Relative wedding with my aunt

Last week I was invited to a relative wedding and the place was 3 hours from my city. The arrangements was taken care by the parents of my cousin, the one getting married. Once I arrived with my f****y I found out that I was supposed to sl**p at my aunt house while my parents went to my cousin's inlaw. My aunt is a distant relative that I haven't seen since at least 5 years. She's 53 years old and a bit chubby with huge tits and a big fat ass, she's the kind of woman that always act overfriendly with people and even while talking she feels the need to have a body contact with the person she's talking to. She lives with her husband and their k**s are older than me and married. I'm 34yo and still single, to be honest I never had any sexual feeling with this aunt, so when I was told that I had to sl**p at her place I was a bit pissed as her house was 30mins from the place where the wedding and party was going on.
The wedding was scheduled on a saturday afternoon in a private villa and after the ceremony there was a huge party to celebrate the event.
I was bored and looking around for some young relative or guest to spend some time with, unfortunately there was few girls an they all had bf with them.
During the dinner I was sitting at the table with other relatives listening to boring talks, I had my aunt sitting next to me and her husband on the other side of her.
My aunt, during the beginning of the dinner, told me she was sorry that I was there alone without any young company. I told her that I was happy to spend time with the f****y and especially with her, since I did not want her to feel sorry for me. During the dinner I could not stop staring at her big boobs perfectly squeezed by her dark red summer dress, I think she noticed, and with her usual behaviour she was leaning on me with her hand on my leg everytime she was talking to me. Well, after some glass of wine and being so close to her I started to think how sexy she was and how much I'd like to play with her ass and tits.
My dick was starting to grow inside my clothes and her hand on my leg was not helping to hide my excitement.
After the dinner we all stood up and went outside the dining room as the wedding cake was served outside. There was an huge crowd of people around the main table where the newlyweds were taking pictures with the cake, I found myself behind my aunt and could not stop thinking and staring at her sexy ass just few inches in front of me. Then suddenly we got called by the bride to move behind the table with the cake and get a picture with the newlyweds, our relatives was the biggest group of the crowd so we had to squeeze to be all together in the picture. I was still behind my aunt and while we was getting into the position for the picture, I was pushed forward by other relatives trying to find a place for the pic, the result was that I bumped into my aunt ass, the feeling of her big and soft ass gave me an istant hard on, I first tried to move back to avoid my aunt feeling my erection but the people behind me kept pushing me forward so I leaned again against my aunt, this time putting my hands around her waist. I told her I was sorry that I was pushed into her but she just smiled and told me it's fine as there was no space. My hard dick was now laying on her right ass check, I could feel the softness and heat..then I casually moved my hips to the left to that my dick slowly brushed her ass cheek until the end of it and lodged itself on the even hotter opening. I heard my aunt moan and push her ass back when my hard dick tried to make room between her ass cheeks. We stayed in this position for a couple of minutes until the pics was taken, then the exciting contact suddenly disappeared and I was left with an huge hard on.
After the party was over, I got in the car with my aunt an uncle, my uncle was quite d***k and my aunt was not in better condition, so I was asked to drive the short ride to reach their apartment.
Once there, my uncle did disappear in the bedroom while babbling d***k words about his sl**py feeling, my aunt was also quite d***k had had problems to walk properly with her high heels.
I went to my room and changed into my sl**ping clothes, which being summer, only consisted in a t-shirt and loose boxers.
As I was not so d***k and quite excited by the feeling of my aunt ass before, I decided to go to the kitchen to grab something to drink and then sat on the sofa zapping the tv channels.
After about 10 mins, I heard my aunt coming to the living room where I was sitting, she was now wearing a transparent night robe which was barely covering her fat ass. She asked me if I was up to some drink and before I could answer she went to the kitchen, I got up and followed her to the kitchen, when I entered the kitchen I almost had an heart attack, she was bending in front of the open fridge and her night robe raised up to the lower back leaving her big fat ass totally exposed, I was surprised to see she was not wearing any panties.
I slowly moved behind her, my hard dick was tenting in my loose boxers, so with the excuse to help her to grab a bottle of wine I leaned close to her back until I felt my hard dickhead brushing her naked butt.
Quickly I moved back, afraid of her reaction, she didn't seem to notice and quickly we moved on the sofa. After about 30 mins and 3 more glasses of wine my aunt leaned down on the sofa and fell asl**p.
Now I had my sexy, almost naked, aunt in front of me...she was spooning on the sofa and the tight robe was exposing her sexy fat ass. Without even thinking about the consequences, I found myself on my knees in front of the sofa with my hands on her naked ass, my dick was now bursting out of my boxers so I took it out and while with one hand I was touching her ass, I was stroking my 8 inch dick with the other. After a couple of minutes I dared for more so I pushed my hips forward and still while stroking my hard dick I started to lightly touch her ass with my hard and now wet of precum dick.
The feeling was so exciting for me and my aunt seemed to be totally passed out. I got bolder and with one hand had parted her right cheek while I was pushing my hard dick in the middle, I felt a wonderful sensation of my dickhead hugged by her big and hot I lost my mind and driven by the sexual lust I started to move my dick between her asscheeks as if she was wanking me off with her ass. After a couple of minutes I was ready to shoot my semen then she suddenly turned her head at me and with my big surprise and a voice full of lust she said: "I'm fucking horny, put that big cock up my ass and don't take it out until you shoot inside my ass" .... I was speechless and over excited.
Sadly to say (unlike what happens in fake erotic stories) I was not able to fullfill her request...her words, her hot ass and the situation....just made me shoot instantly on her ass and back. I did cum for something like 1 minute and her ass and lower back was totally covered by my sperm...
85% (54/10)
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1 month ago
I got a hard on just reading the story Thanks for the posting
11 months ago
1 year ago
Great story!
1 year ago
Great true story again! I loved the part where she was bending over for the fridge. You could have taken her there already!
Hurry up with the next story, OK?
1 year ago
thanks for your comments, something else happened after that weekend, I'll write about it as soon as possible.
1 year ago
Great story !!!!! Make sure you Fuck that fat ass!!!!!.
1 year ago
lol cool story - sounds true : )
1 year ago
Damn man you wasted a good opportunity...great story though
1 year ago
that was hot
1 year ago