Nude Beach

I was looking forward to this vacation for a long time. I had been working hard and my stress level was at it's highest. I decided to go to Jamaica and just relax at a secluded beach.
I checked into my hotel at Negril and discovered it was basically for couples. I asked around and the hotel staff directed me to some nearby restaurant/bars where singles could be met. I proceeded there that evening and although I didn't score I knew I was going to have a good vacation.
The next morning I wandered down the beach from my hotel. I was told that this was the most secluded beach on the island. Clothing was optional.
I walked a good mile and found an area with no one else around. I laid out my towel, took off my shorts, and looked forward to some light reading and tanning, including my balls.
I dozed off and was awakened by a teenage couple walking by. The said "HI" and continued down the beach about 200 yards. I think this is the first time I had exposed myself and it was a little thrilling. This couple acted as if I wasn't there and began frolicking. They both quickly disrobed and played in the water. They splashed each other and tackled each other.
after some time they went back to their towels and cooler and began drinking. Soon they were kissing and I watched as they made love.
They were both about 19, blond, lean and good looking. She had tiny titties, a perfect ass and very distinct tan lines.
He was lean also, had blond pubic hair and an average sized dick.
They did a lazy 69 for awhile before he fucked her doggie style for a good 10 minutes while I watched. She did glance over at me a coupe of times and just grinned.
They laid down next to each other and I dozed off again.
I awoke with the girl nudging my shoulder with her hand.
"We realized what we did was a bit rude, can I do anything to make up for it?
She grabbed my dick and held it in her hand.
"It wasn't really rude" I said, I enjoyed watching.
She began slightly stroking my dick and it grew quickly.
" I kinda figured that" she said.
She slid down and took me in her mouth. I glanced over and he watched as this beautiful little 19 year old gave me a great blow job.
I didn't last long in her pert little mouth. This was a dream come true, a pretty girl bowing me while someone else watched.
"All better now" as she wiped the come off her pretty lips.
I had been in the sun for about 2 hours and needed to go indoors. I waved at the two as I got up and they returned the wave.
That night I went to the bars again but this time I wasn't as motivated. I was still thrilled about this little tart giving me a great "job"
The following morning I proceeded to the same spot. I was disappointed as teh couple was not there. I pulled out a red stripe and began drinking as I lay there naked.
About 15 minutes later here they came, with their cooler again. They sat down closer to me and we all shared a few shots of the local rum before they went off to their play time.
This time I got a show I couldn't believe. This young couple sucked each other, fingered everything and fucked doggie, missionary and with her on top. Every time one of them would catch me looking they would grin.
Once again, Katy (now I knew their names) came over to make it up to me for having to watch. She began another great blow job but I decided to see if I could fuck this little thing. I pulled her head away and rolled her over.
No problem at all. She knew what I wanted and spread her legs.
I looked down at her cute little bush She kept it trimmed and I could see all her pussy. It was still very tight, no protruding inner labia.
I entered her and couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. Her pussy was the tightest I had encountered since high school. I began a slow stroke, trying to make myself last. I looked over and Stephen was just grinning again as I fucked his cute girlfriend. This made me come right away. I shot a load for a good 30 seconds. My back arched and my dick just kept throbbing and pulsing as I filled her little cunt.
No one said a word as she walked back over to her boyfriend. When I could get up I gathered my stuff and waved again as I left. They waved back.
The next morning I was eager to return to the scene of the crime! I laid out my stuff again and started drinking.
Here they came, right on time. They also laid out their stuff and broke out the rum.
They went down the beach for about 20 yards, took off their clothes and played in the water just like the previous two days. This time they came back to my towel and brought the rum again. We shared more shots as we also shared small talk. Now I was begging to get a buzz. Slowly Katy kissed me and pushed me gently on the towel. She straddled my face and lowered her beautiful pussy to my face.
I take some pride in my pussy eating and pretty soon she was starting to squirm and moan loudly. I wasn't prepared for the next move. I felt Stephen taking my dick in his mouth. I got hard right away. I continued to serviced Katy and I could tell she was close. Stephan began playing with my balls and I could not help thinking this was the best blow job ever!
Katy squirmed. moaned and came all over my face. She slid off and I looked down at Stephan sucking my dick. Katy grinned at me and we both watched him do his work. My dick began to enlarge and he increased his activity.
I'm not sure if I've ever come more than I did in his mouth. As I shot huge loads with great f***e I just looked at Katy's beautiful little body and Stephan's as he thrust his fingers around my shaft.
They returned top their area and once again I waved as I picked up my stuff and headed back to the hotel.
Once again I proceeded to our area the next morning. Sadly my young couple did not appear. I did not see them anymore and I didn't have any way to contact them.
I miss Jamaica

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1 year ago
You can find some fun things to do at the nude beaches around the world.
Great story.
1 year ago
what a great and fun story!
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Fantastic story. So HOT! Thank you for posting.
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