It doesn't get any better than this!

15 years ago, I went into my older b*****r's room to grab a porno mag. He had stacks of them all over the place. I wasn't too choosy. I picked the magazine off of the top of the pile that was closest to his bed and went into the bathroom. My usual routine was to open the mag, find a babe, pull out my cock, and have at it. When I opened the mag, my jaw dropped and my dick got so hard, so fast it practically popped out of my pants! I could not believe what I was seeing! It was a gorgeous babe alright, but she had a BIG hard-on where her snatch was supposed to be! My cock was pulsing in my pants, aching to be rubbed. I was breathing hard and fast. I was confused. I was turned on. I felt nervous and excited. I started to flip through the pages and more of these "women" were revealed to me. I couldn't hold back any longer and I took off all of my clothes. My erect cock was begging to be beaten and I obliged. I was beating off to a buxom beauty with a gorgeous cock and I came hard, shooting my wad farther than I'd ever seen it fly before. I kept leafing through the magazine, as I was captivated by the raw, sexual, energy that was emanating from the pages.

No one was home, but I went into the bathroom to beat off as a precaution. I was so turned on that I opened the bathroom door and went back into my b*****r's room while I was still completely naked. I was also sporting a semi erect penis as I was getting turned on again. I wanted to see if he had any more material for me to get myself off with. He had videos stashed in a different cupboard, so I started there. I hit the jackpot within minutes. This must have been a new fetish for my b*****r, and now I was hooked on these alluring creatures as well.

I wasn't old enough to go get my own smut, so I had to rely on what my b*****r and my dad had. I knew where their stashes were and, granted, my b*****r's was not well hidden. I went to look through my dad's stash and I found them hiding there as well. Women with cocks! I must have jerked off several times a day for the next couple of months to cover all that material. This pattern continued over the years and on into the present day.
I love women & t-girls!

I am completely, totally, hopelessly, helplessly, and happily addicted to she-cock! It does not get any better than a hot chick with a hard dick!
After watching so much she male porn, I wonder if taking estrogen has side effects?

Does taking estrogen make your cock bigger? More often than not, shemales seem to be very well endowed.

Does taking estrogen make you produce more cum? Shemales seem to shoot really far, and they seem to shoot out really thick ropes of cum from their glorious, BIG dicks.

Yes, I love shemales. I love the surprises waiting for us under their skirts, in their panties, and tucked away between their legs. Many ladyboys are very beautiful, so beautiful you would never know they were packing a penis, until they whip that bad boy out! So hot!

Transsexuals are the ultimate erotic beings. T-girls are gorgeous women with big, thick, strong, long, firm, and erect cocks. Succulent balls hang just below their big, beautiful members. If you were with a gorgeous, sexy, woman and she had you hot to trot, would you stop if you got down there and found a monster cock staring at you? Hell no! You'd go down on that hot rod and feel the warm flesh sliding in and out of your mouth and down to the back of your throat. There is nothing like it! Reach up and grab her boob while she chokes you with her hardness! mmmm!

My favorite shemales are feminine, featuring beautiful faces, thin bodies, and hairless, soft skin, along with sexy, girly voices.
Shemales also have rounded, big, butts and their breasts come in all shapes and sizes. I love it when the estrogen makes them lactate! Milking a tranny would be divine!

Who needs Viagra when you've got she-cock!?! Why fuck pussy when you can fuck a tight he-pussy ass? Shemales are better than women! With a transsexual, there are no fake orgasms, and you can always tell when a t-girl is aroused. Ladyboys are always hungry for sex, and they know how to work a cock, as they've had plenty of practice on their own.

All the lovely chicks with dicks seem to come from Brazil or the Orient, although, there are many lovely he-she's from all over the world. Paris Pirelli, Bianca, Miriam Rivera, Bailey Jay, Domino, Shantal, Carla Novaes, Patricia Bysmark, Renata Davilla....too many to list.

I don't go for crossdressers. If you're a crossdresser, you are not a shemale, a transsexual, transgendered, or a ladyboy. You are a man that wears women's clothing. Nothing wrong with it, but it isn't what I'm looking for or what gets me off. I want the women that had the balls to go all the way through the transformation. A real shemale. Real breasts and a hard-on. Living life as a woman with something extra.

To all you "straight" guys out there that claim anyone who gets off watching these magical creatures is gay, I ask you this: Do you watch porn? If the answer is yes, do you watch "straight" porn? Straight porn focuses a lot on the male genitalia my friends. Massive, rock hard, throbbing, cocks that pound pussy, ass, & mouth & squirt gobs of gooey cum all over. So, unless you watch only lesbian porn, you've gotten off to as much cock as I have! It's ok, I get off looking at my cock too, as I'm sure you get off looking at yours! When you are fucking your partner, it's hot to watch that cock slide in and out of them, isn't it? Yup, you are a cock lover too! You're a cock lover when you're loving your cock!

Shemale / t-girl / ladyboy lover here! Would love to fuck a hot t-girl someday! Suck her cock & swallow her creamy wad. I can dream can't I? Want to make my dream cum true?
94% (30/2)
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1 year ago
I fucking love shemales!
2 years ago
You hit the nail on the head, buddy- there's a world of difference between CD's and TG's!

2 years ago
You said it. Chicks wth dicks rock
2 years ago
2 years ago
spot on thats how i feel
2 years ago
So right
2 years ago
I could not have said it better!
2 years ago
2 years ago
id love to find me one, i'm addicted to them
2 years ago
I share your addick-tion, and your enthusiasm ;D . . . nice post
2 years ago
Im with you brother. If you find one let me know how.
2 years ago
I couldn't agree more.