New girlfriend

I usually troll for new girls at the neighborhood swimming pool. I'm proud of my body and it usually works. I'm not a Mr. Olympia but I have tight abs and a lean body.
I met a cute little girl that had just moved to California with her b*****r. They rented an apartment together and found work nearby. She waited tables and he worked at the grocery store.
Kelly was really cute, brunette, 5'6" and 110 lbs. I hadn't seen her naked yet but I could tell by her tiny bikini. she had a great body. Joe was a year younger and he stayed in shape also, he had the long bangs covering his forehead. Since Kelly was so young I took it slow.
She knocked on my door one evening about 8:30 ( we all lived in the same apartment complex. She had a 6 pack of beer and asked if she could come in. She had been drinking before and it didn't take much to help he rout of her swim suit.
What a body! She had erasers for nipples, tiny but perky tits and a tight ass you couldn't believe. The tan lines enhanced everything. Her pussy lips were tight, no flapping labia. I picked her up and was eating her as I carried her into my room. She was so beautiful I licked her to orgasm three times before we did anything else.
I couldn't believe I was going to fuck her tight pussy. I worked it in slowly and just looked down at her. She had a cute little face and a tight body and I was entering her. I came in less than three minutes, I was embarrassed.
I told her she was so beautiful I couldn't last any longer.
She laughed, "that's okay."
She grabbed my hand and took me to the shower. She cleaned me all over.
Kelly said " I'll slow down the next fuck"
She took me in her mouth and it felt incredible. As she sucked me she played with my balls and rubbed my anus. I came again.
"Now when we fuck you might last longer" she said.
She was right, the second time was better and she had at least two orgasms.
"Where did you learn how to give a blow job?"
She just giggled and ignored the question.
Kelly was a dream come true. We started doing everything together and she was kinkier than me. If I got on the highway she would slide down her skirt or take off her top.
If we went out at night on my motorcycle she would un-zipp my pants and play with me
She d**g me into bars I didn't know existed, some of them obviously gay.
More and more we would do it at her apartment. There were times when she would leave on a Saturday morning to go to work and I would sl**p in and go home when I woke up.
Some Saturdays, her b*****r, Kevin, would still be home and we would pass each other in the hall going to the bathroom. As I became more and more comfortable with Kevin I would stick around and we would talk.
Kelly left one Saturday and I rolled over and went back to sl**p. I awoke with a set of lips on my dick. What a wonderful way to wake up! I got the usual great blow job with the finger stroking my dick and a finger rubbing my anus.
You can't believe my surprise as Kevin got up and headed to the bathroom. I had just received an incredible blow job from her b*****r!
I didn't know what to think. He didn't say anything and I got dressed and left for my own place. The next weekend and I got another great blow job from him.
This time he stayed in the room and we talked. I was concerned that Kelly would find out. Kevin said he wasn't going to bring it up.
This went on for at least three months, I had great sex with Kelly and Kevin.
One Saturday morning I was receiving my blow job from Kevin when Kelly walked in.
I was horrified!
I tried to think of something to say when Kelly started laughing.
"Where do you think I learned how to suck dick"
"You mean you're not upset?"
"Not at all"
All three of us talked for about 20 minutes. Kelly started stroking me and even though I was embarrassed I got hard.
Kevin told me you haven't gone all the way, she giggled.
As she stroked me he got completely undressed.
Kevin grabbed some lotion from the dresser and took over for Kelly. She undressed also.
I wasn't sure where this was going
Kevin greased his ass and laid down on the bid facing away from me.
"Go ahead" Kelly said
I approached him from behind and spread his legs. As I got closer he arched his ass towards me.
I spread his cheeks and saw his pink anus and Kelly helped guide my dick.
I could only penetrate about an inch. It took a good three minutes to ease into him all the way and then I couldn't move much.
Eventually he relaxed enough and I could fuck him. What a tight fuck
I was done in two minutes.
Kelly giggled some more and told me it was fun for her to watch.
For the next 6 months I had the best sex of my life. I was bummed when they moved.
80% (10/3)
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3 years ago
ruined by the arse fucking. warn us next time dude
3 years ago
Oh man, please mark as gay next time. great until the bro part, not rlly into that.
3 years ago
very hot & sexy
3 years ago
shit that was hot
3 years ago
Great story