Back to the Carribbean

My wife, Misty and I started packing for our return trip to a secluded group of cottages in the Caribbean. I joked that we wouldn’t need to pack very much since we had spent most of our last rip lying naked by the pool.
Just a quick update. Misty and I had checked into a secluded cottage at the same time as the couple with an adjacent cottage; Nils and Katrina. Nils is about 24 and Katrina about 22. They are both slight; Nils is about 5’9”, 165 lbs, Katrina is about 5’5”, about 105 lbs and they both have long blond hair. We were a little surprised when we discovered last year that only a small gate separated the private pool areas of both cottages. We spent most of the time out by the pool. Initially the girls tanned topless, then we all spent our time naked. During the day, we would have sex with our own spouses, at night we would swap. We would share stories during the day with our own mates. I had an even bigger surprise when Nils started sucking my dick about the 5th day of the trip. I actually reciprocated and Nils fucked my ass in front of the girls.
“I’m excited and a little nervous” I told Misty as we flew to the little island.
“Why are you nervous?”
“I had a great time but I really don’t want Nils to think he can fuck me again”
“It didn’t seem to bother you that much”
“It was certainly something I never thought about doing. It’s just that I’m not gay”
“Derek, we talked about this, as attractive as you are, everyone wants to fuck you. Did it hurt?”
“No, he has a small dick, as you know”
“You got hard when he fucked you”
“I know, when I got past the thought, it was a little stimulating”
“Well then, try to relax”
We were surprised again as we checked into our cottage and met up with Nils and Katrina. They had a new born baby and a nanny. Their nanny was about 18 and she was tall and lean.
“Misty and Derek, this is Regina” Katrina introduced us.
Regina is from Ireland and is our Au Pair
I wasn’t sure how this would affect our fun
We had lunch and headed to the pool
Misty and Katrina took off their clothes right away, Nils and I followed. Regina kept in her short shorts and bikini top. As I gazed at her I thought of Nicole k**man, same body and hair
I looked over at Katrina. Except for a little pooch on her lower belly you couldn’t tell she had a k**. I did notice she hadn’t waxed her pussy for a while.
We spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on small talk. Finally Misty spoke up
“Looks like we all need some waxing and trimming tomorrow”
“Yes, Katrina said, I’ve been putting it off for this trip. Tomorrow is a spa day.”
Katrina grabbed my hand and we headed to her room, Regina followed with the k**
“I’ve been waiting for this” Katrina said. She sprawled across the bed and looked at me longingly
I laid next to her and looked at Regina
“Don’t worry,” Katrina said. “Regina sticks close to our side at home
“Wow, okay”
Katrina rolled over and took my dick in her hands and played with it
“I’ve been missing this thing” she said
I looked up at Regina and my dick grew huge and hard
Katrina took me in her mouth and I started on her pussy
I parted her full lips and gazed at her pink moistness. It is just as beautiful as I remembered
I started blowing on her clit and then licked I gently. Katrina moaned as she licked the full length of my dick. She licked around my balls and stroked my length.
I looked over at Regina as she laid the k** down
I began sucking on Katrina’s clit and she tried to take my full length in her mouth. As she sucked I grew close
Katrina began bucking and I exploded in her mouth. My dick kept throbbing and pumping come in her mouth. Most of it ran down her cheek
Katrina let go and I rolled onto my back
Regina got warm wash cloths and cleaned both of us….Wow
I started catching my breath as Katrina started playing with me again.
“Regina, have you ever seen such a big dick?”
“No, but I haven’t seen that many”
I was getting hard again, two pretty girls looking at my dick
“I’ve been missing your size inside me” Katrina said. She pulled me on top of her
She guided me in, just a little at first
“Oh yeah, no one fills me like you Derek”
What a dream come true; one girl watching me fuck another
I got the full length in and began slow stroking
“Come on Derek”
I picked up the pace. I ran the full length in her
“Yes, that’s what I need”
Katrina began arching her back and meeting my thrusts
All of a sudden I could feel her come. She bucked and I could feel her pussy quivering and grabbing my dick. I shot a load as she was finishing. She kept meeting my thrusts as I emptied another full load into her sweet pussy
We both collapsed and panted
Slowly Katrina got up and led me to the shower. WE cleaned each other thoroughly
I was tied from the travel and apparently so was Katrina. As we both lay there, drifting off to sl**p, Regina changed into a t-shirt and crawled into bed with us
I drifted off
I woke up in the middle of the night; Regina was playing/examining my dick
I let her explore my shaft, balls, etc.
I ran my hand up her back and under her shirt- no panties. I grabbed her young firm ass. I examined her thighs, not muscular like Katrina, more young, lean. I could feel her breasts against my chest
I slid my finger in her sweet pussy. She didn’t trim it our wax like Misty and Katrina.
My dick was huge now and needed relief. I tried to roll on top of her, Regina resisted
“Yeah you’re going to have to do me” Katrina said
Katrina did another great job of satisfying me
Next morning, I woke up and did Katrina one more time. As she dozed off again I headed to the pool area for coffee
I sipped my coffee and watched the sun rising as the cleaners did their job. What a wonderful setting and experience I thought to myself
Slowly everyone else woke up and had coffee
“Spa day” Katrina said, “I’ve made reservations
I assumed this meant the women but Katrina said she had made reservations for all of us
“Massages and wax” she smiled
We headed down the complex spa
After we were greeted and checked in we went to the changing rooms
Nils and I took a steam while waiting for our treatment. Two female attendants came and got us
I was surprised to discover that Nils, Regina, Katrina and Misty were going to get crotch area treatments along with me. All of us in the room together.
“Hey, I thought the wax stuff was for the girls”
“Derek, men need to clean up also” Misty stated
We were all wearing robes but the treatment quickly began. As we disrobed I grabbed a quick glance at Regina in the light; what an incredible young body. Perky titties with eraser like nipples. Firm ass with tan lines
All of us were naked as the staff began their work. Nils and I got scissor work first to cut down the bulk. Then the wax. Not a fun experience for me.
WE all got massages and I got some more looks at Regina; what a beauty. I have to admit though, Misty’s body stands up to all of them. She still has sizeable tits that barely sag and a great firm ass. Her large nipples are a great turn on. I’m proud of her
We got back to our cottages and lunch by the pool; naked again. Now we could all see what we looked like; better view
I grew as I looked around at the pretty shaved pussies.
“Okay Derek, Misty said, off we go”
As much as I love sex with Katrina at night, sex with my wife during the day is awesome. In between sessions we talk about what we did with the other partner
“So, how’s it going” she said
“Regina watches us”
“Wow, what’s that like?”
“Huge turn on”
“I can imagine”
I looked at Misty as she pondered what I had just shared.
I looked down at her shaved pussy and got hard again. We had a great session. After we showered and lay on the bed I fingered her little anus
“Derek, you know you’re too big”
“Some day”
SWE continued this pattern for a couple more days
Late on morning Nils proclaimed. “Guys in our bedroom, girls in yours”
Just like that we headed to the rooms. I was a little relieved that Nils and I would be in the bedroom. I didn’t know what to think last time as he fucked me in front of Misty.
Niles and I showered quickly and I sat on the bed. He quickly got on his knees in front of me
As he took me in his mouth I looked down. With his long hair it looked just like a pretty little Swede girl giving me head. He played with my balls and shaft, he was in no hurry. MY dick grew as he licked my full length
Nils slowly played with the tip of my dick and I exploded in his mouth. This guy knows what a guy want. I kept pumping in his tiny mouth, stroking my length. I had to pull out
Nils went to the bathroom to rinse and returned with some lotion. He rolled me over onto my back and had me move fully onto the bed.
As he positioned behind me I got nervous. He massaged my buttocks, then spread my cheeks.
What a delight; he started licking my ass. He ran his tongue around my little hole, darting in and out
I have never had this; it felt wonderful
As Niles started stroking my anus with his tongue he reached up and started stroking my dick
I shot hug gobs onto the bed, my come reaching new flight records. I collapsed on the bed. He kept licking and then started working some lotion around my anus. He worked his finger in
I must admit, this felt good. Nils ran a finger in my mouth as his other hand stroked my anus. I felt like a girl
Nils pulled out his finger and ran his tip in. He just kept pushing as he ran his full length inside me in one motion
For a tiny dick, he felt huge inside me. In spite of my preference for women, I was hard again
Nils began fucking me, slow; then fast
I could feel him grow. He grabbed my ears and kissed my back
He started bucking and running his full length in my ass
He finished with one big heave and I could feel him empty in my ass. Then a few little thrusts. His dick throbbed in me
Nils pulled out and we showered and returned to the pool area
The girls didn’t return for a couple more hours. Misty looked at me and grinned
The next two days were more of the same; sex with our own spouses during the day, switch at night. I loved exploring Regina’s body at night and emptying into Katrina.
One of my favorite moves was 69 with Katrina. Regina seemed to have more interest watching us suck each other. I loved having someone watch me getting sucked. I shot huge loads into Katrina. She was never able to swallow all of my loads
Unfortunately, the week came to an end. We agreed to meet again next year, Nils agreed to pay again and we headed to the airport
As we flew home Katrina and I exchanged notes
“So, how was it with Nils?” she asked
“It was better than last year. I don’t like it in public with him”
“Well, I liked watching that last year”
“Yeah, I bet you did”
Misty grinned
“He licked my ass”
“Really?, how was that?”
“it was awesome”
“I’ve never had that done”
“I haven’t either”
Let’s do that at home”
“What happened in the girls only club? Did you and Katrina do it?”
“Oh no”
“Regina serviced us”
“I’ve never been kissed by a girl before, let alone licked”
“Wow, I would have liked to watch that. How was her pussy?”
“Oh I didn’t lick her. Regina just serviced us”
I was disappointed but a the same time I was looking forward to next year.
I hope I get to watch Regina lick Misty’s pussy

she giggled

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Nils and I have more fun and I finally get to fuck his ass. Stayed tuned