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While chatting to a friend and sharing a fantasy I wrote this story inspired from an e-book that shared a preview, it made me so hot I just added my own storyline, here's the story literally from our private chat.

Setting the scene:
[Sonia had recently given birth to a girl now 9 months old, her husband Karl previously married had a daughter called Bailey who is now 17.
Karl's first wife Candice, discovered that she was really a lesbian a few years after they were married which lead them to divorce.
Candice did not allow Karl to spend much time with their daughter, being fairly laid back he gave into her demand's, but insisted on the occasional visit's and updates from Bailey, Thru' the years father and daughter were able to build a good relationship and understanding with and of each other].

Chapter 1

Sonia stood naked before the mirror looking at her full breasts that sagged noting how swollen her pink nipples were, and groaning out loud as she glared her belly that had not returned to it's normal shape and size since her daughter's birth. Her eyes swiveled to stare at her arse it definitely had a whole lot more wobble and jiggle to it, "You look so fat and ugly" she said to herself in the mirror.

Closing her eyes Sonia thought back to her recent conversation with Karl when he'd so maddeningly dropped his bombshell, how could Karl do this to them, what was he thinking, bringing Bailey to stay with them, without even asking her he'd gone ahead and made his arrangements. "It's really too much, we should be on our own enjoying being a f****y with Zara, that's the only daughter you should be worrying about Karl, not choosing that other woman's c***d over ours."

She felt resentment towards Bailey who's interruption to their lives really pissed her off, anger towards Karl for putting her in this situation, the extra pounds left over from her pregnancy. making her feel awfully frumpy and unattractive. With Karl and Bailey about to return any moment she f***ed her self to put on her clothes a loose top and trousers that skimmed her body lightly, hopefully disguising most of the wobbly bits. She pulled her hair back into a loose knot, making a quick swipe with some pink lip gloss and a few strokes of Mascara, it was as good as it would get.

Hearing the door slam below she took a deep breath and headed downstairs to meet them, Sonia came to a stop midway on the stairs, Karl looking up stepped to the side and with a proud look presented Bailey to Sonia who was confronted by a vision of youthful beauty. Bailey was tall like her father but her coloring must take after her mother's being brunette rather than blonde, eyes and hair both shinning with vitality everything about her glowed, and damn the girl if she didn't have one of the sexiest full lipped pouts she'd ever seen, their plumpness tinged a dusky rose.

Sonia felt the World tilt, it took her a little longer to respond to the girls eager greeting, as she reached the bottom of the stairs this vision embraced her kissing her soundly and firmly on the lips, Sonia's surprised reaction to Bailey's affection was to return the kiss and hug, somewhat dazed stepping back pinned by these penetrating eyes that looked into hers so intensely. Sonia slowly licked her lips and saw Bailey's eyes tract the movement of her tongue, feeling unsettled she tried to take back control with a deep breathe to settle her nerves and make an attempt at normal behavior, she greeted Karl's daughter Bailey and catching his encouraging smile returned it with one of her own.

A week had passed since Baileys arrival, the household had settled into a daily routine, with Karl and Bailey having breakfast together each morning, I would leave them to enjoy this time alone, which allowed me a little extra sl**p. Karl would bring Zara already changed and waiting for her feed before he left for work, leaving his "favorite girls to spend the day together" as he would put it. Feeding Zara was sometimes difficult I had so much milk that the flow would often overwhelm her, making her fussy and upset, I started using a breast pump which was time consuming and tiresome preparing her bottles with my expressed milk.

I had come to be more accepting towards Bailey her willingness to help around the house smoothing my initial resentment and allowing me to feel more rested, since Zara's birth sl**p was a luxury, Karl tried his best to help yet I still felt tired most of the time. Ever alert to my lagging energy levels, Bailey would take care of her s****r when she was unsettled, with her help I began to feel more human and in the process a growing sense of appreciation for her and her company.

She could at times be provocative reminding me of our first meeting, whenever I would breast feed or pump the milk from my swollen nipples. She would murmur soft words of encouragement Sitting close and with lingering touches she would gently caress me her handling of my breasts grew more familiar and confident with each day that past. These sessions repeated every 3-4 hrs became our daily routine as time went on I grew more accustomed to the increasing intimacy of our relationship in it's seeming innocence our days together passed easily.
Sometimes I would sense her eyes following me, I could always tell if she was near because my skin would tingle and when she stood close my body would naturally lean in towards her. I knew something was taking place changes had been put in motion, I told myself the way she made me feel was simple gratitude and relief for all the support she gave me, I didn't want to analyse my feelings for my husbands daughter, everything felt good everyone was the happiest we'd ever been and it was because of Bailey, full stop.

Karl was particularly content with his lot having Bailey with them filled that empty place in his heart, each day spent with her was an answer to some question he had wanted to ask but never could because she wasn't there. She was funny with a wicked since of humor it delighted him to realize she was alot like him, liberal minded, free of spirit and thankfully lacking her mothers neurosis but giving Candice her due Bailey was quite a girl, self assured and confident, he hoped all those phone calls and long letters over the years had showed his daughter that she was never very far from his thoughts.

Sonia had long forgiven Karl for bringing his older daughter to stay, she didn't begrudge his happiness he was a kind man with simple needs, life felt very good to them right now, so having enjoyed home life for these past few months it was time for a little rain to fall. Ironically It came in the form of a promotion, one that Karl had been expecting Karl was to open a new branch of his company overseas requiring a term of 2-3 months to establish it.

Accepting the up coming changes to our lives gave us the ability to prepare for Karl's trip everything was put in order, the night before his departure Bailey and I cooked Karl his favorite meal a Thai green curry with King Prawns, Chicken and Fish balls, over Jasmine rice followed with home made Green tea ice cream accompanied by a melange of fruit.
Dinner was festive aided by a couple of bottles of Cloudy Bay's 2012 Sauvignon Blanc showing lifted notes of elderflower, green lime zest, and stone fruit. a crisp white wine from Marlborough NZ.

Karl and I spent our last night together in each others arms after tender love making, storing memories for the issuing absence.
And then he was gone

Bailey request to go and live with her father and Sonia had been accepted by him, despite her mother's objections and usual overbearing ways to control her life, she did love her mother but sometimes she could be heavy going.
Her father spoke of practical things with his daughter before leaving both reassured that Sonia and Zara had their full support, Karl gave his total approval spoken and unspoken to his daughter and her ability to satisfy and met any of his wife's needs during his absence.

Armed with this knowledge and knowing how she felt about her Stepmother Bailey gave herself the permission to put into motion what she had wanted to do from the moment she had laid eyes on Sonia.

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