College at age 36

I started community college at age 33 with the intent to better my life. I got my job as a Fire Fighter and I wanted to promote.
Community college was hard work and no girl action. I eventually was accepted at the big state school and the scenery improved.
In the business school every course assigned a group project. I met a cute little 21 year old named Marne during one of these groups. She lived at home with her mom and was cute as could be. We eventually shared more with each other including her opening up about her boyfriend. She didn't like his evening job at a large Mexican restaurant, he is one of the divers that provides entertainment. She didn't like the idea of him prancing around in a speedo for everyone to ogle.
I also met Marne's neighbor and classmate, Janet. Janet live down the street and they had attended school together since junior high.
We all went out one night to a country bar with live music and Marne got hammered. Janet came to me about 11:30 and told me we had to get Marne out of there.
I helped Marne into my car and told Janet I would follow her to Marne's house. As I drove Marne was barely coherent and fell asl**p with her head in my lap, my mind was stimulated now.
When we got to Marne's I parked behind Janet and she came back to my car to help her into her house. I helped to the front door and prepared to leave. Marne insisted I come inside. She Janet and I guided her into her bedroom and Marne turned around and wrapped her arms around me. I did not resist at all.
Janet just watched as we kissed and felt each other. I couldn't believe it when Marne started to undress and then pulled down my pants. She reached inside my briefs, took out my dick and started a great blow job. I looked over and Janet was undressing.
I sat down on the edge of the bed and Marne dropped to her knees and continued sucking me. I lay back and Janet climbed over my face lowering her pussy to me.
Janet was about 5;6" and 115 lbs with long black hair and tiny perfect titties. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and she tasted great. This was my first Mexican and won't be my last.
Marne stepped up the effort and I blew a huge load. I was surprised to feel her swallow.
Marne climbed up on the bed next to Janet and I and began kissing her. I couldn't see anything but I'm sure they were examining each other.
I parted Janet's lips and gently licked her clitoris and alternated that with a swirling action around her pussy. Within a few minutes a felt her begin to tense up and arch her back. She moaned louder and louder and came with a good shake.
As she moved over Marne began to play with me and get me hard, it didn't take long.
I rolled her over and felt her pussy. She is blond but her pussy was shaved and ready.
I parted her legs and slid my member inside. What a great tight pussy. I looked down at a cute 21 year old college girl kissing her girlfriend while I laid some great pipe.
I looked down at Marne and examined her body as I stroked for for everything I had. She had perfect titties, c-sized, with erasers for nipples. Pink Nipples!
Her hair was real blond and what was left of her lip stick was pink also. She had pouty lips.
I couldn't control myself any longer and show a load deep inside her as she came also.
I rolled over in between Marne and Janet. Marne went to sl**p immediately.
Janet and I lay there exploring each other's bodies. As I played with her brown nipples and rubbed her pussy, she handled my dick and looked at all sides. I rolled her over and examined her body from head to toe. She had a perfect ass, no sag.
She rolled back on her back and I was hard again. I looked down at her neatly trimmed pussy as I prepared for my third action of the nigh. She smile as I slid inside, another tight fit. I fucked her missionary, then doggie style and then let her get on top as Marne slept next to us.
I shot another big load and Janet had her second orgasm. We both panted, waiting to catch our breath.
I got up to take a piss and Janet was starting to drift off. She was face down and I looked again at her perfect ass. I began to rub her buttocks and she moaned with pleasure. I wondered how far I could take this. I began to rub around her anus and the moaning increased. I slowly worked a finger inside, careful not to push too fast. She didn't react either way, Eventually I had an entire finger inside her, working back and forth.
She slowly started rocking with my finger. I let this continue for another 5 minutes and then prepared for another fuck.
I positioned behind her and spread her legs. I eased my finger out and my dick in. Slow work, I bet it took 10 minutes to get it in. Then I could only move an inch at a time until \she loosened up. I didn't stay inside her long after that. I shot a load and I could feel her ass gripping my dick tightly. I left it inside until I went soft and then laid back for sl**p.
I woke up at 06:00 like I always do and headed for the restroom. Just as I was almost there, the door opened, it wasn't Janet or Marne, it was a cute 35-40 year old.
"Who are you?" she demanded.
I was embarrassed and Naked. I explained to her that I went to school with Marne and we had gone the country bar last night.
"Oh, you're the Fire Fighter" she said.
"Yes Ma'am" Excuse me but I need to go.
As I came back out of the bathroom, Marne's mom was still there and I was still naked. She had on a tight fitting tank top and shorts. As I looked closer I could see she had perky nipples poking through her top.
"Marne tells me you've been taking care of her" Mom stated.
"Yes ma'am"
"My name is Kelly"
"Okay, Kelly"
As Kelly;reached down and grabbed my dick she said; " well I have 30 minutes before I go to work so come and take care of me"
She led me by my dick to her room. She turned in front of me and removed her top and shorts.
Kelly might be cuter than Marne. Her tits are a bit bigger, they have a slight droop but her nipples are huge. She has a 6 pack for a stomach and firm legs. I looked down and Kelly did have some pussy hair although she trimmed it.
She reached into a drawer in her night stand and took out some K-Y.
She lubed herself and came back over to me.
"No time for fore-play Mr Fireman"
She pushed me down on the bed and climbed into my lap. She lowered her pussy down to my throbbing dick and I prepared for one more time.
As she slid her pussy onto my shaft I realized that we weren't much different in age. Kelly had definitely kept herself in shape. Marne is tight, Kelly is almost as tight. Not as tight as Janet's ass. She slid up and down and closed her eyes.
Within 5 minutes shed arched her back and started a loud moan. I almost laughed as I realized she made the same sounds as her daughter. Kelly came for a good 30 seconds and didn't get off of my lap right away. I came just watching her.
She eventually stood up and removed herself form my pole.
I need a shower she smiled.
I went back to Marne's room, got dressed, and left for home.
I wonder if I'll get this dream again???
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3 years ago
great dream & hope you do
3 years ago
Awesome story...Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
oh yeah...