The resort pool/jacuzzi

My wife and I had looked forward to this vacation for many months. Finally we were going to Punta Cana and I could fully relax. I had been working extra hours for months and I was looking forward to hours of doing nothing by the pool.
Veronica, my wife was also looking forward to the trip and she slimmed down for the pool action.
She is 32 years old and is as hot as any girl at the resort. She let herself go a bit in the clothing department, wearing the slinkiest suit I had ever seen her in. Her tight butt was highlighted and she looked great. Her tits were barely contained and she had to be careful when she walked around.
As the day wore on, Veronica, drank more and more umbrella drinks and she became less cautious about tucking her titties in when she moved. I'm sure half the guys around the pool had a pretty good idea of what she looked like naked.
This thought got me excited and I headed for the Jacuzzi just as the sun was going down.
I was the only person in the Jacuzzi but I was quickly joined by a teen age girl. She was a cute strawberry blonde with small perky titties and a tiny bikini.
She turned out to be a chatty Kathy and she was driving me nuts since I had gone there to relax.
I found out her name was Julie and she is from Indiana.
She noticed I was perturbed and asked me what was wrong.
"It's just that I came here to relax"
" Oh I got it" she responded.
Julie slid next to me and leaned back just as I was right next to me.
I looked at her and she smiled.
"I'll keep quiet and do what you do"
Very soon though she was moving around again. I was astonished as she grabbed my dick.
I started to push her away but it felt great.
I tried to figure her age but I figured I was going to jail if caught.
"Do you like this" she whispered.
"Yes but I'll get in trouble. Besides, my wife is at the pool"
"no one can see us, I don't see the problem."
Julie then reached inside my trunks and started grasping my dick.
"Wow that feels great Julie but I can't do this"
She kept stroking and I didn't resist.
My dick was a s hard as it's ever been, including our honeymoon night.
I couldn't help myself and I slid her bikini top up so I could get a look.
Her tits were between a b and c cups and her nipples were big and puffy. They were visibly pink.
As she stroked me and I play with her tits, I got incredibly excited. Julie was smiling and starting to breath heavy.
I couldn't hold it any longer and I shot a load. My dick just throbbed in her hand.
"Wow, that felt great" I remarked.
Julie smiled. "I thought you were afraid of getting caught/"
"Yes, but that sure was great"
She smiled and got out of the tub. She smiled as she walked away.
I retrieved my wife as several guys were starting to hover around her.
We went to our room and I had a night of great sex. She was so d***k I could do anything I wanted. We started with a good old fashioned blow job. Veronica hadn't done this for years and I was glad she was d***k and turned on by the action at the pool.
I returned the favor and gave her a good licking followed by some straight fucking.
I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to see if I could get away with some anal sex. Veronica had never gone for this. She pushed me away and I could tell this was a no go.
The next day followed the same routine. We had breakfast in the hotel restaurant, did some sight seeing and headed for the pool again.
Around 8 o clock I saw Julie settling down on a lounger across the pool from us.
I couldn't keep my eyes off and she noticed. She even flashed her titties at me real quickly.
I was shocked and looked over and Veronica had no idea what was going on.
As soon as the sun went down I headed for the Jacuzzi again. Within a few minutes, Julie followed.
I was sitting on the edge and she plunged all the way into the water.
She immediately came over and pulled my trunks down, exposing my dick. I looked around and no one could see us.
Before I realized what she was doing, Julie had my dick in her mouth.
I thought the hand job was incredible the night before, this exceeded that thrill by a factor of three.
I looked around again and we could not be seen by anyone at the pool. I slid here bikini top up again and played with her perfect titties again. Her nipples became engorged.
I came so hard I thought I would send her head backwards. She kept sucking and my dick kept throbbing. She didn't hesitate and swallowed the entire load.
I couldn't move, my legs were shaking. I had never felt anything so good.
I told Julie that and she smiled again.
again, she climbed out and smiled as she left the area.
Just like the night before, Veronica was putting on a show for the guys at the pool. She had turned over and forget to tie up her top as she did. She gave the guys a full view of her fine tits. This isn't unusual in Punta Cana, but it is for Veronica.
I grabbed her and helped her put her suit back on. She was really staggering as we went back to the room
Although she hadn't gone for anal sex the night before, I decided to see what I could get way with.
I grabbed our camera and told her to dance.
"Oh, you want a sexy stripper dance huh?"
"Yes I do"
She went with it and our camera was rolling as she took of her top and did her best stripper imitation.
She kept it going and slid her bottom off in a side to side motion.
I was so hot I leapt at her and sucked her big tits. The camera kept rolling.
I leaned her back on the bed and gave her pussy a great licking. She started moaning and I parted her lips and honed in on her clitoris. My tongue did circles around her clit and then licked the full length of her pussy.
She shook as she came and I didn't stop working on her clit.
As she lay there panting, I felt em brazened.
"So Veronica, I noticed you enjoy showing off a little now that we're out of the country"
"Yeah, I have to admit I wouldn't do it back home but it is kind of fun here"
"Well then, maybe you should go for the full wax job on your pussy"
"I think you're right. I won't do it again when we get home, but no one knows me here"
The next day followed the same routine with breakfast but instead of mutual sight seeing, Veronica made an appointment at the spa. I knew what that meant.
WE ended up at the pool again just as sunset was getting close. I glanced over to where Julie had been the night before and she was in the same place.
Right on queue, as the sun began setting, we headed for the Jacuzzi.
Julie was sitting on the edge aw I arrived and I got in the water.
"I figure it's your turn" she said as eh untied her bikini bottoms.
I move between her legs and arranged her suit so I could get full access to her pussy.
Before I started I just stared. Her pussy was beautiful; no hair, tight lips and lean legs.
I looked around to make sure no one could see and I gently lifted her legs.
I slid them over my shoulder and parted her lips with my hands.
She shuddered as I started gently licking the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen.
She groaned as I licked the full length. I leaned her back some more and ran my tongue around her anus. She liked that!
I returned to her pussy and gave her clit some attention.
Her legs quickly wrapped my head and squeezed as she shook with a quick orgasm.
This time she got up and tied her suit quickly. I could tell this event was new for her. She left without even looking at me and smiling.
I got out after a few minutes, I had to let my erection go down.
I gathered Veronica and she had her tits on display again. I got the feeling if I hadn't returned the guys were going to see her wax job also.
As we returned to the room she was as ready for action as me.
She pulled of her suit and I got a great view of her fully viewable pussy.
I just stared for awhile. She didn't have any hairs to block the view.
Although Veronica's pussy wasn't as tight as Julies', it was almost as beautiful.
I stripped off my trunks and she came right over and sat in my lap. As my dick grew so did her naughtiness.
She sat up a bit and guided my hard dick into her smooth pussy. I looked down and thought of fucking Julie.
I came in less than a minute. Veronica looked at me in surprise and I told her it was the smooth pussy.
"You're not done" she stated.
She headed for the shower and cleaned herself.
As she headed back to the bedroom she noticed we had not closed the door to the room. I wonder how many guests go to watch!
Veronica laid on the bed and spread her legs. She was showing off and also telling me she wanted some more licking.
I gave her the best licking I could, I wanted to reward her for going with a smooth pussy. I also worked a finger into her anus. She resisted at first but then let me leave it in.
She came as violently as I can remember, arching her back and raising her butt off the bed.
"Wow" she exclaimed, "That's as good as I remember"
I stated it looked to me like she had a great time.
"Well, she said, that little finger action added to my orgasm. Do you still want to try anal sex?"
I couldn't believe my ears.
"Ya, Sure"
She rolled over and I could see her beautiful ass.
I went to the bathroom and grabbed the hotel lotion.
I rubbed some on my hands to warm it up and then slid a finger up her ass again.
"ooommmh, that feels okay" she remarked.
I decided to take it real slow. I worked my finger in and out and all around. As she relaxed I slid in a second one. with my other hand I slid a finger in her mouth. She sucked at it and I could tell she was ready.
I pulled my fingers out and spread her cheeks. She still had great lean legs and a firm ass.
I looked down as I guided my dick at her anus. I just let the very tip in. She tensed at first and then relaxed again.
"Okay?" I asked
"So far"
I slid a little more in and stopped
I waited for about a minute and then I slid most of it in. I was about ready to come right then, her ass is so tight.
I didn't move for probably 5 minutes. I could tell if I did it would be too soon.
Slowly I moved just a bit back and forth slowly.
Veronica tightened again and then relaxed
I took longer and longer strokes, she relaxed more and more.
As I picked up a little more speed I could tell I was going to shoot soon.
As I got close I closed my eyes and thought of Julies little pussy.
I bet I cam a full bucket load in Veronica's ass. As I shot I grabbed her hips and thrust all the way in.
After I recovered I worked my dick out. My juice came out all over the bed.
Veronica headed for the shower again and I fell asl**p.
The next morning we were having breakfast again as I saw Julie checking out of the hotel with her parents. I almost dropped my fork as I heard her Dad say
"We need to get back today so you can register for high school tomorrow. High school isn't something you want to start behind the class.
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3 years ago
Lucky son of a gun. Wish I knew who the Indiana girl was, considering I live in the state.