s****r and High School Friends

I came home one Friday evening about 10 in the evening and my older s****r had two of her snooty friends over. They had some wine and hard liquor and it looked to me like they were going to get stupid d***k.
I didn't really get along with my s****r, she's a year older, and her friends were all full of themselves. They were really good looking, including my s****r, but they knew it.
I went to my room, watched some tv and drifted off.
I was awakened later that night by my s****r who was visibly d***k. She was standing in my doorway calling my name.
I looked over at her as I rubbed my eyes.
"What do you want Gina"?
"Hey Derek, want to have some fun"?
I was very skeptical and told Gina to go away.
She came over to my bed and her friends were peeking in.
"We want to learn how to do blow jobs"
"Yeah right, go away"
"We're serious" As she pulled back my covers. Her friends were giggling. They finally chimed
"Come on Derek"
I knew I was getting set up, they couldn't be serious
We went into Gina's room and they explained their boyfriends were pressuring them for sex. They didn't want to go all the way so they decided blow jobs would keep their boy friends happy
I was still skeptical and standing in the middle of the room in my briefs.
Leslie had on a pair if tight shorts and a t-shirt. Cindy had on pajamas and Gina had on a long t-shirt.
I couldn't believe it as Leslie came over, got on her knees and started pulling down my briefs. I was sure I was being set up but she took me in her mouth. The other two were giggling as my dick grew immediately.
It seemed like I lasted only a minute as my dick was throbbing and I wasn't sure really what was going on with it
By today's standard, Leslie's' technique wasn't very good. On that night, it was incredible.
I felt the pressure build up and started moaning. Gina and Cindy looked closer.
I shot a huge load in Leslie's mouth. She didn't know what to do with it and started moaning with a mouth of cum.
"Keep it in, Cindy said, you're supposed to swallow it"
I couldn't believe I heard that
My knees were shaking and I sat down on the edge of Gina's bed
Cindy came over and sat down next to me. She grabbed my dick
"When does it get hard again"?
"It won't be long"
And it wasn't. I was 16 and Gina and her friends were 17. My dick started to grow in her hand.
Cindy got on her knees and put me in her mouth. I looked up and Gina and Leslie were watching me get another blow job.
This time I lasted a bit longer. Since all three were incredibly d***k I got a little bolder. I told Cindy to stroke my shaft as she sucked.
Cindy might be the very hottest girl in the school. Her blond hair and perfect face were too much for me. I felt myself getting close again. I was disappointed that the night was going to end so soon. Here was a hot high school diva sucking my dick and it was going to end.
This time when I came I kept my eyes open and looked at Cindy as I shot into her face.
Just ;like before she kept most of my cum in her mouth.
I thought that was probably it for the night. I laid back on the bed and relaxed
I soon felt a pair of lips on my dick. I wasn't hard yet. I sat up to see what was going on
My s****r, Gina, had my dick in her mouth.
Now I'm getting hard.
Gina is about 5'6" 115 lbs and short dark hair. She has a beautiful body but she and always been careful to keep me form seeing it other than swimming.
My dick started growing and Cindy told her to stroke my shaft like she had done
I got bold and told Gina to scratch my balls also
Now I was fully hard.
I pulled up Gina's t-shirt and she didn't have on any panties. I could see her beautiful muscular ass and tan lines. I looked over at her reflection in the floor mirror and cold see most of her pussy. I was a bit shocked to see how cute it was. Gina was definitely a hot girl
I started thinking about what was going on. Three of the snootiest girls in the school were taking turns blowing me
I shot a big load into Gina. She started to withdraw. Cindy and Leslie stopped her
"No Gina, you swallow it"
Inside I was grinning from ear to ear.
As Gina finally stood up her t-shirt clung to her a bit. I could see her pussy from the front. No disappointment there, it was gorgeous.
Now Gina was a bit embarrassed and she informed me that it was over for the night. They had learned what they needed. I tried to hang around but she got f***eful
I went back to my bed and just before I dozed off again I thought back to my first sexual experience.
I wasn't sure if I would ever get a blow job and I got three of them from different hot girls on the same night
93% (50/4)
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1 year ago
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3 years ago
wish i had a sister with hot friends
3 years ago
i want to hear about you fucking the 3 of them
3 years ago
Wow wish my sister and her friends would have done this to me in high school :))
3 years ago
good story...............
3 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
Lucky man.