Mom and son - cuckold couple

Mother was chating with Darin daily. Their chats were getting steamy, well, down right raunchy. She added him as a contact on her phone and was calling him some as well. She wasn't hiding this from me, I was encouraging her. In the evening I would sit near her and watch her reaction as she chatted with him on her computer – lot's of smiles and a little chuckle from time to time. She set up her web cam and did some video chatting as well.

During one of their chats, mother asked me if we wanted to meet Darin this weekend for some motel fun. Wow, this was the question I had been waiting for. She was wanting his big dick, and he was wanting to fuck my mother's little pussy.

“You know what he wants, don't you?”, I asked. She probably knew more than me what he was into, after all she had been chatting with him for a couple of weeks now.

“Yea, this is what you wanted, right?” I think she was embarrassed by the implications. If we went through with this he was going to be the Alpha Male. She knew it and I knew it...

“Are you wet?”, I asked.

“Yea”, she replied.

“Do you want to?” I asked. She might have been wet but I was hard.

“Yea, lets do it.”, she replied.

“Ok, tell him we will meet him Saturday.”

They chatted for awhile longer but I knew the date was set.

She continued chatting with Darin on-line every night. mother was aware of what a cuck was now. If she didn't know before, he introduced her to the concept during their chats. I noticed her browsing cuckold sites while she was chatting with him. I guess he was sending her links. I checked her browser history while she was at work and she was reading the hot mother and cuck stories from Literotica. Wow, he was giving her quite an education in cuck domination. I wondered if she masturbated while reading the stories – looking at the pics – chatting with him...

Getting through the week was like trudging through Molasses – now it's Saturday. We were going to meet him at a hotel a few miles on the other side of town. mother put a over-nite bag together and I made up a cooler. She spent what seemed like hours in the bathroom getting ready.

I had time to think. I knew his purpose was to “best me” to be the Alpha – the Bull. He was the young stud to take on the wimp ... to “own” his mother sexually. Why did I want this?

And I knew this wasn't just my fantasy anymore, it was hers as well. I wanted to back out but couldn't. Years of anticipation were leading up to this night. I wanted to wack off – relieve the tension but I couldn't. That would ruin everything. I would lose the buzz...

On the way over to the hotel mother got a text. “He's there. He checked in a few minutes ago.” I didn't respond. We got there and walked through the lobby to our room – were people watching us? Did they know? A knock on the door and the door opened. Darin was waiting for us and welcomed us in. He shock my hand and then moved to mother. He grabbed her in his arms and embraced her. He kissed her deep and she eagerly excepted his advances. His large hands rubbed her back and moved their way down to her ass. He cupped an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her tight against his body – groin to groin. She let out a small moan of anticipation. I wondered if she could feel his cock through his jeans. I disappeared. I wasn't there... I was starting to feel uncomfortable so I grabbed the ice bucket and the key card and went to grab some ice.

When I came back in they were hanging out on the bed together just talking. Darin had a beer and mother was drinking a wine cooler – I grabbed a glass and made myself a bourbon on ice. They had John Mayer on the TV. The conversation was too casual, a couple of drinks down and everyone was feeling relaxed.

mother got up to get a drink and came back with a deck of cards out of her bag. “Ok”, she started. “I brought along an ice breaker. How about a game of strip poker? Winner gets to chose.”

“Chose what?”, Darin asked.

“What ever they want.”, she replied.

“Hell, I'm in. Those are good odds.”, he replied.

mother grabbed the ironing board off the wall for a makeshift table. She instructed everyone to take off their socks and shoes to speed the game along.

mother was the dealer. Every hand was 5 card draw, no wild cards. The loser of the hand removes a piece of clothing. So the game was on...

mother dealt out the first hand, I had nothin'. I showed an Ace and took 4 cards. mother and Darin both took 3 cards. I still had nothin'. We showed our cards. Darin wins with a pair and I had Ace High. I took off my shirt with lots of smiles all around. Crap – no socks or shoes... I'm pants and underwear away from naked.

Now the second hand – I started out with a pair of threes. mother and Darin both took 3. I didn’t get any help on the draw and lost again.

Crap – I was already hard now they were going to see the bulge in my tighty's. I stood up and dropped my pants to the floor. They both chucked a bit. Well, the mood was light, right?

Ok, odds were that I wouldn't lose the next hand – wrong! Wow, three hands up and three hands lost.

mother and Darin chuckled a bit. “Need any help, son?” Fuck. I was rock hard. It actually hurt. mother grabbed the camera, “Not too fast, I want a pic.” Darin chuckled again... I started to push them off. “Stop there.”, right before I exposed the head. She snapped a picture. “Now take them off and give me a pose.” My undies drop to the floor and she clicked off another pic.

Darin was enjoying mother's show. “It looks like Mr. Stiffy joined the party!”. He added. Crap, small, embarrassed, humiliated. Nude in front of my mother and her date.

“Now that you are out of the game, you can be the designated photographer.”, she added. They both laughed but I grabbed the camera.

Well, at least I couldn't lose any more hands. I watched the game play out while I took pictures. I got a chuckle from them every time I snapped a pic.

mother was the next person to drop a hand and she decided to take off her pants. Her pants first.. Things that make you go hummm...
Then it was Darin's turn to lose. And he pulled off his shirt. It was pretty obvious where this was headed. mother had three articles of clothing and Darin two but soon everyone was going to be necked. They were just playing out the game.

They split the next two hands. mother was down to bra and panties. Darin was down to his shorts. It was down to the next hand. Was mother playing to win? She dealt out the next hand. She looked at her cards an giggled. Darin asked for three cards and mother asked for two. “Ok, show me what you got.” she said. Darin put down a pair of sixes – mother put down three tens. “I was dealt this.”, she chuckled. “Now, show me what you got.”, she giggled.

Darin stood up and dropped his shorts to the floor. Ok, now I knew. He might have been young but he was defiantly a man where it counted. He was still soft but he was large. I've read the phrase over and over again, he was larger soft than I was hard... but now it was true. Now what? mother looked at his cock, “mmm nice”, she purred. She looked over at me. Coy. Was she comparing us? How could she not. I wished my boner would subside. I looked like a teenage boy by comparison. But I'm two years older than him!

“Game over. I win!”, she said.

My heart was about to pop out of my chest. “Win what?” I inquired... like I didn't know. I had envisioned this in my mind a 1000 times but it never played out like this. Now it was real - and mother was making the rules.

“My choice, remember?” mother but down her drink and moved towards the bathroom. “I'll be right back. I'm going to freshen up.” Ok – I knew what that meant, she was going to wash her pussy – for him...

She left me in the room with Darin. There was a nervous silence while we listened to the water run in the bathroom. “How you doing? Ok?”, he asked.

“Yea, I'm good.” Nervous as hell, but I was ok...

“So, It's ok if I fuck your mother?”

I guess it was polite that he asked. “Yea – I'm leaving that up to her – but I'm good.”
Ok – so he asked permission and I gave it. I guess all bets are off now.

“She's fucking hot, man. Thank you.”

“Yea, ok”, I responded.

What the fuck – he just thanked me for the permission to fuck my mother.

The water stopped running. There was just the pat dry with the hotel towel and she would be out to claim her winnings. This was the most intense emotion I have ever felt... And I waited.

She came out of the bathroom – beautiful. She was smiling but it was a nervous smile. She looked right at me and I took another picture. Darin was smiling too. He looked like he just got a pony for Christmas. I guess we were playing out his fantasy too. Anyhow, he was pretty sure he was going to get his dick wet and that’s never bad.

She moved over to the bed where Darin was sitting – still looking at me. Now the smile was gone. It was just a game up to this point, strip poker, drinks, a little music, some kissing... now it was different, she was giving herself to another boy. He put his mouth on her tit. She wanted to know if it was ok... it was to late for that – we were all going to play out the cards that were dealt.

They made a beautiful couple. I think he's better looking than me. He was certainly larger, stronger. mother already told me his “size” turned him on... Now she was in bed naked with him. And he was larger, evident now in more ways than one.

She had his hand on his chest - kissing each other. His cock was fuller now not quite hard but he was certainly getting excited. Neither minded that I was taking pictures, as I wasn't there. They were in a full out make out session. They were like teenagers in love. They kept kissing, rubbing, exploring each other. No talking just lots of slurping...

She grabbed his cock. What did she think? She had to know – it “would” feel different. He would fill her – touch her in a new way. It was starting to fill – bigger. Minutes passed. They didn't notice me but they had to know I was there.

He pushed her on to her back. His was mouth was on her neck. Nibbling, biting, sucking... Fuck, don't give her a fucking hickey! But she was in to him. The harder he played, the more she responded. His large hand went between her legs. She spread her legs to let him in. I was hearing her moan now. His mouth was still on hers, tongues dancing with each other. Passion.

He switched ends. He moved down and put his face between her legs. Teasing, nibbling, licking. She was moaning, wanting more. She grabbed his cock which was dangling in her face and put it in her mouth. Damn, she was sucking his cock and I was watching... taking pictures!

He was giving her more now. His tongue was in her now. Darting between her clit, her pussy lips and the inside of her pussy. Her pussy was red, glowing! Wow, did it look like that when I ate her? His large hands, her red pussy - beautiful.

And now just her clit – sucking licking. His large index finger went inside her. She moaned, shook, gasped and came...

He tried to keep eating her but she pulled away. I had just witnessed my mom having an orgasm with another boy.

They weren’t done. She was just needing a break. He sat with his back against the headboard. She moved up to where he was sitting and sat cross-legged in front of him. She looked at me for approval – I was speechless. She smiled as he caressed her arms and back. I was a little d***k now. Maybe she was too. She had dropped the wine cooler in favor of Bourbon and Coke.

He was nibbling on her neck again – her ears. She always melted with nibbles on the neck and ears. I was waiting, just watching. What next? She always told me my size was perfect for her, just right, any bigger and I would be too big. Maybe she would tell him he was too big for her. Part of me wanted her to stop now, tell him she had made a mistake... I knew that wasn't going to happen. He was going to fuck her and she wanted him to. I was a flood of emotions.

Her chest was getting red now, flush. He was tweaking her nipples and rubbing his big hands all over her body. His hand made it between her legs again. Again she opened up her legs and let him in. She moaned and cooed over his advances. She was ready again.

She rolled around to face him. She kissed him on the lips. These were the same lips that just ate her pussy a few minutes ago. I'm sure she could taste it. This was the first time she made the advancement. I think I was breathing as hard as she was at this point.

He started soft again. She moved down between his legs and kissed it – softly, patiently. She put his flaccid cock in her mouth. I watched her as she sucked him hard. I knew that mouth so many times, her lips – now it was on another man's cock. She was making love to it... him.

I was taking more pictures. Fuck why didn't I bring a camcorder? She was giving him a good working over now, tugging, sucking licking. She went to his balls. They were large and full. So much larger then mine. She licked them - then underneath them. He moaned with approval.

She was on her knees, ass in the air. I was right behind her. I put the camera between her legs and took another picture. He was hard now – large and hard. Could she taste his precum? I could smell her wetness, see the glisten.

He was hard – she was wet. I knew what would be coming next.

He moved out from underneath her. She scooted towards the back of the bed, still on all fours. She dropped to her elbows – ass high. Presenting...

Fuck, she was in heat. Waiting for his cock. This was a****l behavior, instinctual. He moved behind her and knelt on the bed between her outstretched legs. His face went to her twat. Breathing on it first, smelling her wetness... then tongue. So slow. Her body was almost begging, raising to meet his mouth. She dropped her arms lower – ass higher. He licked her asshole, nice – she let out a low groan. Then back to her lips, little nibbles. He stuck his tongue inside. She let out another low moan. Was his tongue bigger? Did he eat her better? I almost couldn't stand it. What was she thinking – feeling? Smacking, slurping, moans...

He broke the silence, “What do you want?”, he asked.

“Oh God... eat me!”, she moaned.

Darin raised his right hand and slapped her ass, HARD! --- Fuck, Dude, What the hell!

A sharp yelp... He dove his face back into her wet hole. She moaned – pleasure... pain?

He tried it again, demanding, “What do you want?”

She had time to think of the right answer, “I want your dick”, she moaned...

Now he raised his left hand and smacked her hard again!!! – another yelp... What??? STOP FUCKING HITTING MY mom YOU PRICK!!! ---- but I couldn't say anything. We had an escape word... would she say it?... call the whole thing off?

He buried his face back into her snatch. She moaned again...

“What do you want, Bitch?” --- he tried again. A mercy slap... not so hard this time... a warning to get it right.

His fingers were on her clit and his tongue was deep in her hole... more moans...

“I want you to fuck me...” begging...

“Yea? Louder!”

“I want your cock inside me.”

“Do you?”

“Yea, yes...”

He used his knees to spread her legs apart – he moved forward. Groin to groin. His shaft on the outside of her lips, using her wetness to lube his cock. He put the head at the opening of her slit. She moved back to take him in but he anticipated and pulled back. Now in a little – just the tip of his head... a tease...

Could I wack my cock and not cum? I tried... fuck... no, almost... I let go. Don't spasm – don't orgasm... that would ruin everything... cum dribbled from my dick but I didn't cum. She couldn't see me, her face was buried in the bed spread, but he did. A small chuckle? I was burning inside. Should I grab my dick and just cum? Jack off? Let it go? Fuck me... just take pictures.

“Do you want you son to watch?” --- It caught my off guard. Knife...

“yea” muffled...


Did she want to say it? He was making her, right? The penalty for her sin. “Yea, I want him to watch.” A little louder.

“Watch what?”

“I want my cuckold son to watch me fuck you!” She was dry humping him, trying to get him inside. “Please, Fuck me.” A plea.

Almost breathless. Her hand was between her legs trying to guide him in. He pulled back some – tip of his cock at her opening. She pushed back as he pushed into her.

She gasped, “Oh God!” – – Was she cumming already? Fuck... I took another picture.

He went deep on the first stroke! Then full out fucking. He was literally banging the fuck out of her! She was gasping... crying... and she was cumming... he was just starting and she couldn't stop.

He was in my mom now – inside her. Larger, thicker, harder. I was taking pictures inches from his ass. His large balls were danging in front of me. Large and full. Just a touch... did he know? If he doesn't say anything – it will be our secret.

He picked a new tempo, rough and hard. She was letting him just fuck her now... minutes... I was waiting for him to cum. To end it. She was still quivering. Was she still cumming?

“Do you like my cock?”, he asked.

“oh yea”, she couldn't talk – he gave up and continued to fuck her.

He pulled out. Was he done? Still hard. He didn't cum yet. He grabbed her around the waist and stood her up at the end of the bed. He pushed in to her again. He needed more leverage... He was fucking her harder now. She was crying – pleading – did I hear her say stop?

Pounding. And he was getting close.

“I'm going to cum baby... I'm going to bust into your little pussy...”

“Oh yea... yea...”, That was all she needed. She shuddered and started to cum again. He pushed hard. Held... he grunted, released – came.

She was still trembling. It was like she had one long orgasm with peaks and valleys. He stayed in her, let me take pictures. Afterglow.

So long. He was going soft inside her. He slipped out of her and he looked over at me. Total sexual domination. Just ask her... ask her who she wants to fuck next... but I have a fuckin' $600 DSLR camera motherfucker – I win.

He snuggled her, held her, caressed her, kissed and nibbled her neck. His hands went down to her mound. It didn't take much... she came again before he let her go.

She could see again. Notice me. Our eyes meet. What did she think? I was blank. A smile. She was ok. She sat on the bed then laid down - spent. I grabbed a towel and tossed it on the bed. I grabbed my cock and started jacking. They were both watching – that’s the way I wanted it, right? I don't think my mom had ever watched me jack off before, not like this. I didn't care... release – 1, 2 , 3, 4 spasms. Gobbs of cum. I overshot the towel and laid some gobbs on the bedspread.

I couldn't hear, feel... did she say something? Did he? I went to the bathroom to wash the cum off my hand.

I made another drink. mother and Darin were relaxing on the two beds respectively. The room was pretty trashed, pants, shirts, shoes, undies, cum... I caught my breath. So much emotion. Everyone was just hanging around chatting. Shouldn't we be getting dressed or take a shower or something? Everyone was a little d***k – I was starting to get hammered I guess – Bourbon over ice. Trying not to think probably.

Darin got up to pee, swinging free. Fuck Dude, cover that thing up. He didn't shut the bathroom door. More Alpha? Marking territory?

I went to get another drink and I was out of ice. Fuck – I need more ice. I pull my pants on, no undies and grab the ice bucket. “Be right back, mom.” I was still numb but more alcohol would fix that.

“No problem. Take your time.”

Take my time? That was a “bitch” comment.

It was late now. People were sl**ping – quite. Should I hurry down the hall or take my time? I just left my mom alone with a nude man that she just fucked. I decided it really didn't matter. I took my time.

When I got back the lights in the room were off. The room was lit by the single light in the entryway as well as what bleed out of the bathroom. Darin was laying face up in the far bed and mother was laying next to him snuggled up under his arm stroking his chest.

“Is this ok honey? Darin wanted some company.” She was purring. Weren’t they done?

“Yea, that's ok.” I took the other bed to watch. My head was swimming - d***k. I came a little bit ago... didn't she realize I wasn't horny anymore?

She kissed the nipple nearest her, rubbed his body. He turned towards her, his back to me. She turned on her side to face him. Face to face, body to body, genitals... My view was blocked. They didn't care.

But I was getting hard again. I felt out of control. Was this what I wanted? Was she just giving me what I asked for? He knew too... his plan too. Young stud with big cock wants to fuck cute mom while son watches. She'll beg for more.

She pushed him onto his back and got on top. Well, at least now I could see. She moved up and put her tits in his face. He sucked her nipples, pinched – one then the other. Moaning was the sound of elation.

He pushed her off and knelt at the end of the bed facing me. He looked over at me, caught my eye. He didn't have to say anything, I knew what he was thinking. Yea, your mom's going to suck my cock now. You're going to watch. See, if you make her cum, she'll suck your dick.

She moved to his crotch. Did he wash his cock after he peed? Fuck, why did I think of that? Hey mom, don't put your mouth on that unless you know it's been washed...

She licked the head. A little moan from him. And then the shaft. She cupped his balls in her hands. “Ohh, God I love your big balls.”, a moan.

Fuck!!! Why am I not taking pictures? I grab my camera and snap a pic... two, more...

She took him into her mouth and he let out a moan... sucking, licking... She licked down to his balls. Low groans, moans. Now the head of his cock was in her mouth and she was jacking him, quickening the pace, trying to get him off. Anyone can fuck but only a true slut will let you cum in her mouth.

I wanted him to cum now, fill her mouth. Why did I want this? Would she swallow?

He wasn't getting off. She was trying but it wasn't working out. Well, he just busted a nut in my mom a little bit ago.

He rolled her over – put her on her back. No – let her finish...

He was on top now, kissing her. No more words. My hand went to my cock. I could jack myself now without cumming so quickly. Yea, just sit there and wack your little cock while a younger stud makes love to your beautiful mom.

He's going to fuck her again. Kiss her, touch her, make her wet. I got up and I stood on the bed over them. I took a picture. I could see the damage her pussy took from the first session – red, swollen, maybe a little bruised. He didn't care, more to the point... she didn't care.

He pushed her on her back and she spread her legs for him. She let out a low moan as he entered her. Never slow, never gentle. He was fucking her like the milf slut she was. She was loving it! He was harder than the first time. Pounding... He was going for the nasty fuck. The “make her cry” fuck. He had her moaning, gasping, crying all at the same time.

Her legs were wrapped around his back now. Total penetration. Letting him go as deep as he could. Where was he touching her? How did it feel?

She let out a groan. “I want you to cum bitch, I want you to cum on my cock!”


“Do you like my cock in your pussy?”

“Oh God, yes!”

“Does my cock feel good? Is it going to make you cum?”

“Oh... it feels so good!”

“Is it Big?”

“Oh, God yes... it's so big!” Everyone knew - but he made her say it...

“Tell me when you're going to cum...”

“Oh Fuck! I'm cumming!”

He groaned into her. How could he not cum? He shot another load into her pussy.

I couldn't help myself. I grabbed my dick and shot another load on to a towel. But this time they didn’t even know I was there.

He pulled out of her and left her quivering. Used up, abused.

He looked over at me. I was still squeezing what was left of my orgasm into the towel. Total humiliation. He didn't have to say it – Top that mother fucker.

I took one more pic of her red, swollen, leaking pussy...

mother stumbled to the bathroom to clean up. Darin was gathering his things, getting dressed. I put my pants back on – embarrassed silence. mother came out of the bathroom, still nude.

“You know, you can stay. It's real late and you're d***k.” Wow, 2 guys, 2 beds... 1 women – how would that work out?

“No, I need to wake up in my own bed.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yea, positive.” He reached out to shake my hand – still big... “Thanks man, that was fucking great!” Then he turned to her. A kiss, then another. “You were unbelievable... let me know if you want to do this again.”

He opened the door to walk out into the hall, she followed him. Standing in the hotel hallway naked, what the fuck is she thinking! I held the door for her. She leaned up to him, a whisper... Then another kiss. Hey mom... get out of the fuckin' hallway – you're naked!

She came back into the room and I let the door close. “What did you say to him?”

“I told him I would call him.”

I stumble to the bed, d***k exhausted. Yea, I found the wet spot but there was more than one... Now she was next to me. She kissed me. Her soft mouth, the same mouth that just kissed him, sucked his cock, licked his balls.

No more thoughts... too d***k to think. I blacked out.

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1 month ago
nice try but i like cuckold only in wife not son
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I will do your Mom with you there...but you have to promise to fuck her too and let me suck your cum from her pussy when you finish!
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4 months ago
I'll do your mom with you there!!!
8 months ago
This is a good story it was long and detailed buddy. God it was so good thanks for the nut.
If only it were true. I'd love to check out your mom.
9 months ago
hmm i would love to see my mum in this position!
9 months ago
A great story
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What a hot fantasy