New apartment complex

I just separated from my wife and I was horny as hell.
I moved into a new singles complex that had all of the amenities, including an indoor and outdoor pool.
After I moved in I was looking around form some local talent
One evening I was at the clubhouse trolling for some action
I moved outdoors by the pool so I could get a look at what the local talent looked like in swim suits.
I noticed two girls headed to the indoor pool and that seemed strange in the middle of the summer
Both girls were about twenty, one was a dirty blonde with a trim body and tiny titties. The red head had large tits and a fine ass.
I was shocked, they got into the water and removed their tops. They hadn't sen me yet.
I removed my suit and jumped in. As I approached the two of them they were startled. As they saw my nudity they relaxed.
"Hey is this a regular evening ritual"? I asked
"No, we usually don't get caught. Usually everyone stays outdoors"
We introduced ourselves, the dirty blonde is Susan and the redhead is Jody
We swam for a few minutes and they invited me to their apartment
When we got there I was introduced to another Jody, a brunette and obvious dike
I was expecting a wild evening but that did not happen. I was able to gain a date with Susan, the dirty blonde with tiny tits.
Susan like the disco scene and she cold move her ass. Everyone in the room envied her, especially the women
We hit about four clubs, one of them gay. She enjoyed teasing the women and watching the men look at me
We hooked up that night and I've never had a pussy so tight. I licked her first and gave it my best effort. At age 32 to be fucking a 20 year old was a dream come true. I was thinking of my wife as I gave her my dick.
Susan moaned at great volume when she came.
I got up to take a piss in my birthday suit. Jody (red head) left her door open and could see me. She made a cute noise as I passed by. I mentioned that to Susan when I returned and she asked if that excited me
"Oh yeah"
Well I didn't get a three some that evening but I did have the best sex of my life.
We hooked up about two more times that week and the sex got better and better. One evening when we returned from the pool Susan took charge. She grabbed my swim suit from behind and pulled them down. She then pushed my face down on the bed. I couldn't believe it as she spread my cheeks. She just stared for awhile
I was in disbelief as she started tonguing my ass cheeks and then my rim.
I had ever been rimmed before and I loved it. She reached around and stroked my dick, what a feeling
It was that evening when she mentioned her roommates were complaining about her
orgasms and how loud she was
I told her I could stuff her mouth if that would help.
Then I mentioned how Jody stayed awake long enough to watch me proceed nude to the bathroom
"does that turn you on?"
"Yes, of course"
"Would you like a three way?"
I couldn't believe it. "Of course"
"With another girl or guy"
I told Susan I wasn't into guys
"I can't believe you would turn down sex as much as you like it"
I told Susan I could probably receive pleasure from a guy but I would never give it to a guy
Well tonight's' your lucky night
Susan go up and left the room. a few minutes later she returned with Jody.
Jody was wearing just a pair of shorts and a tummy shirt
Susan and Jody then joined me in the bed. What a night. I was licked by Jody as I licked Susan. As I fucked Jody, Susan rimmed me. When I was spent IO watched the two of them kiss and finger each other. I have never had it so good.
About two nights later Susan asked me how I felt about our three some.
I told her I loved it but I didn't want to rick our relationship.
"I don't think that's a problem"
Very soon Jody joined us again and I had another dream come true. I couldn't wait to fuck Jody while Susan played with my ass. I came like never before and lay back to recuperate.
Susan got up, I presumed to go pee.
She came back into the room with a guy that looked like he was still in high school
I looked around the room a bit startled
"Jeff, remember when you said you could receive pleasure from a guy?"
"Uh yeah"
"Here you go"
This k** had a pair of running shorts and a tank top on. He pulled off his shorts and didn't have any underwear on.
He was blond with very groomed hair. He didn't have any pubic hair. His dick was small
He laid down next to me and grabbed my dick. Jody and Susan rubbed me and watched. My dick got hard but I was nervous.
The k** started kissing my chest and moving his head towards my dick. Susan got up and sat on my face. I started licking her. Real soon there was a mouth on my \dick and a finger in y ass. I didn't know who was doing what. I don't know if I've ever had such an erection. Whoever was sucking my dick was also stroking me.
I came right away. I shot a load for half a minute. Right after Susan started moaning and she came.
The door opened and the other Jody came in. The two Jodys were kissing.
Susan got off my face and I could see it was this k** that had been sucking me
He got up and headed to the bathroom. He returned with a warm wash cloth and washed my dick. He was very gentle and it felt good.
I wasn't sure what I thought but as I watched the two girls kiss and finger each other I got hard again.
Susan spoke up and said "want to go all the way?"
"What does that mean?"
"james roll over"
The k** rolled over on to his stomach
She prodded him and he got on his knees and elbows. She rubbed his ass cheeks and parted them His ass was hard
"Would you like to fuck him?"
"I'm not sure"
She ran a finger around his rim, it was pink, he moaned.
"What else do you need to see"?
"I've never been with a guy"
"He just sucked your dick"
My dick was hard an throbbing. She kept spreading his ass. If he had been a girl his ass would compete with the best of them
As my dick got harder Jody licked my ear and whispered "you'll never get a chance like this again"
I got on my knees and headed towards his butt
The dike Jody guided my dick towards his ass
Susan got some jel from the dresser and rubbed his rim.
I moved forward and Jody guided me in.
I could only go in about an inch, his ass was tight
I waited while Jody rubbed my thighs and Susan rubbed the k**'s thighs
after about a minute I pushed in again and my dick was in. I waited again
As I started thrusting, slowly, I realized I had never fucked anyone so tight.
As I got going, I realized there were three women watching me
I didn't last long. I came in his ass and I could feel my dick throbbing
I slowly pulled out and the girls were all smiling
The k** got a wash cloth again and cleaned me up
He then took a picture of me
I can't remember ever having a night like that
92% (19/2)
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ur a fag
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Great story
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too goodddddd.....
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