touched a man's cock before. He lowered himself and she aimed his cockhead towards the pussy opening. When his cock touched the pussy he stopped again.
"Now rub my cock along the slit" he said. "Rub her clit from side to side with my cock. Then rub it down again along the cunt and steer into the pussy hole." Lisa did as she was told. Tim and Joan both moaned. Ahh ..

Then he started fucking. Slowly. His cock disappeared into the pussy and his hairy sac was hiding the pussy fully.
"Jees..." said Lisa.
Then he withdrew the cock. Slowly. Thin membranes in the pussy followed the cock just about half an inch out. The smell of pussy juice rose in the air.
Lisa was speechless. She didn't ask, just watched. She felt a rising sensation in her own pussy which was very wet. She sat with her feet spread and rubbed her clit. She tried to insert a finger in her pussy, but that was hardly possible without pain. Yet she did and she liked it after a while, but she realized that her father´s cock was many times as big as her own finger.
Now Tim was increasing the pace. Her mother was moaning a lot.

"Do you like it mom?", Lisa asked.
"Yeah, ahh ..., wonderful, ahhh ..." Joan answered.
"And you daddy, how do you feel?"
"I fell better than ever. Your mother is milking my cock with her pussy muscles" her father said.
"Is the pussy more wet than usually?" asked Lisa.
"Yes, I think so", said Tim. "I'm just about to spurt."
"Yes ... ahh ... give me your cum ... " Joan gasped. "Then ... allow ... Lisa .... to suck ... your cock ...... she likes the taste ..... of your cum .... yes .... yes .... now .... yes ..... ahhhh ....."

Lisa could see that her father was releasing his cum in her mother's pussy. He thrust his cock deep in and held it there. The muscles in his thighs and buttocks were taught and stiff. He withdrew a little and then f***efully inserted his cock again and kept on spurting. Her mother cried. Tim withdrew and turned over by his wife's side. Lisa could see his cum in her mother's hole and also on his cock which stood erect and pulsing into the air. He was panting heavily.

"Lisa, you can suck it if you want", he said. "Then it will spurt some more." Lisa took his cock in hand and moved the skin along it. Then she brought her nose to it and smelled. All of a sudden she opened her mouth and sucked his cockhead hard.
"Yes, yes ...." he said, then he grasped her head and pressed his cock hard into her mouth several times. Lisa stiffened for a moment but then she relaxed and kept on sucking. Then she stopped and let go of his cock.

"Did you suck his cum into your mouth?" asked Joan.
"Yes", said Lisa.
"What did you think of it? Did you like it?" asked Tim.
"Nice" said Lisa.

"It was also very good for me when you sucked it. But now it's getting limp. That always happens after a man has fucked and had an orgasm. Now I'm going to the toilet to wash my cock. Lisa are you interested?"
"Yes" said Lisa and went with her father. He let her wash his dick and allowed her to investigate as much as she wanted. She had fun sliding his prepuce back and forth and look at his bulb appear and disappear again. She took good look at the rim of his cock and also at the underside of the cock. She mainly turned her attention to the frenulum connecting the prepuce and the bulb of the cock. She kissed his cockhead. Then they went back. Lisa took her knickers and bra and went back to her room. She felt that she had learned a lot.

Chapter III
Two weeks had passed. They had met every other night. Tim fucked Joan and Lisa sucked off her father and had become very much accustomed to the taste of his cum. She always masturbated while her parents fucked and tried to have her orgasm at the same moment as they did.

They had started being naked at breakfast and liked it a lot. This time, however, Joan came wearing her knickers.
"Hi", said Lisa to her mother. "Why are you wearing your knickers?"
"I'm having my period", said her mother. "There will be no fuck tonight and maybe not in two days either. But after that everything will be as usual."

"Good morning my darlings", said Tim who was joining them. He was naked the same as Lisa, who always admired his cock whether it was erect or limp. "Oh, no", he said as he noticed Joan´s knickers, "so there is no fucking tonight, am I right?"
"No dear, you know that I find it so disgusting when I'm having my period. So you'll just have to wait" said Joan.
"Yeah, I know, you have always been that way" said Tim.
"I'm not having my period until after ten days" said Lisa and looked at her mother who didn't answer.

After a short silence, Joan put a bowl with some pudding on the table. Lisa had some as usual. But she didn't eat it. She played with the pudding on her plate and started forming it with the spoon. She had divided it into two parts. One of them she formed into a small heap. Then she made a cleft in the middle.
"This is a pussy", Lisa said and Tim and Joan saw a definite resemblance. Then she started forming the other one. She made it oblong and within a short while she had formed a cock next to the pussy. "And this is a cock."
"That's nice, you are an artist" Tim said to his daughter.

"Yes", said Lisa. "This is me and this is you." She pointed to the pussy and cock.
"Oh" said Tim "and where is your mother?"
"She isn't there because she is having her period."
"Of course", said Tim. "But now you have to hurry up Lisa so you can get to school in time. Your mother will drive you this time." Then he rose and left them.

"Mama, do you think that he understood?" asked Lisa.
"I don't know. Well, I think so. Maybe he isn't quite sure and doesn't want to do anything without knowing for sure."
"Will you talk to him for me? I want him to fuck me tonight and then again in two days. After that you take over as usual" said Lisa. "Will you help me?"
"Yes. But I don't know what it will lead to" said her mother. "Now hurry up!"

When Joan came back home after driving Lisa to school she sat in the coach in the living room. She thought hard. How should she talk to Tim about this? She had given it much thought for almost three weeks and she did agree with Lisa that it was no concern of the law who fucked her if she wanted it herself and her partner as well. Even if it was her father. And so what? She had put Lisa on the pill many months ago to be on the safe side. That was not a problem.

She was deep in thought when Tim came and sat down by her side.
"You know Joan, I've been thinking about what Lisa said this morning when she said that this was her pussy and my cock but you weren't there because of your period" he said. "Do you think that she meant something by this?"
"Yes, I think so" said Joan.
"Do you think that she was offering herself to me?"
"Maybe not exactly. But she is asking you to deflower her."
"Yeah, but for Chrissakes, that´s i****t!" said Tim.

"Well my dear, this is the same as is said of the beauty. It is in the eye of the beholder. I told you the other day that Lisa and I had been talking about sex. Then I said to her that I thought she should deflower herself the same as I did when I was her age. But she said no. She wants her first fuck to be real she says, deflowering and all. She also said that she doesn't trust the boys her age because they are so stupid. I told her there was the danger that she would become a spinster if she always thought like that. She answered that if there was one man she trusted it was you. I asked if she really wanted you to give her the first fuck. That would be i****t, I told her. But she gave me the answer that it didn't concern the law the least who fucked her if she wanted it and you were ready and I accepted it. I must say that I agree with her. I do trust you to deflower her and give her orgasm. Then let us see if she doesn't find herself a boyfriend in a few weeks." Joan turned silent after this long speech.

Tim didn't say a word. He was deep in thought, leaned forward with his elbow on his knee and his fist under the chin. He reminded Joan of the sculpture 'The thinker' by Rodin.
"You two have a case" he said. "However you must realize that you are a part of this too. I'm yours. And if you don't want me to I won't. You must see that accepting the argument is quite different from accepting the deed. There would be no contradiction on your behalf if you denied this, even if you agree with the argument" he said.

"Yes, you are quite right" she said. "I agree not only to the argument, but also do I ask you on her behalf to take her virginity to night. Then I want you to fuck her again in two days, but after that you are mine as usual. I do believe that this will be a good solution."
"Well, you say. When will she come home?"
"The usual time I guess, just around three o'clock. Then she has to do her homework for about two hours. That's about the time when you come home."
"That's fine. Then I can think about this for a few hours. I let you know as soon as I'm back, but she can't have the answer until after she finishes her homework."
"Okey darling" said Joan. She kissed him passionately. The tent in front of his trousers told her that she had won the case. In the evening her daughter would have her most important fuck ever.


It was about half past two when Tim came back from the office. He was still sporting his hardon and Joan noticed immediately. He walked to her and kissed her.
"Hello darling" she said. "Well, what do you want to tell me? What do I say to our daughter at five o'clock?"
"I love you both" he said.
"Yes, we both know that. We would never have asked you to do this if we were not quite sure about that."
"I've been thinking about this for hours. I've been going through all possibilities back and forth, for and against. And by now I'm sure. This is something that I want to do. But on one necessary condition."
"And that is?" she asked.
"The condition is that you will be present and that you are the director. You will tell us what to do and I do nothing unless by your order" said Tim.

"I like that", said Joan. "I knew that you would come to the best conclusion. And I promise that Lisa will not know anything until about five o'clock. After that I set the rules. Is that a deal?"
"That's a deal" he said.
"Well, then deflowering will start around seven" she said. "But I have one necessary condition too. At any moment Lisa can back out."
"I like it" said Tim.

Lisa came home at three. She went straight to her mother and asked her what her father had said. Her mother looked at her sternly.
"Tell me. Are you determined to go through with this if your father says yes?"
"Yes", said Lisa. "I want dad to be the first one to fuck me. I know he will do it without hurting me."
"So do I", said her mother. "I have spoken to him and listened to everything he has to say about the matter. He has decided to give you an answer at five o´clock after you have finished your studies. So now you will go and do your homework and then come back here to the living room. We will all meet here."
"Yes that's fine", said Lisa. Then she started laughing.
"What is so ridiculous?" asked her mother.
"Just that I have to read the chapter on human reproduction in the biology!", said Lisa and laughed still more.
"Brilliant!" said Joan. "Now hurry up."

Joan was in the living room at ten to five. She was dressed in short jeans and a light see through top and wore a beautiful bra underneath. Her figure was stunning and she knew it. She sat on the couch and waited. In a few minutes Lisa came too. She wore a short skirt and a sporty T-shirt, barefoot, braless and bottomless. She was a little tense.
"Hi darling, have you finished reading?"
"Yes, but there was nothing in the book that I didn't know. I know many things better than they say there. But oh my God, I wonder what daddy is going to say?"
"That will be clear in just a moment", said Joan, "I can hear him coming right now."

Tim entered the living room. He was dressed in a robe and wore slippers.
"Hello my darlings" he said as he entered. Lisa blushed and watched her father intently.
"Well Lisa" he said. "I have thought a lot about your wish. You have had two of your wishes come true during the last two weeks. The first one was that your mother let you listen in while we fucked. I didn't have a say about that one but I decided not to say no. And I must say that in a short while I liked it. The second wish was to see us fuck. I decided on that one alone. And I liked that too. But your third wish is so way much bigger than the other two, the one that I deflower you."
Lisa turned pale. She couldn't see any better than her father was going to turn down on her.

Then he continued: "As you know it is i*****l for a father to fuck his daughter. And not only so, but also are some people very opposed to the idea. On the other hand I do think that this opinion is not always on a sound base. Therefore I have decided to say yes, but on one condition." Lisa jumped to her feet and ran to her father. She slung her arms around her fathers neck and kissed him.
"Thank you so much my dear daddy", she said.
"Now wait a moment", said Tim. "I said: on one condition. That is that from now on your mother will direct everything we do. Both of us have to do as she says until we fall asl**p to night. And then also, that if you want to back out you may do so at any time."

"I agree, I agree!" Lisa shouted. "And there is no way to bail out. I have been dreaming about this for about a year or two by now. Well mom, what shall we do?"
"The first thing is that you go together and have a nice bath. You will wash each others bodies and nothing can be left over. The genitals are to be especially clean."

They stayed in the bath for half an hour. They washed each others bodies from top to toe. Lisa spread her legs to give her father access to her pussy so that he could properly wash it, between the outer lips, well around the clit, down the slit right to the hymen that was to be ruptured in a while. Then she washed him and paid most attention to his genitals, the same as he had done to her. She withdrew his prepuce and soaped his cock thoroughly. Especially in the groove above the tip. Then she rubbed his scrotum and even his asshole was not left alone. Both of them seemed to like this immensely.

After they had finished wiping each other they stood and waited for Joan´s next order. She seemed undecided for a short while. Then she said: "Just one thing for you to decide on Lisa. Everything else I say. The question is: Do you want to be in our bedroom or yours?"
"I want to be in my own bed", said Lisa.
"I thought you would", said her mother. "Now we go there. You Tim will lay on your back on the bed and you will stride his face Lisa. You are going to do sixty nine. It is forbidden to stop until you both have had an orgasm. You Tim will lick and suck Lisa´s cunt and clit and you Lisa will lick and suck and stroke your father's cock. When he cums you must suck it all in and drink his load."

They both obeyed instantly. Tim was on his back on Lisa's bed, his cock very rigid and stood straight in the air. Lisa went over his face. She put her pussy over his mouth and leaned forward to take his cock into her mouth. She licked his cock from base to tip and engulfed it deep in her mouth. Then she bobbed her head up and down his shaft and tried not to gag when the tip went to the back of her mouth. Tim was licking her cunt and took her clit in his mouth and kneaded it between his teeth. Then he darted with his tonge along her slit and pressed her hymen as fast as he could. They were both moaning softly.

Lisa came first. She was squirming on top of her father, involuntary cramps in her thighs and buttocks. Yet she didn't stop sucking his dick. In a little while he came too. He started growling, then he spurt long and salty jets of cum into Lisa's mouth. She was astonished by the amount and yet she kept on sucking and swallowing. She did a good job and finished him off gracefully. Her mother praised her and said that she did a good job on him.

They were both short of breath and didn't know what would be next.
"Now both of you come to the living room" said Joan. When they came there she told them to sit down, because there was to be a movie show. She pressed the play button and the movie started running. This was a story of a young girl who asks her father to fuck her and take her virginity. Of course he was ready to do so, because otherwise there would have been no story. But obviously this was not the first time this woman was fucked. And besides she was quite a bit older than she was supposed to be in the movie. But it was very exciting and after the movie ended, Joan ordered them back to Lisa's room.

"Tim, you lay on your back as before. Lisa, come here and lay down by his side. You are to masturbate him to keep him hard. Then you spread your legs and let me work on you. I'll make you ready."
"What do I do?" said Tim.
"You just keep quiet and think about what is about to happen, that should keep you warm" said Joan and laughed.
Then she took a warm towel that she had prepared and put it in Lisa's crotch. Soon she put her hand under the towel and rubbed her cunt. She also clapped on it with her palm. Then she took a tube of Extraglide and rubbed it well over Lisa's pussy. She tried to get some through the small crack in her hymen into the deep recess of her womb. Then she said to Lisa: "Give me your hand." She gave her a good portion in her hand.
"Now you smear this on his cock and make sure that he is very slippery" she said. "I'm sure you want him to glide easily into your pussy and back and forth. Therefore you take good care that he is very, very slippery. Of course you are very wet yourself, this is just a further insurance. And you Tim, get some too and rub it into Lisa's cunt. Never too much."

They were quick to finish. Then Joan said: "Well Lisa, this is it. Now is the time. Tim you lay steady on your back. Lisa, you will come over him with your feet on each side, and face him. Then you squat and put your pussy down on the cock until you find it press hard on your hymen and it is just about getting painful. Then you jut a little up and down for a while. When you are ready you let it go. You must go down very suddenly and all the way. It will hurt a bit. But then you should lean forward on his chest and lay still with his cock buried in your pussy and wait for the pain to subside. After that you can start fucking him. Remember to go easy, just a little bit out and then back in. In a short while you will be on the go."

Lisa had been standing over her father while Joan spoke. Now she bent her knees and hips and down came her pussy. She got the cock in her hand to guide it into her and then she stopped. Tim put his hands on her breasts and kneaded them. That made her feel good. She felt the pressure on her hymen. Then she took the cock and rubbed her pussy with it and put it back over the hymen. Then she looked into her father's eyes and all of a sudden, boom... down she came. She was no longer a virgin. She gasped and lied down on his chest. He held her passionately while she adjusted to his cock in her pussy.

Her dad stroke her hair and whispered to her: "This is all right darling, you are doing fine. Just wait a few moments and then we can start fucking for real. Then I will give you my cum deep into your cunt for the first time. How do you like that?"
"Marvellous", she said. "I want you to fill my pussy with cum as you do to mama. Same as you did to her when you created me. Then afterwards I want to suck it."

"Yes, of course" he said. "You just start when you feel ready. Just remember to go easy at first." Lisa obeyed. She lifted her hips just a little bit and then down again. She made a few tiny strokes like that and then she raised herself up. She bate her lip and started fucking her father slowly. "Atta cowgirl!" he said.

"What does this feel like?" Joan asked her.
"Wow... " said Lisa. It hurts a little and it is also nice. "Sweet-sour."
"Yes, but next time it will only be good and no pain" said her mother. "Then you can start fucking f***efully as you have seen us do."
Lisa was steadily increasing the movements. Slowly. Further up. Down again. Further up, down again. Longer strokes. Just a little faster. In a while she was panting and felt it more good than bad. It was exciting.

"How do you like it?" Tim asked.
"It is very good and very much fun" said Lisa. She was smiling by now.
"Well Lisa, now you are ready for your first real fuck", said her mother. "Now I want you to switch positions. I want your father to fuck you properly. Come off him." Lisa did as she was told. Her mother handed her a towel.
"Now you should wipe your pussy. Then put a lot of Extraglide all over your cunt and into your hole to make it very slippery. And don't forget your father's cock. Now I want you on your back Lisa. And you must open up as possible. And now Tim, you fuck her passionately" she said when Lisa was on her back, legs spread wide and knees up against her shoulders.
"I want you to be easy on her, you can use f***e after two days", said Joan. "You should come as soon as you can but make sure that she comes too. I shall rub your balls. Now get going!"

Lisa was on her back, spread wide as she had seen her mother do, waiting for her father. Her pussy was open and shining with wetness. She had not bled much and her pain was almost gone.
Tim came over her. Slowly. "Are you ready?"
"Yes" she whispered. Then he pushed his cock in. Slowly but in just one motion. All the way. She gasped.
"Does this hurt?" he asked.
"No, not really", she said. "There is just a little pain. But this is so exciting!"
"Yes, it will get better" he said.

Then he started fucking. At first he used only half of his cock. Slid it in and out in a slow but steady rhythm. Each stroke just a little bit deeper into her cunt. She didn't feel any pain anymore, just felt him stretch her pussy ever more, ever deeper. She felt an increasing well-being in her body.

Her mother was kneeling beside the bed. Now she started whispering into Lisa's ear:
"Lisa, think porn. Think: cock and cunt and fuck and cum. The cock spurts creamy cum deep in the pussy. Think: Hard cock spurts and the cunt will contract. Think: Dear daddy fucks Lisa and stretches her pussy... he changes her from a girl into a woman. Think: I'm no longer a girl. I'm a woman... woman.... Think: In... out.... in... out" she whispered in the same rhythm as he fucked. "Think: This is so good, I'm horny and my cunt is wet, daddy's cock is hard but he fucks Lisa so softly.... I want his cum."
Lisa was by now very excited. She breathed heavily. Joan was still whispering to her.
"Now tell daddy that you love him and how good this is and what it is that you want."
And Lisa started talking to her father.

"Oh, daddy this is so good and I'm so horny. I don't feel any pain by now it's just all very good. Your cock is so hard and so soft at the same time. I want to get the cum into me, to the bottom of my cunt. Then I will be a woman and no more a girl. Dear daddy, give me cum, oh.... yesssss............."

Tim got very excited by her words. He was fucking in earnest by now. Full strokes, full rhythm. While she spoke he just got hornier than ever. His cock grew even more and he found his sperm swell up in his loins. They were both moaning and panting. Then she came. She clung to him and locked both arms around his neck. Feet over his back and used them to pull him deeper if possible. Very soon he came too. He held his cock deep in her while it spurted the first few spurts. Then he withdrew only to push his cock in again and keep on spurting. And still once again.

Tim dismounted Lisa. He was panting and lay down on his back by her side. Lisa lay still. She was crying. She turned to him and said with tears in her eyes: "Dear daddy, I knew that I could trust you and now you have proven it to me. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. You are a sweet darling. Now I want to thank you by sucking you off." And then she leaned over him and took his cock in her mouth. She licked it clean and then she sucked on the tip. It was easy
to see that he spurted some more in her mouth and he moaned. But after that he was completely done.

Joan was sitting on a chair by the bed. She had said nothing since she stopped whispering to Lisa.
"This was quite a fuck" she said. If the two of you fuck like that again in two days then you will be ready for any knight" she said to Lisa. "And I'm so glad that I decided to be on your side. I can see how important this was for you. And my dear Tim, you were marvellos. I almost wish that we were young again and that I had not ruptured my hymen. But then of course you would be as stupid as the boys that Lisa wouldn't allow to fuck. So that we are probably all very lucky. And how I look forward to the night in four days, then my period will be over and we can fuck again."

"Yes", said Lisa, "Then I will be starting my period soon and you can have him for you alone my dear mother. I think that I'm the same as you: No fuck until the period is over. Period! But when it's over I wouldn't mind to borrow him maybe once a week or so if you both allow?"
"Now let's just take one step at a time my dear" said Joan. "We start by waiting for two days. Then he will fuck you again and after that I take over. Then we can discuss the future."

"I agree with your mother" said Tim. "In four or five days we shall be four or five days older than now and therefore wiser. And I congratulate you Lisa that now you are no more a c***d or a girl, you are a full-blown woman. And you have a reason to be proud."

When Lisa was alone in her room after they had left and kissed her good night, she thought about it all. She sat in the chair by the bedside and looked at the bed where she had been deflowered just a while ago. She felt good and she was proud of herself. She tried to picture everything in her mind. She was so glad to finally be a woman. She found a small pain in the crotch but yet she was satisfied. She was so glad that her daddy had agreed to fuck her. She had known that he would not loose control and that he would not hurt her. She could never have been sure with the boys. And besides she was confident that they would just have spurt the cum into thin air or something. But dear daddy had started by giving her sperm in the mouth, then fucked her crazy and then some more sperm in the mouth. She thought about the warm and soft feeling when he was spurting his cum into her. Filling her pussy with cum as he came. That was the best part of it all. She decided that she would give him the best of all fucks in two days.

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1 month ago
Thank you...
1 month ago
I loved your story. Incest is such a taboo...and is so delicious to read stories about it. I look forward to more stories. I am working on one of my own that you might enjoy. It should be up in a day or so.
5 months ago
It's good when there is a mutual understanding in the family. Naughty and hot story.