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I love lesbian, transwomen, twink, gay, bi, and straight porn! I do not discriminate. I don't care if you are big or little, well endowed or average or small, big boobed or flat-chested, meaty clit or not. I'm here to have fun and enjoy everything.

Spammers and haters can fuck off!!!

I am completely, totally, hopelessly, helplessly, and happily addicted to she-cock! It does not get any better than getting off with a beautiful woman that has a nice, hard, dick!

After watching so much transgendered porn, I wonder if taking estrogen has side effects?

Does taking estrogen make your cock bigger? More often than not, transwomen seem to be very well endowed.

Does taking estrogen make you produce more cum? Transwomen seem to shoot really far, and they seem to shoot out super thick ropes of cum from their glorious, BIG members.

Yes, I love transwomen. I love the surprises they have waiting for us under their skirts, in their panties, and tucked away between their legs. Many transwomen are truly beautiful, so beautiful you would never know they were born as a genetic male, that is, until they whip that penis out! So hot!

Transsexuals are the ultimate erotic beings. T-girls are gorgeous women with big, thick, strong, long, firm, and erect cocks. They have succulent balls hanging just below their big, beautiful members. They have soft, smooth skin and curvaceous figures (beautiful breasts, & fuckkable asses).

If you were with a gorgeous, sexy, woman and she had you hot to trot, would you stop yourself from making it if you got down between her legs and found a beautiful penis staring at you? Hell no! You'd go down on that hot rod and you'd feel the warm, hard flesh of her penis sliding into your mouth and down to the back of your throat. There is nothing like it! Go on, reach up and grab her boob while she chokes you with her hardness! mmmm!

My favorite transwomen are feminine, and they feature beautiful faces, thin bodies, and hairless, soft skin, along with sexy, girly voices.

I also like transwomen with a big, rounded, butts. Their breasts come in all shapes and sizes! I love it when the estrogen makes them lactate! Milking a transwoman would be divine!

Who needs Viagra when you've got transwomen!?! Why fuck pussy when you can fuck a tight ass instead? Transwomen are better than women! With a transsexual, there are no fake orgasms, and you can always tell when a t-girl is aroused. Transwomen are always hungry for sex, and they know how to work a cock; they've had plenty of practice on their own cocks!

A lot of the lovely Transwomen out there seem to come from Brazil or the Orient although, there are many lovely t-girls from all over the world. Kamilla Smith (aka Kamilla Kox, aka Cumzilla, aka Cockzilla), Domino Presley, Mia Cordoba, Long Mint, Kalina Rios, Paris Pirelli, Bianca, Miriam Rivera, Bailey Jay, Shantal, Carla Novaes, Patricia Bismark, Renata Davilla....there are far too many to list all of them individually.

To all you "straight" guys out there that claim "anyone who gets off watching these magical creatures is gay," I ask you this: Do you watch porn? If the answer is yes, do you watch "straight" porn? Because "straight" porn focuses on the male genitalia (a lot) my friends. Massive, rock hard, throbbing, cocks that pound pussy, ass, & mouth & that squirt gobs of gooey cum all over the place. Yes, so , unless you watch only lesbian porn, you've gotten off to as much cock as I have! It's ok! I get off looking at my cock too, as I'm sure you get off looking at yours! When you are fucking your partner, it's hot to watch your hard cock as it slides in and out of them, isn't it? Yup, you are a cock lover too!

I think the big reason so many men love transwomen is because you can justify going down on, or fucking, a hot girl whereas, a lot of people have no interest in being with a genetic man. Well, a transwoman is the best of both worlds. She isn't a man because she lives her life as a woman; and she is feminine. Yes, she has a penis, but there isn't much of a difference between a transwoman and a hot girl wearing a strap-on.

Actually, it is different; having a girl wearing a strap-on is fake. It's the real deal when a transwoman's penis gets erect and blows a hot wad on or in her partner. I think it's fucking hot. It is a goal of mine to experience this!

I think all men desire cock. With a transsexual, it's ok, you are sucking the dick of a hot chick, and most men will allow for this.

In reality, a transsexual started life as a genetic male. So, you are actually sucking a really hot guy's dick.

I don't distinguish between the two any longer. I realize and accept that I am bisexual. I will be with a transwoman, or a male, or a female; if they are appealing to me.

I don't judge anyone. Do what you like as long as you aren't causing harm to anyone (anyone that doesn't want to be harmed, so that excludes S & M).

Transwoman / t-girl lover here! Would love to fuck a hot t-girl someday! Suck her cock & swallow her creamy wad. I can dream can't I? Want to make my dream cum true?

What else do I like?

Big boobs!
Gorgeous cocks!
Lactating breasts!
Public nudity!
Role play!
Oral sex!
Vaginal sex!
Anal sex!
Sloppy blow jobs with lots of saliva!
Sexy Massage!
Cool people!
Sex, sex, & more sex!
Much, much, more!


Spammers can FUCK OFF.

Disclaimer WARNING: Sydney University and all other institutions using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action. (I suggest the rest of you post this notice)

You do not have my permission to save any of my pictures or videos unless I specifically tell you.

The use of my profile, pictures or videos in any form now or in the future is not allowed without my expressed written consent. Any act to promote or gain profit from the use of my profile, pictures or videos is a violation of my privacy and subject to legal action.
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11 days ago
I confess, this tweaks my curiosity. Never tried it before, but these ladies are beautiful. Thanks for letting me join......
11 days ago
great tranny content thanks for sharing.....fucking love it
12 days ago
great fucking vids!!
1 month ago
thanks for the add :)
1 month ago
Great profile!!
2 months ago
Thanks for the add, and congrats on a great profile.
2 months ago
One of the BEST pages i seen in ages man !!!! Well done....
2 months ago
Your gifs are awesome
3 months ago
great fucking gifs an vids!!!!!!
3 months ago
hot page
5 months ago
One of the most sexy profiles here en XH... great profile love your vids...
5 months ago
Love your page very much.
5 months ago
Great profile--you are turning me on.
6 months ago
Awesome page and collection!
6 months ago
great profile....
6 months ago
Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. Looks like we love the same thing x
6 months ago
LUV LUV ur profile! so hot!
8 months ago
What's the name of the first girl in the overcoat? must know!! :)
8 months ago
I like this PROFILE
8 months ago
already your gifs make my dick totally hard!
9 months ago
Love those hot she cocks
9 months ago
Thanks again for accepting my invite...
10 months ago
Nice profile very original!
10 months ago
Dear bugaboobed, your videos are fantastic! So exciting! Making me so horny!Thank you so much!
11 months ago
You and I think so much alike.
12 months ago
You got a GREAT page..
1 year ago
One of the best pages on xham!
1 year ago
thank's for the add!
1 year ago
This page is very, very, very fucking hot, instant boner!
1 year ago
thank you for invite

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