Camping with my wife

since college and we’ve started looking for new thrills lately. Connie is 26, 5’^” and 120 lbs. She has blond hair and a dynamite body. She works out every day and is really proud of her assets. Her tits are 35C and firm. She has great nipples.
I’m 6’1” and about 185 lbs. I work out also, no fat. I have dark hair.
We’ve been to a couple of naked beaches but they didn’t really thrill us. Most of the folks are old and want to ogle my wife. It was a bit of a thrill but not what we wanted
When we travel out of town, Connie has been enjoying amateur night at the strip clubs. I love watching men and women getting their rocks watching my wife strip and dance. We’re still looking for something we both can
This last weekend we packed up our camping gear and headed to a remote lake we enjoy. As we were pulling in to the camp area we noticed a young couple dressing quickly. We must have surprised them. We swim naked also in this lake, we like the remoteness.
We introduced ourselves; she is Janet and he is Randy. They are both about 19 and very cute. Janet has long brown hair and looks like the girl next door. Randy has darker hair, about 19 and 5’10”. We all got along and shared a camp fire and evening meal. I broke out the shots and Janet and Randy were hammered in no time.
That night I fantasized about Janet as I did Connie; I’m sure she was thinking about Randy
WE could hear them as their tent wasn’t too far away
In the morning Connie and I were awakened by a vehicle leaving.
As we prepared breakfast, Janet came out of her tent
“Where did Randy go” Connie asked
“Oh he has to work. He’ll be back this evening
Connie and I looked at each other surprised
“He’s a mechanic and has to work Saturdays
We spent the morning sunning and chatting. Connie broke out some beers, and then some tequila.
I was as surprised as Janet when Connie pulled some $100 bills out of her purse
“Janet, do you want to make some extra money: Connie asked
“huh: Janet replied. “doing what?”
“Why don’t you strip for us?’
“Are you serious?”
“yeah, how about one hundred?”
“gee I don’t know”……………………
“in front of both of you?”
“yeah…………..what do you think?” “I bet you could use some extra money”
It took a couple more minutes and Connie convinced her. Connie turned up the music player and stuffed three bills in her bra
Connie slid off her shirt and shorts and had me do the same. She then slid off my briefs and had me sit in front of her
“Okay Jane, time to dance” Connie grinned
As Janet began to dance to the disco type music, Connie reached around and grabbed my dick, stroking slowly. She whispered in my ear. “Surprised/”
“Oh yeah” I grinned
Janet kept dancing, I could tell she was a little tipsy. She still hadn’t taken anything off. She was a little trans fixed at the site of me and Connie
“Strip Janet” Connie yelled
Janet pulled her shirt off, exposing her great bra. OI could tell she had a great pair underneath
“Yeah” Connie yelled
Janet slowly slid off her shorts and danced in her tiny little panties and bra
“Keep going” Connie yelled. But Janet was getting real shy
“I’ve got another two hundred” Connie yelled
Janet quickly took off her bra. What a great pair of tits. She did a complete turn in front of us. Letting us see her tiny little and beautiful tits.
I was a hard as could be and close to coming
“Everything Janet” Connie yelled. I think she was enjoying this more than me
As Janet slid off her briefs and I could see her tiny little pair of lips I shot a load into the air. Connie knew how to stroke me. She kept it going until I was too sensitive
Janet stopped
“Keep going bitch” Connie yelled. “I paid you a lot of money
I have never heard Connie use language like that but I was really enjoying this show she was providing for me
Janet soon got into the dance. She wiggled her little ass right in front of us
“Want to make some more?” Connie yelled
“Janet turned around to face us, her tits heaving
“There’s another 300 if you blow Derek”
“In front of you?”
“Yeah, get over here and give him a blow job”
I was stunned. Connie pulled out some more bills and Janet came over. Connie got up and moved over. Janet moved in between my legs.
Even though I had just shot a big load I was hard again as this little Janet made her way to my dick
I couldn’t believe Connie was letting me get a blow job from a young girl, let alone while she watched. I looked over and I think Connie was getting as big a thrill as I
Janet began to suck me while Connie watched. Connie even moved in closer to see all of the action
“Come on bitch, give him a good time” Connie said
Janet sucked as hard as she could. She wasn’t as good as Connie but this young girl was sucking me while my wife watched. I shot the back of her head off, I thought. I haven’t come like that in a long time.
I collapsed, panting. So did Janet
Connie got us all some shots. I was naked, Janet was naked and Connie was in her bra and panties.
We shared a few more shots and listened to the music. I was buzzed
“Janet, want to make more?”
I slid over behind Connie
“Lick this pussy”
Janet was stunned. Connie got a big grin
“I’m not a lesbo”
Janet didn’t move
Connie slid off her bra, revealing her magnificent tits. She even shook them a little. Then her panties
Janet didn’t move yet
I pulled out the money
Connie laid out on the blanket and opened her legs
Janet slowly moved in between my wife’s great body
“Come here bitch” Connie softly mumbled. Janet moved closer
“I haven’t done this”
Connie held her lips apart
“Slide your tongue in here”
I watched as Janet made herself comfortable and moved in closer. I gazed at her beautiful body. Then I moved in so I could watch her lick Connie
Connie grabbed Janet’s head and moved it into position. Janet reluctantly slid her tongue out to make contact with Connie’s pussy. Slowly at first
“Find my clit and spend some time there, easy” Connie said
“Yes bitch, that’s it” as Janet got the proper motion
Connie looked over at me mouthed “thank you”
Connie stuck her legs straight up and pulled Janet further into her pussy
“Oh yes, that’s it. ……yes,,,,,,,,,,lick it bitch”
Finally I watched as Connie bucked and arched her back. She shuddered as she was obviously coming
She pulled Janet’s head tight
Connie collapsed
“Oh that was awesome” Connie stated
“I need a shot” Janet replied
We all lay there naked.
Slowly Janet realized that Randy would be at the campground soon and she started dressing
“You’re not going to tell anyone about this are you” she quizzed
“Nope, your secret is good with us” Connie replied

I love my wife
We tried to get Janet’s phone number form some more action but she refused
I do know my wife will give me a pleasant surprise again soon!

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4 months ago
We go back to the campground. More action including Randy giving a blow job
10 months ago
that was good, you should have gave her some dick while she was licking the wife...
10 months ago
I loved it very much thanks for posting it for us
10 months ago
hot story